The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 22, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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    VAilK A,
Head of Industrial Club Work In tho
State to Havo Exhibit Miuta Ut
front lltU County for
tJio Stato Fair.
Industrial club work la Doachutci
county has tieon progrcaqlng ovon be
yond tho expectations of those In
chargo of tho work, according to J.
Alton Thompson and A. I. O'Reilly,
who have been out through tho
county for tho past threo daya
checking up on tho work which has
been dono by tho mombora of tho
So successful has been tho work of
tho youngsters that an oxhlblt front
Deschutes county for tho atato fair
nt Salem this fall Is now assured.
White all the branches of tho organi
sation In tho county bavo not yet
been Tlsltod. Mr. O'Reilly, who Is at
tho hoad of tho Industrial club work
for tho Oregon Agricultural college.
has scon sufficient already to war
rant a good display for tho fair. Ho
stated this morning that ho had been
agreeably surprised at the progress
which had been made and tho in
tercst shown by tho children in their
One of tho most Important de
velopments In his tour of Inspection
has been tho dlscorery of a Cotts
wold lamb, rown by ono of tho
members, which has exceptional
merit Whllo both Mr. O'Reilly and
Mr. Thompson refused to disclose tho
name of the grower, Mr. O'Reilly has
made tho statoment that this animal
will measure up to a higher percent
ngo than any sheep In tho college
herd, a wldo declaration consider
ing tho grado of sheep produced by
tho agricultural college.
Tho work of inspection has not
yet been completed, but will cover
several days, tho party leaving
for Terrobonno Monday, and from
there to spend several days in that
section looking over tho work of tho
various clubs.
(Dy UnltH IVnt to 1h Bend Bulletin.)
WASHINGTON, Aug. 21. Tho
'new revenue bill will authorizo a
billion dollar drive on lncomo and
excess profit tax slackers to prevent
future tax dodging. McAdoo has
asked congress for authority to
force every person In tho country to
xnako an Income tax return. Internal
Revenue Collector Roper, in address
ing tho ways and means committee
of tho house, has revealed these two
IU Kind.
"They say that ut marriages In the
future there will be a strictly Ameri
can wedding march."
"I supposo It will bo something on
the order of a two-step."
Squabs What tnado poor Grlggaby
so light headed?
Bqulbbs Well, there ore differences
of opinion, but ho attributes It to heavy
rjl ,
Final Installment of 40 o on
Third Liberty Loan Bonds
Was due August 1 5th. Pay
ment should be made immediately.
The First National Bank
nfli i
jMWBjaL Jf&$90$toiM' 'iSfolSi
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
That tho Bend men who aro at
tending tho officers' training camp at
Eugene aro getting a real touch of
"warTlfo and war training Is tho opin
ion of J. C. Rhodes, who, In com
pany with Mrs. Rhodes and several
other Dcnd people, spent Sunday and
part ot Monday at Eugono watching
tho work of tho boys thoro.
Tho party arrived In Eugono on
Saturday night and spont Sunday
visiting with the boy. Thoro was no
military activity on this day, and
only tho tronches could bo visited.
On Monday morning, howovor, they
had tho opportunity ot soolng tho
men In actual training, part ot which
Included passing through tho gas
chambor. For this part ot tho train
ing a portion ot tho tronches aro sot
oft and Impregnated with chlorlno
gas, used to oxtonslvoly by tho Ger
mans In their offonslvcs. Through
this loaded tronch the men In train
ing aro compelled to pass, with their
gas masks adjusted. Tho real chlor
lno gas, and no BUbstltuto, Is usod,
Mr. Rhodes stating that a man Inhal
ing It wltl llvo only six seconds.
Tho men from Bend havo mado
showing for themselves at this camp.
Roy Anderson has received an ap
pointment to tho field artillery train
ing camp at Camp Zachary Taylor,
and will lcavo for training thoro as
soon as ho has completed his work
at this camp. It Is expected that he
will return to Bend and straighten
up his affairs hero before leaving.
M. II. Horton of the Horton Drug
company has received his appoint
ment as first sergeant at tho univer
sity camp. Tho other members of
tho party who went from horo, In
cluding T. II. Foley, Ashley Forrest
and W. G. 'Manning, aro all Interested
In tho work and making a good show
THE DALLES, Aug. 21. The
wounded American was brought Into
the French dressing station In tho
Vosges. An Immediate operation was
Imperative. Through unforeseen cir
cumstances there was no anaesthetic,
Then a dainty little French nurso
caught tho situation. She must aid
her American friend.
