The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 01, 1918, WEEKLY EDITION, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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lly John McCornilck
"I Near You Culling Mo"
"Tho Slur lljmngli'il iiomiur"
"At Dawning"
"A Llttlo lilt of llimvon"
"Avo Miirlu" (Hchuliuit)
"I Lovn to Mo a Hnllor" (by
Jlnrry Lauder)
"Missouri Wnltz ( Dancing)
"Kiss Mil Agnln" (Waltz)
"Aloha On" (by Alum (lluclr)
"You'ro n Urn ml Old Flag"
"llri'iik the Nown to Mothor"
"I Novur Kiiiiw" (from Can
a ry Cottagn)
"Columbia, tho (loin of tho
"0 odd Ilyo Broadway, Hnllo
Franco" (Accordion Holo) i
"Hull Columbia"
"Tho Battle Cry of Froodom"
"Yoiiiik America, Wo'ro
Htrong for You"
"Hongs Wo Used to fling In
"A Perfect Day" (Trio)
"Mothor Mnchron" (Trio)
(Smitn.ii It IUtJ 6 Ihit.n)
Vattn, panned thro will Hand Mils'
morning for that Miction, whuro lip
will remain for nnvural days.
K. K, Ounloy of IJurriH, accom
panied by hln d,uiightar,Ethol, arrived,
In tho city IiiHt night for tho purpose
of mooting Mrs, OiiKloy, who linn jtiHt
returned from an oxtuiidod vlMlt with
rolntlvoH In Toxun,
Ncwb in Brief.
(From Witdncidoy's Dolly.)
Jity II. Upton Is ovor from Prlno
vlllu today.
".Mr. mid Mrs. I., Frlzzoll of Silver
Lake nrn In tho city.
Ham Fri'dorlcknon of Kit I'luo In n
IiusIiiks vliltor In tho city.
K. O. Ilulok of Hllvor l.nko In trans
nnllng IiiihIiiohh In tho city.
Mm. F. J. Warner of Prlnovlllo U
visiting with frluudH In tho city.
Mr. anil Mm. W. II. Kiittou of
llurnn arrived In (ho city hut night.
!:. M. Pek of llmiipion raniH In
yotttnrdiiy for a short Illiniums visit.
II. A. Mlllor rtiirnd lust
from it IhirIiikm trip Into Jnn"noii
H. U. ('iliwll r'liirnml hunt nlr.lit
to Vancouver, whuro U u iiikkhI
In ithlpynrd work.
urty niiiir tho llend Amateur Athlotlc
club Kyi'iiinNlum.
(From TuwMlay's Dally.)
II. A. Mlllr In mnkltiK a buntnoM
trip Into Jefferson county.
C. II. Duly of Hoar Creek Button
In n tho cty toduy on Iiukhom,
I.'. II. Hpoo of Sisters wu n hunt
iichh visitor In tho city yesterday.
Mr. and Mm. M. P. Caidimuti re
turned last night from u visit at
). II, Gray of I'nullno passed
throur.h llend thin morning on hi
way to Klamath FallH.
K. I'. Jcch or tho Cont.-Oro. Motor
company returned Kuiidny from a
motor trip to vurloui part of tho
O. H. Hudson roturnml this morn
Iiik from a trip to I'ortlaud and Son
Mldo, Mm. HuiIhoii mid their two
children will Mpuud a fow weeks at
(From Saturday's Dally.)
Mm. II. C. Kcotl ot l.a IMno li vlnlt
Ing In tho city.
C. V. Muwk of I'ortlaud In a busi
ness visitor In tho city.
Mr. and Mm. (!. V. Mundon of
Portland aro In tho city.
Mr. mid Mm. II. Riley or Stockton,
California, nro In tho city.
J S MrMonuny of I'ortlnud In reg
istered at (ho Pilot llutto Inn.
V. Il.ideiiflold or Klamath FallH In
transacting business In tho city.
P. II, Poliiduxter or Prliiorlllii wan!
a luiHlnemi visitor In tho city ester-)
Harold Norton, Theodore, Walker, I
F. . Wulkor. Jr.. or Wmtwnoil, Cal '
and HrookN Walkor or Plodtnout.l
Cat., nirlvcd In tho city lattt uIkIiI '
liy auto. Tho party In uiakluK a tour
or tho N'orthwoflt
(From Wudncnduy Dally.)
