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What's Doing
DEKCIIUTES, July 7.-A number
ot Iho Deschutes farmers celebrated
thefKourth ot July on IMckett Inland.
Thncn iirfRniit were: Mr. nnd Mra.
It. li.y Thurston nnd son, Lyle, Mr.
Scott, Mr. nnd Mrs. Kcr Hnmlln,
Mra, Ed Swalley. Mr. nnd Mrs. Chris
'Nelson and children, Misses llornlco
jnnd Mnrgucrlto Enter, .miss iMinurvt
McClure, Clarence Elder, Mr. nnd
Mrs. A. H. Matthews, Misses Irene,
......l...... nn.l T.nnnn MntiinWS. The
day was spent In visiting nnd every
one enjoyed tno inrgo uiuuur
Miss Lcono nnd Irono Matthewi
left Tuosday morning for Redmond,
whero they will nttenti mo
hub, being hold there this week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed Swalley nnd
daughters, Edith nnd Lois, nnd Mrs. mnlnwil to thO PrlnOVIUO
roundup Friday, returning Saturday
evening. ,
A surprise party was given Thurs
day In honor of Eunice Nelson s 12t'i
birthday anniversary. Tho children
present were: Edith and Lois Swal
loy, Lootta nnd Kenneth Johnson,
Bornlce Elder, Minerva McCluro, Lylo
Thurston. Irene and Nina Mntthcws
and Clara Wlnnlnghntn. They spent
the afternoon playing games. Ligni
refreshments were served.
Mr. and Mrs. George Holton nnd
baby went to tho fish hatchery on
Tumalo creek to spend the Fourth.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Oeorgo Kanotf and
con, Johnny, and W. E. Van Allen
affront to Elk lake Saturday, returning
Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Larson ot Deschutes
went to Portland Thursday.
Watt Jones was a Prlneville vis
itor Saturday. , , ,
Mrs. Metcalf of Portland arrived
Monday morning and will spend the
summer with her daughter, Mrs.
Oliver Hnmlln, Clyde Harrison und
nnrt Ttnrers started for Portland
o.iia in Mr. Hnmlln's car.
A. B. Matthews and family went
to tho Prlneville roundup bnturaaj.
Mrs. Jones spent Sunday la Bend
with Grandma Swalley.
w a. Mntthews of Redmond
naoonri throueh Deschutes Monday
,,,m m nnnd with a bunch of
beet cattle.
Bailey of Tumalo hauled some hay
poles down for Antone Ahlstrom tho
"last of the week.
. A. picnic party. Including Mr. and
Mrs. Alfred Pederscn, Oswald Peder
sen. Mr. nnd Mrs. H. T. Mlkkelsen,
Alfred Mlkkelsen. W. J. Shannon,
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Anderson. Miss
Hllma Nelson and Antone Ahlstrom,
irnent. tho Fourth on tho Deschutes
river at the new bridge, near the old
Aubrey place.
' Anton Ahlstrom, Miss Hllma Nol
son.nnd Mrs. O. E. Anderson were
visitors In Bend Saturday.
J. W. Peterson mndo a business
trip to Bend Saturday.
'O. E.Anderson accompanied by
C. M. Rasmussen nnd W. P. Gift of
Deschutes, went up Tumalo creek
Wednesday to cut hay poles.
W. J. Shannon wa a Bend visitor
on Friday. . . ,.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Swalley ana emir
n.lnAwUti. CVfrlnv tflf
nmn wuhl iu a iiuuhmv . ,j w .
celebrato tho Fourth.
Tini Johnson is vis tlnn friends
In Bend I Phelps and dnughtor, Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Petty, Miss; John Bollman, Bill Root. Johnny Mc
Martha Sum and Mrs. O. E. Ander- Manman, Mrs. Ada McManmnn, Mr,
eon were shopping in Bend on! and Mrs. C. H. Spaugh and children,
Thursday. ' IMr. and Mrs. Alva Spaugh and son,
Glen Roberts went to ueamonu
Sunday morning to accompany .Mr.,uer apaugn.
and Mrs. Frank Rlebhoff on a Fourth
of July outing trip.
Alfred Mlkkelsen and Oswald Ped-
ersen wero Tumnio visitors uaiur-
day evening. I
Rasmus Peterson, Mrs. camennoi
Jobanson and Mr. and Mrs. J.
Peterson and children and T.
4Jfi 1 '
jLt St 1
-Abraham Lincoln said:
"Teach Economy."
