The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 04, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 12, Image 12

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I'AOK ia
S - r, .. r ,-
It is the desire of every ninn
tp look his very best. Let us
help you into your Spring
Suit., Our immense buying
power, which is now repre
sented by 207 Busy Stores,
eoupled with our method of
doing lyisiness, means a direct
saving of 10 to 20 to you.
Our policy of buying only the
best nt n given price, backed
by Our Own Label insures
you satisfaction.
Was Afraid To
Cross The Street
Could Hitttlly Stand I'p NiilTi'twl
Thirty Yours ItcMnml Hy
Tailing Tunlnc.
Men's Worsted Suits the kind that wear-$24.75 to $54.75
Young Men's Snappy SuitsVSr-$29.75 to $42.50
J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc.
"Daddy Smith's Homo Qurdun
Market. Fresh Vr-.gotnhlett ami
Plants uf all KlnitH For Sale IIori."
Nearly ovorybody In l.os Angeles
will remember having rend tho nbovu
sign nt 3711 Month Maine Htroot, and
hundreds of po.oplo nru pornonnlly
acquainted with J. F. ("Daddy")
Smith ovor, whoso phicu of business
tho 8lKti npponrn.
"Daddy" Smith Is not only
thoroughly pout ml on business nlXnlr.
but Is also woll tip on mnttorn of non
oral Intercut. Ho talkn cnpoclnlly In
tercstlng on tho nubjoct of modlclucH,
having, nn ho says, trlotl ovorythlnK
during tho past thirty yearn In bin
efforts to overcome a chronic enso of
Indigestion. In relating IiIh oxperl
onco a fow days ago "Untidy" Smith
had a groat doal to nay about Tanlac,
declaring that It Ik tho only inodlclnn
ho ban ovor found that did hint much
good! Hvro In bin statement:
"For at loant thirty years I have
HiitToroiI tho worst kind from Itull
gentlon Aftor eating I would bloat
up as tight an a drum and foul Just
tulnorablo for hours. During tlu
past throo years especially I Just Htif
fored agony, and no mutter whnt I
ato. It only n ploco of broad, tbe re
sult wore tho minio. I nfte.ii had to
get up tbroo or four times nt night
and take soda or something else try
ing to got relief from my mlnory so
I could Hleop. I bad no appotlte. and
With Ollly two or tlirrn hnura ul.r.n
at night and not eating much of any- i urUtiy
tblng I got no nervous and weak that -
could hardly keop going. i
Kor somotinio uiforo I took Tan
system, him liuon bulU,, up, niilomlltlly,
I want to hay to any one tJiiffoVInK
from Ntomanli troublo and n run
down condition, tultu Tatilao by uN
iuoauh, for my cxporluiico In that
thenOI iinlhlng Hk IU'
"Talilao In' wold In llonil by Owl
Print Co., la HlHteiH by Uorgo F. Alt
koii; and In llend by Horton Drug
High Print May Oiiumi IUim,
At thin nuiiHOti of tho your when
fresh vegetables are no high innny
persona surfer from deraiigiid dlgunt
Ion. If you font dull mid sluggish, or
If you miHpect Indigestion or cntiHtl
pulton you will fenl hotter tomorrow
If you lako n Foloy Cathartic Tab
lot tonight. They Imiilnh hlllounnnns
and headache. --Adv.
Sell jour poultry through Ilullctiii
tlaiKlfliMl nili,
In tho County Court of tho Slate
of Oregon, for DeHchuteH County.
In tho matter of tho entato of (J
W. Crawford, deceanud.
Notice In lieroby given that tho
undersigned wiin. on the, Oth day of
February, 1020, duly appointed ad
ministrator of the eHtate or 0. w.
Crawford, deceased. All pernoiiH hav
ing claims against nald entato will
pronont the hiiiiii) duly verified to me
within hU moutliN from thn, (Into
build up a ver' hlcn, profltubla biwl
niiHrt. Fur full purtlaulnrn nddroHK
Chun. II, Wnlkor, 8 Front nlrootj
I'orthuid, Oregon. n.1-R2-:io
WANTICDTwo to threo liinidroil
ncntllu to water and raiigo. J. II.
HulxhlNor, Hiunplon, Diego", mi
ni -G 3 e
WANTKI) Mini to put up about 170
toim alfalfa hay, by roiitruct. I.on
lor & Pnyuo, llonil. Oregon. 2D-(D-In.
sifetjij.tiae;'x;nj.i,".il. fiitt-
1011 BAI.R.
Need Is Soch In Central .Oregon
for Better I-'arm Equipment
. n- ' ''- M
Coneral Supply AVI11 Be .
