The Times-herald. (Burns, Harney County, Or.) 1896-1929, September 20, 1899, Image 2

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w nite iront V;
last I Messrs and Cu*p are put-
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i U uuvi . in our
, • . r. v 44 years 7 i .onths and tin,- a fresh coat of paint on the
,v o
I ..I i'tiari
12 d*vs old nt the time of his death I While Front Barn.
c. uli.'t fa! ii d'i’i d lii.v patients et ttie Brej by terian hospital in i The little son of Mr. and Mrs.
.¡th - nil di im I", putting it in their' Phild'lphia, Fa. Ilis remains Geo Waters has been quite sick
¡od I un the sly.
were intere 1 at hi* biv-hood home with the prevoiling epidemic among
it, Deleware City Delewarc.
the little folks. He is aiueh better
It sc ins '.hat Gw. Otis censors
Mr, Hall wishes on behalf tho at this writing.
the • reporis
report • of the health of the j relative ! of the deceased, to thank j
Mrs. W. M. Stewart left last
troops ¡is well as the other I’hili- the p -ep.e of Burns for the kind-
week via Canyon for a three months
pine news, and there is no doubt I ness shown Mr. Craig during his visit wi’h relatives and friends in
that he does it under otdt rs from -tay at the Anderson Hotel, alto Clovis California. Hew do you
’<:! Bti’i • m ’ uff« rd to be pa­ Washington.
the people cf Silver creek.
like "batching” Billie?’
ri t
Ti.: 'v :1 Republic;
Dave Cary came over from Crane
Additional Locals
K i er, as th. t r < ■■.tually he will
In view of Col. Bryan’s abili y
creek the latter part of last week to
J hi-le it t:p.
and willingness to speak for h m-
have some dental work done.
C. A. Swrek has gone to Canyon Dave returned home with but on*
■ elf. there is no occassion to pay
'I'b- -e v.h'i fail to recognize the any particular attention to those <»n I buske ,f
tooth left in his mouth and that
,'.irg oi:) oj iiT i: i of the war • a iio periodically get a little news­
—T ub T imrs -H erald snd Ore­ one had been overlooked.
ilo- Phil ¡' must neithei paper space by professing to gonian for 12 in advance.
‘T’iicle” Jake Thompson, while
tir imr c a I.
L. B. Springer ha» been visiting ; sitting in front of 1. S. Geer it Co
i speak for him on this or that sub­
jhurdware store last Sunday morn­
at the Narrows,
There i- : •'■hing strange in the
A good second-hand lady’s bicy­ ing, was »truck with a severe pain
.’vi.caci c!
by the officers
It will take more than the claim cle for salo cheap. Inquire at the in his left side and a sinking or j
smothering spell. It soon wore off
f f the Stund ird Oil
which is of a New Vork physician, tint he postofiice.
upon inquiry we found he was j
!■•• pit i‘ in t’.
' I v !
can restore those killed by elec­
When you find an item of news ; subject to them.
tricity to life, to persuade the call up ’phone No 1G It will tc
The Burns band has re organized
fi ' -..‘t the first senpe- average man to test the claim by I appreciated
drafted new constitution and
<Ji- l.v a II ¡lion. Even the getting himself electrocuted.
There were several hack loads of by-laws. The bovs are practicing i
. s <
n d in the scapc-
people arrived from Canyon vester- hard under the instructions cf Dr. I
Hon. John R. McLean, after
. ■ ■ .tl:..' .
div afternoon and this morning to Burcbtorf and one can already eee
thoroughly going over the field,
witness the ball games.
an improvement in their music.
frem republican abuse Isaid: •• I am thoroughly satisfied: ’ Henrv North, traveling represen- Dr. flurchtorf is a good instructor
lb van, t! ev have become w ith the situation in Ohio. The I ■ tative of a syndicate of impli'nient and the band bovo realize his worth
to be nom- o utlook for the democratic party factories, is doing business with our Just keep your eye on the Burns
< vi :. i ; i th. t 1:<- i • ; going
is ¡is favorable as conk! be desired hardware men this week.
imt'.e I . • i-, ami are almighty
. • : he v. ill be elei ted.
