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The bend bulletin.
No. 22
Manager Koye anil Lieutenant liar
iuiUi Deliver Ailrtrrtmm
v., Mat Not VH. Com-
1 i
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
A inhl Ilia alienm anil applutisn of
overs! hundred workmen, both men
and women, from tho Hrooks-Hcniilou
mills, tho company service flng, can
tnlnliig 73 stars, wuh raised at 1
o'clock thin afternoon.
Prnrodlng tho raining of flm flag,
Mr. Koycx, mnnngor of tho Ilrook.
Hcnnlon company, mndo n speech to
thu men, In which hn stated thn pur
poso for which tno ling hntl boon
niailn, dosing hid rnmnrkr, by Intro
ducliig Lieut. lUrlmtolln of tho snnl
tary division of tho Lo"nl Legion,
who, an an opening to bin remarks,
dcclnrnd Hint every man represented
by tho stnrs on tho Dag wns a paten
tlal hero. "Potenllnl because thnro
will bo limn In Krnncu who never
bnvi) tho opportunity to illNplny tho
host which lit In thorn, hut wo nt
homo know that It In tho American
itplrlt when that iniin In put to (ho
tiHtt that ho inmiMiri'M up with tho
bravest am) most courageous, anil
therefore every man who steps forth
under tho Htarn ami Htrlpe In a hero,
wlicithiT ho linn tho opportunity to
display It In bnttla or not." Cuntluu
liiK. I. lout. llurhnxolln told of thn
need of tho work thnro In to bo dnna
nt homn by each anil every innn who
In employed in tho lumbering Indus
try of tho country, declaring that 7G
per emit, of thn lumber now niniin
fnctiiri'd I'vuntunlly, If not directly,
IIiuIh It way Into government unit.
Tho ceremony, commonctnR nt
12:G0 o'clock, continued until after
1, Mnnngor Keycs mated at tho con
climlon that It wun not believed that
Hie 73 stnrs on tho ItnK represented
tho trim niiinber of men who had
none from tho company' anrvlco, a
llioru wore we vera I who had entered
tho varlntiN branches boforo n roc
rd of their linino hnd been kept.
For thlH rmiNoti tho names of those
represented by tho nUrs will bo post
ed In iiud about tho nt II Ih, and men
hnvliiK knowledge of tliono wIiono
nitnin do not appear nro tn maku It
known to thn compnny and tho nil
illtlnnnl stnrs will bo added,
Thero wn ouo colored Rtnr, repre.
minting nun of tho workmen who hnd
bean killed while In tho service of
lift country.
Tho II UK In today Hunting beneath
Old (Jlory on tho compnny ling polo,
but will bo taken down tonight uud
xprend on tho wnlli'of tho ofllco.
(From Wodnosdny's Dnlly.)
Aiiuouiicemeut of tho purchiiHo of
tho business of thu Oregon Fuel com
i:my by thu Miller Lumber company
wns mndo today. Tho fuel bunlnem
will bo taken over by tho now owner
tomorrow and conducted horenftor
from tho Miller Lutnbor compnuy of
llco nt thu comer of Wall uud Frank
tin streets.
O, 13, Hamilton, owner of tho Oro
,lon Fuul compnny, li hoIIIiik It Is
Inislnrss at tho proMont tlnio bocnusij
of IiIh Intention to enlist for tho war
ns noon aa possible.
(Ily United Pre to Th Jlcn.t HulUtln.)
LONDON, July 31. In Bldcup,
Kont, thuro Ih n hoNpltnl which do
votes ItHulf entlroly to troatmout of
UnJurlOH of tho fnco.
Boldlora enter tho hospital with
tfaccH smashed boyond recognition,
"Vory fow visitors nro ndmltted, and
iiiOBt of tho men would rather dto
than moot their friends and rolatlvos,
Doctors and nurses, work untiringly
lit tholr efforts to ropnlr tho ravagos
of shrapnel and high explosives, -so
that Hoonor or lator tholr pntlonta
can fnco tho world without causing
boholders to ohuddor lit horror.
