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rAGK 9
Central Oregon
MILMCAN. Oct. 11. Tho Shaver
well drlllng outnt is busy drilling at
tho Edmonds plnco.
Mrs. J J. Holland called at tho
R. n. Koller ranch Friday.
Wm. A. Itahn called at tho C. H.
araffenbongcr and P. Tauschor
homos Saturday.
Tho Leo Keller family and Mrs.
F. Tauschor wero callora at tho It. 11.
Keller homo Sunday.
R. It. Kollor was a week-end vis
itor at his homo.
J. J. Holland was an over-Sunday
guest at his homo.
Mr. Shaver will take Wm. A. Rahn
nnd J. J. Holland to Bend today. Mr.
Rahn will niako final proof on his
homestead and J. J. Holland will bo
ono of his witnesses. Mr. Ornffcn
bergor expects to bo at Dend also as
Mr. Rahn's other witness.
P. B. Johnson was a business
callor at Bond this weok.
Mrs. Leo Kellor and son Harold
wero at Bend the past weok.
Mr. Guorney was a business visitor
nt Bend Thursday.
Mrs. J. J. Holland called at tho
Rahn and Loo homes Monday.
T. E. Going has tho J. R. Beotsno
place rented and Is going to have
Bomo fall seeding dono.
Mrs. Holland spent Thursday
afternoon with Mrs. R. R. Keller.
Tho .Hollands called at tho Schafter
place Sunday.
F. Tauschor called at tho L. B.
Koller homo Sunday.
Roy Cook Is now employed at
Antono Ahlstrom was In Bend on
business Monday.
Air. and Mrs. C. M. Redflold and
children and W. E. Van Allen of De
schutes called at tho Anderson homo
Monday evening.
O. E. Andorson made a business
trln tn TTedmond Monday.
Rasmus Poterson and Hans Mlk
kelsen wero Bend visitors Friday.
Mrs. O. E. Anderson, Mrs. W. H.
Gray nnd Henry Johnson left by
auto for Medford, Ore.. Monday
morning to vlst Mr. and Mrs. X. W.
Gray, who formerly lived In this
neighborhood. Thoy returned Satur
day afternoon accompanied by N. V .
Gray, who will spend a short tlmo
hero looking after some business.
Thoso attending tho Bradley sale
nt Redmond Saturday from this
neighborhood were: J. A. Chase,
Androw Nelson, Rasmus Peterson,
O. E. Anderson, Anton Ahlstrom, F.
B. Boughman and J. W. Peterson.
Mrs. Carrlo Johnson of Bend spent
a few days visiting her sister, Mrs.
J. W. Peterson.
Gust Nelson and Fred Scaling of
Bond wore down a short time Satur-
Hans Mlkkolson was In Redmond
on business Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Anderson at
tended the movies in Bend Sunday
evening. . ,
L. M. Fosa of tho First National
bank of Bend was calling in this
neighborhood Sundny.
Fred Seeling of Bend spent Sun
day In this neighborhood.
Miss Joyce Wood is attending high
school In Bond.
and Mrs. Horaco Brookings have re
ceived word that their son J'aui was
promoted to corporal.
Mr. Thompson brought his thresh
ing outfit down and threshed rye for
Mr. Schreder. From here ho wont
to Buck Creek to thresh for several
ranchers thero.
Laurel, tho 12-year-old son of Mr.
nnd Mrs. Chas. James, was run over
by a grain truck near Moody, Ore.,
and is in a critical condition.
Little Neddlo 8tauffer, who has
been n the hospital at Portland for
tho past five weeks, returned to his
home Saturday.
Mrs. V. P. Wray carao out from
Bend Sunday and was the guest of
Mrs. Bert Moeks. She returned to
Bend Monday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hash moved to their
homestead near Glass buttes Tues
day. Mrs. Gus McLouth of Stauffor
niado some purchases at Brookings'
store last Tuesday.
Air. and Mrs. Eades and children
of Cutlow valley passed through hero
'Tuesday on their way to Madras,
whero they expect to mako their
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Donlvan of
Ttnntnmln lako were guests at
Ttrnnklncs' Wednesday night.
