The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 08, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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White Triangle to
Stations On The
For Men Who
InillciitloiiM that thu roooniitieii
itutloii for a Inmllm, fluid, radio
Imiio unit Kim Hlntlou at Crnnu
l'rulilo for Uiiltud Hlnliw air Horv
icu plitncK on forest patrol duty
will bo favorably antuil oil aru con
vuyuil In ItintructloriH Just rocolvod
by Huporvlnor N, (),' Jucohson of
tli it Demchuton National Korunt, In
which bo In ordered to mark each
lockout elation within bin Juris
dlctlon, Those, iU present, am nix
In iituiibor.
IJacli Htatlon will bo dUHlRMUtOd
by u wblto iiqullntnrnl trliiuitlo, 15
foot an a side, with tbo nutnbor of
tin) illation and of tbo quudratiKlo
Inscribed within tbo trlaiiKlo In
black, Whllu no dotlnlto word ro
Kanlliu: thu una of patrol pianos
ban boon rocolvod, tbo fuel that tbo
niarliliiK biiK boon ordorml Itnmudl
ntoly In taken to moan that norlal
THU lUKIMtlTIS hAnitaiiv
Hloctrle oroun, hontml, IlKhtod and
turned by "whltn coat," will bo a
fotitura of thu Ilnko-lllto Sanitary
bakory to bo opened hero early In
Aurtust by I. H. Btrnaburitor In tho
two roniiin In tho Hphlur building for
morly occupied by tbo pontofflco, at
lowing for window spncu on both
Wall n nd Minnesota.
Tbo ovoiin will havo an output of
130 loavcn every 4C minute and tho
broad will bo bakud In full vlaw of
nil panscrnby and customers, Mr.
Htrujinhuritor oxplnlun. Ho plain to
produco tho pound it half land, bo
HovltiK It will bo mora icouoiulca!
j, for uno In tbo avnrnco homo, and, In
addition to bread, will innko a full
lino of bakory goods, plen, enkoa
and pantry. "Uy tho uno of tho bent
mnterlaln mid tho most up-to-dalo
-irocess, wo will insure tbo produc
tion of tbo tuont wholonorno artlcloa,"
Iio nald In announcing tho now Indus
try which In to bo ntartod In liond.
Mr. HtrnsburKor Intendn that tho
quality of Ilnko-lllto products ihall
bo no hlrfh nn to shut out furthor lm-
portntlons of bread and tmkory goods
from outnldo polnta.
An tho result of n Iroo day's swim
ming cnurnu, opou to ovory man,
woman and child in Ilond, conducted
m ut the Y. M. 0. A. by Tom Oowloy
" of Portland, 41 out of 71 boglnnors
aro now swimmers and practically all
of tho othora lmvn mustarod tho rudl-
inuntn of tho art and will bo ablo to
Uko enro of thouiHolven In tbo water
Win n llttlo mora prnctlco.
Tha avaniKo dully attondnnco In
tho boRlnnors' clnnsos Included 28
boys,. 30 Kirln, C in on nnd 9 women.
m ' Tho ndvancod classes hi(d n dally av
erage inumbornshlp of 75,
rcvoir r noi
I MOUT Vt JOK. AftOUt VT? 8fN,l
-. , ftvTttrV Ovrt-
Mark Lookout
Deschutes Forest
Spot Fires From Sky
obnorvorn will noon bo noarliii; ovor
thu Duuoliutoi) forest.
Tho ntatlonn and thu lookoiitn on
duty at oach worn llntod thin
inornlUK by fiuporvlnor Jncobnon
an follown: Mack llutto, Minn
Mnbol Talbot; I'aiillna I'oak, Mlin
Virginia Hurry; Walkor Mountain,
William Hoalou; IMno Mountain,
lion Oruffonbori;orr Fox llutto,
Hoy Hawk; Fort Hock, Frank
Monto. Lator In tbo rtoanon, If
found iniconnnry, nnotbor ntatlon
will bo donlf-uatod at Maldon I'oak,
near Davis and Odoll taken.