Ofton (ho troatmout takes mouths,
uml won who nro perfectly sound
physically Just hldo thomselvoB away
thoro until tholr fucos nsBumo somo
momblanco of QoiI'h imago,
will hi: kntiihhd in .miicha.v
ioal training at hk.nhon
polytkoiiniu in portland
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Four men from Deschutes county
nro to report to tho llonson I'oly
techntc Imitltutn In Portland for mo
chanlcal training on August IS,
under an order received by tho locul
draft board this morn lux. These men
havo tho chauco to volunteer tholr
services, tho only requirements be
ing a grammar school education or
Its equivalent. Tho order received
Is ah follows:
"Complete tho eutralnment for
I'ortlnnd, Oregon, of four men who
hnva had at leant a grammar school
education or Its equivalent or who
havo tho ability to rend or wrlto nnd
havo nt leant four yearn of school
education and who havo sumo apti
tude for mechanical work to report
to tho commanding officer at thu
IleiiHon Polytechnic Inntltuto on Au
gust Hi for Instruction ns auto me
chanics, blucksmlths, enrpoutors,
elnctrlclnns, mnchlulsts, plumbers
and sheet metal workers. Only
white men physically qualified for
gonornl mllltnry servlco will bo In
ducted under this call. Hut no regis
trant of thn clnss of 1918 can bo In
voluntarily Inducted until nil avail
able reglntrantn of tho clnsn of June,
1(117, In any locnl board tins been ex-
hnusted, Qunllfled reentrants should
bo urged to present themselves for
voluntary Induction. When tho reg
istrants voluntarily present them
selveN tho boards may Induct tho
qualified men until their allotments
havo been filled. Tho volunteer
period will continue until August C.
If on A tut unt 7th a sufficient number
of volunteers havo not come forth to
fill your allotment your board will
commence to select In fcquunco n
sufficient number of qunllfled men
from within clnss 1 to fill tho allot
ment, deducting tho voluntary induc
tions. No train routings yet re
(Vmiwny IVrfonueil lit Home of tlm
Hrldo In KchwimkI Addi
tion. (From Mondny's Daily.)
County Judge W. D. Harucs nnd
Miss Cornelia Wilson were married
Into this afternoon nt tho homo of
Miss Wilson's mother, Mrs. K. 1).
Wilson, In Kenwood. Itev. W. 10.
Vnn Wntors performed tho ceremony.
Hesldes Mrs, Wilson, tho only guests
present wore her dnughtor, Mrs. II.
K, Allen, uud Mr. Allen. In August
Judge and Mrs. Ilnrucs will tako n
trip to tho const.
Passed a Perfect
Examination, but
Born Too Early
(From Friday's Dnlly.)
10. IS. Alderman, n fnrnior
noar Ilond, uml for ninny years
it roaldont of Soattlo, has boon
in Portland several days trying
to hi nccoptod In any capacity In
tho U. 8. sorvlco. Ho Is it vet-'
ornn of tho Spanish-American
war, nnd Undo Sam wants to
glvo younger men n chnnco to
bag thn knlBor,
"It looks lllto tho farm for
mo," sold Mr, Aldormnn. 'ttly
only son Is nt tho front and I
would llko to bo Boniowhoro
within it hundred miles ot him.
I passod 100 por cont. In spite
of flvo wounds and it llttlo fin
ger shot off, but I was born a
llttlo too oarly to suit Undo
Sam. I could go In tho Can
adian service, but not without
foroswoarlng mysolf ns an
Amarlcan oltlzon, and I just
can't do that. I tried 'om out
in Soattlo and then down hero,
- but it Is no go, No Franco for
mo," and tho votoran Btartod to
tho dopot to buy Ills ticket for
Ilond,- PorHnnd Journal.
Cltl.eiiH of H4miiI May Ontrlbuto to
KkponiUM Incurrnl In Chungfiitf
location Flnli ly lU-uily
for lutkrut.
(From Monday's Dally,)
Ilamoval of thn state fish hatchery
from its present location on tho De
schutes to a site on Tumnlo crook'
wns proposed by Muster Fish Warden
It. K, Clnnton when hero on Satur
day, Mr. Clanton's Ideas on thu sub
ject will bo Incorporated In n lottor
to tho Commercial club, It being
nacoisary to enlist tho aid ot that
organisation It tho project Is to bo
carried nut.