Mrs. Bert Alecks and daughter
WJla, Mrs. V. P. Wray, Ned and Ted
Stauffer visited tho Rolyat school
Monday. .... .,
Mr. Kerko and family moved to
Bend, whero tner cnuaren win ih
tend Bchool.
w nm.kinefl returned from Torre
bonno Saturday to round up his stock
and will spon move tnem io mu
C. J. Stauffor was a passenger on
the mall atago today.
Who la Pioroy & Bona, Tumalo?
SISTERS. Oct. 1-1, Alton Har
rington and Henry Cllutt stayed up
tho longest In tho regular spoiling
contest Friday ovonlng, Dorothy
Taylor stayed up tho longest In tho
railroad spelling nnd In tho geog
raphy contest, nnd Goorgo Davis
stayed up tho longest In tho arith
metic match. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. E.
Graham, Mr. and Mrs. Porry South,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Stldham, Georgo
Messer, Mrs. Scaberry, Miss Allco
Kapphahn nnd Miss Anna Nootnnglo
wero present nt tho spelling contest.
Tho following songs wore sung:
"America." "Columbln. tho Oom of
the Ocean" nnd "Keep tho Homo
Fires Burning." Mrs. H. K. Allen
nnd Mrs. W. T. E. Wilson visited
tho school Wednesday. Mr. and
Mrs. Hnrtwoll called nt tho school
hoU80 Friday. Tho program which
Is to bo rendered Friday evening, Oc
tobor 25, will also contain thrco good
pantomlmo plays. Dorothy Taylor
enrolled in tho sixth grado at school
Thursday, which makes tho total
enrollment 38.
Assistant Forest Supervisor H. E.
Vincent and Forester John Horton
of Bend wero at Sisters several days
during tho past weok checking up
work relating to tho forest service.
Tho following wero registered nt
tho Sisters hotel during tho past
week: John Marsh of Tumalo. Fern
Bock of Condon, Mrs. J. M. Murphy
of Nome, Alaska; Mrs. Bced Frleblo
of Chicago, Mrs. John Cyrus nnd son
nnd Esther Morgan of Prlnovlllo, and
Mrs. Dan Anglnnd of Now York City.
W. H. Pelkcr and son of Salom
passed through Sisters Sundny on
their way to Bend to visit with Ar
thur Schilling of tho Bend Hardwaro
J. H. Wilson nnd B. W. Wilson of
tho Wlllnmetto valley wero at Slstors
Monday and returned Tuesday to
Eugene, whero they are working for
tho Booth-Kolloy Lumber Co. rank
ing neroplancs.
John Meyer, who has spent sovcral
weeks at tho Allendale resort on tho
Mctollus, returned to his homo In
Philadelphia Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ersklno Wood of
Portland aro spending a few days at
tho Allendalo resort fishing.
Max Wurzweller was In town
Friday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor and
daughters Ada and Dorothy of Bend
wero at Sisters Wednesday and
Thursday visiting with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Allen went to
Bend Frldny and returned Sunday.
Mr. Allen has tho mlsfortuno of hav
ing his foot crushed.
Mrs; N. M. McKinnoy and daughter
Inez, Mrs. Fred McKinnoy and chil
dren, Margaret Qulbdrg and F. W.
Wober wero nt Bend Saturday. Mar
garet Quiberg was examined by Dr.
Hendcrshott, tho county physician,
and advised to go to Portland nnd
hnvo her nose treated by a specialist.
Mlko KIct and son Milton wero at
Bend Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor and
daughter Ada and Mrs. Jack Stldham
woro fishing at Blue lako Thursday.
Flro Warden J. D. Bowman and
family wero at Sisters Sunday visit
ing with Mr. and Mrs. William Berry.
Tho Beard & Scott threshing ma
chine is threshing at Cloverdalo and
will soon bo In tho vicinity of Slstors.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Gist of Bend
wero at Slstors Sunday calling on
relatives and old acquaintances.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter Helnrichs of
Grandvlew wero in town Sunday.
Clarenco iMonlcklo and party of
Bond wero at Sisters Sunday.
