The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 05, 1920, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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What's Doing In The Country
MILLICAN, Feb. 2. Frank l'er
clval was a Hem! visitor this week.
.Mury M. Hollanil called nt the
Keller- nml Rosin homes Snturduy.
. 'J, J. Holland spent, over Sunday
av home. , ' '
f Jjjf Holland nnd son Joseph nml
daughter, Miss Mary M.. called at
the H. H. Keller homo Sunday.
Mrs. C5eo. Cooke enmo out Monday
to make an extended visit with her
eons, C. J. and H. K. Cooke.
Mrs. L. (5. Morgan and sister,
Miss Edith Mutheny, called on Mrs.
Fred Tcrrll Thursday.
Mrs. J. J. Holland was a visitor
nf tho Keller homo Wednesday.
J, M. Smith, Oscar Shear and
Mrs. L. O. Morgan mado a business
trip to Rend Saturday, whllo Win.
A. Rnhn ucted as postmaster.
Walter and Roy Keller mado a
business .call at the Win. A. Rahn
home Saturday morning.
L. G. Morgan called at the R. U.
Keller homo Friday evening.
Oscar Shear was a caller at the
Morgan home Friday evening.
11. R. Keller called at the Cooke
homo Wednesday.
T. E. Going, Sr.. was out over
Sunday, returning to Rend Monday.
.Mrs. L. G. Morgan and Miss Edith
Matheny wero school visitors In
district No. 26 Thursday, also called
on Mrs. J. J. Holland the same day.
Rasmus Peterson loaded another
car of hay at Deschutes this week.
Rasmus Peterson and Hans Mlk
kelsen were transacting business In
Rend on Wednesday.
Anton Ahlstrom was In Redmond
doing some trailing on Friday.
A largo crowd was out to the
meeting which, was held at the
Johnson homo on Thursday own
ing. Rev. Johnson delivered a fine
'sermon, after which u lunch con
slating of sandwiches, cake and oof
foe was served.
J. W. Peterson was u business
visitor In Rend Saturday.
Mrs. O. E. Anderson was a Rend
visitor Wednesday.
Mrs. Catherine Johansen sold her
lamb to a Rend butcher this week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Gray wero
gucts of Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Ander
son nt dinner Sunday.
Dear Grace; I know you did not
hnvo a good time at the dance last
evening. Just n hint Holllster's
Rocky Mountain Tea Is tho best
ever for bad breath, sallow color,
no pep, pimply face, bad disposit
ion. Joe.
Attention Old Maids Confiden
tially. Holllster's Rocky Mountain
Tea Is your last hopo for a sweet
breath, rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes
Don't give up without trying it.
Mrs. W. H. Gray was on the sick
list but has now fully recovered.
Mrs. Cathrlne Johansen . enter
tained tho following guests Sunday:
Miss Edna Paulson and Antono
Paulson of Madras, Mr. and Mrs.
Ole Hanson, and Hans Hanson of
Deschutes, Mr. and Mrs. II. T.
Mikkclsen and Alfred Mlkkelsen
nnd Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hanson of
We expect to have a new moll
carrier tho first of the month, Clyde
Moore having resigned to take up
other work.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. White wero
shopping in Rend on Wednesday.
Miss Edna Paulson of Madras
accompanied by her brother spent
Saturday and Sunday visiting at tho
homo of Rasmus Peterson and Mrs.
Cathrlno Johansen.
H. T. Mlkkelsen and son Alfred
were Redmond visitors on Saturday.
Rasmus Peterson was using his
tractor to cut bay for O. E. Ander
son Saturday.
Mr. Thorpe of Bend has been
working on Ed Swnlley's new house
this week.
Roy Miller was working for O.
E. Anderson the first of the week.
Alfred Pcdersen and O. E. An
derson went to Redmond Monday
after lumber.
Mrs. Ole Hanson of Descmites
rnllnri nn Mm. Pnfhorlno .Tnhnnin I
Wednesday afternoon.
Rev. Johnson went to Bend on
business Wednesday.
(Yew Pulling KKI or More Trees
In Day nl Camp Near DrM-tiutos
Gel !?l Per .Man Ktm.
DESCHUTES. Fo.b. 5. The
crew at the juniper tree pulling
camp Is making good progress and
soveral men are working, hunting
tho trees on a contract basis, pre
paring the timber for the gas power
saws that are now on tho way here.
