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    HHNI) mihtimS, ife'WI), ofiBOOK, THURSDAY, MAY H, iftiO
Leo A. Tlioinim Completer) Arrniw-
mt'itlH for New Cnltinllc Church
IMIflrn Will Bo Olio of
Ori'K""'" Fine!.
(From Thtirnday'n Daily,)
Pimm for Ihu now Catholic church
to bo built In Ilonil by tho local
imrlnh hnvo buon completed by Leo
A. Tlionmn nnd occupied by tho coin
inlttuo of tho lloiul church compoitoil
of Father Liiko A. fihoohnn, J, P.
Jlonncflfioy and W. L. O'Donnell. Mr.
Tliomnit returned thin mornltiK from
Portland anil Seattle, whnra ho ban
Jiwi In continuation with nonin of
tho loading iircliltoctM of thn two
cltlwt with tha vlow to obtaining
crltlclitm on tho pjiini which ho bun
HiilldliiK 1711111111.
In tho opinion of tho leatUrvjc nrchl
tcctit of thn ntatn tho now church In
to bo ono of tho dlitlnctlvo bulldlngi
of Oregon. In typo It will bo a com
l)lnutlon of tho French nml Kwclliih
Kothlo architecture, with Kit hkh
pinnacle nml olaborato ntoua trim
inlnRH. Tho front vlavallou tiro
unntn n fitrlkliiK nppoiirtinco from any
ntifjlo, with Ita uiiormouH rono or
wheel window, It foot In dlninutor.
ik ono of tha big feature or tho
- front. Till beautiful tenturo will bo
of Ntono with citlhcdrnl kIahh. Do
iwcon two twin itplroM, which will
rise approximately 100 foot from tha
Kround, U tho main Knblo upon
which wUI bo n hur.o crowt Identical
to tho one which will mount tho
two Hplron.. Tho entrance portal Ik
lUxnirti'd In ovcry particular with It
plnnackul trimming. Tha ontranca
motif lit 30 trot wldo and projoclit
nIx foot In front of tho main building.
Tho doom will bo of heavy oak, to
Nwlnit outward form tho center and
will bo flnUhml In bronxo.
In delKnlnB tho featured of tho
front nlavatlon Mr. Thomait has de
voted mora than two months of study
by way of comparison with no mo of
Iho country's mom inuRtiinilent rath
Tho structuro will bo 48 feet wldo
ii lid 108 feet In depth. From tho
r tloor to tho rldKo tho holKhth will
bo 55 feet. Tho building will bo of
local prewied brick with itroy stono
trimming, all of which will hnr
iiinnlxn with Ihu trimming which
havo been selected. Tho windows,
of which thoro uro a largo number,
will bo six foot wldo and 12 feet In
holghth, of stono and cathedral gin.
Tho sills will bo about IS foot above
tho floor.
Tho now cdlflco will havo n seal
ItiK capacity of approximately 500
parsons. Tho plans as to tho In
ferior finishing nml arrangement
havo not boon fully decided upon,
but thoy provldo that tho Interior
will hnrmonUo In every particular
with tho exterior, which will bo com
spieled ontlro.
As to tho upproxlmato ditto of bo
ginning coiiHlruclUm, Mr. Thomas
wits uuablo to stale. It will depend
largely upon tho labor and material
conditions. Mr. Thomas hopes that
construction may begin onrly In tho
s ii tumor.
Tho church will sit upon tho pros
out silo of tho Cathollo parish house'
on Franklin street, east of Hontl
street. Tho grounds will bo raded
and hnrmonUo with tho stylo of
structuro. Mr. Thomas will soon
havo an Illustration of tho trout
elavntlon for publication.
(From Saturday's Dally.'
t About two months ago Fred Hay
purchusod llvo ncres of ground In
WolHtorla. Ho ciuno to Hontl with
nbout 300 laying liana. Today Mr.
Hay lint- this number of lnylng lions,
to which havo boon added more than
400 chicks this year's Increase.