'That Is Ono of the First Virtues."
"It Begins With Saving Money."
That's tho purposo of this message. Bo FRUGAL, SAV
ING, THRIFTY I It Isn't so much tho dollar you waste, but
tho fact that you're CULTIVATING a bad habit In wasting
it that has a FAR-REACHING EFFECT on your character,
happiness, success. Savo some of your earnings each week.
You can't make headway until you do savo.
In The Country
Unughmnn nnd family spout tho
Fourth with friends nt tho Tumalo
fish hntchory on n picnic.
O. E. Anderson hauled his hny
poles homo on Saturday.
CLOVERDALE. July 7. . Mrs.
Peck of Portland arrived In Red
mond Friday nnd will spend tho sum
mer hero 'with her son, E. M. Peck.
R. J. Skelton was seeding alfalfa
for Mr Goodrich last week.
F. J. RurllnK has been helping
with the work on tho new school
house tho past week.
Chris Ward ot Tumalo was a call
er hero Sunday.
Mr. Black nnd son. Owen, wcro
business visitors In Bend Monday.
V. F. Arnold, wlfo nnd daughter,
accompanied by Walter Graham and
family ot Sisters, spont tho Fourth
at tho ranger stntlon ,on tho Motoi-
S. R. Kllno has decided that a
horso Is too slow to rido ditch with
any moro and has purchased n Ford
Frank Kelley nnd family of llond
wero Ktiests nt tho R. J. Skelton
homo Sunday. Miss Renn, who hos
been visiting here, returned homo
with them.
Mr. Hodson nnd wife nnd Harold
Kllno nnd wlfo wont to Squaro Inko
Saturday and stayed over the Fourth
hi tho mountains.
Misses Alethcn nnd Junnltn Hod
son snent tho week end with their
ernmlmother. Mrs. Thomas Arnold
Several bands of sheep hnvo al
ready passed through here on their
way to their summer range on tho
national forest.
Church services wero Quito well
attended Sunday. Mr. Schnabol, tho
pastor. Informed us he would bo un
ablo to hold weekly services hero
as nlanned. owing to having so much
extra work In getting started In his
new field, but expected that, as soon
as he had his work satisfactorily ar
ranged, ho would do so.
R. O. Andrus. and family spont
Sunday evening "nt the B. C. Kllno
Robert Burling was in Redmond
Saturday evening.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Dean Van Matro and
llttio daughter ot' Deschutes spont
tho Fourth with tho latter'B paronts
here. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Miller.
Miss Fay Miller, who .has been
with her sister nt Deschutes for sev
eral weeks, spent Sunday at her
homo here.
PINEHURST. July 7. Among
residents of this vicinity who shop
ped in Bend Monday wero Mrs. F. L.
McManmnn, Mrs. G. W. Snyder, Mrs.
Ada McManman nnd John Emerson.
Miss Bemlce Hubbard of Portland
arrived Juno 24 th at tho home of her
sister, Mrs. Grover Gerking, whoro
she Intends to spend tho summer.
Bessie and Lenore Snyder spont
Monday afternoon at the Gerking
Grover Gerking, who went to Port
land Sunday night, returned Wednes
day evening with a new Ford enr
which he had purchased during his
Evorott Johnson called at tho C.
M. Phelps homo Sunday.
Those from this neighborhood who
(enjoyed the celebration in Priuevillo
Saturday were: .Mr. ana sirs. u. .m
Mr. ana .Mrs. u. w. opattgn nnu n
r Spaugh. V
Mr. and Mrs. T. II. Foley and'chll-1
dren. S. E. Roberts nnd children nnd
Ivy Snyder, nil of Bend, spent Sun-
any niiernoon ai m u. w. ouuci
homo. !
jir. ana .Mrs. v. m. rneips mm i
daughter, Mrs. Robert Smith, John
Bollman, Bill Root. T. A. Brannen,
Wllber and Alva Bpaugh, Mrs. 0. H
Spaugh and daughter, Violet, and
Frank and Johnny McMnunmn shop
ped In llond tho Inst ot tho week,
Mrs. Dnvu Mlckols, who has boon
vldttlng In Portland, returned to hor
homo nt tho Walls mill "Wednesday
Mi', and Mra. Grovor dorkliiK. llor
nlco Hubbard nnd Bessie and Lenoru
Snyder spent nn unjoynblo duy on
tho Motollus river Sunday.
