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rAGK 4
The .Bend Bulletin
ruoiisnca uj
An independent newspaper standing
for the squnro donl, clean business,
clean politics and the best Interests
of Bend and Central Oregon.
One yenr .00
Six months -.- 100
Three months 50
ltnow seems npparcnt that the
.Mondell blllAy which It was hoped
to obtain funds for the development
of, reclamation projects, nnd espec
ially In this section, tho construct
ion of tho Deschutes project, has
gopo by the- board. The last heard
jit'lt Its sponsors were waiting for
action by Uio American Legion at
Its' Minneapolis meeting in Novem
ber. That meeting has come and
gono and there has been nothing
pew on tho bill. It may safely bo
'considered as dead.
. -Because this bill has come to
nothing is no reason why tho Dcs-
chutes valley should give up hope
of construction involving tho Ben
ham Falls reservoir and tho water
ing of tho thousands of now arid
acres in this and Jefferson county.
t So long as there is n dollar to bo
' spent by tho United States reclama
tion servlco in Irrigation work that
"jiollur will be marked for attack by
itbo people of this section who want
u see this great project carried
Just now the point of attack Is in
connection with the Western States
Reclamation association which, nt
tits recent Salt Lake meeting, urged
$a direct appropriation of $250,000,
$00 for expenditure by the Reclama
tion service. If this fund Is made
avalnbtc some of it will almost
Barely be spent In the Deschutes val
ley. Urge your congressman to aid
'In getting jthe appropriation made.
After tho Umatilla library was organ
led '.ttierd woro 4,Slv4 county bor
rower registered who riovnr bbfofo
had had public library privileges,
shows how great a wofk tho institu
tion did nnd suggests something of
what a county library may do In De
schutes. Todny Bend nnd Redmond have
mcagro library facilities. By tho
county system both wllj bo greatly
Improved nnd in addition it will bo
possible to get books Into commun
ities which have hitherto had none.
There Is n flno work to ba dono nnd
it Is n pleasure to seo It made possible.
In appropriating 13,000 trnm next
year's taxes for the support of a
county library tho county court has
The announcement that nil drafted
men wero now out of Siberia Is nindo
with an assumption of virtue on tho
part of tho War Department that
will havo no weight with tho peo
ple. The department would havo us
think that since the only troops left
In Siberia were volunteers It Is nil
right ftr an American army to bo
there. To hose, however, who are
taking any Interest In the relation
of the United States to the Russian
situation this is merely an avoidance
of the fundamental Issue. We should
like to know why American troops
are In Siberia at all. The fact that
they are volunteers makes uo differ
ence. Indeed for the department to mako
a special point of tho fact that tho
soldiers nrevolunteer suggests that
hereafter It Is to be necessary to got
volunteers for every duty tho army
Is to perform, and that Is going a
little too far. Tho American army
ought never to go nnywhero where
It has no business: but if it has legi
timate business to attend to It oughj
to go without calling for volunteers.
Curiously on the same day that
this announcement Is made thero
has been received here samplo copies
of n magazine called "Soviet Rus
sia" printed In tho city or New York,
which Is still In the United States.
Tho magazine is stated to be the offi
cial organ of the Russian Soviet
Government Bureau, it is carried lui
the United States malls, and its ed
itors are living under the protection
of, tho taws of tho United States. '
tKovr we confess to a large amount!
of ignorance concerning present coo-j
anions in itussia. There are those!
4tffft X
iff J rt 'V--
All that remains now of the Christmas season
is happiness. The trials and worries of Christ
mas shopping are but q remembrance artd the
time when every heart is filled with a kind
thought is fast approaching Christmns morn
ing when you gather around the well ladened
evergreen tree to present a token, in remem
brance of "Him Who bied To Save All Men,"
remember that it is our fervent desire to ex
tend a wish for happiness to all.
Now Selling
i !
. , l: J . , ; L . ; ,, IwHH.-uriie. inaj an inosc, hoiciiaK,
taken aWtep to put Deschutes In Unci yudBnfrh ntu, lh r. h nr ,, '
Ith other flf tho more Progress j ,,.. tlc Bolsheviks are merely reac-.
Oregon counties. Wasco nnl Hood
River have had county libraries since
.2912, Umatilla since 1914. Jose
phine county allows a grant to tho
Grants Pass library for county cre
ates successfully and in the middle
tension.' In California the planper
states U! la superceding local oper
ation. The Umatilla county library ex
perience is perhaps the finest of the
Oregon counties, outside of Multno
mah, and may well be looked to for
guldancq in the local work. A cen
tral library Is maintained at Pend
leton and branches at Milton, Free
water, Ferndale school, Pilot Rock,
Hermlston, Umaplne school, Stan
Held, Echo, .Weslon) Athenn, Helix
and Adams. Funds for the central
building In Pendleton "came from the
Carnegie coVporation which also
made contributions for one of the
brapcljea, , Jn the other branch
towns the library was established as
soon as tho local library committee
bad prepared a suitablo room or
building which could be heated and
lighted as needed, with an attendant
or the committee to take charge.