Mr, Ituy Is Improving UIh recently
acquired nenfago und Iioh In mind
making It ono of tho lluust poultry
ranches In this section.
Thomas Citrufol Ih becoming nn
outhuuliiBtlo homo builder, Mr.
Carufol recently sold his homo In
Deschutes addition. Immudlutoly
upon soiling ho purchased property
from Tho Hqnil Company and bogaii
it now' modern roHldonco, That Iioubo
Is now well undor construction. Mr,
Carufol luiH tttnrtcd tho oroctlon of
another modern four-room rosldonco
In Mill addition.
O'Donnell Ill-others' Offer Accepted
Will Krcrt Now RullilliiR Costing
About 20,000 I'oitofflco
to Jto on Orouiiil Floor.
(From Thursday's Dally.)
Tho Hood postofflca will occupy
now quarters on Wall streot an soon
as a building can ba eroded for tho
purposo. This fact became known
this morning wlion Acting I'ost
mnster W. II, Hudson received word
that tho offer of W. L. and T. M.
O'Donnell to provlda a room for tho
postofftca had been accepted.
Under tho terms of tho loniio tho
building (h to bo ready for occupancy
on or bufora August 1C, Anpaco20,C
feet wlda by 100 long it to bo as
sured, but tho depth will probably
bo 124 feet. ,
In anticipation of tho removal of
tho postofflco to tho now slto, which
Is Just ndjolnlng tho location of tho
office prior tp Its removal to tho
Hphlor building, plans for n building
havo boon proparod by Architect Leo
Thomas. It Is now Mr. O'Dounoll's
Intention to proceed with tho con
structlon ns rapidly as possible,
Tho building will bo of brick and
with tho lot will represent an ox
pendlturo of approximately $20,000,
Tho postofflco will occupy tho ontlro
ground floor. Tha second floor will
bo divided Into six apartments of
thrco rooms each, and ench tinting a
bath and modern plumbing.
Fallura of tho owners to provldo
nocessary fixtures, as called for In
tho leaso of tho present postofflco,
caused tho department to cancel tha
contract and seek n now location.
Bond Is to havo a long felt want
fulfilled a modorn and thoroughly
equipped Institute of music, whero
tho highest class Instruction can bo
obtained. Tho same opportunities
will bo offered students hero as nro
given In tha largest cities,
Tho West Const Institute of Music,
with hoadsuartors on tho fifth floor
of tho Hilars Music building, 287
Washington St., Portland, Ore., und
branches In other cities, will further
extend Its Institutes by opening up
it thoroughly equipped branch In
Ilond for adult students nml children.
Tho people of Ilond nro to bo congrat
ulated on having nn Institution of
such merit coma to this city, as It
will fill it long felt want, and Its sue
cess will dopend upon the encourage
ment It receives from tha pcoplo of
Departments will bo Installed for
voice culture, piano, violin, theory,
harmony and technique, whero per
sonal Instruction will bo given.
A special method for bogliiuers will
bo Introduced for tha first time In
Ilond. which tins been endorsed b
soma of tho foremost leudlng mu
sicians in the country, and which bus
proven a complete success,
Thoro will bo dopartmonts tor
those who wish to tuko up teaching
ns it profession, as we'll an for ad
vanced students und beginners.
During tho courses, recitals, "at
homos" will bo given for tho purposo
of preparing pupils for concort and
platform work.
The main InslltuUt at Portland hns
nn enrollment of over throo hundred
pupils, which makos It tho largest of
nny muHlcnl Instltuto on tho western
coast. Tho strongest proof of tho
real value of any course of Instruc
tion Is tho personal opinion of thouo
who havo lvon It u thorough test,
Tho reports from tho Portland pu
pils nro to tho effect that they aro
making wonderful progress with
their studies, Thoso of courso uro
only a few of tho many strong en
dorsements (hat have beau given out.
To organtxo und get started In
Ilond without loss of tlmo, a special
scholarship rnto will bo offered to a
limited number of pupils who enroll.