Conditions at tho present hatchery
havo so changed sluco Its construc
tion, because of tho creation of tho
logging pond, that it has becorao
uocossary to find somo otlior location
If tho hatchery is to bo conducted at
Its desired efficiency. Tho slto on
Tumnlo creak', where It Is crossed by
thn road running west from tho
brickyard, was looked over by Mr.
Clnnton while Ikto nnd pronounced
Ideal far tho purpose
llccnune of tho depleted stnto of
tho fish nnd game commission's funds
It would bo necessary to rnlso tho
money needed for tho change,
amounting to about $1,S00, locally.
Tho fish troughs would bo furnished
from tho present hatchery and tho
maintenance would bo taken caro of
by tho tuto. Mr. Clanton's Idea was
that tho hatchory grounds could bo
mndo a show spot for the pooplo ot
Ilond, being roadlly accessible and
having groat natural beauty.
Tho matter was discussed Inform
ally by Mr. Clnnton with a number
of local sportsmuu and tho assur
unco was oxprosscd that tho town
could ralso tho necessary funds.
Iloforrlng to fish planting in this
section this year, Mr. Clanton said
that thoro woro now at tho Uend
hatchery about 200,000 fry. Ot th'cso
ho expects to place about t0, 000 in
Croscsnt, Odoll and Davis lakes, from
which tho egB wero taken. Tho ro
malndor would be available for plant
ing in any of the lakos and stroams
selectod by tho sportsmen of this
section. It might also bo possible,
Mr. Clanton said, to ship In nno or
two carloads of fry from HonuovHIe,
but railroad conditions ware un
curtain and It wns posslblo that the
transportation of tho fish car over
tho railroads ot tho statu might bo
ended at any time.
With Mr. Clnnton on Saturday was
W. K. Hartley of Tho Dalles, deputy
gamo warden. They loft Saturday
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Announcement was mndo this
morning by Mrs. Fnrls of tho II. A.
A. C, ot n change In tho schedulo for
swimming hours for womoii. In tho
future Tuesday and Thursday after
noons will bo given ovor to thorn,
from 2 to 3 women with small chil
dren being pormltted tho uso of tho
tank, tram 3 to -1 ladles only and
from. A until fi tho Junior girls. Com
moncIn& this evening, womon will bo
given tho tnnk from 7 until 0, and
tho men from 0 until 11:30. This
ruling Is eftoctlvo oach wook.
Army Officer Will Instruct Tlient Uo-
Kititllnjr Military I.ifo Held
lit Gymnasium.
(From Monday's Dally.)
For tho purpose ot Instructing tho
draft mon In tho essentials ot mili
tary llfo, togothor with Insurance,
physical fitness and other army ro
qulromonta, an otflcor from Camp
Lowls will arrlvo horo on Friday of
this wook. Tho mooting will bo hold
at tho 11. A. A. O. gymnasium nt 8
o'clock that ovonlng, and it is ro-
qtiuatort that all drafted mon bo in
nttpndanco. Tho mooting wob an-
noiincod Saturday to bq hold nt tho
circuit court rooms, hut has since
boon chajvgod by tho war board,
ItcjMirt of Huch IU-tiirfiiiet HtiiWrd
to Iks Without Foundation MIm-
umli-niLundliiK ut Kmploymeat
fk-rvlco (.'nunc Humor.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Tho roport recently circulated to
thn effect that all employes of tho
local mills will bo required to sign
cards ugrcelng to remain In their
present situations until tho war is
ovor Is declared by officials ot tho
mills to bo wholly without founda
tion. Nothing ot tho sort is or has
boon contemplated by tho mill com
panies or by tho department ot
labor, which is In charge ot tho now
federal employment service.
According to tho report, which
has been current In tho past few
days, this card system was to be In
stituted on August 1, and as this Is
tho dnto on which tho federal em
ployment service assumes chango of
tho omployment business so far as
it affects unskilled labor, it Is be
lieved that u misunderstanding ot
tho new federal activity Is tho cause
ot tho roport.