She bent over and kissed tho
wounded man, placed her cheek
against his dirty, bearded ono and
with her arm supported blm.
The man smiled gratefully. The
operation was performed with good
results, although It was a serious
one. Tho American's courage had
i - - . r
boon rovlvod to boar tho pain,
This incident wns related by Sor
gonnt Jorry Gorrard of Tho Dalles
In n letter home. Jerry claimed to
bo tho first Tho Jinlloa man ami pos
sibly tho first Orcgonian to set foot
on Gorman soil In this war. ills unit
crossed tho border recently.
Ono cont a word Is all n littlo
Want Ad will cost you.
What your son lacks ho will ac
quire nt college. Alt. Aivgal College,
St. Benedict, Ore. Address Rev. E.
L. Meier. Adv.
Somethtng to aolIT Advortlso In
Tho Bulletin's classified column.
Many Small Creatures Make Contribu
tions to th Country's Wealth of
No Insignificant Amount
We havo many Insect products of no
small value. Most familiar are honey
and wax from tho bee.
There Is nlso a Chlneso bug which
secretes a kind of grrnso on various
treos. This hardens Into wax, nud Is
collected, melted nnd purified, when It
becomes whlto and glossy In appear
ance, nnd when mixed with oil enn bo
mado Into candles. Tho cochlncnl, a
senjo Insect living on cacti In the Amer
ican tropics, besides having medicinal
qualities, yields tho two dyes called
carmlno nud lake. Whllo nowadays
most dyes aro chemically made, tho
natural dye of the cochlncnl Is cm
ployed In coloring soldiers' uniforms,
as It stands the weather better than
commercial dyes. The pupao of a Mex
ican black lly which swarms In great
quantities near Lake Tcxcon aro used
as fertilizer. No enlargement Is need
ed on tho work of tho precious silk
worm n native of China which Is now
raised here also. Commclal shellac
Is obtained by melting lac, tho resinous
substance produced by nn Enst Indian
scnlo Insect and deposited In a crust
on twigs to contain tho Insect nud Its
eggs. Tho export value of lac from
Indian ports In ono year linn risen -ns
high us 33,000,000 rupees. Lnc has also
been used to mnku dyes, but whllo tbo
lac Industry Is u growing one, therein
ployment of luc In making dyes hus
probably hnd Its day. Tho best lnc Is
obtained from Bengal and tho central
province of Iudln. It Is ulso used us
stiffening for hats, sealing wax, as an
Ingredient of lithographic Ink, In elec
trical work and in tho manufacture ot
gramophono records.
Somothlng to soil? Advortlso Id
The Bulletin's classltlod column.
Beginning of tho Year Is a Tlmo of
Rejoicing Throughout tho
Whole Country.
In tho United States ono knows that
ppring has corao when ho sees boys
playing marbles and flying kites. - In
China, says the Christian Science
Monitor, there are regular spring-playing
festivals that all tho people have
n part In and which uru especially In
teresting for children.
Just when tho spring festival comes
depends on tho moon. It Is the be
ginning of tho year In China, and In
tho first moon the magistrates unit oili
er Importuut persons In the town go
out in a procession "to meet tho
It is at tho lantern festival, the loth
of tho first month, that tho children
havo tho best time. Brightly colored
lanterns are everywhere, nt the doors
of shops und houses, and carried In
processions. Boughs of evergreen aro
ulso placed nbovo tho doors, and there
Is an nbundanco of "moon cakes," lit
tle round sweet rico cakes.
The boys dress up In all sorts of fan
tastic clothes, sing, danco and glvo lit
tlo plays. They wear masks of unl
mals und of human faces. Companion
of them go about through tho streets
of their villages, and from ono village
to another. Now and then n group of
maskers will be seen on high stilts.
There is it very pretty dance whe'rd
every dancer carries a lighted lantern.
This la called the lantern dnnco,
Ono cent a word Is all a littlo
Want Ad will cost you.
' "Vl'
Dramatip Art, Languages
, Mme, Lucie ValaUi late of Paris, France,
. , , Soprano-Soloht, Director.