Will !Vxl Cnttln In Viillo1. Many
cattlo will bo fed In tho Dr-Achutc
vnlloy durlthK tho winter. Thin In
tho opinion or prominent Htocktncn,
who havo boon watchlnc tho ranKO
Hltuatlou. Practically all or tho hlxh
rmiRo Iioh boon burned up by tho
drouth, and unlvMi herds aro taken
whuro thoro In hay tho owners will
havo to dlHpoRO or tho Mock.
Mr. 'nioiiipftoii JIct. U, C.
ThompNon or McMlnnvlllo, Orexon,
and Dr. U, H. WrlKht or McMlnnvlllo
wnro In llond lant iiIkIU after Hpend
Iiik Novoral weeks In this section on
a flNhliiK expedition. Mr. Thompson
wuh tho builder or tho Multnomah
hotel In Portland.
Itnptlkl Women MHi. Tho Hup
list Women's union will hold Its
regular business mectluK tomorrow
afiornoon at tho homo or Mrs. T. II.
Foley. All members and friends aro
Invited to attend to work on Helglun
VMIm KHiillwN. U. U. Mcltey
nolils, cashier of tho First, National
hank, left this mornliiK for u visit
with relatives In Oklahoma. Up will
bo Kono thouj:!i"AuKUNt. 5
Air. WJct, JtfsttirnM. 1. D," Met
rotiirneil t)jH morning after a brief
visit In Portland. Mm. Wlent will
romnlii Jn i'ortlaud for soveral weeks
Wliiitl HnrxtitliiK Is On. Wheat
hnrvestliiK has commenced In Do
nchutes and Crook counties, several
or tho farmers having combines at
(From Monday's Dally )
Mm. I.. Mlllor or Ilurns was
llend yesterday.
Floyd Maker of Ilurus Is a business
visitor In tho city.
Arthur M. Churchill of Portland Is
n business visitor In llond,
I.leut, I.. F. Hurhazittto mid Mrs.
Ilarbnzotto ot Portland aru In thu
Mm. .Mayors mid Mm. Hundley or
llolso, Idaho, aro registered at tho
Wright hotel. '
Mr. mid Mm. Otis Ilrnwn or Oak
land, California, aro registered at
tho Pilot llutto,
Hov. Vim WntorH or Portland Is In
tho city mid will remain hero until
tomorrow night on IiiihIiiohh connect
od 'with tho plans for building thu
Episcopal church on tho church prop
(From Friday's Dally.)
P. II. Johnson Is In from Mllllcan
A. C Durham of Roberts Is a busi
ness visitor li) tho city.
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Garfield of
Htella, Washington, uro In tho city.
Dr. Van Waters will hold service
Holiday evening at 8 o'clock in
Blither's ball.
Mrs, Km inn Mlllor of Hums ar
rived In thu city this morning for nn
extended visit.
County Commissioner Miller la up
from Kcdmoiid today to attend a
meeting or tho county court.
U, A. Hradloy and Max Cunning
ramo up from Hodmond this mom
Iiik on business before thu county
Mm. It. P. Ycager of Ilurns wan In
llond last night. Mm. Yeagur In on
her way to Camp Lewis, where alio
will visit with her sou for several
(From Thursday's Dally.)
F. M. Post of AUuKa Is In tho cltr
on business.
I.luier Wether of Fife, Oregon, Is
a business visitor In tho city.
P. II. Johnson of Mllllcan wan n
buslnesH visitor In tho city yester
day. Mm. II. 10. Michael or Madras Is
(n tho city mid will ruinaln hero for
so vera I jlnys.
Mrs. Phillips of (Irnnd Junction,
Colorado, accompanied by her two
sons, arrived In tho city last night
and will muko her future homo horo.
Ooorgo Wullmun of Portland, who
ban largo laud holdings at Klamath
tflilt r
lli IN
We are now located in our new home
in the R. M. Smith building on Wall
Street, ready to seroe our old friends
who stood so loyally by us in our old
store, and we hope to mahe many new
friends, because we can now serve you
belter than ever before. Whether you
wish to buy anything or not, come in.
We will be glad to welcome you.
The Peoples Store
Agent for R & G CofKtf ud Af9.C P.UltHwiery
The Reliable
Drug Store
Your Prescriptions
will be filled
Just Remember
Magill & Erskine
(From Tuesday's Dally.
Toluol tlio Alnrim-M.- Two moro
tnsn havo been added to tho "Dovll
Dogs," an tho Unchcs call them,
through thu local Dovll Dog recruit
ing station, 20 oO'Kano building.
