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What's Doing In The Country
riNEHURST, April 1.3. Soveral
of the men ot Plnchurst nttojidcd th-J
rabbit drlvo given In thu Plntnvlow
Itoy Wells and family, from tho
Pinctrco mill, spent Sunday evening
at the John Dollmnn home.
Violet and iMyrtlo Spnugh who
have been attending high school In
Prlnevlllc, returned homo recently.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. McManman
wore dinner guests at the Phelps
Mrs. Dollman, Mrs. Mary Garner
and Mrs. C.'M. Phelps were shopping
In Bend Monday.
C. II. Spuugh was a caller In Bond
Leta and Susan Dollman spent
Wednesday evening at the F. 1. Mc-
mannian home.
Ivy Snyder. Mr. and Mrs. Wlmer.
Mrs. Peterson and Mr. Huttel and
family wero guests at tho Spaugh
home Sunday.
G, W. Snyder was a busines caller
In Bend Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L M.cManmon
jind Mrs. John Dollman and children
wore callers In Plainvlew Monday.
Itev. Johnson preached nt tho.
school house at Deschutes, Suiuluy
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Anderson nt
tcmled the show In Dead Saturday
lie Could Not Stand Straight.
"I caught cold and it settled in my
kidneys." writes J. C. Damond, 2S65
TV. 30 St., Cleveland, O., "jir back
and sides wero so Inma nmr soro I
could not stnnd straight. I use Foley
Kidney Pills and am glad to testify
to their lmlnlnir Doner. "Good for
stiff or swollen joints, rheumatic Saturday evening for a short visit,
DESCHUTES. April U. Miss
Jlllfiu Holmgren and Claude McCnu
ley were Sunday visitors nt tho Du
schutes hotel and at C. M. Hedtleld's.
Mr. and Mrs. Hnmblln and Jim
Donham wero dinner guests nt thu
Deschutes hotel Sunday evening.
W. K. McCormnck unloaded a car
ot sheep he had ready to ship from
Deschutes Sunday. On necoun t of
tho switchmen's strike tho railroad
company would not tako them out.
V. E. Van Allen is serving on tho
Jury this weok.
C. M. Redfiold and V. E. Van Al
len spent Wednesday evening at the
homo of C. P. Becker near Tumalo.
Mr. Jamison, the county agrlcul
turlst with his wife visited Deschutes
Wednesday morning.
Mnynnrd Cochran stopped oft at
Deschutes Wednesday evening be
tween trains, returning to Prlnevlllo.
Dan Day who Is working In Pond
ns a hod carrier, visited Doschutes
It. B. Metcnlf camo In from Port
laud Tuesday to look over the clear
ing of his land, and departed for
Bend Sunday night.
Oliver Hamblln left for Portland
company', mill and returned that ev
ening, laying down tho first load of
lilmbor for Deschutes" newest enter
prise. Evoryono should lake it cleansing,
purifying luxiUlvo Homudy , thin
month. Holllslcr'n ltocky Mountain
Ten Is a great Spring Cleanser lU
Ik. Owl Pharmacy. Adv.
pains. Sold Everywhere. Adv.
rabbit drivo was held In this vicinity
on Sunday. Dinner was served nt
the J. A. Chasa home. A good
crowd turned out and about a thous
and rabbits were slaughtered.
Anton Ahlstrom sold a veal to a
Bend meat buyer.
Mr. Wagner and H. T. Mlkkelson
hauled W. II. Gray's household goods
In to Redmond Wdenesday to ship
Anton Ahltrom was on the sick
list several days this week.
Alfred Pedersen went to Redmond
Tuesday after some woven wire fenc
ing for his place.
Mrs. O. E. Anderson was a guest of
Miss Edith Bales of Tumalo, Tues
day, i
Mr. and Mrs, J. W. Peterson and
children, accompanied by Mrs. Peter,
son's uncle, Mr. Dokken, were In
Bend ono Monday.
Mrs. H. T. Mlkkelsen visited Mrs.
Ole Hanson, near Deschutes, Mon
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Deblng and children
were callers at the homo of Antou-j
Ahlstrom. Wednesday.
W. J. Shannon was a Redmond
visitor Wednesday.
Anton Ahlstrom made a buslnesi
trip to Bend Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Anderson, ac
companied by Mr. and Mrs. W, H.