A faculty of'brtt trained" Artist Teachers for Private and
Clan Lesions in All Branches. Piano, Voice, Violin,
Cello, Harp, Dancing. Elocution and Acting, taught on a
real stage. SPECIAL ADVANTAGES. Free Class
Lesson included in regular tuition. Artistic environments,
inspiration and dormitory privileges.
Send (or Catalogue ot Information to E. RICHMOND, Secretary
234' lOth Street, Portland, Oregon. Main 7398
Fifteen Years Ago
This Week
Tucmlny was tho hottest and most
uncomtortablo day In Bund this your,
Tho government thormomotor rogln.
tnrod DC, and It wns hot from early
In tho morning until Into at night
John Eldor returned to llund on
Tuesday from l'okcgnmn, California.
Ho loft ten days before with n party
ot tliubor locators and sightseers and
drovo them all tho way to tho now
terminus ot tho Southern Pacific, a
littlo farther In tact covering a dis
tance ot more than GOO mllos,
John C. Conn's freight toam pnssnd
through Bond yesterday oh tho way
to tho railroad terminus at Shanlko
with 20,000 pounds ot Central Ore
gon wool. Tho round trip occupies
38 days and tho sturdy mules now
havo work enough ahead ot them to
Inst until Now Years.
Tho now mill of tho P. II, D. com
pany has boon running at Intervals
this wook, getting tho machinery lint
borod up and In condition for rogular
work. A numbor of thousand feet ot
lumber has boon sawed In this pro
cess. C. S. Bonson barely escaped bolng
crushed by a largo rock whllo at
work on tho llumo Hue Tuesday. Mr,
Wolst wns working at a log at tho
top of tho bluff and It became sud
denly dlslodgod. thus removing what
proved to bo a support to a rook
that was supposod to bo attached to
tho main lodgo. Benson's attention
was attracted barely In tlmo for him
to leap out of tho path of the (lying
rock, which crashed through an 16
Inch treo as though It wus a morn
British Columbia's Coal.
Writing of the discovery of coal In
British Columbln, Johnson In ids "First
Things In Caniida," states: "Ono day
In December, 18 ID, nn olllccr of the
Hudson's Buy company In Fort Vic
toria was Informed by the foreman of
tho blacksmith's shop that un old Nit
iiulmo Inillnn chief hail Just stated that
ho Snow where there was 'stuff llko
that which the white man wns using In
tho blacksmith's fire. Tho Indian was
told that If ho would bring wmo pieces
of tho 'stufT ho would have his gun
repaired free and receive n bottle of
rum. Tho chief reappeared in the" fol
lowing April (1850) with his ennoe
laden with con!. A prospecting party
went out nnd found tho conl whero tho
city of Nanalmo now stands. In 1874
the 'production of cool from tho Na
nalmo mines amounted to 1.000 tons;
In 1800 It exceeded 1,000.000 tons.
(Continued From I'ago 1.)
draws a salary, and a secretary ot
tho livestock sanitary hoard. At
least two moro salaries would be
horo contemplated. And so on down
tho lino. It simmers down to a prop
osition ot adding a bunnh-of direc
tors, and undor theso being deputies
who would correspond to thu heads
ot tho various departments now In
existence. But, ns before stated, no
montlon Is mado of tho extra salaries
to bo drawn by theso oxtra hlrod
l'oNlh1y One flood I'tiitim.
Ono theory of tho roport Is gener
ally accepted around horo as being
good. That fs tho story ot so do
partmontlzlng stato government that
In tho futuro, no mattor what legis
lation is enacted, administration ot
such legislation can bo turned over
to tho proper stato department with
out tho creation of now boards and
commissions. Ono or two citizens
with moro than tho ordinary temerity
havo ventured to suggost that por
haps this desired ond could bo at
tained by a less oxponsivo moans
than that contemplated in tho cam
ouflaged roport of tho .govorumant of
flcloncy oxport, but they havo boon
promptly hooted down In dorlslon
The Owl Pharmacy
-fHID U4G1UE (gfcJUtV
Summons nil the forces nnd resources of the Republic to
the defenic of Freedom
which the Untied Stain authorities have ranked as onn of tho
filteen distinguished Institutions of the country for excellence lit
military training, hss rescinded to the call. The College Is
diitiiiKulthcd not only fur Its military Instruction, but
DistiNouisiir.i) amo run
in Krone huliiittlal courses for turn and fur women I
III Atllmltuit, Cnminrif, I'.niinttiiM, lumllf
lloinn I'.rnnnmki, Mliilni, I'luiMiitr. 0J
ViKillonil I'.Junllon.
