The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 01, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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What's Doing In The Country
chnscil from H. O. Wilson. At prenont
ho In miwItiK on tlio J. U. Minor
MrH. H. II. Ward tho Plnlnvlow
school lonelier attended services In
Clovordnlo Sunday.
Mr. Momoro nntl Mr. Gibson of
Plalnview wero callers in Clovonlnlo
Mr. C. W. Land nntl fnmlly linvo
moved on to tholr much recently
purchased from H. J. SKellon.
Mr mid -Mrs. u. u. Aiiurim nnn
their J.OH Ilnynioud wont to lloml Inst
Mondny to linvo some dentnl work
P1NBHUKST, April 1.- John Holl
limn delivered some fat hogs In uend
F. L. McMnnmnn was a business
caller at tho l'helps homo Monday.
a H. SpnuRh. Mr. nnd Mrs. C. M.
JMielps. Mrs. Mary Garner, Mr. ami
?,- firovpr OerkliiR. Kmest Phelps.
O. W. Snyder. Mrs. F. I. McMnnmnn
nnd Mrs. H. A. Newcomo. wcro uei
noBfl callers In P-end Thursday. Mrs.
II. A Newcotnb was roturnliiR to her
homo In Pilot Hook
Walter Andrews and William Itoot
wore haullnc wood, Tuesday.
There was a rabbit drlvo hold Sun
day which took In the distance be
tween tho Itcservolr nnd Tunialo. It
wan quite, n Success for thoro were
nearly 2.000 rnbblts killed.
John McMauman has purchased a
milk cow from hU brother, F. I.
..... - . . .. . j
George Huttel and ramuy, air. ana T,T-,,.rvxTtA t,t-itt-xt- t no
Mrs. Foster nnd children, nnu .miss j i.CiUUkjllJ iviDtiiuiuo
Cut ThN Out it N Worth Money.
Cut out this slip, enclose with 5c
to Foley & Co.,.283G Sheffield Ave.,
Chicago, III. wrltlni; your nnmo and
addross clearly. You will receive In
return a trial package containing
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound,
for coughs, colds nnd croup, Foley
Kidney Pills nnd Foley Cathartic
Tablets. Adv.
Ada Moore of Uend, wore visiting at
tho Spnugh home Sunday.
Mrs. W. D Clark and children
Hpent Saturday with Mrs. Leslie
D. E. Wlmer who hns recently
rented his place to Phil Smith for
five years. Is moving fnto the Searcy
houso this week He will reside
there until school closes, when they
will go to Unn county where thoy
have purchased a farm.
Jim lleiihnm has been pulling trees
for C. H. Spnugh.
Mrs. Grover E. Gerklng. Mrs. G.
W. Snyder, nnd Miss Ivy M. Snyder
were in Bend Saturday.
Hho FeeN Mke a Now IVon.
So many women suffer from kid
ney trouble without realizing the
cause of their sickness that this from
Mrs. S. E. Mills, II. It. 5, Xenla, O.,
will bo read with Interest: "After
taking Foley Kidney Pills I surely
feel like a new person." Aching back,
rhoumntic pains or other symptoms
should be given prompt attention.
Sold Everywhere. Adv.
Terrebonne Hebekuh lodge was visit
ed by 15 Hedmond lodge members
on March 25, for tho purpose of giv
ing tho Initiatory degree. Five new
members verc Initiated.
Tho Terrebonne Athletic associa
tion Is doing extensivo work in pre
paring for track. Coach Williams
expects to turn out some winning
athletes from the material he has. A
new discus has been bought and a
vaulting pole Is expected soon.
Three carloads of cnttle were ship
ped from hero last week.
Mrs. Haper of this plnce is having
a severe attack of the flu. This Is one
of the last cases In tho vicinity.
Miss Jano C. Allen Stnte Advisory
Nurse with Miss Margaret Urems our
county nurse visited Terrebonne,
Friday afternoon. Miss Allen guvo
a most intejrcstlng address to the
Parent-Teachers' association.
Messrs E. M. Miller, George Mac-
Grcgor, Jnmes Foss and W. F.
Mackey attended a road mooting at
i Bend last Friday. They enjoyed the
Hospitality of tho Bend Commercial
CLOVERDALE ' c,ub at a dlnnor In the Pilot Butte
The Phegly farm was sold a short
time ago for $15,000.
Mrs. C. G. Cornelius left hero for
Hood River last weok after a short
stay with Mr. Cornelius who bad n
short attack of flu.
The Terrebonno Rebekahs visited
CLOVERDALE, April 1. Tho pie
social held at school house, Friday
night was n decided success. Pie's
celling from 2.76 to $3.00 apieco.
R. A. Ward was out and gave a talk
m ?Mm )llva1 knvlf Till fnllntL
VU lUliU MUT iuan - " , 1JM,U1.-U- - ..l.l...t. .
Ing committeemen were elected r . ;"?Jr-" "" """
ensuing years hs follows: . R. J. Skel-I hlrd anlvexsary of the Culver lodge
. Irrll-ntlnn- IT f MIIIr. rnntlflf. t "'" -.J. "U KOIIU1B WCIV
'""' -.., - "-- , fu,l Ci
ative marketing; R. O. Andrus, co
operative shipping; B. C. Kline, fer
tilizer; Harold Kline, livestock;
George Cyrus, rodent control; J. B.