Tho rogular 75 Bcliolarnhlp, consist
ing of soven months' tuition, will bo
given for $40 payable on a tlmo
basis covorlng u period of half a
year. , ,
It will bohoovo thoso who aro In
terested to net quickly and tnko ad
vantage of nn opportunity to recolvo
a musical education ut such it nom
Inul cost. Tho rogular prlco of tui
tion will go Into offoct it little later
on. Until beginners and ndvancod
pupils will bo accepted, with Bpoclul
departments for chlldron. Ilepro
sontittlvcH of tho Institute, nro now
In tho city, and tho enrolling of
pupils will begin tit onco. Touching
In all dopartmonts will begin on or
nbout May 20th. Applications will
bo received by K. l. lUlte, y
Thoso wishing to tako ntlvnntngu
of tho apodal low prlco of tuition
which Is nearly halt tho rogular
price, nro kindly requested to mako
tholr iippllcatloim nl once.dv.125a
Klio Finds llerseir Much Hotter.
Liirno back, rhoumatlo pains, Btlff
nons nml Horonoss in muscles and
Joints can bo quickly rollovcjl. Mrs.
I,. Wuvuo, 2720 3rd St., Ocean Park,
Cal writes; "I lined to havo pains
in my right hip. I could hnrdly turn
lu bed. Now I find 1 am much bottor
by using Foloy Kidney Pills. Llku
wlso, pnlnu in my back lqft." Bold
ovorywhoro, Adv.
(From Saturdays Dally.'
1 Thoro Is nn "ownyour own homo"
campaign going on fii n small way
out on tho former Johnson ranch,
now on tho market by J, II, Minor.
Now owners of ncronr,c thoro aro
beginning to put up residences for
occupancy. Homo of these struc
tures nro only temporary, but tha
Innd ownars expoct to, do bigger
things soon,
Thoso who nro building or oxpeel
to build homes nro, Angow brothers,
Archlo Free, W. K. Polkor, C. C,
Young, J. C, Jncquot, A, K, Benson.
Of tho .total of 1280 ncres approxi
mately 700 acres havo been sold,
according to J, II, Minor. Tho now
resldonts aro harrowing their ground
and will soon sot In trees.
Department of tho Interior, United
Wales Land offlco, Lnkcviov, Oregon,
April 22, 1010.
To William It. Chlpp of Head, Ore
gon, contested
You nro horoby notified that
Charles F. Whltmoro, who eglves
Ilond, Oregon, as his postofflca ad
dress, did on February 24, 1019, file
In this offlco his duly corroborated
application to contest and secure can
cellation of your homestead entry,
No, , serial No, 0864 G, mado
April 5, 1D1S, for tho 8V4SEU. sec.
2; NB4. NE4NW, NH, 8E,
Section 11, township 22 south, rnugo
18 east, Willametto meridian, and as
for grounds for his contest ha alleges
that I nm Informed and bollcva and
thoreforo stato that tho said William
It. Chlpp resided on said land only
nbout three months and not longer
than four months after ho filed on it,
and thon abandoned tho land nnd
never returned; that he novor mada
nny Improvements or cultivation on
said land, excopt tho building of a
houso which ho sold nnd had had re
moved from tha land, when ho left
sumo as abovo stated, and docs not
now over Intend to return to tho
land.. That his abandonment of the
laud wns ifot, and Is ndt duo to his
employment or servlca In nny ca
pacity In tho United States, nor to his
service with tho United States In
any capacity on account of nny war
in which tho Unltod 8tntcs has boon
or may now be engaged In.
You nro thoreforo further notified
that tho said allegations will be
tnkon as confessed, and your said
entry will ba cancollod without fur
ther right to bo heard, either beforo
this offlco or on "appeal, It you fall
to fllo In this offlco within twenty
days after tho FOUHTH publication
of this notlco, as shown bolow, your
nnswer. under onth. specifically re
sponding to allegations ot con
test, together with duo proof that
you havo sorved a copy of your nns
wer on tho said contcstnnt either In
porson, or by registered mall.