James A. Harris of Mllllcan, Oregon,
having enlisted and loft for Maro
Inland, Cal Hunday night, and Al
fred F, Hackney, who has been om
ployed by the Oregon Fuel company,
leaves tonight for Portland and from
thoro to tho training station. Ser
geant lirookn states (hat men who arc
qualified an machanlcn, linemen,
radio and tolcgrahpcrn aro needed In
tho Marines,
Mr. Cnldncll IteturiiH. Mayor C.
8. Caldwell wllljcavo tonight for
Vancouver, after spending a couplo
or days In thin city with bin family.
Mr. Caldwell In now employed an a
sheet metal worker In tho shipyards
at Portland. Ho expects to remain
thoro for at leant two months and
possibly longer. During his absence
Clyde McKay, president or tho coun
cil, will perform tho duties ot mayor.
UuMnw Tiirim Owt Fund-:.- Ad
Gustavo yoHtoiday turned over to the
local chapter or tho Ited Cross tho
sum or 'j, this being thu amount left
ns his sharo or Saturday night's
wrestling match after his expenses,
amounting to 1 12, had been de
ducted. Iteturii to Home. Mrs. II. J. Hen
nlngs and two nous, who for tho past
two mouths havo been visiting Mrs.
J. C, Vaudevcrt, Mrs. Honnlng'n sis
tor, loft last night for their home,
accompanied by Mrs. Vandevort, who
will visit in Medford for two weeks.
.Mr. Dlmlck Hen. -J. W. Dlmlck,
formerly manager lor the Standard
Oil company In thin city, but now lo
cated In a similar position at Inde
pendence, Oregon, Is In tho city
spending several days on his vaca
tion. Klglit-I'ound Hoy. Horn, on Mon
day to Mr. and Mrs. Troy Heaver, ah
eight and a halt pound .boy. Mrs.
noavcr -wan attended by Dr. Norrls
end 'Mrs. J. W. Duller of Portland,
a sister or Mr. Heaver.
Union 1Su)n Territory. Tho Brick
layers, Masons and Plasterers' union
has purchased the Crook, Jefferson
and Deschutes county rights for the
now Porrino vacuum fireplace, a now
Moto Into New Home. Mr. nnd
Mrs. A. F. Larson aro moving into
their npw homo In Plnelyn Park,
which han been but recently com
pleted. Hero from lUtlniond. J. It. Rob
erts, a member of tho firm or Rob
erts Lynch or Redmond, was in
tho city yesterday on business.
Hlx-I'ouml ;irl. A six-pound girl
wan born yesterday morning to Mr.
Lots of hurry-for good hnts are scarce.
Prices nro still on the up.
Get Yours Now.
Everybody wears Caps nowadays but
they want good ones
Gordon Caps, 75c-$ 1.00-$ 1.25-$1.50
Boys' Caps 50c-60c-65o95c
Look Over Our Line of Men's Shirts
Wilson Bros. Dress Shirts, at Si .25,
$1.50, $1.75. $2.00, $2.50
New Ties 25c-50c-65c-$1.00
and Mm. Walter Strickland, six miles
cast or liend.
Mirro Aluminum Ware
5R f mrn ? n1
In the Mirro line
is presented an ar
ray of Aluminum
Ware that rellects
standards of qual
ity, design, work
manship, durabili
ty and convenience
ALL that liaj been ac
complished in the realm
of beautiful Aluminum
finds new expression in
the Mirro line.
Aluminum has long
been accepted by dis
criminating housewives
as the attractive, dura
ble ware for kitchen
and general household
use. The Mirro line
offers super-refinement
to attractiveness and
(From Monday's Dally.)
WirMN VMt in Portland. Mr. and
Mm. L. D. Wiest left Saturday night
fro Portland, where Mrs. Wlest will
visit for several 'weeks. Mr. Wlest
will return some tlmo early this
Monthly Dnuco Postponed. The
monthly members' danco ot the Bend
Amateur Athletic club, regularly
scheduled for tomorrow night, has
;bcen postponed until next week Mon
day. Ncvtllecrnft Meeting. Ncedlecratt
club will meet Thursday afternoon,
August 1, with Mrs. Geo. T. Sellers
at her new apartment in the Bend
Athletic club building.
Mm. Innbnlt Home. Mm. Frank
Indbnlt and two daughters returned
this morning from a two weeks' va
cation spent in Portland and Seattle.
(From Saturday's Dally.)
Takes Vacation. Mr. and Mrs. J.
A. Eastes nnd Miss Margaret Schra
dcr will leave tomorrow morning for
Portland, making tho trip by motor
over tho Mackenzie pass. Mr. and
Mrs. Eastes will return in a few davs,
but Miss Schrader will remain for
a two weeks' vacation In Portlnad.