TERREBONNE. July 7 -Sovornl
men from Torreboimu motored t
Deschutes Inst woek to nirivc nt nn
understanding rolatlyo to tho short
ago of water In this section. Wo
nro now promised nil the water need
ed for crops.
A tow dcrsons from hero spent tho
Fourth nt tho lakes and a carload ot
young folks wont to Priuevillo to
J. Perry wont to tho mountains
Monday to got material for a hny
A largo numbor nttended tho Dap
torhoiiHt) sale last Monday.
Horbert nnd Goorgo Rommel wont
to Portland Friday night.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Thoiuus spent Sun
day In Culver.
w. M. Frltoll and wlfo of o.iKinnii.
Cut., aro visiting at tho N. F. unl
bralth homo.
Enrl Malkason's fnthor arrived
hero to visit at tho Mnlkasoii home.
PLAINVIEW. July 7. A largo
crowd of Plalnvlow pooplo enjoyed n
Jolly Fourth of July at tho Colfolt
hotm Sunday afternoon nnd evening.
Tho men participated In nil kinds of
sports characteristic of tho day. In
cluding numerous races, a tug of war
nnd Jumping contests. Games ot
quoits wore onjoyed by tho ladles
also. An appetizing supper was
served and later In tho evening ico
cream and cake wero very refresh
Ins. Mrs. James Elklns nnd children
loft last Thursday evening for tho
valloy, whoro thoy will spend some
tlmo visiting relatives.
Misses Mary Fryrenr nnd Jo Bur
gess returned to Plalnvlow last Fri
day evening by wny of Deschutes.
They, hud an unusually pleasant trip
from Portland, as they camo as far
as Tho Dalles on tho steamer Joseph
Kellogg. Thoy still llko Central
Oregon, In splto of tho various
thrills experienced In Portland dur
ing tho Shrinors convention.
Tho church goers wero disappoint
ed on Sunday nftornoon, when n
numbor met at tho school house to
attond sorvlco nnd mcot tho now pas
tor, and found, after waiting somu
time, that no pastor was forthcom
ing. Mr. nnd Mrs. Paul Scoggfn hnvo
moved to their riow homo, formerly
the old McKlnnoy plncc. They are
much pleased with their new loca
H. L. Hartley. Corboy Llvosoy. J.
A. W. Scoggln, Rollio Clnrk nnd Fig
Ferguson attended tho big colours
tlon nt Prinovlllo Inst week.
Mrs- Chris Ward was n roller iu
Bend Sunday and Monday.
Mrs. William Morfett. Mrs A. E.
Hoss, Mrs. Patterson nnd Roy Henrtt
were business callers In llond Frldny.
Tho checsu demonstration given nt
tho homo of Mrs. Van TurhvI. under
the direction of tho O. D. O. club,
was a big success. About 15 ladles
wero present nnd found- Mrs. Ever
ett's talk and work very Interesting
nnd Instructive.
Two sisters of Lawrenco Hcharf
cnberg nro visiting him this wee kat
tho homo of Herman Manners.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Chalfan and
Mrs. A. E. Hoss and family wero
(.guests nt a very oxcellcnt dinner nt
I,lw. fmfnrt hnmo Mtlnrlnv
1 ...W .W.V.. a.w.f.t. ...... MM,
a pleasant evening was spent at
tho Hoss homo last Saturday, when
Mrs. Hoss iravo a oarty for tho Miss-
CH j0 Burgess and Mary Fryrear.
earns aim anncing woro enjoycu oy
thoso present. A pleasing lunch of
jCo cream anu cnKo was servea
I Tho ico cream social given by tho
LO. D. O. club at tho Armstrong homo
Inst Saturday ovenlng was a Dig suc
cess. Thoro was an unusually largo
,crowd present. Tho early purt of
tho evening was spent playing games
on the lawn und later dancing wus
enjoyed. Delicious home-mado ice
crcum and cako woro served. Tho
chances on the quilt woro disposed of
and tho winning number drawn.
Howard Hartley hold tho lucky number.
