The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 03, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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1AGM 4
room bulletin. nKNi orkooni Thursday, wrronroit a, ii18
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.am'j-t - --w '
Be sure to mak if a poi'if to be on hand when the great
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The Bend Bulletin
Established 1002.
An Independent newspaper stand
ing (or the square deal, clean busi
ness, clean politics and the best In
terests ot Bend and Central Oregon.
Ono Year .'. 2.00
Six Months ....................... 1.00
,Threo Months BO
Serious charges are made by the
Labor Bender, the official organ of
ho Central Trades, Labor and Farm
ers' council of Bend, In Its latest Is
rue. It Is unfortunate that they are
not more specific. Reference to "the
graft system In public offices," the
allegation that "Shevlin-Hlxon" and
"Brooks-Scanlon" are stooping "to
such graft" and the suggestion that
someone Is guilty of dishonesty all
theso are rather grave matters, and
the Individuals concerned, as well as
the public, aro entitled, to know more
specifically what they are charged
If It Is meant that there aro graft
ers in public office In Deschutes
county let's have the facts. One of
the reasons for our advocacy of the
creation of Deschutes county was a
belief that In a smaller county the
people would bo In closer touch with
their officials. If graft has sprung
up here, let's know about It.
It the reference Is wholly tho
matter of property valuations now
under discussion, we think tho lan
guage somewhat stronger than the
conditions warrant. We have long
felt that valuations in Crook, and
later, Deschutes, county were low.
That is agreed by every man who
lias any knowledge of the facts. If
they aro unequal they should be
equalized. Wo believe that all want
to pay their Just share of the taxes,
and with valuations equalized they
will so pay.
Until man changes his nature, or
knows that his nioghbor is assessed
evenly with him, he Is going to make
bis tax return Just as low as bis
conscience will permit. Wo do not
iseek to Justify the practice but
simply fo stato the fact recognized
by all. In this county, where valua
tions aro agreed to bo low, no one Is
going to Impose a penalty on him
self by giving, In a 100 per cent,
valuation to tho assessor. Each -will
try to keep even with bla neighbor
in having a low assessment.
If tho time has come when tho
valuations are to bo raised, and, it
discrepancies exist, equalized, well
and good. Wfliaro sure overy good
citizen wjU be glad to seo tho work
d'oqe. Tho only thing that has held
any class of property owner back in
thfc past Jhas been the fear that all
-clas'sea would nof join In the change.
If conditions have now arisen under
which the farmer Is (getting the short
end and he therefore Is ready to
kick out for an equalization, ho
ought to get what he Is after. And
wo believe he will. We believe that
all classes ot property owners can'
get together and work out an adjust
ment that will bo mutually fair. They
can ask nothing more.
But to charge graft In public of
flco and dishonesty in private busi
ness In. connection with tho matter
is putting it pretty strong. If wo
aro all slncero in this tax business
wo can get our results without
quarelllng and without calling each
other names.
New Relationship Rctuecn Employer
and Kmplojo Ih Lauded
Flro QuCNtlon Up.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
A talk by Lieutenant William
Cutis on 'the new relationship be
tween employers and employes,
brought nbout by the war, featured
the noonday luncheon of the Bend
Commercial club today. Lloutenant
George P. Syphers also spoke, saying
how favorably Impressed he was by
the town. For tho fire commltteo it
was reported that the bond money
was ready for tho purchase of equip
ment. Carl A. Johnson announced
that on Friday evening there would
be an exhibition of French war post
ers at the athletic club, and II. C.
Ellis called attention to the fact that
Hershel Rongy, formerly ot Bend,
had been killed In action In France.
C. S. Hudson reported that tho
county had met its Liberty loan
quota and'thanked all those who had
worked In tho drive.
Indigestion, biliousness, bad
breath, gas, constipation or any con
dition arising from a mass of un
digested food In the stomach needs
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sweeten stomach, and tono up liver.
Sold everywhere. Adv.
(From Monday's Dally.)
The Uuron Timber company ot
Saginaw, Michigan, with largo hold
ings in this county, has taken $2000
In bonds of the fourth Liberty loan
in this county. Notification of tho
purchase was made to the county
chairman Saturday afternoon.
When tho kidneys are weakened
and tall to throw impurities out of
tho -blood, tho poison remains In tho
system and backache, soreness and
rheumatic pains dovelop. Mrs. David
Henry, 05 S. Lincoln Ave., Washing
ton, N. J writes: "Foley Kid
ney Pills took tho dreadful soreness
ant pi, my limbs and I walk good."
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(From Tuesday's Dally.)
No appcaranco being mado by tho
petitioners, the hearing before- thr
board of equalization yesterday after
noon In respect to tho tax assessment
ot a number of Bond and Redmond
firms resolved Itself Into a discussion
of county valuations. Assossor Mul
larky detailed tho manner In which
the assessments were made and u;
sertcd that they were as equal
throughout tho county ns ho and hi
deputies could mako them. AH th
firms represented Indicated their
willingness to open their books to
tho board for verification ot their
Tho sittings ot the board for
equalization purposes aro not over
until October 9, and tho 'matter will
bo held open until that time to give
tho petitioners opportunity to bb
heard further It they doslro It.
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A cordial Invitation Ih extended to
tho people of Bend and vicinity to
visit our photograph studio In tho
O'Kano Bldg. Opened Saturday,
Soptember 28th. Wo aro equipped
to mako sittings day or night. Ajjv
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(Continued from Pago Ono.)
ho had come In ho would havo mot
certain defeat and tho derision of
his former party mates. As It Is,
thero may bo a prlzo shining on a
golden shelf uomowhero for tho
Chapman Against J loft.