Next year, Mr. Jncobnon nayH,
Ilacholor llutto will bo inado tbo
chlof lookout Htatlon on tho foroit,
occupying n tuuro commnndlng to
cation than any now maintained,
IMiouo connections, It la oxpoctod,
will bo mado tliln nouson In prop
nratlnn for tho addition of tho now
Hardiest of All Domestic Poultry and
Great Hustlers They Keep
Awny Marauders.
There In no good ronnon why more
CtilneiiN nbould not bo kept on tho
farm. Thi'y an Jimt about the linrd
IfNt of all doiiifHtlc foMln, and per
baps -iiUo tho KH'iiteiit bimtluM. yet
they Mclilom do.tbclr huntllnt; to tho In
iry of tho Riirden or lawn. While
itilte doincntlc In their hnbltn If treat
ed Rently, their wild iiiilun lends them
to rvmoio pnrln of tho bomi'Stend.
where lby pick up a larse part of
thulr llvlni; that would bo overlooked
by any other kind of fowl.
On fnnim Info tod with hawkn.
Rtiltienn an) very vnluabli, their vlRor
oun protentn nKnlnnt every approach
of the few nclutilly frlRliten them
away. And no ntnuiRo cnt or dog can
couii on the plnco without their cm
pbiitlc protest.
Plain, Substantial House of Shed-Roof
Typt, Dry and Ventilated Is
A plain, nulmtnntlnl bouse of the
neel-roof type, dry. amply IlKhte-d nnd
well ventllnti'd. In the better way for
providing xbeller for turkeys.
Knelt n, liouni slmpllilea tbo keeptnc
of turkeys, nnd tins mnny commend
able feniures, for the nticcwwful tur
key fnrmern. Iwnldfn mnkltiR e-nsy the
enro nnd attention necesneiry at cer
tain seasons of the year.
Not Nsctssary, According to Professor
Kaupp, Expert of North Caro
lina Station.
TurnlnB ecin while snvlnR them for
hatching, althnucli Renernlly recom
me-ndeel nnd practiced by poultry keep
ers. Is believed to bo unnecessary.
Ilntber thorough tests conducted by
Prof. 1. F. Ivntipp of North Carolina
xtatlou show no Rnln In batch ability
of eRB turned every dny over similar
lots which were kept undisturbed un
til placed In the Incubator.
fowls ?etlTzTjn"summer
Some Hans Art So Inactive That Thay
Do Not Earn Their Feed During
Hot Weather.
A n rule hens do not show groat
activity during hot weather, but there
aro somo which liecomo no Inxy that
they i,re not worth their feeding. Those
are the bens that cut down their egg
yield. Hot wenther Is worse for lent
Mum cold weather, for during the
winter months a hen with tiny life In
hoi will busy herelf to keop warm.
Tends to Tame. Birds and Increases
Egg Production Eliminates Un
profitable Hen.
A trap nest In a laying nent so ar
ranged that ufter u hen enters It she
U con II nod until after released by tho
attendant. . ,l
When possible It In advisable to
trap nest thu layers for tho following
ron noun:
1. To tamo the birds, thereby tend
ing toward Increaneel egg production
2. To furnish definite knowludgo
concerning traltfitiiiid habits of Indi
viduals, II. To furnish the onlyvsntlsfnctory
basis for utility or otluirbroedlng.
I, To ellnilniite thu nonproductive
A. To ndil ineehanlenl precision to
Judgment "ml experience In develop
lug nnd u Mituliiltig the utility jf n
Sometimes a A man suciwiM wltn
barnyard iiiougi'ela "holler lliiin 1U
neighbor with prlxe-wlniilng fowls be
caiiho be gives them bettor care. Hut
let the miceessful fanner, who has not
already' ilotio'"t)o,(tuiii his attention, "to
pure-bred blida inul he will derive n
still larger profit In iloflurn and satis-faction,
Opportunity Is Well Worth Consider
ing for Those Who Have LoftJ
Produce Meat Quickly.