The company has evolved a new
scheme to get the maximum of ef
fort out of each man employed on
the stump pullers, i. e.. every day
that a crew pulls 100 or more trees
each man receive n bonus of $1.00.
The minimum wage paid is CO cents
per Jiour or $4. SO, so that an added
dollar Is cjulte an Inducement to the
At the cut up camp near Tumalo
they have been having some trou
ble and their engine that ran tho
cut up saws gave out, so they
shifted the crew to the tree pulling
camp to keep thpm busy whllo
necessary repairs wero being made.
The company arranged tp get n
tractor to operate tho saws and
after moving it part wny discovered
they could not use it because it
was In bad shape, although it was
a new machine and hud plowed
only nhout forty acres, but had been
neglected so that the bearings wero
full of sand, and it had not been
oiled. It Is understood that tho
cut up camp will bo idle for about
two weeks or until a now engine
can be obtained.
The farmers' telephone line be
tween Rend and Deschutes Is pro
gressing nicely and tho wire is all
An; Von lowing "Pep?"
Do you feel tired all tho time?
Does yoir back acl.o? Do you feel
that ynu are not so spry as you use
to bo? Foley Kidney Pills tone up
and Invigorate tho kidneys, banish
backache rid tho blood nf poisons.
Rev. W. F. M. Swyndo!., .Maeon. in
writes. "I am ready to .my time to
speak a word for Foley Kidney
PIIIh." Adv.
Blackheads, pimples W howl
Isn't she a sight don't worry sho
is going to take Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea then watch her.
Owl Pharmacy.
Want to buy tiny, uo Bulletin clas
sified nds.
J&M3grr3$ ,
. .ft .L,V
LOWER RRlfoOK, Fob. 4. --During
tho week tho farmers have all
been busy seeding rye and plowing.
An nll-iluy meeting was was hold
on Monday at tho school house by
Evangelist J. Wesley MacCullum
and his singer, Goo. Wallacu Scott.
i Lunch was served nt noon,
I The cattle raisers using tho
' Me.tollus rnugo meet Saturday at
tho A. 8. Holmes homo to lay their
I plans for this summer's operations.
The sense of the meeting was to
co-operatively employ riders on tho
summit of tho mountains to keep
their stock from straying over the
I summit. It Is understood that
losses have been very heavy In tho
past from stoci stiaying onto mo
west side.
A surprise parly , was given In
honor of Mr. Roil Foster's birthday
on Friday last. Those attending
wero Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Holmes.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. W. Howard. Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Updike, Mrs. Nnss
nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. C. F. llosklus. A
very enjoyable evening was spent
and dainty refreshments wejo
Mr. Guy Dobson of Redmond and
Mr. Luckey of Cnnby, Oregon, who
Is to bo malinger of the Hosklns
property when It Is turned over to
tho new owner, wero business vis
itors nt the Hosklns home Thursday
Mr. Parrot Is hauling lumber
from Rend for his now house.
J. W. Howard purchased a new
manure spreader this week.
Chns. lluins of Crooked river
was a luminous visitor at the Hos
klns ranch Saturduy.
J. A. Scott was transacting busi
ness In Redmond Saturday.
S. E. West was u business visitor
to Redmond Wednesday last.
Tho O. D. O. held Us regular
meeting with' Mrs. Howard lliutloy
last Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. John McKlttuoy, Mrs. Lou
rottu and Mr. Grover Pulllam wero
business callers In Redmond Friday,
Mr. and Mrs. Kills KdgliiKtou of
Sinters wero visitors In lMnluvlow
Hay Armstrong had tho misfor
tune of brenklug his crunk shaft of
his Ford whllo on his way to Rend
Friday. Roy llortt went to his
rescue and took him to Rend.
A number of friends enjoyed n
delightful evening nt curds at the
McKluuey homo on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scogglp an
nounce the birth of a sou on Sun
day morning, February 1.
Lawrence Scharfenberg, Roy
Heart! and Ray Armstrong bad a
fine time at tho banket social at
THHANHATTAN ISLAND was purchased for
iiAYiJ 815.00. The significant thing is a man
ggj had $15.00 with which to pay for it to the M,
man who needed SI 5.00. He saved. Op- j&
portunities come to him who, hy saving, si
We Will Help You to Save.
Our Savings Drpartment Pays 4 Intereit
Don't VcRlerc In? I.lltl- One.