You should stato In your answer
tho name of tho pott office to which
you dt'slro future notices to bo fec'nt
to you,
Date of first publication May 1.
Ditto or second publication May 8.
Duto of third publication May 15.
Date of fourth publication May 22.
notici: to riii:iiTO!ts to puk-
In the County Court of tho Stato .of
Oregon, for Deschutes County.
In tho Matter ot tho Bstato ot Sarah
L. B. Fonton, Deceased.
Tho undersigned having been ap
pointed ob administrator of tho abovo
entitled cstnto, notlco is hereby given
to all parsons having claims against
tho deceased nnd nil claims ngnlnst
tho said osttttu to present sumo duly
verified within six months from tho
ditto ot this notice to tho undersigned
ut the offlco ot II. C. Bills In Ilond,
Duted this 1st day ot May, 1919.
(Slgne.d) PKTBR O. RKMPBL,
Administrator of tho Bstato ot
Sarah L. B. Fonton, Deceased.
II. C. ELLIS. ' 9-13c
Attorney for tho Administrator.
Hy virtue of nn oxocutlon Ui fore
closure, duly Issued by tha clerk of
lha circuit court of tho county of
Deschutes, stato of Oregon, dated tho
22nd day of April, 1919, In n cor
tain action In tho circuit court for
said county and state, whoroln Frank
L. Watt, guardian, ns plaintiff, re
covered judgment nnd decreo against
W. S. Hodman nnd Draco Ti. Rodman,
his wife; Marlon Chamborlaln nnd
Minn Chnmborlnln, his wife; Ooorgo
W. Cnrpontor und Ula CnrpontoY, his
wlfo; John M. Cnrpontor and Golda
Cnrpontor, his wlfo, nnd tho Dank
ot Doming, a corporation, dotoiulants,
for thu sum of Forty-Threo Hundred
nml nolOOth Dollars and costs and
disbursements taxed nt Fltty-Nluo
nnd 20ruQth Dollars, und nttornoy's
foes In tho, sum ot Two Hundred
Sovonty-Flvo nnd nolOOth Dollars,
nnd tho further sum ot Forty-Throo
und 75100th Dollars tuxes, on the
22nd day ot April, 1919.
Notlco Is hereby given that I will
on tho 24th day of May, .1919, at
'tho front door of tho court IioiIbo In
Ilond. In snld county, at 2 o'clock In
tho utternooii ot suid day, soil nt
For Paper Mill work.
No oxporlonco nocos
Bitry, 8 hours work
42a por hour, "Oppor
tunity for advance
ment. SlhglQ mon pro
forrod. Splendid now
hotel, meals 35c, rooms
35o. Apply
Crown Wlllamotte
Paper Co.,
Canmo, Wash.
public auction to tho highest blddor,
for cash, tho following described
property, to-wlt: Tho north half
(N4) of flection Fourtoon (Sec. 14)
In Township 10, H, of Ilnngo 10 E.
W. M. In Deschutes county, tnkon and
levied upon an thn property of tho
mild defendants, or ns much thereof
in) may bo necessary to satisfy tha
said Judgment In favor of tho plain
tiff against said defendants, with In
terest thoreon, together with nil costs
and disbursements that havo or may
Dated nt Hand, Oregon, April 23rd,
1010, 8-12C
Not Coal liitnils.
Department of tho Interior, U. S,
Land Office at Lnkcvlew, Oregon,
April 24, 11)19,
Notlco Is hereby given that Charles
Thomas of Lit Pine, Oregon, who on
October 14, 1914, mado homestead
entry No. 08122 for SKVi. Section
1, Township 23 S. Itango 10 K. Wil
lametto meridian, has filed notice ot
Intention to mako final three-year
proof to establish claim to the land
abovo described beforo B. L. Clark,
U. S. commlsnloner, nt La Pino, Ore
gon, on tho 30th day of May, 1919.