The single fact that four years
I tlonary representatives of the old
regime; 'and there are others who
say that thc'.SovIct leaders ue pur
ilyJtself. ' Having no facts wo can
not make any decision. But If, as'
appears to- be tho case, American
troopv.are-.kept In Siberia for tho
purpose of opposing the Soviet gov
ernment and armies how in the
nnme of all that is sensible Is a hur-
eau of that government allowed to
operate In the United States?
If the bureau lsall rjg"ht what In
the army doing In Siberia?
When improvement of livestock
can be assured by the Introduction
of better sires it would bo supposed
that owners would be tumbling over
themselves to buy better animals.
Some doV indeed, as Is shown by tho
record of the prices paid at the re
cent livestock show in Portland, and
the list of the animals brought Into
Central Oregon In the past few
If any remain who are not con
verted they are to be sought out by
a "Better Sires-Better Stock" cam-
4m V-Jk.'SL-X
1 J- (s X
d Where go the dollars you cannot
account for at 'the end of every
week-month--year ?
You could put some of them uway as savings
Saving is a pleasant undertaking", .Cultivate it.
tits' .1gk
' IVili
palgn recently Inaugurated by tho
United States department of agri
culture. Tho campaign looks for
ward to the future food needs of this
country's Increasing population and
tho plan is to hasten tho replace
mont of tho multitude of scrub do
mestic animals In tho United States
with purebred or high grade stock
and also to jnjprove tho quality of
purenreus inoraaeiven.
In a recent-number of tho Re-
clumnUou Record It Is pointed out
that scrub hog requires a certain
number 6f bushels of corn to make
200 pounds of pork, while tho pure
bred or high grade hog takes the
same number of bushels of corn
and makes 300 pounds of pork, The
purebred, or blph grade cow nkcs
three gaJlon- of milk out of tbp
samo quantity or silage that fne
scrub- covBsei-ioiriUkia gallon nnd
a half of hjUkThefesulMs'that
the farmer gets more pounds of sal
able product but of ills feed when he
uses purebred sires at tho head of
his herds and flocks.
An Illustration accompanying" the
Record article shows on one side
live tubs (of butter, four of GO
pounds and ono of 28, the average
production per cow lit herds headed
by purebred bulls, and on tho other
three, two Go's nnd a 49, tho average
per cow In herds headed by grade
and scrub bulls. Ono set of tubs
weighs 2C8 pounds and the other 1C9.
Tho dlfferenco in value is $59. CO per
cow. Thjs graphic method U.tused
to show the results obtained by a
cow testing association In Texas.
, If purebred sires will produce such
results In Texas they will do tho
samo here and every effort should
bo made to promote their owner
ship and use.
There's a new scheme on foot to
mako over the calendar. An ossocln
tlon has been formed and It is now
at work trying to persuado Congress
and tho public that Its proposed re
form is desirable. Remcmbering-thal
tho calendnr has been made over al
ready n number of times, on
"with a view to simplifying it, wo may
consider the ateut proposal with
open minds, .;
The plan is to divide tho year Into
,13 months, instead of tho present 12t
ine esiru iiivhui wuuiu uv ciiiiuu
liberty and would follow February.
Each of tho 13 would have exactly
28 days, or four weeku each,' nnd
each would begin on Monday, Now
Yours day would becomo an inde-
ipondont legal -holiday nnd would not
bo included in any weok or month,
and in leap years another Independ
ent legal holiday Is provided called
"Correction duy."
Tho advantage that strikes ono at
once Is the arrangomont by which tho
days of tho month aro mado to coin
cide with the uanlo days of tho week
tho year around. Monday would
always bo tho 1st, tho 8th, tho 15th,
or tho 22nd. No longer would wo
havo to mumblo "Thirty Days Hath
(November, April June and Septem
ber." etc., or run over our knuckles
As listed by tho association
advnntnges are that:
"Tho saving of time and mental
effort would be Immense. All holi
days and nnnlversarlen would always
fall on tho samo day of the weok.
A promissory noto given for any
number of weeks, months and years
would always come duo on the same
day of the week it was given. The
jilan also provides that Good Friday
aim waster minuay sunn always be
observed on certain fixed dates. This
was contemplated when our prevent
calendar' was adopted,"
Folks who are Interested aro urged
by the association to ask thilr con
grossmen to support tho measure. '
It's A Great List--
imilt Blues My Nnughty fiwtotlb',aW, to Mo ..
S5n Swet't Kisses . .. - .. .- - -
1WJ21 When the Preacher Make You .Mine ... .
85c Granny .,... .. . . ..