Plane Makes Forced Landing, And Is
Badly Damaged; Pilot Gets Slight Cut ,
From Goggles; Companion Unscathed
Even n comparatively bud
smash may be sustained by an
airplane without sorlously endan
gering tho passongors, it was
shown horo on TueHdny, when
tho Avro flown by Harold Grady
and F. S. McClurg, after hopping
off from tho Knotts landing fiold
at 0 o'clock, mado a forced land
ing, hit a barbed wiro fonco, nnd
was damaged to tho oxtout of
about ?1500, Mr. Orndy wus un
hurt and Mr. McClurg, who waa
piloting tho piano, sustained a
alight gash under tho loft oyo,
caused by tho breaking of his Bog
gles. Tho piano will bo shipped
to Portland tonight for repairs and
tho two avIntorwllI loavo Bend
at tho samo time.
Tho Avro climbed well whon
Fifteen Years Ago
(From tho columns ot Tho llullottii
ot July 7, 1005.)
The" .city wutnr sorvlco Ih being do
Inyod somewhat, owing to tlto fact
that tho mains, when tho prossuro
was turned on, began to leak ln
sovornl places. Tho work of repair
ing those leaks In going forward nu
fust us posstblo mid tho town will bo
suppllud with wnter In n short tlmo.
Stoldl & Reed have Installed n
roller food mill nt tholt- Hawmlll
with n capacity of 00 sacks, or ISO
bushels an hour. They aio grlndlmt
a largo consignment of barley from
Powell Iluttu.
Miss Mnudo Vnudovort roturncl
from Corvnlll tho first ot the week,
whoro sho has boon atlundlng tho ag
ricultural college.
Tho Fourth of July has como and
gono nnd Bend did herself promt
with u colobrutlou that would haxo
done credit to tunny n larger town,
Ho ml Is assured n premium on hor
school bonds, which shows that thero
Is plenty nt faith In hor credit.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ora Polndcxtur spont
tho Fourth In Prinnvllln.
John Kover, Dan Helslug, Will
Ilrock nnd W. L. Wagner returned
from their bear hunt Inst Saturday,
bringing with them tho vults of flvo
large bears. Thoy .wore In tho vicin
ity of Trout nnd Elk lrfkes nnd woro
gono only about a woek.
Now comes Millard Trlplctt with a
Plymouth Rock hen that breaks tho
record tor laying sliablo oggs. One
weighed n quarter of n pound, meas
ured six nnd ono half inches ono
wny nnd eight tho other.
Ed Brostcrhous roturued Inst Fri
day from nn extended hunting and
tithing trip to tho Klamath country.
C. P. Becker nnd Jim McCoy re
turned Monday' from tho hot springs
at tho head of John Day rlvor.
Charles Boyd returned this morn
ing from Phlltlptburg, Mont., his
former home, whoro ho has been for
tho past few weeks, attending to
business matters.
Resignation Kent In By High School
Principal To Hnvo Chargo of
Journalistic Course).
Tho resignation of Mr. and Mrs.
R. C. Johnson from tho faculty ot tho
Bend schools Is contained In n lot
tor Just received by City Superin
tendent S. W. Mooro from Mr. John
sou, now In Scnttlo. Mr. Johnson,
who was principal of tho high school
hero during tho past two years, was
elected this your by both tiio Eoattlo
and Spokane directors. He hus ac
cepted the position tciidcrcd him In
Senttlo, where ho will bo In chargo
of tho Journalistic high school
Mrs. Johnson will nlso teach in tho
Seattle schools. S
Making the OeserCool.
An Ingenious method which
thoughtful wife Invented to keep her
good man cool Is described In Travel.
She sent down from town "a quantity
of canvas or burlap, which was to be
strung on wires along ho windward
sldo of tho veranda. Tho poor, pant
lug man wus to take his scat there,
lightly arrayed, and spray water on
the screen with a hone. Tho result
Ini: evaporation would temper the
breeze to a fair degree of comfort."
The burlnp-aud-hoso combination, It
ncins, plays a prominent part In Cal
ifornia t'esert household economy.
Ths Chtery Doctur.
"I am hnppy to tell you, Mr. Bump,"
tald the eminent Ecu!plnn to the
victim of the reckless motorist, "that
you will not hnvo to dodgo nutoino
bile for n month or six weeks to
romn." Knncns City Stnr,
tho start was mado on Tuosduy,
In splto of the fact that tho ma
chine had not bcon overhauled for
u weok, although this is ordinarily
dono dally. A short dlstunco up,
tho motor weakened, mid tho ma
chine was headed back for tho
fiold. Consldornblo nlUtudo was
lost in circling to avoid a treo nnd
tho piano failed to cloar tho fonco
bounding tho landing fiold. Tho
loft wing caught on tho wiro, tho
undorcarriuga was torn nway and
ono of tho cylinders was damaged,
Mr. Grady and Mr, McClurg
walked to tho nearest furinliouBO
and phoned into Doud, Frank R.