W. S. Sterling, tho well known
Jonrs A Rii’gs, our aceommodat
and 1 :im confident that we will liquor drummer, is doing business
l ing bankers received this week a
with our saloon »nd drug men this | line new vault with a time lock,
Na < nr has suggested that win.”
week and renewing »lit acquain­ i It was orderiil through F M, Jor­
J ! ! v,
\\ 'n is gi ;oing to Princeton
dan whe is agent for safes etc., in
v !:<,<'(• to get 1 Ion. ( »I o-
a ■ (.’!• n-i :
For (liter, rolled barley and alfa- ’ this section and was put in place
foi a literary side-
The gr at Exposition building in
fa seed call on or write to S. ©. by him yesterday afternoon. The
Portland, which is one of tho lar
Cressler, dealer in Ganeral Mer- clocks and general mechanism are
g! st on the coast, is 1 undergoing
. ......, Lake City, Modoc couaty i tho beet that can be had and is a
, chandi*
wtmlerful transformation now, ami
very valuable addition to the bank.
will I c n dazzling scene of splendor
Dr. Geary returned yesterday
Sheriff McKinnon and J. C. Foley
during this year’s fair, which be-
from Emigrant creek, ¡accompanied by their famlies, left
1 •
I month. The building will be ¡1- where he had been called t» see last Saturday for McKinney’s mill
i luminnted by Sfit.'O electric lights, Mrs. Ii. F. Campbell, who was quite to camp fur sometime. They went
upon the advice of Drs Marsden I
¡Just irnngine for u moment r.hnt a sick. He kft her ’inprovmg.
Geary who considered the mountain
:t’., Of,\u%,"lilk?trlllllsl l!N
I ' "
: i *. .u.:_ IIIII.MV,
]■■<■<. - .u e as capable of scif-gov- will be on exmbition, and the best with her rooms up t<«wri and those who are suffering from cholera in­
< as the Cubans, if not full military t ¡mil on the I'ueifie I desiring mending and cloths ciean- fantom. We understand thtre is
i: ■ re .-o.
! m>
1|«i will
«ill give (ot
<oi celts
Celts day a ml I cd can now find her at home.
considerable improvement in their
evening. The Floienz troupe and
The last issue of the Ontario health since they arrived thsre.
IN ( v. Altgeld expresses the the Sieti re Maoartc have Iren en .Mattock was twice its usual size
John Thrash, a former resident I
that the trust conference, |g»g<’d, and they lire wonders in ami contained a very creditable
■ eti il ami aerobatic feasts. Major writeup of Ontarionnd its principal cf this place, but now of West Vir­
.i,;u, under the auspices of
ginia, w as in Burns lavt Sunday ac­
• ■nutz, the email« st man in the
business men, Such enterprise
ic Federation, is a trust world, will tie on
by hi« wife. .Mr. Thrash
■a He refused to pat -
should bo encouraged.
i taught school here in the ’bO '» and
there trill be many attractions of
Mrs. Nellie R. Grace, formerly while here married Miss Atvilla,
great interest. The price of ad
misst n will be only 25 cents. A proprietor sf ‘he Harney ('aunty elili st daughter of Mr. and Mr» J.
Ni *s. passed through Huntington O. Bunynrd, of this county. They
!i ¡be opinions of a large maj'i p, rf < t r< p:»ductiuii cf Multnomah
ls seek on her v. iy to Cove, Ore are hereon a visit to the litter and
it;, </:l.c prominent newspapers f ills has been 1 nili, in the building
with real w:.t< r splashing and dash­ gon. She has bean visiting fur expect to leave for their home soon.
of this country, regardless of poli­
ing, nml visitors who attend are sometime with her father, Mr. We understand Mr. Thrash has dis*
ti!-, counted for anything, Gin. sure to be pleated and intcrestvd.
Roberts, postmaster nt Iron: ide.— covered coal on his horn farm and
<)t s^wi.uld; have been removed
Huntington Herald.
is considered quite wealthy.
fi ohi the command of the armv
William Miller, district attarney
I wo More Nabbed.
M If. Ifogan came in Sunday,
in il e Philippines long ago.
of the ninth judicial district, was
bavin , just aeliyered his cattle to,
Deputy I nit<d States Marshall married in Boi'e Tueaday evening
Win Hanley. Bill informs us he '
! J. A. M ilson of Oregon and J. L t.i Mrs Blakeshy, sisti r cf W. A.
sold everything lie owned tn i
An ¡ Club has Full r, special internal inspector, Si'sinn of the Steel A Adams ranah
been formed within a stone’s uriivi-il List evening frnm I'erthuid. The Herald extends congratulations this county including his ranches’
and expected to leave before long
throw of the White House, anil having in charge Gcor -i« Johcson, and in common with numerous
for the Willamette valley. lie has j
• s j>»l ¡officers are repnbl the man charged with having rob friends wishes them a Ling life of
not yet decided where he will Jocste '
hms. There w ill be more of Ti ll bi i - s p.• --totl co iI, I $ >”> ami who ' h.ippincss.—Huntington Herald.
perhapj in Southarn Oregon. We
these clubs if there is not a change has just been released from th Ore­
M aiihii n—A (the home of the are sorrv to lose such a good citizen
gon penitentiary. w! he served
n McKinley’s policv.
brides parent's in Burns, last Wid from ou’ county. Mr. II. has hem
three years.