Van Wilson wont to Grass Valley,
Sherman county, Monday to work for
Tom Frazlor.
E. M. Harrington nnd Ellis Edg
Ington woro at Bend Monday on
Indigestion, biliousness, bad
breath, gas, constipation or any con
dition arising from a mass of un
digested food in the stomach needs
lmmediato attention. Foley Cathar
tic Tablets aro mild and gentlo, but
sure in action. Cause no griping,
pain or nausea. Cleanse bowels,
sweeten stomach, and tone up liver.
Sold ovorywhere. Adv.
CLOVERDALE, Oct. 14. Tho
Beard-Scott threshing machine is
working n Ciovordale this weok, hav
ing arrived hero from tho Lower
Bridge country last Wednesday.
Thero will bo ahout one or two
weeks' work in Cloverdalo, after
which they will go to Slaters.
Mr and Mrs. J. B. llodson and Mr.
and Mra. Harold Kline attended tho
fair at Prlnovlllo on Thursday.
A. E, Peterson lost a valuablo
milch cow last week of bloat.
Mr. and Irvln Parberry spent last
Sunday ovening at tho Harold Kllno
D. H. Long last a belter calf laat
week from clover bloat.
Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Parberry and
Mrs. Robt. Burling wero Bend shop
pers on Wednesday.
Mrs. Frank Burling waa tho hos
tess at a delightful luncheon at tho
Burling home in Cloverdalo on Tues
day. Tho luncheon was in honor of
tho birthday of Mrs. Robt. Burling,
who Is making her homo here. Tho
guesta wero: Mra. Cora Cutler, Mrs.
A. J. Weston, Mlsa Gladys Parberry
and Mrs. Irvln Pnrborry.
lllnck Bros, ft Henderson, who ro-
contly purchased tho Van Matro
place, took possession of tho much
on Frldny.
Mary Fryroar, who has boon stay
ing for somu tlmo nt lloppnor, nr
rlvod homo Inst wuok.
Mrs. A. J. Weston and Mra. Corn
Cutler spent Friday at tho F. J.
Hurling homo.
La Vorno Skoltnn, who hns been
working In Slstors nt tho mill, re
turned homo Wednesday evening.
Sundny school nnd church Horvleos
woro hold at tho school houso Sun
day afternoon. Rev. K. McVIcker
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Pnrborry and
Mr. and Mrs. I. K. Pnrborry spout
Sundny nftornoon at thu W. H. Abbey
Mr. nnd Mrs, J. 11. llodson and Mr
nnd Mrs. Harold Kllno woro Bond
shoppers on Monday.
Mrs. W. It. A'bboy and Mrs. Geo.
Bumsldo nnd dnughtor woro shop
ping In Redmond on Friday.
Elvln Van Matro, who loft for
Camp Lewis with tho July 22 draft
call, has arrived safoly In Franco.
Ho Is In tho Ambulance corps.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J, L. Pnrborry mado
n business trip (o Redmond on Fri
day. Mrs. W. R. Abboy nnd Gladys Par
borry woro Redmond shoppora on
For farm land loona boo J. Ryan
& Co. Adv.
No remedy is bottor known than
Foloy'a Honey nnd Tar for giving
Quick roller from coughs, coma anu
croup. Mrs. W. M. Slovens, Vivian,
W. Va writes: "My baby had a
torrlblo cough, and nothing did him
any good. I road about Foloy'a
Honoy and Tar, tho first doso holpod
him and In two days tho cough
stopped." Sold everywhere. Adv,
tng to tho fact that mora than two
thirds of tho usual Red Cross work
ers aro In tho flolds at present help
ing to save tho crops and gnrdons,
tho Powell Butto branch of tho Red
Cross has not tnken up work yet
this fall.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Agco carao
over from their Ochoco homo to dig
their potatoes on tbolr Powell Butto
Geo. Truesdalo haa a flno crop of
alfalfa as third cutting on his ranch
John Brown and C. M. Charlton
also have third crops of alfalfa.
Geo. Brazeo attended tho fair In
Mrs. Mary V. Charlton wont to
Mndras last week, where aho ad
dressed a convention on "Called to
Sorvlco." Sho returned on Sundny
night's train.