IfMI2:i Olvu Mo a ttmllo and u Kiss ..... -.-
S6o Cllrl of Minn - .
IHU24 a)) You JumI the Huino, Swiot Adeline
S5c Pretty Little Rainbow
.Khther Walker
, .Esther Walker
.i -Aflylo Rowland
, .JVdelo Rowland
. . John Hteel
.Charles Harrison
JaivvIn Juines-
-Chns. Harrison
Sterling Trio
18617 Alcoholic Blues Medley Fox Trot All Star
85e Jerry Medley Fox Trot . All Star Trio
18618 Tulip Time Medley Fox Trot .Jo.senh C.
Smith's Orchestra
85c Yellow Dog Blues Medley Fox Trot Joseph
C. Smith's Orchestra
I.TITlr-Tell Me .v . ;- , , . . Uimbert Murphy
11.00 Yearning .. i . .... . .Lumbuit Murphy
15170 At DAMnlng . . Victor Herbert's Orcheltru '
II 00. The Wnltsliuc Doll (Poupwi Valiant") Victor Heiliort'ii Or.
WlTi! Venetian Boat Song. - - ..i ....... . ... .Lllllefie'ld-Baker
C $1.00 Canoe Song (Clrkblrlbtm)
In spite of the almost nnlvarsnl
use of self starters w notice that'
cranks still abound,
Intea"d of money for street work
lial Bend now needs Is u slush
(Continued from Page 1.) ,
by the flro truck. It was alno
pointed out that construction would!
mako possibly a delivery circuli
which would be of material assist
ance to the merchants of Bend.
Recommendations for tho typo of
bridge, and tho bent manner of fin
ancing construction will be made
by tho streets commltteu at the
next session of the council.
Health Ordinance DniMlc.
A new health ordlnnnco making
drastic regulations for abatement
of nulnancex, reporting of births
anu ueuiiis, reporting ni communir
cuuia umeiiBUH, unu quaraniinu pro;
ceeduro, was Introduced under an
emergency clause, but on tho mo
tion of I). G, McPhorson It was re
duced to tho status of an ordi
nary ordinance bill. Tho proposed
ordlnanco carries penalties for vio
lation of a flno from $5 to 1500, or
Jail sentence of from 10 100 days,
or both flno and Imprloonmont.
")tK!H-kYlllo Wns a Lad f 1.00.:... .. .
C4S33Caprlce 11.00.. .. .
.Alma Oluck
.Jancha Helfltz
tJ4'J7--Uv00The Dclugo Prelude (La
Doltige) Efritn '.Imballut
Three more ordinances were read,
ono providing for the licensing of
jitney drivers nnd cxpresmnco ono
umendlng the card room nnd bil
liard hall ordinance, alining nt the
impprenslon of gambling and one
fixing the salnrlen ut city offlcnlN.
.N'o change is made from tho salaries
now being paid, and tho object of the
ordinance is merely to establish the
amounts definitely In the city law.
' To I.'xtrnd Firti Limit.
Representing tho school board
and tho library, ?t. W. Sawyer ap
peared' boforo the council, suggest
ing first nn extension of the fire
limits to afford greater protection
to the high school, and wcoud tho
appoint mont of u com-mltt-o to
meet with the library board with
(he Intention of rcorgnnlzntion on n
tounty basis. In response to the
first suggestion, the council Isiued
k: temporary ordor revoking all
building permits falling to specify
fireproof structures, tho district In
cluded being nil (if the original
townsitu of Bond, and North Ad
dition. Definite boundaries will be
ro-OBtubllshod nt the noxt meeting-
For the library committee, iMaycr
Kufcte wiiii designed an tho sol
member. '
Ri-cordurt). H. Peoples reporti 1
that tho city garbage truck Is nor ,
uusly indisposed, and said that tuf
council must face the uecesslty fur
purchase of a heavier and more
suitable truck, or let tho work out
by contract. The matter v,uh in
ferred to the Health committee and
E. O. Johnson again appeared to
Pterent his claim for damages U
his car which rau Into a newly du
bawmentJust off Newport nvrnue,
9qvurnL 4wcek ago. Tlio council 9
voted dfMllowIng tho bill.
The Correct Word.
"Old Brown won't live long; he his
me foot In tho grate ulrendy."
'You menu one foot In the grave.-.
"No he's going to be cremated."
R0 Paper Ancient. " ,w
Paper wum made from rugs In ArnbU
more than ten centuries age and tho
method wax Introduced Into Europo la
the (hlrteenth century.
'.T ' "
'Wishes you A Merry Christmas and
A JHappy, Prosperous, New Year.
ivi.1"! Mi.ui.-r wiiuru wo hitb in t'lOiJCf tlrt ". .
to, (Jlcover where we wore In the
fc hXWti ,"?'JSv5'
3fl9j As' 7-7Z