The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 27, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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a nn-awr .y-nemii.swwe
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What's Doing In The Country
It. SpiUIKh,
Word has boon re?olvod horo by
frlondH of the death of Mrs. Jack
Berry in Portland recently. Nono
of the particular nro known. Tho
Kerry formerly lived In this nelgh-
KnrdnmV liMivlnr hnrn nlwiiit tlirori
'"""" o -------- --.
Mrs. Orover GorkliiK, C
nnd T. A. Dranncn.
C. M. Phelps nnd family. Mr. nnd
Mrs. Conner and John Hollnmn nnd
family were cnllors at tho Walls mill
Sunday night.
Will Handnl has been on tho sick
list for tho past two weeks but la
slowly Improving.
Mr. nnd Mrs. V. I. Mc.Mnumnn
and Lenoro Snyder woro In Bond
Snturdny night.
T. A. llrntinou was a business
caller at tho Gloss homo Sunday.
Plnehurst I'lilon Sunday school
Prclous Wcotl Cnrfully Preserved.
in . . . . . .
laMtJALaJLrTNlNili &UUiNl.( , . .1... m,!,.,,,,,,.,!,,-. irn
wlileh pniWN In V.vlon. whero It In
held In lovrioiit iiwi. The wood t
lu'iuilifiilly ninllled lit voltilng when
polished, hut Us almost priceless valuo
in duo a piod deal to Its rarity, At
one time the tiwn were qui to plenti
ful In Voyloii, hut nulyn compariulve
Jy few specimen remain, and nil theso
are nuivhered and Jealously guarded
hy the government.
roars ago to nmko their homo
v - . i. ......... e
tYl to Sister Sn rdav o oasturo ' orjwnlMil nt tho school houso
.! ? to..fi8r" Snt,m,!,y to pnRluro I Sunday afternoon. Tho officers who
iur uu auiuiuvi. ,.... ....,.. w. 1 1 ..,,. i-nU.... .,,.
SSUo TdSnd '"SXIeni ."NpfSiT
. c,.rfr.w nfhPnnnn tnnt superintendent; lolot SpaiiKh,
torn Saturday afternoon
Geo. Smith of Klamath Kails, is
working for 0. E. Anderson
Mrs. Alfred Pederscn worked for
Mrs. Redfleld, at Deschutes, Monday.
Mrs. O. E. Anderson nccompanlod
hy Mrs. II. T. Mlkkolsen nnd Mrs.
Alfred Pedersen was In Sisters Sat
urday. A party was given by Mrs. Ed
Rwalley.on Friday In honor of her
daughter Edith's 15th birthday. A
dinner wtin served by tho hostess, tho
remainder of tho afternoon being
spent In playing games. A good tlmo
was onioved by nil present
Everett Johnson attended tho Ico
cream social held nt the Baptist
church in Bend on Friday night.
The mall carrier didn't como on
Friday as it was a legal holiday.
Several from this vicinity nttend
cn the party given at the Slaughter
home south of Deschutes Saturday
J. W Peterson purchased a new
team, wagon and harness from Mr.
Sboults, near Tumalo. tthls week.
O. E. Anderson delivered the rest
of his steers to Bend Thursday.
Anton Ablstrom made n business
trip to Bend Wednesday.
Mrs. O. E. Anderson accompanied
by Mrs. H. T. Mlkkelsen nnd Alfred
Mikkelsen were trading In Tumalo
Tuesday evening.
L. W. D. McKlel. of Portland, was
a caler at the Anderson home the
first if the week.
Aune Bros., of Bend, arc hauling
hay from Anton Ahlstroms.
Anton Ahlstrom butchered a hog
this "week which he sold to O'Don
nell's market in Bend.
O. E. Anderson served on tho el
ection board at Deschutes Friday.
Alfred Mlkkelsen and Oswold Pe
dersen were Hedmond visitors Sat
urday. Mt and Mrs. J. W. Cabeen. of
Redmond, spent several days tlhs
week on their ranch.
secretary: Hozelln Phelps, treasurer,
nnd Myrtel Spnugh, organist.
