The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 17, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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HenrtfBeach Needham
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TrH Kunl ilesertwi lus pi mile or.
ncc shortly nfter (i1rIi noon, nml went
to the lockcrroom nn unheard-of pro
ceeding for lilm. Then tic waited
round Impatiently. On the dot, ns the
clock pol"tc1 to I2::w. a triumphal
procession mined ceremoniously Into
the presence of the chief of the Glnnt
killers. At its head wns Barney I.nrkln. 11
smjle upon lilt hoytsh face nnd n
cocky look In his eye that brought Joy
nnd comfort to the manager. Close
behind was Hrnest Steadman. nio
suilllng. Next came an lncnnplcunu
citizen, easily mlslnkcn for n proa
pcrou. (ravelins man the clever de
tectlvc. Ilrlnglnc up the rear were
Jrla Ford Lauahed. He Couldn't Help
two low-brow cil fellows either pin
Rlllsts In ordinary or highly elllclcnt
piano shifters.
Trls ford laughed. He couldn't
help It.
Although the team, with one excep
tion, was not n party to the deep, dark
secret, the players plainly stinted the
relief which Trls experienced at sight
of Uarney Iirkin. They sang as they
put on their uniforms, and one would
iave supposed, to look In upon them,
that they were preparing for morning
practice In the trnlulng reason. In
Btcad of getting ready to fight for the
highest honors of the town and the
popularity of the home town.
Wild tumult broke loose at sight of
tho Giant-killers, nnswering the yell
which had gone up on the appearance
of tho Phillies. There tvero the usual
preliminaries nil before cameras.
There was snappy practice by the Na
tionals. Then tho Giant-killers took
the field, to limber up and get their
grip on the ball nnd .sure fire Into
their throws.
"lilt 'er out I"
An acuto-e-lghted fan Jumped up In
Ms place back of first, and ignoring
tho shouts of "Down in front I" scan
ned tho plnvlng Held from a point near
second base to the Giant-killers' bench
much as nn anxious mother would
look for her lost child. Then in agon
ized accents he demanded of space:
"Where's Wfb Sliute?"
T,yes by the thousand traveled to
the edge of the clay-base path In right.
There an uneasy substitute was trying
his hardest to accomplish the Impos
sible Oil tho spiked shoes of the king
of second basemen, .
, Whet on the terrestrial hail did It
mean? Was Trls Ford crazy?
Tardily, fifteen minutes after the
hour set for the game to begin, the
ofllclnl announcer raised Ids mega
phono and sing-songed the opposing
batteries. Tho fans bowled with de
light when they heard thnt Harney
Larkln was to pttch for the Giant
killers, although they knev it. of
course. Hut when the announcer add
ed tha) I'crvls was to "play second
base In place of Shute" the fans gnve
loud vent to llieli diMuppruval, "What's
tho matter Win tihute hurt?"' they
Around ttie vnst assemblage, start
ing in the press box, flying through the
grand stand, leaping to the pavilions,
reaching av lust to (he bleachers, spud
tho nuswer:
"He's disappeared!"
Gloom, Impenetrable gloom, settled
dowu upon a majority of the great
throng thoso who hud come to help
tho GIniit-klllcrs win. Thulr quick
minds were recalling what tho rlvnl
mannger, John Martin, had given out
after the Giant-killers downed New
York, They leuiembcicd every word
of it:
"I want to go on record as saying
that, Rhute ! Ilnj greatest, bnlj pjnyer
in the world, lie wins more games
for Ids club than nny other man on the
diamond today and winning games Is
what count In hnsebnll. He wat di
rectly responsible for two t.f the games
which his team won from us, and was
there nil the time In the other two vic
tories In defensive work he was eas
ily the klng-plu, breaking up our de
fense and making sensational plays
around second base. The record
shows that he led his own team In the
attack. I say again Shute Ih (h
greatest hall player In the world.
With him no major-league team would
be weak without him the best team
would he seriously crippled."
