The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 17, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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T, 11)18
The Bend Bulletin
Kstnbllshed 1002.
An Indopomlont newspaper stnnd-
Ing for tlio sqtinro donl, clean busi-
nosB, clonn politics nml tlio beat In-
torcata of Bond and Central Oregon.
fact la resorted to In nn effort to
luro the favor of the votltiK public,
It la high tlmo thnt tho voters nro
ndvlsed of true conditions. There
fore tho editor of this pnpor lma tho
following statement to mnko to the
renders ot this paper:
Tho present delinquent tax law
Ono Ycnr $2.00
Blx Months 1.00
Throo MontliR .60
(Omtun Voter.)
Tho essenco of C. S. Jackson's tax
publication 1111 is that tt docs away
with notlco to tho public ot the
names ot property owners whoso
taxes are long past duo. Tho prop
erty owner may postpono tax pay
ment Indefinitely so far as any tear
ot publicity is concerned. Mr. Jack
eon's moasuro puts an end to print
ing tho delinquent tax list.
In ono important way tho moaauol
is dccoptlvo. It sails under tno
camouflage ot substituting a mailed
notlco for tho published notlco. In
effect, tho bill proposes no such sub
stitution, for already each property
owner whoso postofflco address is on
ilia with tho tax collector is notified
when his taxes aro due. Tho only
substitution thero will bo in offect
under the Jackson bill will bo to
sond another notice by mail to follow
tho incffectlvo first notice, instead ot
publishing tho list in the county
paper whero tho public may read
it and ascertain who tho delinquents
aro. Tho Jackson bill In effect sub
stitutes suppression for publicity.
It Is notorious that tho bill origin
ates in Mr. Jackson's dcslro to punish
tho country press of tho stato by de
priving it of tho llttlo rovenue that
has come to it by annual publication
of tho delinquent tax list. It tho
measure is understood by tho tax
payers and tho public, It will bo de
feated on Its merits. Wero tho mo
tlvo behind It generally understood,
it Would bo burled by an overwhelm
ing negative majority as a rebuke to
tbo bullying tactics employed by a
wealthy newspaper publisher to bend
tho small country papers to his will
or break them as punishment for
their Independence ot his dictation.
Tho people of tbo country want
nothing In tho shapo of peaco terms
but unconditional surrender. Can
tho present German offers bo con
strued as such? That Is tho ques
tion to bo answered by President
Wilson In deciding on his reply to
tho latest German note. To a man
on tho street tho German request to
namo a commission to make the
necessary arrangement concerning
tho evacuation sounds like a stall.
It took no commission to make ar
rangements for tho occupation of
tho invaded territory'. Germany
walked in without so much as knock
ing. In our opinion she can walk
out the samo way. There's a mixed
commission ot Belgians, British,
French, Italians and Yankees now on
tho ground and making arrange
ments that seem to bo pretty com
plete. Unconditional surrender
means unconditional surrender and
nothing less. It Wilson can Jockey
tho German chancellor Into that, all
well and good; IC not, he'd better
uso his notes as wadding for shell.
wns passed by tho state legislature
ot Oregon, tho men you and I sent
to Salom to represent us In affairs
ot state.
It is u fair law, devised In the In
terest of tho taxpayer, to give him n
square deal in the hour ot emergency
and to protect him In that hour from
the tnx title vulture and tho schem
ing land attorney. It provides for
tho publication ot tho delinquent tax
list, It Is true, but It also provided
and this Is tho part ot tho law tho
Portland Journal would hnvo you
overlook that publication of tho de
linquents shall only bo niado after
a mailed notlco has been sent out,
regulnrly advising tho delinquent
that his taxes lmvo not 'been paid.
Tho publication, thoreforo is but nn
emergency moasuro, to bo resorted
to only when personal notice has
failed to notify.
Tho taxpayer should quickly real-
Izo the practical valua of such a law.
Supposo you aro away for tho tlmo
being. Or let us assumo you have
changed your addross. In olthor case
a mailed statomont would In nil
probability tall to reach you. Somo
tlmo later, tho delinquent list Is pub
lished in tho homo papor, and your
friends, rolntives or neighbors notlco
immediately that you havo ovor-
lookca your taxes, and hasten tO;
orop you a nno. uney Know wiioro
you nro tho tax. collector doesn't
bother about you unless you notify
him ot the change.
Tho result? Tho tltlo grabber,
that peculiar pest who Is always
loitering about tho books in the tnx
office, loses a chanco to buy in your
place for a song, nnd you aro saved
tho embarassment and work of re
deeming your placo. This is the
present law, and this is exactly tho
way It works out.