nesdav evening, Mr. G. W. Fawcett cons dr d one f cur most eulstan-
Mr. Fidler was the postmaster at
and Miss Katie Hackman, Rev J. tial citizens fir a number uf vears
If the shortness of man's mem­ Bliss v lien the ntl'iee was nibbed
C. Templeton officiating. The His m my f-imd- will all wish him
ory were notjprovei bial, the pies ami hi' went to Ore ;oti to imlentifv bride h.,s been a resident of Burns •z»od 1
nt sentiment of the civilized Johns m
all lit r life. The groom has Lc« n
J^ hm on w placed in the citi
solid against fiance, on an nuit
here for the put year an I is a vi rr
>f the present treatment of Uter­ j lii, when be will be kept until to e ted d r hard working young man.!
Cell <nd ert sarplcj of our
us, would compel the abandon­ du- win n ho v.ill likely be given al Ter T imes lit rai n extends c :.
•nd let Fritte.
preliminary examination.
n. ' »
gratulalions and will «
nent of the Paris Exposilin. Bor
Depute Wii« i ri-poits t!.( arrest
ott talk is heaid > r err where.
Messrs Dr. Horton. Jas And r .o:i\ 1 - —
by nm thor deputy ot Oregon of Mrs
M.-.son—‘‘Calamity Jane'"—ami a ami E i Cal,I. i ll return-J M t dji
m.m ■ :rm 1 [ iw-s-i, wh» rre al­ evening fro -i » several w. ek
Any foreign c conversine with
ii jtd tn liavr been implicated in ting and fishing trip to the
ecent events would be likelr t
the Jordan \ alley po-'.omee r ibberi M untaina. They are all lock t.g
jive credence to the ston that Hie parties hate Icon taken to much improv, I in health at .1 re­
hia~administration his impel i.i- Porthind and will Im tried along port 11 llent lin k, except eno it
istiic designs upon the whole •v ¡tli Jot Jensi n e l.o mis captured eident. when the wag n turn- d over
\meiic.m continent; is it not u- . . I' put- Unita•!
Marshall' on Ed ami they lust at the same I
time about 1V>U h of fine mountain
■rising, therefore, that th sten I’it kham in Idalm.
trout which they had a.dtrd down
hould be causing i x. tement in
with the intuition of I rii |ii g
•levito and Brazil.
r s «
tempted robbery. It is iinderstooi! them houie,
% > x.
str n ; ei ¡‘lerce has been secured
A. J Di!’, n k cattle man living
dir. e'.ly conneeting h tn with th- near I’rudb-t m nml in old time
The alleged investigali n
rusts, by the Cutnmii- eisn. It was "Calaniitv Jane" friend ef Atty K. M. Turner of this
tl who pa J th" tmmev i t p’.-ice. arrived I,ere list week fei
ion, at Washidgtort. was turned M
in wliiib the posiotlice was the purpo«.- cf buying stock, but as
ito a of ••the pot c diin:.- the
•¡tua!< d nn the il.iv of the re: • rv, •
ettle black,” when the Stami.ird
I ■ • owing to tin- fact that he has lien
hl rtl'ci ds attacked k
< h.u. n<'Ci r ¡:i' t < » .
t u: h
lit * . e intiiie.1 to his roe n since bis al
•rtf -e»;**ve
mn T hillips, ‘ the €'•
*"-a } ••
- - ’
. ■
• «a.
, h > is c< .. i t.d with
• . M. I
r <b i-
I am . mil bo was
-f • u It
in ing'lr rd to ft) 1' «• ail'
• II’
• mi wi.h t ic Sta- ! •
This Stable is heated on the eornsr «* Fiat and B, Streits, aad
sod grain es haed-
I i là » •
Has competent help,
Ruas a Job M »gou,
gers to any part of the Country.
TRISCH i DONEGAN, Prepriatsra.
A.wGLvI^E, rroprieitr.
cn BuikHn#
¡:y arsirsi
c ci ti! kinös always en fis;.
Your patronage solicited.
into the building formerly occupied hv Bo-s Cash store.
4 -
It, Onj«».
I now have in stoik a fui! lire of
Coffins and Caskets
and do a gérerai Vrc'ei taking Busi: trs.
A’:o tenie new th:ngs it
urniturc and Sewing Machines Repaired.
Picture-Frame Moulding
Framed Wall Pictures
{^"Remember the place, Main
ä «entrai Tanking lousiness irantacteB
Correspondence I n» ite <1.
x '-K.CK’T
Livery Feed and Sale Stable,
M H BRENTON, Prajrietor.
? ■ ?.
n<l G' an c
■ oa hard.
G gvu '.Com ar J i«'gv
pe’etsge jclirllfi«