Gray, wero shopping in Bend Mon
W. P. Gift, of Deschutes, bas been
helping Rasmus Peterson haul hay
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Gray loft for
Vancouver. Wash., Saturday night, they will make their future
Barney O'Donnell. of Bend, was a
caller at the Anderson ranch Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. II. T. Mlkkelsen and
son Alfred, wero guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Holton, at Deschutes, Sun
day. O. E. Anderson purchased two
registered Shorthorn cows from Mr.
Zernko who lives on the L. E. .Smith
place near Redmond.
Anton Ahlstrom went to Redmond
on business Saturday. Ho was ac
companied by Andrew Nelson. i
He may bring his mother, Mrs. Rev
enue with him.
L. A. Drandeuberg and Glen Cox
were purchasers of Ford cars last
J. O. Hngon and Mr. Chamberlain,
of Bend, were butchering nt the Dob
ing ranch the 11th.
Carl Llvesley nnd his mother. Jin.
Mary Llvesley. left Monday night for
Grants Pass, Oregon, whero Mr. and
Mrs. Curl Llvesley will mnko their
home. Ho has traded his farm here
for a farm near Grants Pass. Mrs.
Llvesley will stay for a few week
We regret their leaving our commun
ity, but wish them health and pros
perity in their now location.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Deblng were call
ers at tho White Rock neighborhood
By a unanimous vote, the Sunday
school agreed to meet In tho after
noon hereafter, in connection with
tho preaching service. Tho hour N
set at two-thirty, the preaching ser
vice to begin at three-thirty. Rev. E.
B. Johnson preached to a fair sized
audience. Next Sunday there will be
some special number by the children.
Anton Ahlstrom and Hlltna Nelson
were callers at tho Deblng home Sun
day. Mr. Glen Cox attended the rabbit
drive in Pleasant Valley Sunday Ho
reDorta soveral hundred rabbits
klled. Dinner was served at J. A.
Chase's. Lunch was also served nt
Jarett's in the venlng.
Preparing for the county declama
tion contest to bo held at Redmond.
May 8th. the Deschutes school will
have a preliminary tryont on Friday
afternoon at 2:30, at which tho best
speakers wil be chosen to represent
our scnooi. The best speakers from
the contest on May 8th will bo chosen
to represent Deschutes at tho trl
county contest on May 1C. All par
ents and friends ore cordially Invited
to be present at the first trvout nt
he school houso Friday afternoon,
April 1C.
F. S. Santley returned Sunday
morning from v week's stay In Bend.
Mrs. Allen Grant' and son Elmer,
returned from Oregon City Friday
morning. The Grants will move on
Kllno sholppcd a cnrloau of ucer .;
tlo to Portland Saturday,
J. L. Parborry nnd It. J. Skolton
intended a moling of tho Plalnvlew
nnd McAlllHtcr Ditch company In
Plalnvlow Hchool houso Saturday
night. '
Mr. and Mrn. Smith wore tradng
In Redmond Snturdny.
Among those attending Urn joint
rally meeting In Plnlnvlew Tumduy
night wero W. F. Fryrcnr, U. C.
Kllno, Harold Kllno, It. O Andrus
and Frank Arnold.
Mr. Thomas Arnold lost n valuable
cow last week,
The rabbit drlvo Sunday was well
attended, parties coming from Red
mond, Tumalo, and Sisters. It was
estimated GOO rablts wero killed.
Mrs. Hodson andhor sister-in-law
wero guests of Frank Arnold mon
day evening.
Earl Miller was u Sunday evening
caller at tho W. F. Fryrcnr'
J. V. Bradley waa trading In Red
mond Saturday.
Goo. Cyrna was a business visitor
nt tho county Beat Tuesday
Thero wero n number of people
from Cloverdalo attended the dunce
at Sister last night.
Mrs. Bradley sponfc the evening
with Mrs. Goodrich last Saturday.
Mr. Partin went to tho desert last
Saturday to take somo cuttle out.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrus were busi
ness callers in Redmond Saturday.
tcavo smuo of tho pigs at tho llulgo
sen ranuh In order lu gut to town
with any or tnoin alive.
V. M, HnwNtmiHRon linn recently
purchased tho 40 adjoining him on
tho south, known us thu Gray plnco.
Mr, RaHuiusscn will move tho build
ings to his present lnilldlm: slto.
Mr. EllngHon was lu Redmond on
business Wednesday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. L, C. Voting cnlled
ut tho school limine, Tuesday,
Mr. Ellngsen and family called at
tho uoo. Krlckuun ranch Sundny ov-olilng.
Mr. Gosnoy and family took dinner
ut thu Fred Reynolds ranch Sunday.