Jackson, working with a certain
Portland attorney, would cut out tho
publication requirement of tho pres
ent law. Ho would end tho matter
onco and for all with the sending ot
notice through tho mall. It you fail
to get It, under his scheme, you aro
tho loser, and tho tax tltlo vulture
will then pick up some easy money
and you. will foot tho bill. Such Is
the bill proposed by Jackson nnd
Hapgood. Kill It if you would con
fer a favor on tho taxpayers of Oro
gon. Voto "NO" on tho Jackson do-
that n roster bo made up ot tho Do
schutes county boys in servlco. Wo
want to know how many stars there
would bo in tho Desohuten county
servlco Hag. Sotuo day n memorial
wilt bo planned for thosn who do tint
return and for those who offered
themselves. Wo should have a Hut
ot them nil,
Secondly, Tho Bulletin linn Joined
In tho "Homo Paper" Service of
America campaign. Tho purpose ot
the campaign Is to send tho homo
papur to the soldier boyH nurond, w
will receive subscriptions lu any
amount nml tor tho money ho re
ceived will send tho pnpor either to
designated names or to names as
thoy appear on our list. Kor this
reason wu want n ltst ot all tho Do
Bohutos county boys in servlco.
Tho lufluontn scaro has saved the
Bend sunshine from a lot ot knock
ing. It wns on tho plea that thoro
would bo plenty of sunshine hero
that tho Federation oC Labor voted
to como to Bond this week. And wo
have had nioro rain than sun so far.
Tho shorlff makes another haul ot
boozo. Soon nn addition will bo
needed on tho Jail to hold tho boot
loggors nnd tholr booty.
It it Is true thnt Prlnco Max has
resigned, tho fact gives us a vlow
Into tho real political situation in
Woodrow Wilson, to Kaiser Wll
helm: "This way out. Step lively."
Tho Island of St. Helena Is under
stood to bo still without a tenant.
Don't delay laying in your Winter's Supply of Clothing
Shoes, Hats, Underwear and Sox
Never Again Such a Profitable Investment
A. L. French's Entire Stock
Goes at Less Than Cost!
(Continued from Pago 1.)
Ilnquent bill.
Thorn Is a scheme on foot to wipe
out tho present delinquent tax lav
now In offect In tho stato of Oregon.
Those behind tho plan would substi
tute in Its placo a piece ot pernicious
legislation, cleverly devised by the
Fortland Journal and a certain clique
of politicians.
Tho scheme is a clever ono at first
observation and by reason of the fact
that ono ot tho backers of the pro
posed change is a man ot independ
ent wealth at tho head ot a Portland
paper, tho columns of that paper
tho Portland Journal havo been
thrown open to further the measure
and 'befuddle tho voters' minds at
tho coming election. By smooth
camouflaging ot tho facts, and some
times by direct misrepresentation,
tho voters aro led to bollovo that tho
proposed measure is ono originated
and to ho passed entirely in their
own interest.
This is the influence that comes
from reading tho Portland Journal's
propaganda for tho abolishment ot
tho present delinquent tax bill now
in forco In tho stato of Oregon.
Tho editor of this paper is not in
tho habit ot Instructing his readers
how to vote in various elections. As
a rule wgcpnsldor the voter will
support tho measures which he be
lieves to bo ot worth, and register
his protest with a vigorous "NO" on'
useless or pernicious legislation.
This ls'.tfte! rdlo' usually followed by
the country1 ' newsp'aper ' man, bub
-when direct misrepresentation of
Whllo wo wero waiting yestordny
to know what President Wilson
would roply to the latest German
poaco noto, thero wero mnny who
asserted that he could do nothing
but accept slnco tho Germans, thoy
said, had definitely accepted his 14
peaco terms. And today, when we
know that he will not mako peaco
with the kaiser, somo aro saying
that ho has gone back on his word,
asserting that ho himself offered
peaco if tho 14 terms were accepted.
It seems worth whllo to point out
that those who havo this feeling are
not following tho course ot events
and havo not put thomselves In full
touch with the facts.
Mr. Wilson has never offered peaco
on any terms. From time to tlmo
he has stated tho war alms ot tho
allies and on various occasions ho
has set forth conditions which
should be met in tho peace settle
ment. Tho 14 terms are in this
class and there are other conditions
which ho has announced notably,
that peace cannot be made with tho
present ruling power in Germany.