Claimant names an witnesses:
Frank M. Johnson, Claudo H. Clow,
Heury Cavanaugh, all of La Pino,
, neglster.
Not Conl IamlM.
Department of tho Interior, U. S.
Land Offlco at Lakevlew,' Orpgon,
April 15, 1919.
Notlco Is heroby glvon that Arthur
W. Hill of Ilcnd, Oregon, who on
March 17. 1914 and Juno 10, 1914.
mado homestead and additional
homestead entries Nos. 07371 and
07C3C. for EW 8WU SB. NW
BK'A SEii.S SBU SB U. Sec. 12;
BV4 NE4. N 8E4 NE4. Sec.
13, T. 22 8. It. 8 E.; NV' 8W
NWV1. 8WU NWV.NW14. Sec, 18,
T. 22 8. It. 9 E. Wlllnmctto meridian,
has filed notlco of intention to mako
final three-year proof to establish
claim to tho land abovo described be
foro II. C. Ellis, U. 8. commissioner.
nt Hond, Oregon, on the 23rd day ot
May, 1919.
Claimant names ns witnesses:
Joseph C. Drown, of Hand. Oregon.
Robert Gathcrgood, Robert E.
Eaton, Ooorgo E. Oraft, all ot Ln
Pino, Oregon.
7-1 lc JAS. J3URGESS,
Not Conl Lands.
Department ot the Interior, U. S.
Land Offlco at Lakevlew, Oregon,
April 15. 1919.
Notlco Is hereby lvcn that Arthur
D. Olacn ot Camp Lewis, Washington,
who on Juno 11th, 1914 mado home
stead entry No. 07720. for northwest
qunrter. Section 15, Township 21 S.
Itango 10 E. Willametto morldlan,
has filed notice ot Intention to mako
final three-year proof to establish
claim to tho land abovo dcscrlbod
bofora his commanding officer pur
suant to tho Act of Oct. C, 1917.
Claimant names as witnesses who
will glvo their testimony before II.
C. Ellis, U. S. commissioner, at Bend,
Oregon, on Muy 23, 1919:
Wnf. E. Boguo. John It. Sutllef, J.
F. Boguc, C. II. Clow, all of La Pine,
7-1 lc JAS. BURGESS,
080 IK
Not Coul ItniLs.
Department ot tha Interior, U. 8.
Land Offlco at Lakevlew. Oregon,
April 15, 1919.
Notlco Is hereby given that James
O. Hoffman of La Pino, Orogon, who
on August 2Sth. 1914, mado homo
stond entry No. 08018 for E NEU,
XH SBU. Section 19, Township 22
S. Rnngo 10 E. Willametto morldlan,
hns filed notlco of Intention to mako
flnnl thrufl-ycar proof to establish
claim to tho land above described bo
foro 11. C. Ellis, U. S. commissioner,
nt Bond, Onlgon, on tho 24th day
ot May, 1019.
Claimant names ns witnesses:
Wllllum II. Holllnshend, William
13. Boesloy, William E. Boguo, David
II. Wood, nil ot La Pino. Oregon.
7.1 lo JAS. BURGESS.
Notlco Is hereby glvon by tho un
dorelgned, the administrator ot tho
estnto of John J. McGrnth, deconsed,
that pursuant to nn ordor ot tho
county coirt ot Crook county, Ore
gon, made nnd entered on tho 5th day
ot April, 1919, ho will sell ut public
auction to tho highest blddor at the
front door of tho county court
house ln (Bond, Deschutes county,
Oregon, on tho 19th day of Muy,
1919. nt 2 o'clock i). m all tho right,
title nnd intoreat ot John J, McGrnth,
deceased, or his es.tato ln tho follow
ing described promises, towlt:
SWtf SKU. section 1, S& NBVi,
NWV4 NEU of section 12, township
20 south of rtinga 13 cast ot tho
Willametto meridian, In Deschutes
county, Orogon.