Asldo from tho fact that tho now
omployment sorvlco does not con
template any such card system as has
bcon reported Its general plan Is vory
vaguely understood hero. Tho fol
lowing explanation is from Tuesday's
Oregon Journal:
"A revolution In employment sorv
lco will occur In Portland, ns well as
throughout tho United States, next
Thursday. Tho federal employment
sorvlco will nssumo cntlro control of
all labor employment In every war
work plant employing more than 100
men. HerotlTo control will apply
principally to tho shipyards.
VLnbor pirating will bo placed
under tho ban by tho new order anil
no employer will bo allowed to lure
mon away from another by offor of
largor wsges or moro attractive con
ditions. "Employers In non-war work ore
pormltted to continue recruiting un
skilled labor whoro they can find It.
An employer In wnr work is not pro
hibited from employing an unskilled
workman who comes to him volun
tarily uud such employers may also
maintain their own labor recruiting
bureaus, but thoy cannot uso the
commercial employment ngonclos.
Wur Work Dofliutl.
"Wnr work ns defined by tho
Pnltcd States employment servlco
" 'Tho manufacture of products or
erection of structures directly or In
directly supplied to somo department
of tho govornmont for uso In connec
tion with tho war.
" 'Indlroctly supplied' Includes
goods dollvured under sub-contracts
to government contractors.
" 'For tho purpose of this pro
gram tho making of products which
may ultimately bo used for wnr pur
poses, but which nro not to bo deliv
ered olthor directly to tho govern
ment or to somo contractor who uses
thorn in producing, or as n part of,
products to bo delivered to tho gov
ernment, Is not considered war work.
" 'Ruilronds and farms nro en
gaged In war work to tho extent that
uiulor this program thoy nro to bo
protoctod from all recruiting by othor
"Tho labor recruiting program of
thu govornmont ultimately will in
clude aklllod labor. Tho explanation
why tho govornmont docs not assume
ut onco control ot tho entire labor
situation Is given as follows:
lie-ins With Unskilled Labor.
" 'Tho problems ot handling tho
labor requirements ot tho many
thousands ot plants engaged In war
Industry aro so vast that It Is Im
possible for a now organization to
tako them nil oyor at onco. Tho be
ginning is mndo with unskilled labor
bocnuso tho shortage Is moro acuto.'
"Tho first oxtonslon ot tho pro
gram will covor skilled labor in
which it Is most evident that tho
supply is less than the demand,"
j:vknt kchkdulkd to taki:
(From Wednesday's Daily.)
Monday, August 12, Dend -wrestling
fans will tho opportunity
of witnessing at tho Gymnasium a
roturn match between Ad Gustavo,
middleweight wrestler, and Young
Norbcck ot Ellcnsburg, Washington,
present holder of the light heavy
weight championship of the Pacific
Northwest. The match will be to a
finish, no tlmo limit, best two out ot
three falls.
Tho match Is the outcomo ot the
contest last Saturday night, when
Norbock failed to down Gustavo
twice in 00 minutes. This match,
although a limited one, was a fast
one, considering the handicap. Nor
beck In several pounds heavier than
his opponent, Gustavo depending
upon his greater speed to bring him
victory. Ho will go into training
within tho next tew days and prepare
himself for tho event.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Tho formation of a national guard
company In Dend was urged at tho
luncheon of tho Commercial club this
noon, and the assistance of the club
requested In obtaining the organiza
tion. A Whlsnant presented the
matter to tho club, pointing out that
with a national guard company hero
an armory might bo expected and
various other benefits.