In short, ho has nevor said that peace
could bo had on any particular set
of terms, but that when wo camo to
mako peace theso various terms
should bo Included in tho settlement.
Remembering this fact, the recent
set of notes shows that Mr. Wilson
has not gone back on his word, but
Is holding strictly to it. Prlnco Max
asked tor peaco, saying that ho ac
cepted tho 14 and other terms. Mr.
Wilson made his reply a set ot ques
tions, giving no nssuranco of peace
whatever. The questions wero an
swered and now ho replies that to
get peaco Germany must clmngo
Presldont Wilson has not changed.
Ho has simply inado a llttlo more
definite somo of tho terms on which
peaco may bo had.
The Bulletin wants the names of
all tho Deschutes county boys in tho
army and navy of tho United States.
Evory relative and every friend of a
man In tho servlco is asked to send
his name to Tho Bulletin. If he is
in Franco or Slborlu, or anywhere
out of tho United States, wo want his
address that Is, tho namo of tho
regiment and company to which ho Is
Wo want this information for two
n tho first place, we think it tlmo
nnd, as Shakespeare satd, that Is no
Many After Job.
Conrad Patrick Olson, who -was
clovated to tho supremo bench from
the stato sennto and a Portland law-
shop, may havo so many contenders
against him that ho Is liable to bo
re-elected, whether ho wishes to or
not. John S. Coko ot Coos county,
Judgo Jim Campbell ot Clackamas
county and Judgo Percy R. Kelly of
Linn county aro all talked of as
probablo candidates, whllo thero
probably will bo somo more before
the game Is over. Thoy can como In
up to tho last minute now, as no
one's namo will be on tho ballot nnd
tho field is opon without fear or
Rumor hath It that tho momhers
of the bar association are whetting
their knives to got Conrad's scalp.
Tho appointment didn't set well with
a largo number of lawyers, Includ
ing ninny In Portland. It Is more
than likely that many of the afore
said lawyers havo folt that they
would havo graced tho hunch with
much nioro eclat than Conrad nnd
have looked at tho appointment with
a little green In their eyes. Bo that
as It may, some of the boys wllf go
gunning for Conrad, but the big field
seems to all In favor of tho man who
tins landed and has tho prestige ot
tho appointment. Nevertheless,
Judges Coko, Kelly, Campboll, el ul.,
aro all big men and anyone of thorn
would not doubt trot Conrad u win
ning heat.
1'rolio Is Thorough.
As expected, tho probe at tho stato
penitentiary is taking -on the com
plexion ot being a very thorough go
ing affair. Attorney General Brown
Is not only going into tho problem
himself, but ho has enlisted the serv
ices of n largo number of the best
known district attorneys In tho stuto
to assist hm. That Is a way the at
torney genoral has with him apd
there Isn't much question In tho
minds of those who know George M.
Brown und his ways that If thoro
hns been anything go!n on wrong
at tho prison it will very nearly bo
located beforo ho geta through with
It. And it Is evident ho Is taking
no chances by enlisting tho services
of somo regular prosecutors.
So far tho lino ot probo that lie.
will carry on Is more or less In
definite as ho is not very responsive
to questions as to how ho Is going
at tho Investigation. However, It Is
probublo that tho district attorneys
will bo instructed to uscortaln all the
Information available from paroled
men In their respectlvo counties and
It Is more than Itkoly that tho 200
or nioro paroled men scattered ovor
tho stato will all havo u chanco to
tell what thoy know If thoy know
With a peculiar persistence that
scorns to be ono of tho pot hobbles
of that paper when it is politically
soro at any individual or office
holder, tho Portland Journal is en
deavoring to mako tho prison probe
tho basis for political capital against
Governor Withycombo.
Tf la unll 1nnun flint tfin TAimnnl
has Non-Partisan league leanings
nnd always has had, over slnco that
lenxuo stuck Its hydra head Into tho
stato. Consequently it Is nioro than
Inclined to boost tho game ot Walter
Pierce, who always has boon favor
able to the Non-Partisan lenguo, de
spite his frantic denial at Sclo a fuw
days slnco.
Disliking tho governor and loving
Walter Pierce, tho Journal now as
serts that tho governor is waiting
until nfter tho ulectlon beforo ho
fires Warden Murphy and .puts J no
Keller into his place, or at least
tho pnpor Intimates as much. Tho
fuel of) thu matter It that tho gov
ernor will fire Murphy when ho gets
ready and put whoever ho pleases In
Murphy's place when he feels llko It,
nnd also If Murphy makes good at
tho prison ho will stay on tho Job.