Frnnk McMnnmon was a business
caller nt the Phelps home.
I.etu and Susie Bollmnn spent
Sunday with Hozelln Phelps.
Mrs. Ada McMnnmon was a culler
nt the Snyder home.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Homer Cosner were
In Tumalo Snturdny night.
Several of tho neighborhood peo
ple were fishing on the Deschutes
Saturday and Sunday. They re
ported having very good luck.
C. A. Spnugh nnd family were
guests nt tho C. W. Howell homo
Saturday night.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Clerking were in
Bend Friday night.
THimKllONNE. May SB -Mrs.
Mnttlo Mitchell and Mrs. Parr
motored to Hum! to take tho votes
east hero nt tho primaries last Fri
day. Tho Terrebonnu school Is planning
to have n school picnic to end thu
term. A community lunch Is planned
for tho forenoon and tho FIltplnoH
working hero will stand tho school
team n gamo of baso hall In tho af
ternoon. Wo hope that all will ho
able to attend.
A son, Wnrron Cocll, wan horn nt
tho Leslie Pollutt homo Saturday,
May 22.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. ltnlston eiw
tortnlned Misses Nlnu Elliott. Ado
lino Deltrlch, and Ireuo Keeuey, and
Messrs Clifford llalston, Knymond
Elliott, nnd Mark Forrest at a homo
party nt their homo near Grnmlvlow,
Tho party motored over Snturduy, p.
ni., and early Sunday morning con
tinued on to Kttglo creek, whero all
had u Jolly tlmo eating and hiking.
Redeemed Early Failure.
Thoiiuis Clin tubers, the noted mis
sionary and preacher, was the defpalr
of his M-hool tenelier. Another fa
mous preacher. Uano Harrow, nuh so
slow nnd quarrelsome, that ho was
counted n illsgrnrn to tho school.
llwimt Gains Kouilooii Pounds
' ' 'rolling Timlne nnd Lays
fn no Aside.
KjnopiU of the, Auiiual SUlfimnl of ill
Northwestern Mutual Firo
f Heallte, Ill (he HUtit of Wtililnitni). uii
Ike .Mt day ( HMO, made u
tne nuiirmir
t'ummlaal itiVr uf tit. Stat vf
They nil returned homo Sunday ov- "rcsun. imnuant i iw
Never Saw Anything Better.
Mrs. A. B. Griffith, box 15L An
drows, Ind., writes: "Last wlntor
my family nil had tho 'flu.' 1 tried
Foley's Honey and Tar and net or
saw nnythlng any hotter. From
now on I will not bo without Foley's
Honey and Tnr in tho house." Sold
etrrjwhetv.. Adv.
anlug tired hut happy.
Mrs. Whltols Is to ho congratula
ted on having received every repub
lican vote cast In her homo precinct
nnd also tho indorsement uf S5 per
cent of tho democrats.
Terrebonne hris u young Detnpsoy
to boast about. Duffy Kttorr of this
place knocked out his opponent In
tho second round last night at
Prlnevllle. Wo understand that ho
has accepted u challenge to fight
Kid Taylor, of Bend, In the near
Net premium rerelml daring
111 year 11.04 1 ,74 17
Inlerr-tt, tlUldtiidt ami rettU
ri-rrilvnl ilurtujc lli wir . . 3J.t47 nil
liirttimi frtun otlir tour tr-
rvlrMl ilurlnc Itin ;rr ... 32,074 3 '
Tout Inrown
Sho Feds Fine.
Your kidneys need help If your
hands of feet are swollen and there
Is a puffy look under the eyes. Mrs.
L. Gibson. 12th and Edison St.. La
Junta. Colo., writes: My kidneys
gave me a great deal of trouble for
some time. I took- Koiey Ktuny
Pills and they helped mo right
away. There is such n change in
mo I feel fine now. Sold everywhere.