Mrs. J. S. tJ7 K. 'tW SI
Cleveland. O.. writsr "I cunt M'eak
too highly of FoHv Kiiuiy and
When my little girl h.H - rold I cle
her Foley's Honev mil Tar and that
stops her coughing In .1 Hill' while '"
Children like. It. It contains no opl
rtes. It is healing, soothing, prompt
lu action. Ad.
PLAINVIEW, Feb. 4. The Plain
view Progressive club will give a
dunce at Tumalo hall Friday even
ing, February C ,to ralsa funds to
help the new community hall. An
excellent lunch will bo served and
n tbree-plco orchestra from Bend
will furnish first clnss music.
School work was resumed on
Monday as Mrs. Ward was feeling
much better.
Mrs. II. T. Hartley was a Rend
caller Tuesday.
Mrs. J. A. Gipson was quite ill
the past week.
Mrs. Grover Pulllam and son
Georgo havo been visiting at the
Alx Leverenz homo for a weak.
Gilbert Edglnton is working at
the H. T. Hartley ranch.
Nearly all of the Plalnvlew
ranchers are plowing nnd seeding
whllo tho weather Is bo favorable
Your Creamery
Builds Business
for Yourselves
The Central Oregon
Farmers' Creamery
Will Pay One Cent
Above the Market
Price for Butterfat
Paid by Portland
Yearly Market
Fair, Honest Tests.
The Crctmcry Should
beYour Asset.
Bring in Your Cream
Central Oregon
Farmers' Creamery
"Fir Tell the World"
sJjs the Good Judge
The man who doesn't
chew this class of to
bacco is not getting
real satisfaction out of
his chewing.
A small chew. It holds
its rich taste. You don't
have to take so many
fresh chews. Any man
who uses the Real To
bacco Chew will tell
you that.
Put Up In Two Styles
RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
W-B CUT is a long fine-cut tobacco
Tumalo Friday evening.
Misses Jo Riirgess and Frances
MrCormnek of llend were week-end
guests ut the Box A runch.
Mr and Mrs. Martin and daugh
ter Doris of Washington lire gnenta
nt tho John McKiuiiey homo this
Alfalfa Seed
Tluy ttrH that you can rr brfora yon par for It
Iluy feil that you can rnlurn It you ar not aatliflfd.
lluy acrl Dial cotnpllta with th tfd Laws of Wajblnr.
ton and Ortton,
Wo ran uhlp rarloada or Icaa from our warehouse &t
fitatilr. 1'orllanil. Tuklma, Walla Walla, Klltnaburff, Wapato
and through local agenta.
Baa a reputation In the Northwm for tho laat i ytAr.
Tou tannot buy titlr frd and you cannot t aa good Mad
for l monry anywhere.
The Chas. H. Lilly Co.
i - -
CtUlAtlunl Kit ?! f
I1 '
l I
1 c
'! W
' 3
"J O
! -
' 3
'i u
1 t
1 1
,1 .
of Dollars Every Year by not Keeping
in Good Repair their Farm Machinery
When a plow .share breaks when an axle snaps
when a cultivator, seeder or automobile breaks, it is
not always necessary to purchase a new part.
will save you a great deal of money every year and
make the broken part as strong as when new.
the most up-to-date acetylene welding plant in Cen
tral Oregon, and the expert workmen who can "do
all kinds of this work. When a metal part of your
machinery breaks send in your HUSH WORK to
Bend Iron Works
where it will be scientifically and quickly repaired.
tiik oitt:;o.vronvAM,!ri ii.vrciiKiiv co.
811111 II, Moore X Hon
O. A. C. WMto Leghorns and Jlarred Rocks a specialty,
with other leading MXClnylng strains of tho I'aclflo
Const. Also from egg producing Rhode Island Reds.
Roforo placing orders write to II!) North 14th, Cor
vullls, Oregon Threu Illotks North of O, A (.', CumpuH,
I, rt j;rT-.- J 1 DORT-The Family Ik
CL4-aaK-A ,1 mirrrri
rsKJIfiLf,XX3ftaaKMiHaHa0HLHHIi ' Km.BaMifliMMyiriBIMHinilr'""
11 if 41 v1 $u&3iiSHHHHHHBMlRL.
',0 - - s. - s x. -jw-
COLE Areo Eight The King of Performance
I I Ml A KlbWrr ar- m rTI'T-T Ul OB VtC' Tfj f Qr
Quality goes clear through. We can make imme
diate deliveries on Dorl cars,
HEO, Light Six
CJ We are Sole Agents for Des-
chutes, Crook and Jefferson
counties for the Northwest Auto
- s