Torms of sale, cash. 10 por cont
to bo paid ou tha day ot salo and tho
balance upon tho confirmation ot
snlo by tho county court ot Crook
county, Oregon.
Dated this 17th tiny of April. 1919.
., Administrator of tho Estnto ot
Jokn J. McGrnth, Duconsed.
United States Lnml Offlco nt Tho
pallos Oregon, April 4th, 1919,
Notlco is hereby given that Leo
Kollor, of Milllcan, .Oregon, who, on
May 11th, 1914, mado Homestead
Entry No. 013177, for S& NEU.
NBUSEU. Soq. 25, T. 10 S R. 15
E., lota 2-3, SWU NEU, SEU
NWU. tiR'A BWli, Section 30.
Township 19 South, Ilnngo 1C East
Willametto Meridian, lias mod no
tlco of Intention to mako final throa
yoar proof, to establish claim to tho
land abovo described, beforo II. C.
Ellis, U, S, commissioner, at Hond,
Oregon, on tho ICth day of May,
Claimant names as witnesses:
Leo V. Itnonoy, John J. Holland,
Reuben It. Koller, Arthur M. Mooro,
nil of Mllllcnn, Oregon.
This Is to certify that tho under
signed hnvo, pursuant to tho provi
sions of tho statutes of tho state ot
Oregon, formed a limited partner
ship. Tho name assumed by said
partnership and under which Its
business Is to bo conducted Is Red
mond Oarage, J. O, Houk, proprietor;
nnd tho principal place of business
of said partnership shall bo nt Red
mond, Oregon. Tho general naturo
of tho business to ho transacted Is
buying, soiling, storing, renting, re
pairing and dealing generally In
automobiles and automobllo supplies,
ports and accessories. That J. O.
Houk, of Redmond, Oregon, Is tho
general partner and Clarcnco H. Gil
bert of Portland, Oregon, Is tho
apodal partner; that said special
partnor has contributed the sum of
Fifteen Hundred ($1500) Dollars as
capital toward the common stock;
that said partnership Is to commence
on tho 6th day ot April, 1919, and Is
to terminate In ten (10) years from
said date.
Dated this 6th diy of April, 1919,
in duplicate.
State or Oregon, County .gf Mult
nomah, ss.
On this 6th day of April, 1919,
porsonally appeared beforo mo tho
undorslgncd, a notary public of tho
state ot Orogon, J. O. Houk and Clar
cnco II. Gilbert, who aro known to
mo to bo the Identical Individuals
described In and who executed the
foregoing Instrument and acknowl
edged to mo that they oxecuted tho
samo freely and voluntarily. ,
Notary Public for Oregon.
(Notarial Seal.)
My commission expires January
24, 1922. 6-lOc
In tho Circuit court of tho state of
Oregon, for Deschutes county.
Tho Miller Lumbor Company, a cor
poration, plaintiff, vs. Lea McFcron
and Orphla McFeron, his wlfo,
To Lea McFeron and Orphla Mc
Feron. defendants, above named:
In tho namo ot tho state ot Oregon
you aro hereby required to appear
and answer tho complaint filed
against you In the abovo entitled
Brooks- Scanlon Lumber
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, ,
Building Material, Kiln
Dried Flooring and all kinds ef Finish
Local Sales Agent, MILLER LUMBER CO.
Business and Professional Cards
-sssaassssggBsa csaaMwaac:
H Phone Black 1291
R. S. HAMILTON me a. thomab, a. a. ia.
Rooms 13-1G First National 2' O'Kane Building-
Bank Bldg. Tol. 611 BEND - - - OREGON
tDr. Co' Konner Offle.) I' '
T ' "" TTTi - NI8WONGER, Bend, Ore,
It. It. 8Armond Ch. Y. EruUne UNDERTAKER
DCVrmond & Erskine Licensed Kmbalmer, FHneral
I IAVYEIIB x Director.