Tho buck yard poultry keeper can
hnrdly hope for mie-cess with turkeys,
geese, ducks or guineas, but for those
who linvfi lofts over a garage, stable,
or coal shed, tbo opportunity for wiuali
growing In well worth considering.
For food purpose pigeons ure usii
ally classed with poultry. Culturally
they are In n clnsi by themselves, pro
ducing moat oidy, producing It very
quickly, and able to produce well un
der eruditions that do not admit of
growing any other creature u-od for
While fhi Ideal arrangement for
pigeons In to have their bouso on (he
ground, and a ntnnll covered yard
called a "lly," connecting with It,
pigeon keeping may be carried on
lulto extensively In upper rooms or
letfis. with or without ope-n-nlr Ilyn
Many flocks of pigeons are kept In
large cltleif In quarters provleJe-d for
them In the lofln or on the roofs of
buildings used for mercantile and man
ufucturlug purposes.
A space nix feet ftiunre and hrgh
enough for the attendant to stiind
erect will accommodate eight to ten
palm of plgeeinn for' sqtinb brooding,
tho poultry npeclullstn In the I'nlted
Stales elopartment of agriculture nay.
The birds mate) and begin breeding
when nix to seven months old. The
male shares with tho hen the duty of
Inrubatlon. The young hatch In
about 17 elays. At four wreks old
avurngo miuahs will weigh about three
quartern of a pound e-nch. Some 'of the
Inrger ones will weigh over a pound ni
that nge.
A good pnlr of breeders will produce
nix or seven or more pairs of nqunbn a
Runt Cross and WhlU Runt (Female.)
year. An many an 11 pairs of squab
liaro boon produceil by one pair In a
year. When production Is high the
female lays and begins Incubation
whllo nho has young still In the nest,
leaving tho care of them to her mate,
liaising squabs ban been Increasing
In cities In recent years. On farms
the tendency han been the other way.
On a farm a flock of free pigeons, If
nor kept down by killing off tho In
crease, soon becomes a nuisance, de
stroying grain and doing a great deal
of damage, especially on new-seeded
Bird Wrapped In Cornucopia of News
papers and Olven Plenty of Air
Is Quite Content.
Carrying live fowls,ln n cornucopln
of newspapers. In tbo manner of car
rying a bouquet, Is n good Idea. The
bird Is laid down on tho paper nnd
the logs straightened out on n Hue
with tho tall; tho wings are held In
position at the hides. The newspaper
Is tjien rolled around tho bird, making
a cornucopln, nnd tho Tower end Is
twisted, which leaven the upper end
open. When carrying the bird In this
manner, thu twisted end of the cornu
copia in held In the hand, allowing
the roll to rest on the arm. The bird
has plenty of air and seemingly is
content In its peculiar position.
Supposition That Common Fowls Are
Most Hardy Is Erroneous Only
' e Strongest Survive. ,
The supposition that coiumou fowln
are hardier than pure breeds Is nut
borne out by tho facts. Those who
hatch chicks of tho common kinds lose
a" largo number of them, only the
strongest mirvlvlug, nnd every year
they aro moru and more Inbred, The
pure breeds suffer from being pnm
porctl by their owner In miiny In
stances, In which eases they do not
compare fnvorubly with common fowls.
Safest Plan for Those About to Em.
bark In Poultry Ouolness Many
Hard ProbUms.