Tho question of tho election doesn't
enter Into this matter at all, and tho
writer happens to know whereof he
It Is nmuslng to hear tho governor
accused of playing politics at every
turn In thu road, when as a matter
of fact anyone who knows tho gov
ernor at all knows ho Is the most
Impolitic gentleman who ever sat
In tho executive chair. He causes
somo of his henchmen to fairly
writhe on occasions by blurting out
Just what he thinks nnd Just what
he feels at whutever place or tlmo It
happens to como out.
Tho -governor hns n peculiar way
of tolling unpleasant truths very
frequently that hurts mid ho hewn
to thu lino, letting the chips fall
where they may, a durn situ morn
than tho Portland Journal. As far
ns politics Is concerned, that Is prob
ably the best kind of politics to piny
In n stnto llko Oregon, but it is not
What Is generally known ns playing
politics. The governor hns hurled
somu harsh remarks nt various or
ganizations and people at divers and
sundry times In a manner which has
made his advisers wlnco, and no
doubt hu has antagonized a number
ot peoplo by so doing. But ho hns
swatted tho null on thu head quite
often in doing so und n large mini-
bor of thu peoplo have applauded
him for It.
But tho very fact thnt ho ploughs
right ahead and tells those whole
some truths Indicates that ho doesn't
particularly "piny politics" us that
phrase Is genernlly understood In Its
most frequently ucceptcd usage.
For Instance, ho hasn't been pluy
ing tho kind of politics which has
caused Walt Pierce to plaster on
street car signs the alleged fact that
ho got his last kernol of grain lu
for thu benefit of thu soldiers beforo
ho started his campaign.
I'Jerco Out Marly.
Anyone who has been watching
Plorce maneuvers knows that such
an ussortlon Is pure camouflage be
causo ho has boon campaigning to
heat tho band ovor slnco thu boo
first buzzed in his noggin that ho
wished to bo governor.
Also ho doesn't play tho kind ot
politics that Walt Pierce played when
ho repudiated tho Non-1'artlsun
league at Sclo. Whon Walt thought
tho Non-Purtlsan louguo wus (going
to cut tho same kind of a swath lu
Oregon that it cut in tho Dukotus
ho wus for it stronger than tho
kalsor is for hell. But when ho
found out that tho .Non-Partisan
Joaguo leadors wero being arrested
on charges ot violating tho nsplon
ago act and a few other unpatrlotio
stunts ho thought hotter ot It and
repudiated It in his Sclo speech,
Tho Non-Pnrtlsnn league was not
quite no popular as Walt thought It
was going to be nnd ho cut It cold.
Perhaps those stunts nto not play
ing politics, but to n man up a treo
they seam to carry that sort ot a
And Wait is going to piny thu
game strong. Hu Is going to talk
war nnd patriotism until his red
face turns blue nnd ho Is going to
hit tho ball nt evory chanco hu gets.
In thu monntlmu thu wily Demo
crats who aro seconding his mo
tions will talk soft and low to their
neighbors thnt the governor Is play
ing politics and thu only way to havo
thu statu cnpltol pure und unsullied
will hu by putting the redoubtable
Walt In tho big cushioned chair in
tho executive offices.
Tho Republicans mustn't forgot
that thoy have n fight on their hands
nt thu coming ulectlon, because the
Democrats nnd n lot of disgruntled
Republicans aro going to do all they
can to put It over.
To hu honest nnd candid about It,
there Is no question hut what thu
governor has made somu mistakes
on thu Job. Thorn nlso Is no ques
tion hut what Walt Pierce would
make inlstnkes, and from watching
his career In thu sennto and thu
general tenor nf his political affilia
tions there seems to be every reason
to believe thnt Walt would mako one
long continued series ot thorn from
thu tlmo hu was Inaugurated up to
tho tlmo of his recall.
But thu peoplu know this: that
despltu a fuw mistakes of the head,
rather than of the heart, the present
governor was on tho Job when con
gress declared that tho United States
of America was nt war against thu
Gorman Imperial government; thnt
ho wns on tho Job when Oregon was
called upon to do her duty In thnt
war against thu German Imperial
government, and that thero has been
no stago of tho game slnco that time
when ho hasn't shown 100 per cent.
patriotism nnd loyalty to his govern-
CUmMI aittrrlUIn ehr. on rent tr
wunl t-r Imu. Minimum chars. It rvnta.
All rlftulnnl xlrtrtUIn trUtly cuh In ad-anr.