(Jet Hid of "ripi'luK Fever."
If you lack energy t you lack
"pep" tho filmnces nro that your
bowel nro sluggish. A Foley Cath
artic Tublol is n wholosomo physio
mni win nu you or biliousness, b.
bloating, sick headache, Rour stomach
or other Ills that attend Indigestion
and constipation. They Invlgorato
tho liver. Sold Everywhere. Adv,
pLainview SUCCESS
She Kevin Lluo n New Pcixin.
So many women Buffer from kid
ney trouble without rcullrlng tho
cause of tholr Hlckncsa Hint this from
Mr. S. E. Mills. R.R. G, Xenla, 0..
wllPlio read with Interest: "After
taking Foley Kidney Pills I surely
feel llko a now person." Aching back,
rheumatic pains or other symptoms
should bo given prompt nttcntlon.
Sold Everywhere. Adv.
GRANGE HALL, April 14. A
number from this neighborhood at
tended tho Carl Llvesley sale. In
cluding, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Young.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Smith. Mr. nnd
Mrs. Frank Whltteman, Mr. and Mrs.
A. Nelson, Mr. Hllgeson and Mr.
Peschkn. Everything sold very rea
Mr. and Mrs. Holgeson nnd family
wero dinner guests at tho Geo. Erlck
sen homo Easter Sunday. Mr. Erlck-
se.n treated tho children to an egg
hunt In tho afternoon, tho ono find
ing the red egg won first prizo, which
was won by Kntherino
The second prlxo was.won by Erllng
Mr. J. W. Smith has his now barn
almost completed.
Mr. Mosler and W. J. Smith aro
hauling water from tho L. C. Voung
ranch .
Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Whltteman
took Easter dinner In town with Mrs.
Smith's two daughters, Isabolla nnd
Chris Stock spent Sundny with
Clydo Smith.
Gladys Dahl has rocovered from
tho chicken pox.
Herbert Nelosn's father purchased
him an organ. Ho has begun taking
lessons from his teachor, Mrs. C. M.
Rasmussen. Kntherino Hejgcsen
Is also lakng lesons from Mrs. Rasmussen.
PLAINV1KW. April 13. Tlioro
was ti big crowd of mon convened nt
the Pine Lnwn ranch Sunday morn
ing for tho rnbblt drlvo toward Clo
verdalo. Thero did not see.m to bo no
iTiany rabblta lu that locality how-
over n only about 000 wero killed
during, tho day. Many of tho miirls
mun with former high rocords added
but u row polts to tholr score. An
e.xcollent dinner waa served by tho
Cloverdalo ladies on tho lnwn nl tho
Hudson homo.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Howard Hnrtley, Roy
Honrtt. Lawrence Sclmrfunbow,
and II. A. Scoggln were lumlncsH
callers In Ilcud Friday.
A number ut ladles of t he. O. I).
O. club inet with Mrs. J. A. Powers
for n pleasant afternoon Thursday.
Mrs. Eminii Patterson spent Fri
day with Mrs Mlntn Howard of
Wilmn lifiinett and Ida Hon were
guests of Mary Dennett nt tho Dux
A ranch Sunday.
Guy C. McCnlllntcr has traded his
ranch In I'lnlnvfew for an eighty
facr farm near Salem. He will loavo
for his now placo In tho near future.
Tho McCalllster Ditch Company
held n meeting In tho Ho sshomo Sat
urday afternoon. Mrs. A. E. lions
was elected president of tho com
pany, and II. A. Scoggln vlco presi
dent. Mrs. Fox substituted for Mrs.
Ward at school fur 'several day recently.
Ono of Many LctlrrK.
Miss Roso Florke, 209 Hawkins
Ave., N. Draddock, Pn wrltos: "I
had a cold In my chest and fearing It
would cause pnoumonln I tried
Foley's Honey and Tar nnd It was
not lone till 1 felt relieved." Many
such letters have been written about
this time-tried, rcjlablo family modi
cine, Sold Everywhoro. Adv.
Mr. C. II. Wltrmnrn In hnlMlnv n
to the ranch thoy purchased north of largo now barn.
Deeohutes this week. Mrs. p, J. Young nnd daughter,
MIrs Nellie Griff n returned to tho' Ida, called at tho J. Pedersen homo
Deschutes hotel Sunday morning af- Saturday.
te.r a two weeks' trip to Portland
Two big trucks came In from Port
land Tuesday to haul lumber for tho
Deschutes Lumber Company. Ono
truck made the trip on up to tho
You can start that first step right now
What 'are the Four Dig Ambitions of tho average mau7 JS
To marry to havo a home to have children to succeed jf
in business. And having money In tho bank Is a great nld jpf
toward obtaining these things. fftf
We Will Help You to Save. '9 f
Our Savings Department Pay 4 Interett '
frfii flR,. ait;
jvaw itwmmgM
Mrs. J. P. Young called nn Mrs.