Prluco driving out and roturnlng
shortly after with Mr. McClurg,
Mr. Grady remained at the field to
tako down tho piano tor shipment.
Only Minute Fraction of Its Tremen-
dom Htnt Strikes tho Cfcrth and
Docomet Utaful,
A digression on ihn energy of the
past sun may ho ihmiiiHUmI. All tluit
tho earth tins nuiKlit. for nil the mil'
llmm of .warn that It has existed, Is
the mcrcit ft action of what the sun
bus rmllnjed In tho sauie thm, nccord
Ing to n Ji'cturo by Sir Oliver liodj-e,
reported In tho ticlentlllc American.
The earth to the sun Is llliu a print
er's full stop ut a distance of ten foot
from u halfpenny. Hume of tho radia
tion from it globe one Inch In diameter
falls on the ot one oinMiuiiiliedlli
Inch Iu dtiiiuoler ten feet away, but
that llttio speck only catches the bun
died and llfiy millionth part of the
wlujle., What has become, of the reit
of the solar energy? It must still hu
careering through space. The ntfior Is
perfectly transparent and only when It
encounter mutter will tho radiation
he mopped, up nnd turned Into heat.
Not. our un only, hut nil tho mil
lions of other suns, have llkuwlfco been
always pouring out radiation Into
fpurc. Is there any hope of catching
nnd utilizing It 7 1 trow not. In spite
of all this constant Hood of energy
space Is cold ; very near absolute oro.
The reservoir Is so enormous that nil
thoMo tap, running for ugeM, have
mado no lmprvlon on It, have not
raised tho level a perceptible amount.
By Them It Is Poeslbls to Atcertaln
What Racos Have Inhabited
Different District.
In tho earliest davu of the human
family, nil known persons, places and
groups of human beings must have
had names by which they wero recog
nized. Tho study of thoso names nnd their
survival Iu clvlllxntloii enables us of
ten to uncertain ulint races Inhabited
districts now peopled by tliou of en
tirely different speech.
Tho names of inountntns nnd rivers
In many parts of England, for In
stance, nre Celtic.
Ancient local names nro, ns n rule,
purely descriptive. A river Is called
by Mime nord which merely slgnlllcs
"tho wnter," n mountain mny hnvo
n niimo ulilch means "tho peak," "the
castle," "tho point."
English place, names generally state
some simple fact, mid often denote
no more than property; tho nniiiit of
n toun or hamlet being funned by
adding "ton" or "hnm" to tho name
of no tno early landholder.
Quito often a bit of even hnlf-liu-morons
description will sunlvo In
such a name, ns when n stony, starved
and weedy district Is called Htnrvacre.
Parisian Mementoes of Napoleon.
Tho statue of Henri of Navarro on
the Pont Nuuf, tho oldest bridge In
Pnrin, Is it memento of Napoleon, for
it was cant from tho bronze of the em
IHTor' stntuo which was torn from
the top of the Veudomu column In
1611. litis column was erected to
honor (he victories of tho gn-nt sol
dlor. his martial deed being depicted
In a spiral strip which coers the sur
face of the pillar. HU llgtire, In tho
robes of n Koman emperor, ban since
been placed nt the top. The Exchange
bridge was erected by Napoleon nnd
still bears his monogram, tho n alien.
Tho famous eolonnndes of the Ioiivro
district nro bis work. Ho designed
them In memory of his native Corslcn,
where that tyrm of architecture Is
Overcoming Imomnls.
The treatment of tnsomnln or sleep
lessness Is a slmplo matter. Psycho
analysis or a physical examination dis
closes tho real source of the disorder.
Insomnia has Its foundation In loss
of general health, worries, bad habits,
need of ventilation and sunlight. He
tire curly nt night, e'cn If you cannot
sleep. This restores tho normal hnhlt.
Tako a glassful of hot milk, n few
crackers and n hot bath hofora you re
tire, A cold pack to tho head and a
hot water bottlo to the feet help to
woo slumber. A triple effervescent
rmldo tabloid or two In n glassful
water beforo bedtlmo will usually
soothe tho suffereri back Into tho land
of Nod und a good eight hours of
Diamond Thieves Easily Detected.