KnlUts In Omilry. Clarence L.
Clark of this city has enlisted with
the cavalry in tho United States army
through Sergeant Hnrvey ot tho army
rocrultlng station and will leavo here
tonight tor Portland, from which
place ho will go to Ft. Lawton, Wash
ington, for training.
Hero from Mlnncsotn. Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Hlco and daughter of St.
Cloud, Minnesota, arrived In tho city
this morning. .Mr. Rico has accepted
n responsiblo position with Tho
Shevlln-Hlxon Company nnd the
family will make their future homo
in this city.
Onpturvs Moth, A mammoth
moth, measuring at least two Inchon
In length, was captured by E. J.
Itogors In his hnyfleld near llend and
is being held by him until ho deter
mines tho genus to which it belongs.
Now Pastor Arrixos. Rev. F. L.
Horvlg of Portland, accompanied by
his daughter, Miss Thclmn, arrived
in llend last night, Mr. Iiorvlg has
been appointed to fill the pastorate
at tho Lutheran church in this city.
Installing Mnchlnery. J. F, Smith
ot Duluth, Minn., is in tho city and
will romaln horo for sevornl weeks
lustnlliug now machinery at one ot
tho logging camps.
III. Clow, JC.50; M. A. Hamilton, $1;
T. H. Foley. $1; James Black, 1,
and P. B. Johnson, 2.
ItctI Crosn I'nrty. A Ited Cross
card party and tea is being hold at
the Masonic hall this afternoon tor
the benefit ot the Belgian baby's lay
ette fund. The affair is in chargo ot
Mrs. J. C. Vandewert and Mrs. II. M.
Grelmer, assisted by several other
ladies. Fourteen card tables have
been arranged for the entertainment
or the guests.
In from Mctoliui. Dr. and Mrs.
H. M. Hendershott of Portland and
Dr. and Mrs. C. V. Littler of Albany,
who have been spending the pas,t two
weeks on the Metollus" on a fishing;
trip, returned to Bend last night ani
left today tor their hqmes.
Nickcil in France Friends havo
received word from Charles Nlckell.
formerly proprietor ot the Windmill
pool hall in Bend, that ho has ar-
rived in France. Mr.' Nickel! left
Bend with a draft contingent less;
than two months ago.
Jncoltscn Goo to Ft. Itock. N. O.
Jacobsen, forest supervisor, left this
morning for Ft. Rock, where he will
attend a special meeting of the Fre-1
mont Stock association, which has
been called for tho purpose ot taking
up grazing business.
Visits wltli Parents. Mr and Mrs.
Kenneth II. Minor and Mrs. Minor's,
sibter, Miss Lona Provosttof Ashland,
Ore., arrived last night and will bo
tho guests ot Mr. Minor's parents..
Mr. and Mrs. F. 0. Minor, tor several
Dr. 1-Vrrcll Leaves. Dr. B. Ferroll
left yesterday morning for a six.
weeks' or two months' visit in Port
land. During his absence Dr. R. W.
Hendershott will occupy'tho Ferroll
offices in tho O'Kano building.
Returns from Runci. Mrs. Mul-
ler has returned from tho ranch and,
has taken up her work In the hair,
dressing parlors.
Mr. SliolIu Here. E. C. Shevlfii
ot Portland arrived in tho city yester
day and will remain horo for soveral
(From Friday's Dally.)
Check for Tobacco Sent. Repre
senting tho contributions to tho new
tobacco fund for our boys in France
which Tho Bulletin is now collecting
in connection with tho, American Red
Cross, a check was Bent yesterday to
Washington, for WQ5Q ThX In
cludes contributions as follows: II.
(From Thursday's Dully.)
Surgical Dressing Workers. Work;
In tho surgical dressing department
ot tho Red Cross Is bulng dono on
Monday mornings a ml nftornoous of
Tuesday, Wednesday nnd Friday
of each week. Tho tallowing
workers wore in nttendanco Wed
nesday: Mrs. Cunningham, 'Airs.
McDonald, Mrs. Thordarson, Mrs.
Elliott, Mrs. Francis, Mrs. Sandors.
Mrs. Terroll, Mrs. Crum, Mrs. Jones,
Mrs. Lawrouce, Mrs. Olnpp, Mrs.
Foloy, Mrs. Norcutt, Mrs. McPhor
son, Mra. McCluro, Mrs. Davis, Mrs
S. W. Moore.
Fleetwood Editor Here. L, B.
Charles, editor of tlio JLake County
News, published! 'at JFjfewood, was
ia tho city yesterday ami Twill remain
here for several days.
j; v