Hodson. alfalfa. Afterwards, a dis
cussion was held on the locating of
the. County Fair.
Mr. W. T. Harrfson and family
have moved into their new home
formerly the J. J. Dokken ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Arnold spent
Sunday at the George Cyrus home.
Mr. and Mrs. Hodson and Mr. and
Mrs. Harold Kline went to Uend last
Miss Doty spent the wc.ok end with
tier parents In Redmond.
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Kline were vis
itors at the R. O. Andrus home Wed
nesday afternoon.
Mr. W. F Fryrear Is hauling hay
from the Klllgore ranch this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arnold were
dinner guests at the home of W. F.
Fryrear Sunday.
Rev. Mr. Wilson of Redmond held
services at the school house last Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Slmcr of Bond
accompanied by Mr. John Sbarback
of Portland, wero out to Mr. Shar
Ajack's homestead wtlh a prospective
land buyer Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Burnslde,
formerly of Cloverdale have accepted
a position on a ranch in Maupln.
.Mr. Harold Hlllcary has been very
busy sawing wood for several in the
Mcsdames, Snapp, Mackey, Eckled,
Parr. Graves and Perry and Messrs
Herbert nnd Clarence, Parnnell,
George Granes, William Graves and
John Perry.
Miss Jane C. Allen and Miss Mar
garet Brems were guests of Mrs.
WhltelH, Friday night.
It cleans out tho germs of winter
freshes you up Hollfster's Rocky
Mountain Tea, a certain Spring
Cleanser flz-lk. Owl Pharmacy.
GRANGE HALL, April 1. Chris
Stock, has recovered from the flu.
Mr. Jackson made u business trip
to town Monday.
The Ladies Aid was well attended
at Mrs. Hettman's Thursday.
Many from this neighborhood at
tended tho basket social held at the school Friday night. Includ
ing Fred Reynolds and' family and
Gertlo Nickersen, Fred Hettman and
family and George Erlcksen and
daughter, Esther. The baskets sold
from $2.50 to $4.50. The total was
03 odd dollars.
L. C. Young and Chris Stock wont
to Bend Sunday morning
Miss Margaret Brems. the county
community with his saw recently pur- nurse examined- tho children In the
You can start that first step right now jp"
What are the Four Big Ambitions of the average man?
To marry to have a .home to have children to succeed
in business. And having money In the bank Is a grcut aid
toward obtaining theso things.
We Will Help You to Save.
Our Savings Department Pays 4(o Interest
school Momlny afternoon.
The following attended tho snln
near Redmond Tuesday: Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Whlttctnnn, Mr. and Mrs.
C. Smith nnd son Loroy, Georgo
HrlekHon, Mr. Poschka and Aleo Wal
ters. Bill Wornslnff hns rented his nlnco
Mr. Fred llettmnn received his
new sausage Bluffer ihls week.
E. E. Butler Ib running for road
Mr. nnd Mrs. C, M. Uumnusson
wore dinner guests at tho C. W Jonn
sen home.
Tho Grange hiR been Increasing
Its membership recently. Alee Wal
ters has Joined. Mr. and Mrs Dickey
are going to Join.
L. C. Young hauled n load of hay
from tho C. M. Rasmussoii ranch Inst
Frank Whlttotnun was In the Des
chutes neighborhood on buslnosi last
George Erlcksen attended I lie silo
banquet given by tho Chamber of
Commerco of Hend, Tuesday.
Mr. Lester trade.d his old Ford
truck for a now Chevrolet truck.
Mr. and Mrs. II. HuIkosoii nnd son,
Erllng. attended church in Bend Sun
dny. Julius Pedorson and family attend
ed church services In Bond Sunday.
Everett Chaso, son of R. Chne. has
started to tho Young school.
Dorothy and Edward Young linvo
recovered sulUcleiitly to outer school
Gladys Dahlo Is oil the sick list.
Olio of Many Letter.
Mlsi Florko, 209 Hawkins
Ave., N. Brnddock, Pa., writes "I
had a cold in my chest nnd fearing it
would cause pneumonia I tried
Foley's Honey and Tar nnd It was
not long till I felt rolloved." Many
such letters have been written about
this tlmo-trlcd, rentable family medi
cine, Sold Everywhere Adv.
Rasmus Peterson and Mrs. Cathrine
Johansen were In Redmond Tuesday.
Mrs. E. B. Johnson was taken ser
iously 111 Frldny evening with pto
maine poisoning but at latest reports
she was improving.
W. B. Hutchlns mndo n business
trip to Bend Friday.
Mr and Mrs. Alfred Pederson
wont to Redmond on Thursday to
transact somo business.
W. IC. McCormlck of Deschutes
was out Saturday to look after his
sheep which ho is feeding on tho
Mlkke.lseu place.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Anderson and
children of Bend wcro callers at tho
O. E. Anderson homo Sunday.
Fred Seeling of. Bond apc,nt Sun
day at the Gray homo.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Gray entertain
ed the following guests nt their homo
Saturday evening: Mr. and Mrs.