The safest wny for thoso who are
about to make their Urst nttempt ut
poultry raising Is to nturt In a small
wny with a few fowls and learn th
business thoroughly beforo making
largu' Investments. Mistakes will be
made and mnny dltllctilt problems will
be presented for solution beforo suc
cess In any large ineusuro will" be attained,
4. jftj
fi"' . .','Bfctgtr. ?re
pr"ft iiaaai
Well-Trained Animals .Have Been
Found of 0 real Help In Appro
hentlon of Criminals,
The pri'ient wave of crime han given
nu Impetus In Great lliltalu to the
t ruining of elog for polli'o purposes.
Pollen elogs were used to assist In
bringing the breaker of laws to justice
bi'foro tbo word pollen wan over known,
In older days bloodhounds were used
on the borelorn of Scotland In certain
districts Infested by rnurilcrcrn and
robbers, and a tax wan laid on the In
habitants for maintaining them; nlso
there win n law In Scotland that who
over deiileel on trance to ono of these
dogs should bo treated as an accessory
to the crime,
The training of these elogn calls for
a largo amount of patience, Intelligence
and resource, far removed from the old
Idea of elog breaking, which wan usual
ly to beat the animal mercilessly Into
the obnervn licit of a taw set rules.
It In stop b) step In bin dally lessons
that n dog gradually becomes a track
er of criminals by their scent, pursues
escaping prisoners, illscovern missing
people, or finds suspected ones in con
Ho learns fearlessly to xelze and pull
down any aggressor, whether bin man
tor or lilmnelf be attacked, nnd to ilo It
with thu leant possible damage, ceas
ing at once when the em-uiy gives In,
The popular conception of tbo police
dog Is a wild, snvnge brute, which prob
ably urcountn tor the antipathy to bin
use displayed in some quarters, nnd It
is well that thu public should realize
that the properly trained dog is nt all
times perfectly under control.
British Jlllltary Authorities Forgot the
Humble Printer In Desire to Pre
serve War Secret.
The marquis of Ilnrtlngton tells nn
c-plsoele from the war days when tho
spy scare was ut Ita height, according
to a writer in the Halifax Chronicle.
Certain confidential Information that
the military authorities wanted to keep
abolutely se-cret was nent round by
trusted couriers In locked dispatch
boxes, with elaborate precautions of
signing nnd countersigning and check
ing every stage. No ono below tho
rank of major general was entrusted
with the knowledge, and even theso
were bound by tremendous oaths of
After n time It wan found that these
weighty documents, which wero circu
lated In printed form, were being set
up by ordinary printers, who were un
der no obligation to preserve secrecy,
nnd, In fact, took no precautions what
ever against leakage. However, noth
ing did leak out, but the military man
darins, It Is said, shuddered when they
realized the risks Uiat had been mn.
Getting Ready for Channel Tunnel.
The gigantic task of moving back
tho railway station platforms through
out tho Great Northern system to al
low the pas-age of continental trains
when the channel tunnel In opened has
been begun, tbo Dally Mall In In
"The work of making tho stations
to fit tho tralna will take several
yearn," naltl an ofllclal. "It means that
every platform In both freight nnd
passenger ntatlonn will havo to bo al
tered." The distance the platforms aro be
ing set back Is two Indie. Thin will
allow a good clearance for tho con
tinental sleeping enw, nnd nlso the
large freight cars.
The "range" (tho distance between
the rails) of the continental trains Is
roughly half nn Inch wider than the
Hritlfdi standard, but the sliajdng of
tho trend of thu wheels makes It pos
sible for trains of both Hrltlsh nnd
continental system to run on the same
track without risk of accident.
When He Died, He Died All Over.
"Doggone l" said Jesse Kschbach,
chief examiner for the state board of
accounts, as he rend ono of tho letter
in hi mall. "Hero Is one."
The letter told of n man who hnd
paid Ids 'dog tax to the township n
j-ossor nnd the ungrateful cur hnd gone
ami died. The dog died beforo tho as
sessor had turned In Ida books to the
county asseor and the Inquirer
wlhheil to know whether there w;ns any
way to get bnck tho dog tux.