Seriously crippled I
Over In New York a few feet awaj
rroui the ticker, which was announcing
the beginning of play, Jake Stinger
uud his friends were already celehmt-Inc
At Sea.
An unshaven, disheveled young man,
batless but otherwise completely
dressed down to his shoes, turned over
on the lied, opened his sticky eye.
then closed nnd dug his lists Into them
to dissipate the heaviness of tne lids.
He tried ntnly to moisten his parched
lips wltii his swollen tongue.
Ills nosg Itched tormeutlngly and h
rubbed it vigorously wlih the back of
his huad.
As consclnusncs returned, haltingly
and Willi brief lapse- Into stiller. Ids
brain nnd the t-em-es of taste, smell
nnd, sight began to correlate, slowly
but accurately due lo the native re
silience X nu unnbused contltuil'.
A peculiar tnstc in his mouth he
couldn't lubcl. To one whose lips had
hies Intel (ieen thrown ngulnst tho glass
llorcely. Tlicn wnior rnn orr, lenvlug
the hull'e-eyo Decked with drops.
Ills mind bridged tho gnp between
present predicament nnd past experi
ence. He recalled the tilnnt-klllers'
trip to Cubit after they had worsted
the Cubs the days on the high and
tow sens. Ho knew uuw. lie was
aboard ship I
Secjtru In tills conclusion, he brought
himself to n sitting iiont uro on the
edge of tho berth. In tut upright posi
tion he found thnt ho wns Inclined (0
dizziness, tint hu fought It otT. got (u
his feet nnd, letting down tho wash
basin, soused his head In cold water
till the water (ho tank contained,
This revived him wonderfully.
He looked nbout the stateroom more
carefully. Thero wna n suitcase of
real tentticr on tiic bunk under the
porthole. Ho wns positive he had
novcr seen It before. Turning It
round, he found on tho end, in black
lettering, the Inscription:
Now York.
'S.-W.-J-n-m-c-9r he questioned. He
recalled nil tho Jameses ho bnd uvcr
heard of they weren't ninny from
"Cyclone," tho Yniikco pitcher, who
hud struck him out twice in one game,
to Jesse mid Henry trnln robber and
author respectively. There was no "S,
W" In tho list
Mcfhiinlcittly be tried the bag to seo
If It was locked. It opened, displaying
a complete assortment or tltnu nnd
underclothing. There wero shirts,
handkerchiefs, stockings, brush and
comb everything tiecussnry, wUh tlo
suit he had on, to enable lilm to make
a rcspc table appearance. The things
bad been carefully selected and they
were nil new. Ttut there wasn't a scrap
of writing to Identify their owner.
Tills turned his attention to his own
means of Identification. Putting his
band In his pockot, he drew out four
vclopes contnlued bills one nn "acl
dressed to S. James. Hotel Long
acre, New York city. Two of the en
velopes contained bills one on "ac
count rendered" from n liquor denier
for $07.2:. ; the other n bill for cigars
and cigarettes amounting to $-l.f0.
The third was a letter front the steam
ship agents of the Humhnrd line, read
ing: "Dear sir: We linve booked jnu for
passage from New York to Naples on
the S. S. Colonln', sailing from ptrr
foot of West Thirteenth sfreet. N. II.
We tinvc assigned to you Cabin C K).
on the salon deck, (Hid Have nrrniigvd
thnt you are to have it entirely to
"We beg to cull your nttentlon to
the fact that, owing to tho tide on tho
day of departure, the Colonla will soil
at ouo o'clock In the morning, Octo
ber 7.M
The fourth envelope Jncloeed a
ticket culling for nno'llrst-clnss pas
sage, New York to Naples, on tho
steamship Colonla, nnd inutlo nut to H.