Jackson one day last weeje.
Mr. and Mrs. Dlckoy colled at tho
Lestor homo Monday.
Tho ladles nld mot with Mrs. Nel
son Thursday of this weok. It was
well attended.
Chris Stock hna entered school
again after having the chicken pox,
Mrs. Dlckoy cnlled at tho school
Monday evening.
Last wne,k must hnvo been vlsltlne
week at the Young school. They had
caiiers every any in tho week.
Mrs. P. J. Young spent Wednesdny
auemoon visiting thofschool.
'ine neighbors aro very sorrv In
learn of Mrs. Jackson's serious condi
tion. Tho doctor has ordered her
taken to Bend that ho may glvo her
pis aauy attention,
H. Helgeson Is clonring tho 40
ho recently bought from tho com
pany. This week ho Is moving tho
houe8 to his homo plnco for a garage.
win warnstntr went to Port
land Monday.
Mrs. Gcorgo Erlcksen and daugh
ter Esther, Mrs. O. Dahlo and daugh
ter aiadys, and Julius Pedersen nnd
family enjoyed dinner with Mrs. E.
E, Duller Sunday. In tho afternoon
Mr. Torkolson nnd family Joined tho
Mrs. Uottmnn and daughter Knrnn
motored to Dend with Mr. nnd Mrs,
Helgoson Sunday evening to uttond
the. Inter-church world movement
Mr. IC A. Nelson nnd family and J.
Poderson nnd family also attended
tlio united church sorvlcos in lionil
Sunday evening. ' '
Mr. Klllngson purchased two cows
last weok. '
yMr. O. Dahlo nnd Mr. O. Erlcksen
wert flailing Sunday.
Everett Chuso Is on tho sick lint.
A " truck lond of pigs passed
through tho Grttngo Hall neighbor'
hood Saturday. Jt was nocess'iry to
Use of 'Vaccine Has Considerable
Value In Correcting AllmtnU
Says Profetior Lewie.
Prof. Harry R. Lewi of Now Jersey
collcgo before a recent meeting at the
Connecticut station said tho use of
vaccine In the euro of poultry dls
eases has considerable value. Profes
sor Lewis told of trying out a vaccine
on hen afflicted with chicken pox and
roup und tho successful result. He
believe (hat other disease may be
treated by the vaccine plan. The next
ntcp at the New Jersey station will
bo an effort to Immunlzo pulltts
against chicken por or roup by vac
cinating while young and before thoy
have been exposed to tho disease.
for CommlshAin-
Watch your flock carefully and a
ooa a one member show dlrease
remove It ,
It I easy to keep your hen
healthy If you know tho laws of
health and practice them.
Close confinement without exercise
In not conducive to the best results
In the poultry yard.
Geete are not llko hens. Old geese
lay better than young geese nnd old
gander aro better than young one.
Tho weather 1 lomfthinc, hut tho
hen In more. Havo your hen In n
laying condition nnd they will lay In
spltu of weather.
Tho dust bnth I recommended high
ly for farm flock hut It should not be
the only mentis of preventing llco as
wiino birds will . not dunl themselves
How Egyptians Make Fir.
Tho question of how the Keyptlarii
mule fire wn one that ofn-n ru'rcl-l
rclieoloffUt. No rvprvscutntlnii of
the prcctim cxlittii on the uiomiuirnt.
nor doe the nation nppvftr to Imvi
attached any religion significance t
the origin of fire. The question wax
rttli) by tho discovery at Knhun oC
a reg-ulnr bow drill for making Are, to
gether with sotrrnl sticks showing the
burnt hole caused by flro drilling.
Niitlonnl Geographic Society Uullelln.
Aro NOT Junk.
Ship your Hide
und Calf.tkinx to thu
Portland, Ore.
aud got full vuluo
ior wiun. iticii
imi nun BliiIipiiiK
tags on request,
Civilization is a tree, .
Agriculture is the root,
Neglect or injure' the ropt and
the' tree will peris
Old Chinese Proverb.
It's true today. Our policy of agricultural development
is based on this principal, Come and see us.
.jflgflfe. , ,, .; ' fll
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