PINEHURST. May 25. Business
callers in Bend Saturday were, Mr.
and Mrs. C. H. Spaugh and family,
Mrs. Phelps and daughter, Charlie
Montgomery. Mrs. A. II. need, ana
Mrs. John Bollman and children.
Mrs. Leslie McDanlcl has been
very ill but Is now improving.
Among those voting at the primary
election in Tumalo Friday were, F.
V. Swisher. G. W. Snyder. Mr. nnd
PpWELL BCTTE. Mny 25. Elec
tion day passed off quietly with u
very light vote. Scarcely morethnn
one-third of the registered voters of
this precinct cast a ballot.
Dr. Nevel. n veterinary of Prlne
vllle, tame out Sunday to attend n
sick horse at tho Boy Roberts' ranch.
Mrs. E. H. Stownrt. with her sls-tor-ln-Iaw.
Mrs. Glndys Stout, of
Dakota, who is her guest for tho
summer, have gone to Hood River, J
Portland nnu oiner points wnero
they will vIbII several weeks.
Elma Peterson. Grace Pauls, and
Helen Snyder, students at Crook
county high school, aro at tholr
homes for the summer vacation.
Mrs. Ike Mills, of Pnullnu. visited
with Mrs. Arthur Wurzweller Fri
day. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Rlggs wero vls
itois in Prlnevllle last Thursday.
Dr. Belknap was called to seo
Grandma Wells last week.
Mrs, Jennie Curtis came down
from her Hat Rock homestead to
vote and spent several days visit
ing with friends.
Mrs. U. S. Bushnell entertained
several girls Sunday nfternoon In
honor of her grand daughter. Ruth
Cntvln. Excellent refreshments wero
served and the girls enjoyed tho af
ternoon with games and conversa
tion. There were present: Helen
Snyder. EImn and Clara Peterson, j
Helen Curtis and Ruth Calvin.
Mrs. S. D- Mustard Is InWnshlng
ton (state), whero sho wob called
by business.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Fordray and family
left last week In their car for their
new home at Medford, where they
Wnnt to bay Hay, ue Bulletin clas
sified ds.
How to Destroy u good DNp-xlllon,
Bad digestion will ruin the best
disposition. If tho world looks dark
nnd blue, If you nro generally "out
of sorts" and feel stuffed up and
uncomfortable Just take it Foluy
Cathartic Tablet. Rollovea mean
headaches, biliousness, bloating,
sour stomach, constipation and Ills
that follow disordered dlRt'stloiv
Sold I'icrywhcro Adv.
The Milkweed.
The mllkueed. a plant that has a
much longer name than that, but one
which would not be nearly ns attrac
tive for us to use. Is especially well
known In America. In the autumn
when the pods have opened nnd, there
Is n brink breeze, the wind carrier
their, seeds far nnd near. Then tho
downy seeds are Keen tlylng like tiny
airships almost everywhere, In search
of n homelike growing place, where
they may nppcjir In the spring as tall,
lentler stalks.
Nrt lourt ld iliirlne 0i )rar
lu.-ludlnit Jjuilmnt rv
DltliUmta paid to pollrjlioljrri
diirlne llir )mr
CoMtullartfiu and mlatlr paid
dutlitr llin jrar ....
Tatca, llrriiir-a and f paid
during thr Jrar
Amount uf all othrr nwiidllurr
fJ.7Oft.K0fJ -41
"I've gained fourtoon pounds' In
nix wooIim taking Tanlac and now
I'm it well man," said Hmtry H.
Howard, it well known fanner and
stock raiser of King Hill, Idaho.
"1 had sufured front rheumatism
nnd Indigestion for twulvo yearn,"
ho continued, " mid could hardly
out u thing because everything wont
uitiiluHt nut and I had no nppotlto.
Every Joint In mo wna swollen with
rheumatism and hurt so I could
hardly hear to ho touched. 1 was
In such n had fix l couldn't work and
had to itHO iu walking stick to got
along. Tho first hottlo of Tanlae
mitdo it grunt nliungn In my foollngs,
my rhniitimtlsm soon Inft inn mid t
throw my iitlult luildn. for now I can
walk mm well mi anybody.