. . Available
tral Oregon country. That Is why we
have decided that wo shall carry a
full lino of Implements."
Thero is not a great demand for
heavy machlnorr, according to Mr.
Royce, but is a growing de
mand for binders, mowers, plows,
garden lmplcmonts, hay balcm, feed
cutters, cnsllago cutters rakos, seed
ers etc.
It will be tho Pioneer's policy to
give axesy, posslblo assistance to de
serving farmers In this lino.
jvldlng the state, will have the survey
made and will furnish tho mnch'no
(for pulling treeH and sago.
"Thero Li a great need for bettor
farming Implements in Central Ore
gon according to our impressions,"
says 11. B. hoyce of the Pioneer Gar
age, who recently slgaed a contract
to handle tho J. I. Case lino of farm
Implements 'for the territory south of
Redmond to the California line.
"Many farmers have asked about tho
matter of farm Implements. They
seem desirous of obtains better
equipment now that they are getting
on their feet and can see tbelr way
clear to handle better - machinery.
Tnen, too, there la a demand for it.
More land is tinder cultivation. More
stock Is being raised on tbe Irrigated
ranches throughout the entire Cen-
(Continuqd from Pago .)
Strong, $2; John W. Price, 5 17.
Right of Way Offered.
Another matter of Importance In
county road affairs was brought up
when owners of property on the
Bend to Burns highway, submitted In
writing an offer to donate fight of
way It tho highway within Deschutes
county la laid out In the, present year.
W. P. Dorn, J. M. Hayes, E. D.
Lalonde, Alfred Incognito, James
Grolno, and H. Marchand were the
signers. In connection with this, tho
court will suggest to the state high
way commission that tho county will
bear tho expenso of preliminary
clearing on this stretch of road pro--
Mayor J. A. Eastcs Tuesday an
nounced tho resignation of M. K.
Stovcnson as night pollco officer, and
tho appointment of J. Swift to fill tho
vacancy. This action will bo submit
ted to tho city council at Its regular
meeting Friday night, for ratifica
tion. -'
Tho new night ofllcer has "'boon
prominent in tiro dopartmont work
slnco tho organization of tho volun
leer department, aim lias Held suc
cessively tho ranks of captain and
assistant chief. He has recently
substituted at Intervals for tho night
officer. I
CUulflcl attrrttlilnc rlmrn ir luu SO
rnt fur to or I,-.. On. rml vt
word I for all r.,r So. At rloMlAr.1 n.lrrdU n.
ch In innrrM
I i'ou m:.vr
lac I would not uttompt to cronn the FOIl ItKNT Oood farm. 1 06 acres
ntroot alone, for I wan no weak I under cultivation, with good
wan orraiti or falling. I wan dlxry water right, 00 acre In alfalfa,
all tho time and would tromblu all wagons mid Implements Inquire
ovor like n loaf. Well, I wan com- John Stoehll, near Plain Vlow
plotoly down and out. not worth u "chool. (JIhI. 02-SZc
nlcklo, no far as any kind of worki ' '
wan concerned. I bavo rend audi WAXTUI.
ntudlod a great doal and belluvu I , , ,
bavo tried every medicine I e.vor' WANTKI)- Position by innn cook,
heard of and I will nay right hern1 Camp .preferred, wrlto 0. B. Flnh
tbat I bavo novor found the mjunl or. Hond. Oregon. 75-1 p
of Tanlac. At first I thought Tanlac WANTBD Htump puller. Will bny
was going to fall mo llko nil the rent! or rent, nlno Pnland-Cblna bonr
had, as the IlrHt bottle srumed to do for mile. Wrlto liox S21, llonil,
mo little good If any good. Hut I Oregon. C9-S2p
stuck to it and while on my tilth bnt- WANTKI) Man, nlnglo. office man
tie my stomach bognn to fcol llko n and typewriter, one-half tlmo oc
now one. Well nlr, today I nm In cupicd In taking water readings
hotter condition than I havo been In over telephone and record clerk of
for many years and I am still gaining mo. Wrlto or call Central Ore
both In wolght and strength right .gon Irrigation Co., Deschuten, Oro.
nlong. I work every day without 60-521fc
tiring cnslly. cat Just anything I want' nKPIlKSKNTATIVB WANTKI) Wo
ntlf! ftlfinn lln n In.- nvnw 11I1.I1I Pm. u.nnt (i Ia.hI vivif ilj,t I n I !.'. In
. .....,, a...w , .vi, ,(,ni.v. ruj I ...,. iuviii ,', if..n,....r .1., i
u miiK nun: t uuvo uoon uoinorcn I uonu, noiiuig n wen Known, wimi
with my kidneys, but slnco taking advertised creum separator. A man
Tanlac thoy are better and my whole who can work all or part tlmn can
KOII HAI.K TIiito a yvr old llorw
ford hulltt and lis yearling lltire-
ford IiuIIh all reglnturud. Price 1200
to 27C per lieiul. IhlwardH Ilrotliorn,
I'ohkII, Oregon.