Diamond stealing In the South Af
fiicnn mines Is becoming precarious
business. Tho blacks still swallow
them or hldo them In solf-lulllctcd
wound, but theso methods no longer
ktilllce. Coolldgu X-ray tubes nro mi
mounted In n frnino ns to llltimlnato
th6 whole body of tho stripped native
standing beforo them. Tho entire body
of tho hundreds of miners can thus bo
hrougltj into view In tho llunroscopo In
a few seconds, and any diamond pres
ent, oven If behind thick hones, Is
quickly detected. Tho glow of tho dia
mond under tho X-rays, as well as Its
dento opaqueness, aids In detection,.
It is said, -
Flylno Casualties,
Ilovlsod figures from the wnr depart
ment hIiow Unit thero wero but ft-S,'! cas
ualtlcH among American aviators in
Europe during tho wnr, Of this num
ber 101 wore among avlnlors with the
A. E. F. nnd tho nimufnder among uvl
atom oi duty with tho llrltlsh, French
aiid Italian armies, Tho ciisuultles are
clussllled mi follows : Killed In combat,
203; prisoners, 115; wounded In action,
152; killed in action; 41; missing In
action, 20; Injured in action, 25; In
terned, 3,
AnnniincoiiuMit Ih mado In last
week's IsHiio f tho Crook Country
Journal ot tho traiiHfat' of tho Jour
nal by Guy Lafolletto, owner tor
tho past flvo years, to County Judgo
N. G Wallace, W. It. Itusnoll und
Koko E. 1 lend rlcl win, tho two latter
having been connected with tho plant
fur sumo tlmo. Tho purchasers urn
Incorporated an -the Journal Publish
ing company. fi
"Tho chniiKO In being liiado," tin
nitiioiiiicomoiit suys, "with tho Idea
of broadening the fluid of tho Jour
nay and making It a bigger and hot
ter paper than It has ovor hue it, and
wo predict a bright future for tho
publication, ono thut will euro for
all tho demands of a growing com
munity for years to count, .
"Announcement of tho pollcloii of
tho now mauagomoiit will bo mado
nt their convenience In an early Is
sue." OVbllTUftF WANTED
Ilepnbllenn Kimirlto l-'or MemlH-r of
Iiwer llouxe Im Notlllcil of Noin-
lnatlon by OpponliiK Party.
Doth tho republican and tho dem
ocratic parties want to elect II. J.
Overturt of llond to tho statu house
of representatives, ,r Overturt,
who was hlith man In his district for
tho republican nomination, und who
has already received formal notice of
his choice by that party, this morii
Iiik was notified by n certificate of
nomination that ho also has n place
on tho democratic tlckot If ho the
sires It.
I UMinllmr nr tint tin will flln 111 at ur
ceptanco of tho latter nomlnntlon,
Mr. Overturt has not yet decided.
M I L L I'O N S i
The lBUriillonl 0rn"'ln I
fkhneli of Krnan, IVrmmlvanl. i
cltbmtnt Ihelr lulr-vnlh nnl ,
,mrr In 0l.Ur, ll. wllh n n-
rollmnl o off S.0O.00 ilifcknte. I
IVhwudJi uf lhM to.lnU li fl; .
urrtt In iliUr enl ernU th flul
vkIu la llirtn a( lh ipcr monwnti
lUvolxl lo t titr "t I.C8. IrtlinW
el CourM ml lh,r iuhu ranslnr I
from Adrcrtltln ml tUlmrnniuhlt to ,
AsrUutlura nl I'miltrr llu.Un.lry. i
IJJ.efl en Hour tn
flr4 lr " l thm i
tm4nle u be BrlJ
tllnl U tlifM ( Ih ! I
t the per mmiiU eixnt i
In tluJ f I.CJI. CaertM.
ltftn o 8T.0OO lnilrl etwUnte
hoi H.VW nuw re(vln II.IM I
r or rm,r. Z.46I rlln J,0o i
or morl 413 rK,lln U.000 or '
niorvt JO rrcWlnic 110.000 or moras ,
n.l S with niml Incomm or tH.OOO
or mor.
In th l, twin of IU i
uUUnr the I.C.H. lm rnroUnl eU
UmM mnr ttuJcnU M llrrJ
In lh lo humlrol r.J nlr-lnt
ytar tine It orsanUslluni mor)
than tn tlnvr IK Uilal nrullmnt
ot Yal tine Ita door wuii otwn
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