"And oat! Why. I Just cnit't got
enough mid I fool lllio I could do iih
much work mi I over could Tunliio
hi worth Its weight In gold, mid It
hurt coiivlnuod inn that thtiru'n at
least oiio muulneliio that will do
what they say It will mid 1 want to
do my part In lotting overyhoily
kouw about It. .
"Tmilno Is sold In Bond hy Owl r
Drug Co., Ilfl Hlslers hy George P.
Altbou, and In Horn! by Morton
Drug Co."
Pntlcnco the Qrcateat Elixir. '
Life has hiiiIi littiit eoiidltlous that
eery ilenr mid plerloiis ulft, every
raro virtue, every uenhil eiitlotMuent, .
love, hope, Joy, , sprlijhtllueNS, he-.A
notolenee, uiiisl souieilines bo put lny
thu crucible to distill the oiio elixir
tmtleuce. (lull lltiinlllon.
i If. I) is oa
411.102 ns
asw.36 IS
si'.wi no
Reasons for Using Stone.
The forest rangers on Mount Halnlrr
have n hoinc on top of tin' mountains
built tir Mone. whereas under usual con
ditions It Is the custom to construct
these building of wood. The prox
imity of the stone and the scarcity of
wood and the dllllculty of obtaining It
from the lower levels Is responsible
for this departure.
Lead and Steel.
Lead Is said to act like steel nt or
dinary temperature In llipild air. It
will serve nn n helical spring, for ex
ample. This behavior of soft tmn-elns-tic
metals Is Interesting, it shows how
very important temperature Is. Just
ns Iron Is soft mid Inelnstlc at n high
red color, so lend Is dull nnd oft at
ordinary temperatures, for It Is well
on Its way to'bc melted.
Condenied Statement of Condition of tho o"
IJi-nd, Oiegon, at Close of Business, May Ith, KK20 ji
' '.
Loans and Discounts , $459,938.81 fif
BondH and Warrants , , 70,124.63 g.
Furnlturo and Fixtures . ., ;. 3, 806.00 jsf
Cash and Exchanges ..................: m. 105,037.59 &
Other Rosources .......,....,.,..,, 1,000.00 .
Total Resources ..... .., $040,501.03 Eg
Capitol Stock ;. . 25,000.00 gf
Surplus and Undivided Profits . 17,964,90 ($
Doposlta , 597,530.13 SjT
Total Liabilities $640,501.03 gi
Controller of Currency Deposit E;i
May 1st, 1916 . .' ., j 59.571.32 ?'.
Mny 1st, 1917'., -202,017.23
Mny 10th. 1918 308,879.32 &f
May 12tb, 1919' 395,114.10- i
May Ith, tOUO rf7t5:MJ.1il P;
8nopiU of lb Annual Slatrrornt of ihi
American Automobile Insurance
of Ht lx)ui. In tlifl Slat of Mlucnrl. on tb
3 lt ill? of Drcrmbrr, llltf, made In the In
auranc CoramUtloncr of tb .4lal ot Orrson
Amount of fapllal Mock paid np.S XOO.0O0 OO
Nt prrrolaraa rrcelrrd darln?
th Tr I2 10 8,3 4S
Intrrnt, dlTld'ndi and rtnla r-
ctlred durloB the jtt .... 7 St4 5(1
' Inrpme from othrr aourrt tr-
rrnni carinc in jrar .... i,i.u ju
Total incoma ?J 010 70(1.07
Nrt lour paid during the jrtar
Inrludlne adjuatment rxpenao 11.12,151 01
DlTidcndi paid on capital ttoek
ilurlnc th jrur 18.000 00
Commlaalom and lalarlrl paid
durUr tbe jrtar. . . . 709.318 3D
Taita, lleenttt and fcra paid
durlm Ilia 7f ar 07.8H8 35
Amount of alt olbcr txptndlturra 1 10,785 i'b
Total eiprndtturca I3.487.0C3 h7
Value of itoeLa and bond! owned
(tnark't taluc) 1. 151,531 VI
Caah In bank and in hand.. 337.372 81
I'rfmiuma in court of rollprlion
wrlttrn tine Hrpt. 30, 1010 071.300 47
Other ltd(r aurti 70,807 37
Von ldtr and 35,020.80
Total anett admlttrd In Ore jon .12,157,038 01
Oroaa rlalma or loaaea unpaid.! 010,888.31
Amount of unearned premium
on all ouUlandlni: rlik .. 1,1 I3.2C0.81
Dai for commliilon and broker-
tge 172.02105
All other llabllltle 30,028.23
Total txpendlturf JI,SrO,A()n.77
Vjlar of real rtati nwiifd
tmatVrl talur) , . , f
Value of atoi-kt and liondi
und (markrt lm-) ....