O'Knno Building. Bend, Oregon Phone Red 3L AMt
H. O. JC L LI 8 NapntpaUile Fbjrsldaa
Attorncy-at-Law Over Logan Furniture Co.
United States Commissioner Wall Street Hours 9 to S
First National Bank Building Ph Bed 4M I
MISS B. OSTERMAN eye specialist
Permanently Located In Bend
Lnwronco Bldg., Room 3 with Now Equipment
Phouo Rod 2251 Prlvato Offlco in Thorson'a
Jowelry Store
vl,Pr- Turn0r W,U liQ,!r Pr!??
riiicDJDtDBCDncchrpn FOR FOREIGH v,1, ovory flrat anA tltrtl Fri-
flllS PAPER REPnEENrED FOR FOREIGN day; Jn Madraa Bocon(
ADVERTISING UT THb nd fourth FriJny nml In Hol.
- ivcau me vriaooiiicu nuo.
Deschutes County Abstract Company
D. H. PEOPLES, President
Most Comploto Abstrnot Plant in Central Oregon. Special Attention
Glvon to Fedoral Loan Abstracts.
Flrat National DunK bldg., BEND, ORE., Cor. next to Alley
case and causa on or beforo tho 16th
day of May, 1910, which Is moro than
six weoks aftor tho 3rd day ot April
1019, llio dnto of tlio first publi
cation ot this summons, and It you
ran to so appear and answer, for want
thereof, tho plaintiff will apply to
tho court for tha rollof prayed for
In tho complaint, towlt: for Judg
ment nnd decreo agnlnst snld defend
ants, nnd each of thorn, for tho sum
of $1C5,78, with interest thoroon at
tho rate ot eight per cent, per annum
from and aftor May 10, 1918. until
pnld, for tho further sum of $50.00
attorney's fees, nnd for costs and dis
bursements of this suit, nnd for a
furthor decreo foreclosing tho mort
gage named in said complaint, anil
tho solo of tho property thorein men
tioned and described as lot 10, block
1C, Doulpvard addition to Hond, Den
chutes county, Oregon, and for such
othor nnd further relief as to tho
court may appear Just nnd equitable
Service ot this summons is mado
upon you by publication thoreof In
tho Hand Bulletin for six consocu
tiro and successive weeks, undor and
by virtue of an ordor made nnd en
tered on tho 24th day of March, 1919,
by tho Honorable T, K. J. Duffey,
Judge ot tho abovo entitled court.
Tho dato of tho first publication of
this summons Is tho 3rd day ot April,
1919, and tho data of tho last publi
cation Is the 8th day ot May, 1919.
5-1 0c E. O. STADTER,
Bond, Oregon,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In tho circuit court ot tho state ot
Oregon, for Deschutes county.
Johana Wlllsey, plaintiff, vs. Charles
Willsey, defendant:
To Charles Wllleey, defendant
above named.
In tho name ot tho stato ot Oregon,
you are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint filed
against you in tho above entitled case
and cause, on or before thi 15th day
of May, 1919, which Is more than six
weeks after tho 3rd day of April,
1919, tho date of tho first publica
tion of this summons and It you fail
so to appear and answer, for want
thoreof, the plaintiff will apply to
tho court for tho relief prayed for ln
the complaint, towlt: For n decree
ot this court dissolving the bonds ot
matrimony heretofore and now ex
isting between plaintiff and defend
ant, and for such other and further
relief as to tho court may appear Just
and equitable.
Service ot this summons Is made
upon you by publication thereof In
the Bond Bulletin for six consecu
tive and successive weeks under and
by virtue of an order made on the
31st day ot March, 1919, by the
Honorablo T. E. J. Duffey, Judge ot
the above entitled court.
Tho date ot the first publication ot
this summons Is the 3rd day ot April,
1919, and the dato of the last publi
cation is the 8th day ot May. 1919.
5-lOc E. O. STADTER,
Bend, Oregon,
Attorney for Plaintiff.