Ed Barnnrd will soon go to Prlno
vlllo, wtforo ho will commonco build
ing a flno now modern houso on his
Ochoco proporty. Wo nro sorry to
loso tho Barnnrds. Thoy aro good
neighbors In any community.
Mrs. Arthur iMilncr camo In last
week from San Francisco for a
weok's visit with her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. A. W. Bayno. Mrs. Mllnor'a
huaband ia In Franco, and sho Is em
ployed In tho Red Cross headquarters
in San Francisco while ho Is serving
lils country.
Mr. and Mra. Pormn Marker and
Mr. and Mrs. Jesso Shnbort and Earl
Tweet attended tho show In Prlno
vlllo Saturday.
C. M. Charlton nnd son Charles,
Jr., went to Prlnovlllo Saturday.
Whllo thero they attended "Over tho
Otto Pauls Is tho now superintend
ent of tho Sunday school at Com
munity hall. Helen Snyder Is secre
tary. A threshing machlno belonging to
Messrs. Forrest of O'Nol! camo in
Saturday to Frank McCnffroy'H.
Geo. Shobort la threshing for Ed
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bussott woro
Redmond vlsltora Sundny. Thoy
accompanied Mrs Arthur Mllnor to
tho train, as alio started on her re
turn to San Francisco.
John 8ombs, Independent candl
dato for sheriff, was shaking hands
with Powell Butto pcoplo Saturday.
Many peoplo from horo attonded
tho salo near Redmond Saturday.
Among theao wero E. L. Ivorson and
wlfo, Mr. and Mra. E. H. Stowart and
John Drlscoll, Roy Roborts nnd wlfo,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Truesdalo, Frank
Rico and wifo and Mr. and Mrs. 8.
D. Mustard.
Mrs. John Drlscoll has gono to
Portland for an extended visit.
Allen Wlllcoxcn returned from a
business trip to Portland Monday
Lloyd Bussott Is qulto 111 at Ben
son Polytechnic with Spanish in
fluenza. Harold Charlton, who ia at Ft.
Stovons, haa boon appolntod sergeant
Alvin Rlggs' header crow took a
lay-off Saturday aftornoon nnd at
tended "Over tho Top" at Prlnovlllo.
colvlng congratulations on tho birth
Mr. and Mra. J. E. Warner aro re
ceiving congratulations on tho birth
of their second child, a dnughtor,
born October 8 at their homo at
Powoll Butto. Sho haa been named
Joslo Lucille.
Wurzweller and aona brought 200
head of flno stock cattlo to tho
And Investigate oar prices
before baying your groceries.
We cab eavo you money.
MJUlcMs. Ore. Teleeboae
Si -iffi
Frosty Mornings, Arent They?
Powoll Butto ranch Snturdny. Thoy
will bo kept horo this winter.
Wnllnco Smith lost n flno holfor
from bloat last wook. Sho hnd
ranged In tho public ronda and broke
Into an alfalfa field.
Boo J. Ryan ft Co., for farm land
loana. Adv.
A Mnn'a Cheerful Uwommrwlntlnn.
W. II. Frenr, C3 Myrtlo Avo., Al
bany, N. Y writes: "I thought kid
noy trouble might bo tho cnuso of
my rundown condition and weakness,
no I took Foloy Kldnoy Pills, nnd
thoy did tho work. I cheerfully rec
ommend thorn." Thoy rollovo lamo
back, rhoumatlc pains, stiff Joints,
soro muscles. Sold ovorywhoro.
TERREBONNE. Oct. 14. A mnd
dog was reported to havo boon soon
in Garden vnlloy sovcral days ago.
After running Into sovornl yards, tho
dog loft tho country. It hns not boon
seen slnco, but tho Inhabitants aro
on tholr gunrd.
Friday ovonlng tho pupils of tho
Torrobonno high school nnd tholr
tonchor, Mrs. Whltuls, wont to Red
mond to attend tho Literary socloty.
which waa orgnnlzed by tho Hedmond
union high school.