FOH SAI.K w TIl,U)K I limid of
milch co ww, one Jerney frenh, one.
Holntelu, one llliio Ournney, one
Shorthorn. (I. W. Foster, Slntorn,
Oregon. lOO-t-l'o
FOIt SAI.K or TUADI3 100 ncren
100 in cultivation J (SO paid up
water right, small limine and Htablu
nil fenced, 100 ncrtv leady for alfal
fa. 16 miles mint of Uend. (1. W.
Fontor, Hloteni, Oregon. l0-t-3o
FOU SAI.K Will Imvo sovuml
thousand good, high grade young
calwm the coming hoiihoii, now open
lug. Write for prices and pnrtlcu
Inrn. - N. K. Molchlor. Tlllamoolt,
Oregon, denlvr In livestock.
FOU SAI.i: -r, mlloH eant of Iloiid, K0
acre A 1 potato autl alfalfa laud,
20 acren in alfalfa. For full pnrllmi
larn, write owner. It. U. 1 llox 20,
Uend. Oregon. 80-1 p
FOU SAI.K 1 good yearling Here
ford hull, registered. II. T. Hart
ley. Tumulo. Oregon. 03-1 -Up
Whltu I.eghorun. Heavy winter
layers, muted to Taucrnd cocks, of
230-250 ngg strain. $1.60 per 1C H.
C. It. I. Itvds. inatod to high clann
eockorelit from prlxo winning stock
$2 for 1C One third ennh with order,
baliiuce on delivery.- -llofHlettor'n
Poultry Farm. Tiimnlo. 07-Sltfu
FOU SAI.K- Setllug eggn of all
breeds, best laying ntralns In Cen
tral Oregon. Others supplied on re
quest (3 a netting. lfl-Oltfo
FOU SALK Marred Itock eggs for
hatching, lOcts. each. Don A.
Slaughter, 4 mile north of Hand on
Itediiinnd road. tir..rl-2p
FOU SAI.K If Its bnrgnlu for cash
you aro looking for belter son or
wrlto Kdwln J. lingers about that
120 acren of potatoes mid alfalrn
laud Kdwln J. Itogers, Tiimnlo.
Oregon. 68-I3tfo
FOU SALK Alfalfa ha, 4G0 tons
at 20 a (on, Somo pasture will
go with it nt this price. Address,
J. I). Miner, Iloiid. Oro. 70-3 Itfc
LOST Klectrlc automobile lamp be
tween Tumulo and Denchuton, Sat
urday, February 21. Fludex ploano
notify James It. Dunham, Tiimnlo.
CoNtN Mora Hut Price It Name.
Foloy's Honej and Tar Is tho orig
inal and gonuino honey and tar cough
medicine. It costs Foloy & Co. moro
iu iiiuku inun u cosis oiners 10 maxe
mixtures of cbeapor Ingredients, but
It costs you no moro than tho choap
mixiurcs. contains no opiates. Chil
dren llko It. For coughs, colds, croup.
,K '...
"' Mmke Arrival This Wrfgt -
' ' of a Carload of '
'.-r '
it ' . '
Jyl. Case
Farm Machinery
' m'' '.
.Mr .
. V T
.-At V?
Exclusive Dealers in Deschutes, Lake anI Harney Counties
What is it?
We quote J. M, Wray formerly of the Wray Stiige Line. wn
"Monamobile gives us far more mileage and
with better results than any other oil I have used"
Since Monamobile has been distributed from
Bend it was used exclusively on the Bend-Burns
stage run,
A good oil stands up under the severest motor
heat, it lubricates and does not break down
under these conditions
Monamobile Stands the Test,, '
Nothing but a parrafine baseqillill, . stand or
meet these requirements.
7 To avoid deception ask Qn& ln on
i '
Bend, Garage
Sold In Bend by
Deschutes Garage
A. W. Bbntrager
. i '.
Bend Hardware Co.
7 x
Central Oregon Distributors Monamobile Off
- " ' r
If ,
4 I - Sir.. .. , te. b-w )k
.iVi'i'i liml'Awi'
X ,,tivWfe,. ,i4t;iiYXr, -, ,
- ill .!.
r i i - L ii l 1 1' ' ' ' " .i ti i r ii