FOR HALE- 100 acres, with wnter
right, near lleiid, nt sacrifice; SO
Improved, part rendy for nlfnlfn.
Address owner, 0 I). Rogers, Port,
land Hotel, Portland. 34-33
FOR HALE Furniture of thu Thrm
Hlsturs Hotel, und building for
rent. 3-33
FOR HALE 40 ncres, partly Im
proved, Inquire Edmund Boxers.
Tumalo, Ore., Box fi. 1333-G
FOR HALE Potatoes, a llttlo Irs
than market price. Edmund
Honors, Box G, Tumalo, Ore.
FOR HALE Finest corner lot In
Park addition, lot 10, block 10.
Make mo an offer. Address Elmer
V. Hteavous, Pomona, Cal., guiiurnl
delivery. 22-33-4p
FOR HALE 101C Ford car In ex
cellent condition. For particular
inquire c. w. Allen, Hlsturs, Ore.
FOR HALE Two bucks. Full blood
ed. Fat and In good shapo. To
hu seen at placu, 10 miles front
Mllllcan. II. E. Moore. 41-32-34
FOR HALE 2 fresh milch cows with
calves. Mrs. II. A. Johnson, throo
miles southwest of Tumalo.
FOR SALE Olio tnuin, weight 1300
lbs., 4 years old; ten head conrstt
wool owes, nil young. Reeves
WIIIcoxhii, Redmond, Ore.
FOR HALE 10 acres near Hand. 27
neres water right In crop, 10 aorss
liny; with or without stock. In
quire Bulletin. 01-28tfa
FOR HALE HoUteln hull calf; dam.
mado ir.,000 lbs. milk, r,70 lbs.
fat nt four years. P. C. Burt.
Bend, Oro. rl-2fitfo
FOR HALE About 30 head of cattle,
mostly young stuff. Hoo or wrlto
P. II. Johnson, .Mllllcan, Ore,
FOR HALE 14 head of cattle and
one work toam. H. A. Gosnoy,
Union barber shop, Phono 2171.
mont, to his stnto and to thu 2fi,000
odd true-blooded American Orogon-
Inns who ure participating In tho
great conflict of decency against un
righteousness, Tho peoplo of Oro
gon aro familiar with nil nf theso
facts nnd Walt Plurco will havo
nothing but u campaign of promises
to wage against a campaign of ac
complishments. That Is whero Walt Is goln to
fall down nnd unquestionably ho a In
going to fall down so hard It will
Tho governor has u 1000 por conU
butting nverago us a who)o-hearod
American citizen nt a tlmo whon
American citizenship means much lu
tho high places of 'tho land, und It
Is n goodly horltugo which ho Is
passing on to his children, and by
vlrtuu of his offlco Is pausing It on
to tho people of tho statu ovor wliloh
ho sits as chief executive.
Tho Portland Journal may accuse
him of; playing politics; Wait Plorce
may pussyfoot from tho sagebrush of
Eastern Oregon to tho shores of tho
Pacific, nnd a fow disgruntled birds
may shout tholr denunciations from
thu housotops, but tho .great rank
nnd fllo of tho voters of tho stnto
hnvo roachod tho conclusion that
Governor Withycombo its squarely on
tint Job as an 18-carat 'patriot.
Upparontly It will bo u campaign
of) poison against patriotism and bn
alii fronts so far patriotism Ib tvIii-
WANTED Experienced girl to ns
slst with housework. Tel. Red
Id. Mrs, Muuiihulmor. :il-33tfo
WANTED- Ranch on shares, close to
Bund. Must bo somo nlfnlfn,
Y V., Bulletin. , 8-33
WANTED A team of mares, about
I B00 lbs. each, for cash. Addross
Plercy & Hons, Tumalo, Oro.
WANTED Fresh Hhorthoru milch
cows. B. L. Tono, Hlstors, Oregon.
TAKEN UP Stray hbrso, dark Irotf
gray, aooui inreo yours old,
brnnclpd J. P, on right shoulder,
weight 1000 lbs. Oliver Thor
bjoriison, on Allen ranch.
The Itlvor Torrnoo
Addition Iiuh been
turned over to mo ns
Hales AkoiiI. This
Addition In tho most
beautiful residence
property In tho city.
All poymtfih on faimti anj
Juluit fonliailt to to maj
Ihnuih mv tifie; Lttiilf
tlonji Uktn an poynunl,
J. A. EASTES, Aijerit.
ftillnur Tfiias, Componv
I ''',