W, James. There wns nothing cIno In
the pockets of his cont.
ltohhedl wns his first thought, nnd
ho searched In his trousois pocket for
the cash which hu hml with lilm less
than leu dollars. Ho found many ycl-Inw-hncked
hilts, rive hundred dol
lars I
Tho sight of the Ave hundred dollars
Immedlutely brought to mind what
hml happened before tho long, dream
less sleep Just ended on tho sftlp. This
umiiey or llvo hundred dollars Just
like It wns lying on a table In n suite
of rooms In tho Itclmont-Strnlworth
hotel. Ho wns about to come Into pus
session of It nil for signing n con
trnc( to report the world series on
hehnlf of the. Transcontinental News,
paper syndicate, Mctropolltnn tower,
Now York city.
He sat down ngnln upon the berth
to puzzle It out, beginning with the let
ter front tho syndicate It wns on en
graved stationery, ho remembered.
Tho secretary. Walter Noble, gave lilm
as references threo well-known Now
Yorkers. Hut tho letter had come, spe
cial delivery, on Sunday tho day nfl
cr tho championship was cinched anil
roplv wns requested by telegraph on
Monday. Anyhuw, whnt need wns thero
of references, ho hnd nrgued, when he
mtililn't losol" For ho wus to receive
Uvo hundred dollars every day ho
turned In 11 story. No, ho couldn't lose,
nnd ho could tiinku thirteen hundred
dollars at lenst nineteen hundred dol
lars nt most. Yes, he had looked upon
It ns "uory easy" money nnd bnd kept
his own counsel, not even confiding In
Trls Tonl. becnuse of tho reports In
the newspapers that the national com
mission wns to prohibit tho players
from wflttng for the papers; certain
ly nil those who' hadn't contracts.
He remembered thnt ho hnd gone to
tho Uclmont-Stratwnrth, nnd tho clerk
nt the desk knew him hnd seen lilm
play. He could repeat his words: "Mr.
Noble is expecting you go right up
lo Suite lir.V He hnd gone up, had
(To Do Continued.)
Tim Digger Share,
China nnd India rntitulii one-half the
people of the world. Tim niniiml lnl
grluuigo In Mcnitres Includes ovur u
tnllUnu persons.
Feed a dry iniisli,
Keep limiso nnd yutd clean,
Provido roosts ami dropping boiinlH.
Provido u nest for each four or llvo
hens. ,
Make tho bonne dry unit free from
drafts, hut allow for ventilation.
Keep liens free from lice and tho
heuse freo from mites.
Kill nnd cat tho hens In tlin summer
and full nt they, begin to mU and
cease to lay.
A clean cellar, two-llilrds below
ground surface, makes a Kol!I plnco
to set tho Incubator.
Nature tenches us thnt fowls should
have a wide ruiign and thnt a farm
Is (he best place for (hem.
Tho fnll renovation of (ho poultry
business should inrluilo a thorough
survey of the feed bins and corn cribs.
Idle hens soon grow too fat to lay
nnd In (ho plans for winter It Is well
(o provido somo means (o compel (ucui
to work.
Incuhntor chicks nre Just as strong
ns hen hatched, nil clso being equal.
Don't expect great success In hatch
ing mid raising chicks nnless you hare
hnd some experience.
Preserve tho surplus eggs produced
during (ho spring nnd summer for ttsf
during tho fall nml winter when eggs
nre enirco uud blub In price.
Same price for Mutter Fat f. o. 1). Hend
as is paid f. o. b. Portland.
Central Oregon Farmers Creamery
Tli Internntlniinl Corrnpnnilfnri nf Hcrniiton, rnnnlvn
ttlfbrstisl tlirlr tivonty-ncvrnth snnl
vrnmry In OcIoIm-c 101, wllli sn
mllnirnt of nyrr 2,000,000 tultnt.