Its wholesome, purposeful student life.
Its democratic collie spirit.
Its succctiful graduate!.
Students enrolled last year, 14$J stars on Its service flags, lljB,
over forty percent representing officers.
Col lag oprta
let Mttl. mw llluitunJ llooiUi, ajaltitr
nnd consequently havo duly retired
to tho nllonco of their chambers.
quslched but not mollified.
Not long ago tho remark was mado
In thaso columns that when tho legis
lature was led up to tho consolida
tion commission's trough It would
tako ono whiff nnd turn away. Since
tho Issuance of tho aforenmiitloned
rooort thoro aro indlratlona thnt
Uhero will bo difficulties encountered
Kin oven getting it up to tho trough.
I Something ANiiit "Big .Mm."
Rovortlng for a momnnt to tho
tthoory of tho "blggor mon" gives rlso
to a rocollectlnn of several years'
standing. Whon tho public service
commission was in tho process of
Croatian thoro wns considerable, talk
about tho salaries to ho paid to tho
commissioners. A number of people
thought $3,000 a ytmr was sufficient,
but a lancer numbor declared that a
hlghor prlco should bo paid to get
good mon. The hlghor price of
$4,000 was hit upon, and tho gov
ernor straightway nppolnted Oswald
West, Clydo Altchlson and Tom
Campbell. Now thoro Is no dispar
agement meant of the commission ns
all of these men unqunstlonnbly
served tho commission ably, nud
Altchlson Is now receiving $10,000 n
yoar as n member of tho Interstate
Classified Ads.
for ham:.
FOR 8 AM-: CHEAP One homo. Hoo
Chlor ot I'ollco Nlxnn. 33-22tfc
FOR SALE 14 hoad or cattlo and
ono work tram. II. A. flonnny,
Union harbor shop. 1'hono 2171.
FOR SAMS Why hnmoatoad whon
you can buy a dnodod ranch on
tho Tumato project, HO acrcn, for
(5 por aero? Hnuno and barn;
good outaldo rango. Addronn Lock
Iloz 2, Tumato, Oro. D2-Gtfe
LOST Between Hend ond Tuntalo
or Long Hollow on Auk, 'J. Indy'ri
milt cano. Notify Uullotlii.
f GOO REWARD for following hornoa:
Hay maro, branded M and letter S
with horizontal lino through con
tor on loft htllto; iiIho ono brown
maro, two Kray maro anil two
yearllnK colta. Notify 1 IJ. John,
noil, Mllllcan, Oro. lOtfc
Brand Directory
.Mllllcuu, Oregon.
Right nldo; rlxht oar crop
pod; wattlo right hlud Iok.
II. It. TONE, Hlntfr, Ore.
Mllllcun, Orrtcou,
t AT OUR $
Suction Feed
, It Docs the Work
September 23, 1918
Informillon wrlu l Ids Rtalilrsr, Corttllli, Orttoa
cnmmorcq comtulaalon. Rut tho pnr
allot la found In tho fact that whon
ho rocnlvod thn appnlntmont Wont
wan on tho atato payroll at $1,800 n
oar, Altchlson wan drawing about a
much, or loan, whllo Tom Campboll
wai RottltiR nothing at all, aa tar an
la known. Of courao all throo of
thorn worn glad to land tho H.000,
but contddnrlng tho Kalarloa thoy
worn gnttlng at th6 tlmo It la Jurit an
roaantiahln to nupnoan thoy would
havo accoptod thn $.1,000 aa thn
14,000, All of which la a good ox
amplo of thn lintlnr-inun-at-a-hlghor-milary
Tho ntato tax commlanlon ntlll la
wroMtllng with tho prnblom of how
much oxtra motiny will bo uomlnd to
conduct thn nffalra ot tho atato gov
ernment and how much It will nnnd
to nnk tho ponplo for at tint general
olnctlon In Nnromhor, In n ganornl
wuy It might bo an Id that thn ntl
mntita of thn varloua atato nctlvltlm
an filed with thn coniiiilnlon and
allowing tho coat of gnvnnimnnt for
thn next hloniilum aa aeon by tlm
oytm of thn hen da of dopartmniitN,
ahnw a total of about $10,000,000.