l.uant an nioitjr and rup
lateral, etc
C!i In bank and on hand . . .
I'lrmluiuk In rouran of rollrrlluii
written alne Nepteinbrr 30,
l)ut from ItelnaurloK Co ' ad-
vanrna to apeelal atenta, etc
tnterrt and rent du and "
Sensible shoos
lay a smooth path
ior vour jeez'
oei.aos uo
313,113 OH
!H.44I 30
7.00 33
Total aela
l.r apeelal df9ll In
late (if any there U)
Total aftela admlltrU In Or- ,
eon I,3I,30.40
(ro rlilmt for lme KHpaldl
AmeuMl ill unearned premium i
oh all oulltandlnr ritka . .
I)hi for roinmlialnn and broker-
All other llail'lit'le". '. '.' '.
Total ilabllltlea, relual of
raritat aloek t
Bnilnia In Otefon for th Veir,
Vrt premluma reeeitrd durinf
the eir .... 1II.7S5.I7
le paid during the year 13 33171
l.r Ineurre-I during the year 10.705 0
V J Martin.1 1'realdenl
M I) L. Ithodea, Mecrctarr.
Statutory retldrnt attorney for aerTlt-
i' I Kinley. Hoard of Trad UMg ,
Portland. Oregon
5iMMSE . '''" -' r
Sensible shoes for sensible men
shoes that fit well, wear well,
look well these are Buckhuct
Shoes'. "Extra service every
step, comfort every minute"
is more than a sloganit s a
fact stitched into every
M. 143.35
14,133 57
30,734 10
703.833 43 ,
Buckhecht Shoes forvou for active men in all
walks of life arc sold in a variety of styles and
leathers from $8 to $12 by principal shoe dealers in
the West
y Ifmtt tli hj jmr dtatir, t'tnJ kit name anJjiur trJir It
ntiCrriNnMAM fj uv.c.wr OH)
r5WJtf6a&fo&&sZir! Z&rPmBm,
Total Ilablllllei, exeluilra of
capital atock 12.000,100.05
Builneai in Oregon for tha Yir,
Kel prrmluma receired during
tho year $ 30,450.47
Lour paid during thu year... 0,881.01
Chai. W. TlUbroie, I'reildent,
8. 8. Willlami, Bacretary.
Statutory realdent attorney for itrrlco:
I'nrrlion Allen.
s. V
Aro NOT .Junk.
Bhlp your HIiIch
and CuirxkiiiH to tho
rortlaiid, Ore,
and got full valuo
for then. I'rlco
llt and Bliliiplni;
tUK8 Oil lX'(UOSt,
Climax Alfalfa and
. Grass Seeder
SJBHpfeV HaL.' mm4BDm i" jF9Erl&nKBaBEW3FjrQm 0 r- ifllaEBBaPMaallaBBi tB
PRICE $45.00
This seeder attaches to deck of any ordinary peg-tooth harrow.
Drops seed down among the harrow teeth. Sows any
amount desired up to one bushel per acre.
Not an experiment, but has been used in the East 13 years.
When harrowing ground last time over, attach seedtfr, and har
row and sow at one operation.
Only two gears to wear. One of these seeders will last for
See this Climax Seeder at
Bend Hardware Company