J. M. Garrison, proprietor of tho
Forest Grovo poultry yards of Salom,
visited tho Torrobonno school Friday
to organize n poultry club for tho
benefit of somo of tho pupils. Mr
Garrison waa ono of tho Judges of
tho poultry at tho Prlnovlllo fnlr.
Thlrty-aoven hundred bend of
sheep, belonging to Hlnkoly club of
Shanlko, wero brought to tho stock
yards Friday to bo shipped, but as
tho cars wero not horo word was ro
colved to trail thorn. Thoy loft Sun
day afternoon.
A danco waa hold Friday, October
11, nt tho Fnrmor'a union hall, Torro
bonno. Tho musicians woro Fred
Lucaa nnd Spoc Young of Bond. A
Inrgo crowd waa present nnd it
proved to bo a vory onjoyablo affair.
Tho Torrobonno Union Sunday
school gave, as a rownrd for thoso
who had not missed a Sunday In tho
last quartor, an auto rldo. Two car
loads started but returned because
of car troubles.
Threshing has boon In progress
for two weoks.
Claud McCauloy haa sold hln fnrm
hero. Tho now ownor expocta to
movo In tho first of November.
An unusually sovoro hull storm
passed noutheast of Torrobonno
about 6 o'clock Sundny, Somo dam-
ago was dono to atnndlng grain.
Cut Thla Out. It In Worth Money.
DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this
allp, encloso with Cc to Foloy & Co.,
2835 Shofflold Avo., Chicago, III.,
writing your namo and nddrcaa
cloarly. You will receive In roturn
n trial packago containing Foloy'a
Honoy and Tar Compound, for
coughs, coldB and croup, Foloy Kld
noy Pills and Foloy Cathartic Tab
lota. Sold ovorywhoro. Adv.
PINBHUR8T, Oct. 12. Mr. Rood
of Illinois la apondlng tho wook horo
visiting nt tho homo of hla mother,
Mra. A. H. need.
Miss Ethol Snydor spent Friday
night in Tumnlo, tho guest ofj Mlaa
Ruby Marlon.
(Mr. and Mra. Voght woro ovor
from Plalnvlow Thuraday and apont
tho nftornoon nt tho F. V. 8wIahor
Mra. Nolta McGuIro motored to
Bond Thursday.
Mra. A. J. Hartor of Tumalo Bpont
Tuesday afternoon at tho homo of her
mother, Mra. G. M. Couch.
Mr. and Mra. Frank Swlahor and
family woro tho guoata of Mra. Rob
ert Smith of Tumalo Sunday.
C. F. Montgomery Hpont tho wook
In Bond in nttondanco at court. Ho
waa ono of tho Jurora.
Mra. Howard Hartley of Plalnvlow
apont tho aftornoon Monday as tho
guoat of Mra. Harry McGuIro.
Ruth Bayloy, 'Myrtlo Spaugh and
Vlolot Spaugh woro callora at I. E.
WImor'a Sunday aftornoon,
Sovornl of tho farmers of this
neighborhood coramonced digging
potatoes this wook. Tho potato crop
eeoms to bo exceptionally good this
to acid cheer to the home
They arc h heuutiful little stove with h mien front, Kivinij
the elleet of u lirepluee. Nicely niekled, with it polished
steel hotly ami east lining, inakinir. one of our most popular
You should order one anil enjoy the wintry months
with a wood saver, instead of a wood thief. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Johnson woro
In Tumalo on business Tuesday.
H. S. Simpson returned homo
Tuesday, having brought tho 'Marsh,
Park and Ileokor bnud of ahoop out
of thu mountains for tho winter.
Mr. and Mrs. C. It. Spaugh and
Wm. Oaskll woro callora at A. J
Hurler's Sunday nftornoon,
Mr. Osmnr nnd wlfo moved (o tho
brtckynrd this wook, whom Mr
Osmnr haa employment for tho win
tor. Mra, O. W. Hnydor and daughter
Ethel. Mrs. Phil Smith and Mrs. C.
II. Spnugh attended tho Red Cross
In Tumalo Wednesday. Th day
waa spent In sowing for tho Holglann.