"The cruel law," Mr. Ksclibnch will
reply, "states that taxes nre paid on
property owned March 1."
"That'll raise n howlt" ho added
verbally. Indianapolis News.
Desert Land and Desert Sea.
A portion of tho Journey between
Sydney, the New South Widest capital,
and Hroken Hill, the mining heart of
Australia, lies over wnterlei hot
country. Lieut. Sydney Plcklex, who
hnt shown tho feasibility of nn nlr'
service between the two cities, saw no
landmark as he crossed tho barren
stretch nnd so had to use Ids compass".
Describing Jhe. pioneer illght, bo com
paied the Interminable rolling land be
fore him to the gray lonely wastes of
the North ea which be had p:troled
In bis seaplane.
Got Rid of Pestiferous Fly.
Health authorities at Saranac Lake.
Nt . declare that this probnbly U the
llrat "llyless town" In tlw world. De
spite the unusually hot weather of
last June and July, there wero scarcely
any mmu tiles In. the town than most
places hnvo In January. It cost nbout
51,000 to eradicate the fly nuisance,
which was accomplished by requiring
that innnuro be screened and frequent
ly removed.
One saciifibe,
t a
one assist no ewox's!
WAS ON his feet.
AND THEIR soft remark.
REACHED THE next county.
AND WHILE I'm not.
GUESS I was helping.
AND MY good south paw.
HIT A fat fan.
RIQHT IN tbo vcstlbulo.
AND HE nald "I'booo.
A FOUL tip.
RIGHT ON my last cigar."'
AND. I was sorry.
AND GAVE blm on.
Motors Displace Mutes.
Tho First cavalry, stationed at No
gales, Arlz ban abandoned mules to
favor of motor equipment, but the
change Is not so revolutionary at It
sounds, because you can swear Jaat
as fluently at a balky carburetor as
yon can at a stubborn quadruped. And
It docs Just as much good. Tho Home
Same price for Butter Fat f. o. b. Bend
as is paid f. 0. b. Portland.
Central Oregon Farmers Creamery
When you erect a Silo, you want a Silo that will
stand the test of wind, rain, snow, frost and sum.
In the Hollow Concrete Silo Block you obtain this
fenHire, and besides a concrete block is absolutely
fire-proof. Will not warp when empty. No guy
lines necessary.
Eventually Concrete
... Why Not NoMrf
For specifications, write-to
Concrete Pipe Co.
Makers of Culvert Pipe, Water Pipe, Irrigation
Pipe, Building Blocks, Hollow Silo Blocks
.Well Curbing.
trie xtmitlUfmtmi h C. J.
' JV
t. .
OP, MY cigarettes.
AND HE saw tb pukftft) )
THAT. I too'lc It froBS, ' "f
AND SMILED aad ssii
AND THAT amoko 70a s
. j
WAS ONE my wlfs. t
BOUGHT AT a bargala,
SO THAT makes It, ,
. '
I tvEN saw him.
ROOTING FOR tbo umpire.
TWENTY hits--twenty chanee
with never a goose-egg that's
Chesterfield's average on every
package. Trust the fans to p.9C
them out. An unusual blend eC
Turkish and Domestic it can't be
copied. These cigarettes aro fAers
they tatiif'jl
r cfrc&utfMA$;t..(
Evil Always In Hatred.
A man should not allow himself to
hate even hln enemies, because ft yes
Indulge In this passion on some occa
sions. It will rise of itself In others;
If yoa hate your enemies yoa wBt
contract such a vicious habit of asla.
as by degrees will break out epea
those who are yonr friends, or thee
who are Indifferent to you. Platarch.
W ,,,,-T,. l,nmTn1r.......-mt,mr.,twTiTmniittittTim.ilitiitiiiitiiniiiitti..r..,..m...M.....-..,i i
CiuiusnniTiTrantiiiii , '' 'U.-,'".?SfclRl