Thin Ik about $3,000,000 morn than
tho total appropriation! for tho
preannt hloniilum nnd in probably n
million or two moro t tin ti tho pnopln
will hn ready to award to tho buny
littlo eatlmntera.
Tho commlaaloti, when It aaw thn
NiiipHiidoua nrray of llguren, put fur
titer Ion of it over until
Friday of thin wiwk, when If la
thought likely mimo doflnllo voiiclu
hlon will ho arrived ut.
l.4uU May Vet H-iIkii.
Whnthor or not Htiito Engineer
I.nwla will resign In still hanging (Iro
unit la dependent upon what li donn
by the capital lariuoa rnminlttno an to
allowing the aaln of bond for thn
Warm Kprlngn project, thn project
for which Mr. I.nwla will perforin It In
Inborn If thn hondn am nold, From
hlntn dropped by Mr. I.owU It may
bo that ho will still realgn, even If
thn Warm Hprlnga mutter dnen not
matrnlallzo, nn thoro in Junt now a
big demand for competent englnnera
and It In iiudorntood a numbor of
people have been angling for him.
Conauquontly ho mny get a much
moro untieing offer than tho proa
pert hold out for him by tho atato,
regardlenn of tho fact that Governor
Wlthyrnmbo ban Mlgniried bin Inten
tion of reappointing him If ho dnen
not roalgn.
Mr. and Jim. J. M. i'erry with to
extend their thiiukn to tholr frlnridn
of Hend and Torrurwiuiio for tho kind,
nenn and aympnthy nhnwn them nt
tho tlmii of their recent boreavnmnnt.
Tim allvo-to tho-tlmca paront given
hla noil it college education. Mt, An
gel College 8t. Honed let, Oro. Ad
drenn Rov, IS. L. Motor. Adv.
FOR HAI.E Ono 0-yonr-nld marn,
weight ubuut 1 , 2 r. 0 , nud coll by
Mliio; ono n-year-old gelding, about
1,1 r.0; ono inn re about 0 yeara old,
weight about 1.100, Would con
iildor inidii for Ford car, E. A. Kit
dco, Slinvllu-Hlxon Cump 7 Slip
WIM. MSASE for a term of youra,
120 a. uoitr DuaohutOM and 80 n.
near Alfalfa, Roth pion'm aro
fencod nnd under tho ditch. Hunter
to pay water and tuxes nnd Im
prove tho land, or will hoII long
tlmo. Capt, J. M. HoiidorHOn, Eant
I.iuihIiik, Mich. ll-2n-20o
A HNAI'-I will trado a 0-yonr-old
maro nnd 8-yonr-old goldlug, both
In lino condition, for four tona nl
falfa hay dollvurod at 1133 Nfnw
port. 00-2Co
FOR HAMS- A motorcyclo, $85,00.
luqulro ut Unlvoranl Uarago.
Dopartmont of tho Interior, United
fltntoB Land Officii at Tho DiiIIoh,
Oregon, Auguat 12th, 1018,
Notice In horoby glvon Hint Wil
liam A. Ralin, of Mllllcun. Oregon,
who, on January 20th, 191C, mado
IlomoBtoad Entry No. 01 -1400 for Ej
(EiiHt half) Suction 11, Towimhlp 20,
South, ItniiKQ 16, EiiHt Wlllumotto
Meridian, hint filed notice of Inten
tion to mnkn Iluul throo-your proof
to OHtnblluh cliilm to tho laud nbovo
doHcrlbiid hoforo If. O. EIIIh, United
HtutoH onmiiilHHlniior, nt Hond, Ore
gon, on tho 11th dny of October,
A J 1 On
ninlmnnt nrimos OHWltncHHOH:
I'otor II, JnluiHiin of Millloun, Oro
KOII. John J, Holland, Mllllcan, Orogon.
Clinrloa H. arnffoiibort'or, of Mllll
can, Oregon.
Leo II, ICollor of Mllllcan, Orogon.