Wnltor Lowo, Dee Lowe, Mr. and
Mrs. Georgo Holton, A. P. Scott, Dad
Brula, Jim Lowe, Mr. Parks, Fred
Seeling. Roy Miller nnd Mr. and Mrs.
O. E. Anderson. Tho evening was
spent In visiting and music after
which a delicious lunch was served
by Mrs. Gray.
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Anderson at
tended the show in Bend Saturday
The usual meeting was held at tho
Johnson homo on Thursday evening.
Rev. Johnson delivered a fine talk to
a largo audience. Aftbr which tho
remainder of the evening was spent
In a social tlmo In honor of Mr. nnd
Mrs. W. II. Gray who are soon to
leave us, A lunch consisting of sand
wiches, enko and coffee was scrvod.
Mort Wagner, Miss Genevle.vo
Wagner and tholr mother wero din
ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. E. An
derson Sunday.
Mrs. Ed 8walley and father. Mr.
Jones wero In Redmond on business,
Thursday afternoon.
Mr. Lindsay of Bend was In this
neighborhood after a load of hay
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cnboen went
to Redmond Friday night to remui
over Sunday.
W. H. Gray went to Bond on Mon
day. Ho was accompanied by Fred
Seeling wjio had beon visiting at his
Mrs. O. E. Anderson and Mrs II.
T. Mlkkelson wero shoppers In Red
mond on Tuftsdny afternoon.
J. W. Cabeen camo out from Red
mbnd tho first of tho weok to spend
a fow days on his ranch.
Soveral from this neighborhood at
tended tho Pursley sale near Red
mond on Tuesday.
Anton AhlBtrom and Alfred Ped
erson wont to work on the Swalley
ditch Wednesday,
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Anderson were
business visitors n Bend Mondny.
Get Itld of "HprlnR Fervor."
If you lack energy If you luck
"pep" tho chances oro that your
bowels are sluggish. A Foley Cath
artic Tablet is ,a wholesome pbyalc
that will rid you of blllouune,sr gas,
bloating, sick headache, sour stomach
or other Ills that attend indigestion
and constipation, Thoy Invlgorato
tho llvor. Sold Everywhere, Adv.
POWELL BUTTE, April 1 Mrs.
Mary V. Charlton recently received
a pen of line White Wyandotte chick-,
ens of tho very host breed. They are
beauties and nrrlvnd in flue condi
tion. Mrs. Charlton Intends to spe
cialize on thut kind of chickens,
Snmmy Tweet Is tho proud ownor
of fi new riding pony,
Mr. and MrH. Bert Reynolds nnd
Infant son visited at tho E, A, liuiisett
homo a fe,w dnys lust weok,
Frank Johnson and Roy Andorson
of Prlnovlllo visited Carl Churltan nt
hlB fathers homo hero, Friday uftor
'noon, They wero on their way to
Bond und returned to Prlnevllle, that
(Julio a Invgo number of Powell
Butto peoplo attended tlio Pursloy
sale last week Mr. mid Mr. PuiBliy
wore formerly Powell Butto residents
nnd wo me sorry thoy nro going far
ther nway,
Mr and Mrs. Munfonl Nye. have
leased Powell Untie much to
Carl Fischer mid are moving bauk to
thulr Dear Creek rnnch.
Mrs. Kuto Colvlu hns goiio to
Prlnevllle, where sho will bo employ
e,d by Mrs. II. P, Belknap.
Carl Charlton Intu been occupied
lately In "going over" and putting
In running order tovornl different
uutos owned by Powell Butto people.
J. A. Rlggs and Georgo Hoblm have
finished seeding 'JI0 arres of rye on
tlio llobhs plnce. that their two men
are operating Jointly. Mr, Rlggs
will also linvo tho Juck Perry plnce
anil Intends to sow there.
Powell Butto Sorosls met luut week
nt tho homo of Mrs. Roy Roberts.
PlaiiH were made for future activities
and a pleasant time wna enjoyed by
all. One. of the delightful itiitnbeis
of the afternoon was it i collation by
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'I lie Mellon
Gol over your hnl .
(roubles gd under a
Cordon. This spring some
bully jood styles tire offeivd
Getting Under Way
for 1920
' Are all your Farm Needs for this season
attended to, especially in the line of
The economical development of your farm, and the
efficient handling of the soil and crops will be great
ly aided if you have up-to-date machinery.
If you are holding back on account of the expense
attached to stocking your farm with better equip
ment come in and talk over with us terms upon
which you can obtain the needed imprements on
your ranch. We want to help you.
We syecialize on the famous J. I. Case Machinery,
which has a nation wide reputation for quality.
A MODERN BANK is expected to offer
' a well rounded service to its customers.
is the desire of this institution to cultivate a
closer acquaintance than is developed by the ordinary
transactions of Banking routine.
Our disposition is to render Superior Service not only in
the bunking line but in the upbuilding of the communi
ty as well.
: awk I
W " ' Wm$my pi w