C. O. Chapman, editor of the Ore
gon Voter, has various different
kinds ot fits overy tlmo tho namo
of O. P. Hoff. Republican nomlneo
for treasurer, is mentioned. C. C. C.
(suspiciously familiar Initials on
billboards and thlngB) has bqon
working whllo others slept dovlslng
ways and means for cuBsIng O. P,
Hoff as a dangerous brand of an-
Something to soilT Advertise in
Tho oallstln'e classified column.
nrchlst, Bolshovlkl or some similar
i typo of an nnlmal.
I Tho Impression had sort of gained
ground that Chapman wished to bo
linked up us a Republican, but his
, onslaughts on Hon mako this rather
I doubtful. Chapman's attitude on a
I number of public questions has not
I met with altogether tho bust of favor
, from tho grcot mass of pooplo who
joro trying to pay houso runt nnd
grocery bills by thu toll of their
hands. His llttto magazine has more
thnn once been accused of having a
kindly leaning townrd the larger In
terests. Holt Is a sort or n plain
plug, for tho common peoplo, and ho
hasn't scorned to core much whether
thoy wore overalls or silk whlto
panties. As n result, Chapman shud
ders when ho thinks of tho "horrid
common thing." Ah has been said
bo fore, Hoff will mako a good treas
urer and no revolutionist. Tho state
Is 'going to get 111 in anyway nnd
Chapmark might as woll accept the
Inevitable. It is tho writer's guess
that mighty few flaws will bo left to
pick In his administration when nil
Is said and done, and that If he
wishes it for four years moro ho will
got It.
Somebody asked Hoff whether he
would tlo up with Olcott or Wlthy
combo on tho state board. "I will
tlo up with Hoff," was IiIh nswer,
"If Olcott Is right I'll voto with him.
If Wlthycomba Is right I'll voto with
him. It neither of thorn Is right I'll
voto with Jloff." That's plain
enough. It Is our guess that tho
great mass of tho eloctorato Is look
ing for Just that sort of an adminis
tration ot affairs in tho treasurer's
Tho desort land board has peti
tioned mombers of Oregon's delega
tion In congress to pass a bill giving
another 10 years' extonslon of time
on tho Tumalo project. If this is
granted ample timo will bo glvon to
work out tho details of tho great
centralized project for tho Deschutes
No remedy is bettor known than
Foley's Honey and Tar for giving
quick relief from coughs, colds and
croup. Mrs. W. M. Stovous, Vivian,
W. Va writes: "My baby had a
torrlblo cough, and nothing did him
any good. I read about Foley's
Honey and Tar, tho first doso helped
him and In two days tho cough
stopped." Sold ovorywhoro. Adv.
Notlco is hereby given that tho
City ot Bond has tnkon up tho fol
lowing dcscrlbod live stock, to-wlt:
Ono whlto faced pinto colored horse,
branded M bar over top or M lazy Y
ovor top, loft hip; ono bay mnro
branded 7 far ovor top, right stifle.
Tho cost of redcomlng said live stock
will bo SI. 00 per day In addition to
actual exponso of keeping and cost
of advertising and all other nocossary
expenses. In caso ot falluro to ro-
doom on part of owner, said llvo
stock will bo sold as provided by tho
charter ot tho City of Bond on tlio
12th day of October at 3:00 p. in.
at city pound.
Chief of Police and ox-OfflcIo
Poundmastor. ai-32o
classified advertisements
for hale.
FOR SALE 2 fresh milch cows with
calves. Mrs. II. A. Johnson, three
miles southwest of Tumuto.
1 4-31-rtp
FOR SALE CHEAP Or will trade
for cow, good saddle home, broke
to work, weight 950. Tel. 13F12.
FOB SALE Ono mule, weight 1300
lbs., 4 years old; ton head coarse
wool owes, nil young. Itceves
Wlllcoxeu, Redmond, Ore.
FOB SALE Pigs, n few wenuers.
Phono Rural 112. 39-29tfc
FOB SALE 40 acres near Bond, 27
acres water right In crop, 10 acres
hay; with or without stock. In
qulro Bulletin, 91-28tfc
FOB SALE Holsteln bull calf; dam
made 16,000 lbs. milk, 570 lbs.
fat at four years. P. C. Burt,
Bond, Ore. 61-2ltfa
FOR SALE About 30 head ot cattlo.
mostly young stuff. Huo or write
P. B, Johnson, Mllllcun, Ore.
FOR SALE CHEAP Ono horse. Seo
Chief of Police Nixon. 32-22tfc
FOR SALE H head ot cattlo and
one work team. II. A. Uosnoy,
Union harbor shop. Phono 2171,
For Fall and Winter Wear
for Ladies and Misses.
The Parisian
Pringle Building Cor. Wolland Oregon Stf.
WANTED 2 V4 tons "f looso nlfnlfa
liny. Dnllvur nt 1133 Newport.
Statu price. Phono Red 2 1 CI.
WANTED TO BUY Ten tons of hay,
grutu or alfalfa. Will pay cash.
Statu price. Cnro of Bulletin,
WANTED Fresh Shorthorn uilloli
cows, B, L. Tone, Sisters, Oregon.
Will RENT.
FOR RENT (lood pasture for horse
only. L, C. Young, 6 mile N. K.
ofJlund. 2631o
FOUND Two hats, near Powell
Butte. Cull Sanitary Laundry.
Bond. 28-3 lu
TAKEN UP Stray horso, dark Iron
gray, about throe years old.
branded J. P. on right shoulder.
weight 1000 lbs. Oliver Thor-
bJoriiMon, on Allen ranch.
TAKEN UP- 1 bay mare, branded
101 on right hip nnd II on left
shoulder, (loo. Jones, I2F2.
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