Sam Reed wua hauling liny to tho
Plnu Troo mill several duya this
Mr. Grutinm haa been quite III
sovornl days tho punt wook, but at
tho present writing la much Im
proved. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Nichols and fam
ily of Ashwood and Mrs, (J. E.
Nichols of Tumalo woro callora at
tho G. M. Couch homu Friday.
Mr. and Mra. W. K. Searcy. C II.
Spuugh und.Wm, Oaskll attended tho
The realities of war have
never been portrayed bo
graphically and vividly as
in the gripping narrative,
Gunner Depew
Qreek Rellaloui Buildings Construct
ed In tho Fourteenth Century, Aro
Difficult of Aceets.
Perched lightly on tho dizzy sum
tnlta of tho cllffa of Meteorn aro tho
monasteries of tho ulr. They nro aim
plo buildings, theao old Oreek monas
teries, nuatero nnd unadorned, and
If they are not literally renting on air
certainly thoy nro ns far us la prac
ticable from tho earth and Its Influ
ences. To roach tho monnstorloa It accma
oa If nn nlrptano would bo needed, for
thoy nro built cuch on a sepuruto rock
several hundred feet high. Thn cliff
aides rlso In perpendicular Btccpncsa,
which would bnfllo tho moat daring of
mountain cllmbcra. Only when tho
cllffa aro nearly approached ran tho
tiny Inddcra nnd ropes which bind tho
peaks to tho valley bo seen. Tho old
monnstorlCH wero built, they tell ua, In
tho fourteenth century, yet no aubatl
tuto for tho medloval method of
ascent hns ever been made. Conveni
ence and comfort nro not sought by
tho monks, and tourists llko thu nov
elty of climbing tho frail swinging
ladder or of being hauled up In a Jolt
ing cage propelled by a rope.
Somo of tho soven monasteries mny
not bo visited by tho public; tho holla
and altars of tho others aro open to
tho Inspection of thoso who will risk
their necks for tho prlvllego of the
sight. Onco, tho monks say, thero
woro over twenty of theao monnstorlea
among tho clouds, but tho fnto of all
but tho aovon la hidden In mystery
and their very existence la doubtful.
Chicago Dally News.
auto nt tho llrudloy fnrm, tieur Hud-
moiid, Huturdny.
Mlsa Hitler Mas n caller nt thu
(I nihil m homo Huturdny aftornoon.
Hum Hoed left Friday evening for
IiIn homo In Illinois, after upending
tho laat your hero nt tho homo of
Ida grandmother. Ills father ac
companied him.
Mra. (.', ,M. Pholpa and dnughtor
and Mrs. A. II, Iteed spent tho aftor
noon shopping In Bond Huturdny.
Mr nnd Mra. Elder of Bond wont
culling on tho fnrmor'a sister, Mlna
Elder, Weduosdny evening.
(From Friday's Dally.)
One of tho moMl disappointed men
In Bund at tho ordor fur tho post
ponement of tho Htnto Federation
convention la (). P. HofT, atuto Inbor
commissioner, who hns been In thu
city slnco yesterday morning, Mr.
Iloff camo to Bend for tho purposo
of attending tho grand conclave of
the Knlghla Tomplur yeaterduy, and
oxpected (o remain over until Mon
duy and attend thu lubor convention.
When tho nuwa of tho postponement
arrived thla afternoon ho inudo prep
arations fur hla depnrturn tomorrow
morning, or in thu uvuiilng at tho
(From Friday's Dolly.)
Hotels In tho city hnvo been filled
during thu preaont weok. Every
available room hns been brought
Into uso for thu accommodation of
thoMo attending tho Knight" Tem
plar conclave and thn session of tho
district court. With thu atato feder
ation convention but threo dnya
ahead, tho ninnagora aoo llttln relief
In sight until tho middle of next
Ono com a word li all a llttlo Want
Ad will cost you.
Brand Directory
Mllllcttii, Oregon.
Right aldo; right oar crop
pod; wattlo right hind log.
II. L. TONE, HUtrrM, Oro.
MUllcnn, Oregon.
The New
Suction Feed
. &CO.
ini nli
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