ThniuNnilii of tlir ilmlrnU huva fl(.
timl In itoltnm nml rents thn seluil
tlu lo tlirni of Ih src niomrnl
tlcvoinl to tli stiiilr f, I.C.H. ImIidI
ml ('uuri- tut nlliir ulijru rsimlne
from AilvarlUliiK nml Blrinnihli to
Avrlcultur ami Poultry llutbsnilry, an holtr hu bftn
flmrfJ fcr r ' !"
tlmltnU ! fnill
fillmils U Ihtm f Ih U
f Ih tpsr Mnnli pnl
In ilJr ( I.C.H. Cnr(i.
tUtioiU on 17.000 trplftl tulnU
how I I.V99 now irlln II, BOO
yrnr or morj 3.1SI, rrelln 11,000
or nmrot 4IS rrfllni( I&.000 or
mort XO rrcrlvlns or mor
nil S with anitukl liKomn of IIJ.OOO
or wor.
tn Ih twntr-vrn jrrsr , of Its
rUUnr th l.O.H. hs nrolll sl(
tlmr many MuiltnU llarvard
In Ih two humirrtl anil avrnty-lahl
rr alnr IU orsanliallanl mot
than ten time the total enrollment
ot Yal alnr lU iloor awuns oin
In ITOtl mor than flu time Ih
total enrollment of all of U eolleM,
unlvenltle ami leelmleal acliooU In
Ih United tttate etxublnej,
A letter or a ot rarnt nil) 'brlni
romplet Infnemallon rmnritln Ih
ubjitl In vihloli yuu ar lnlerlMt.
,HU lilt HIU --
International Correspondence Schools
' Ilox 1CIC, Rcrnnton, Pn.
KipUIn (ally abl yur CnitrM In Ih
ubl raaiked Xl
ICIeelrlral Knilnetrlns lAtlVKRTIHINC
Wee.,1, 1I.MIM KM "i ViZZLlm
Telfiranh Knilnter in...,..,i.
Tileph.n Wrk lii(iniKi:i:fiiit
Meehanleal Kndnetr iHl.noc. ami Tpll
Mechanlral llrafltwan lullv Auaii
Hhlp DratUraan rlKAfriC MANAUKR
,.n.n. wp-. ...... commercial I J
Hurtejlnf arui Mapping
Jllne Tareman ar l.'nir.
fllalUiMry llnflneer
('nlraclr ar llulUer
Alfhlledural tlrllimn
Canerel lUIMer
rlamblnr and lleatlng
;OOl KMil.lHII
Hallway Mall Clerk
Aalmbn Operating
rttry Italelng
The Fans Howled Wiih Dellnh( When
They Heard That Barney Larkln
Was to Pitch for the Oiant-Killers.
never "known the taste of liquor" It
wus ImlcScrlhuble Indescribably bnd,
Hut the smell that rose from some
part of tils clothing he recognized. It
was the repellent odor that exuded
from a saloon when tho rubber-tired
doors swung open. It was stale liquor I
Aod It had been spilled on his
clothes. Following this loathcfomo
discovery, he raised hid hand toward
his nose and agnln ho wns startled to
get another wlilff of stale liquor. A
shudder of disgust passed through lilm,
Ue now took ii second Invoice of ihu
taste in bis mouth and clussllled It
us "dark brown." Hut not yet could
he bring his logy mentality to tnke up
the trail from effect hack to cause.
(lis bed next attracted his nttentlon.
It wns narrow much like a shelf with
n Vooden side to prevent ono's fflTilng
out, liokliig up. he suw above lilm
what, Judging from tho woven-wire
springs, was another narrow bed. Tho
furnishings of the uptirtinunt or cell,
whatever It was, all tethered to some
thing permanent, were tit first unfa
miliar to lilm. It was the aperture ad
mitting the light thnt helped lilm llx
tho room and Its locution. This round
opening to the outside world was n
bull's-eye of thick glass. And as he
staled through the circular wimhm on
to gniucsi nothing murc-sUirri
cuiiiu u luud thtiuip, instantly followed
by u stinging sound, as If minute pel
jHk J i JlZj
harm Machinery!
Owing to the fact that the old building occupied by our business is to be
torn down and a new building erected, including the lot adjoining, which
we have used for exhibition purposes, we are going to sell our entire
stock of Farm Machinery at- prices
Included in the lot are
2 Truck Wagons
2 Champion Potato Planters
A Number of Plows and Harrows
1 u6 Jr 101T1 KjSUtSL