'Mr. Whlsnant's remarks were sup
plemented by Captain E. M. Durkc.
who strongly urged that the club do
everything it can In furtherance ot
tho suggestion, saying that before,
tho war Is over such an organization
will bo needed. President Foley will
nunounco later tho names ot a com
mittee to reprosont tho club in the
Earlier In tho meeting Captain
Ilurko spoko on tho remarkably fine
moral hgleno record being made by
tho Orogon draftees. So striking
wero tho Oregon figures, he said, that
tho government had taken notice of
them and was now going out on a
tremendous work of Improving con
ditions in civil communities for tho
bcnoflt ot draftees and the returning
troops, as well as tor society in gen
eral. To show tho relative value ot men
In tho army, Captain Ilurko closod
his speech with a story ot an army
captain who refused to trade "one
mule skinner for two bankers and a
lawyer," bringing roars ot laughter
from his audience.
Another vory interesting speech
was made by A. It. Sweet, a Spokane
mining oitgtnoor, who has Just made
an inspection of tho Oregon Nitrate
company's property at Sheep moun
tain. Tho property looks promising,
according to Mr, Sweet, who de
scribed It as a secondary deposit
formed by leaching. Tho geological
situation Is such, ho said, that to
prove out tho values ot the deposit it
Is necessary to spond a small amount
ot money. Tho surface looks good
and tho ono quostlon Is whether tho
rtopostt goes docp. It It does It is
valuable; It not It la practically
worthless. A comparatively small
sum will bo sufficient to make tho
test, and ho suggested a hopo that tho
test bo mndo tor the dovolopmont ot
a natural rosourco, such resources
bolng tho things on which tho pros
perity ot a section depends.
In oponlng tho mooting, Manager
Ovorturt read a lottor from Carl A.
Johnson urging that tho club take
action to procure tho flro protection
recommondod by tho stato flro mar
shal. Mr. Ovorturt also pointed out
tho Importance ot making an effort
to obtain Btato aid on tho county
roads. Tho lattor matter was re
ferred to tho road commlttoo and tho
forjnor to n commlttoo to bo appoint
ed In place of tho oxlsttng committee,
which was discharged by President
Foley tor failure, to got results.
I.'ncrnle of tlio Measure Will Hpead
Greater Tart of Time In liobbylnu
at Kalcm During; the Itr!
latlro Houston.
(8pUl to Tht Bulletin.)
SALEM, Aug. 1. Kvoryono la
Central Oregon Is familiar 'with, this
historical fact that the people la
1917 placed their stamp ot approval
on a legislative act known as the
JG, 000, 000 road bond bill, and that
they did it over the bitter protest ot
the same forces that woro aligned
against tho measure in tho legisla
ture. It also Is a historical fact, but
ono not so well known, that I. N.
Day of Portland and a lobbyist named
Shumway, who operated for the
Grange-Farmers' union-Union Labor
combination at the legislative scssloa
nearly had a fist fight In the lobby
ono day and harsh words passed be
tween them. Fists woro doubled and
blows deftly parried for a brief mo
ment, when friends Intervened.
Shumway then declared to Day that
the pooplo would tramplo on the
$6,000,000 bond bill and repudiate It,
The peoplo didn't do it. Hut Shum
wya declared at tho time that war
was on betweon the bill and his
Maku Ilond a Rome.
Now It also is a well known fact
that tho $6,000,000 bond issuo pro
vides for a system of roads radiating
out of Dend which will make that
the Rome ot Central Oregon, if the
program Is carried out to completion.
it might bo ot interest to Dend
peoplo to know that tho old sores
still rankle among tho forces that
hurled all of their efforts against
tbo bonding bill to defeat It in the
1917 legislature and to defeat It at
tho special election of the samo year.
They failed, but the failure rankles,
and tho old wounds won't heal.
Delegation Must ll Pruned.
Consequently thero Is a quiet, but
well deflnled, move on foot to at
least pull the teeth from tho bill and
as a word ot warning, if tho peoplo of
Bond wish to bo tho Homo ot Cen
tral Oregon, with all roads leading:
to it, It Is up to that section to see
that its legislative delegation comes
down to Salem primed to combat a
move to smash tho bill and put It
out ot business.
Tho forces contemplated taking a
swat at it at the November election
this year, but tor somo reasons these
plans miscarried and the bill still
stands. Hut no ono who Is friendly
to tho good roads program should
fcol that tho opposition is lulled to
Another angle to this fight Is tba
fact that Walter Plorco, then a mem
bor ot tho stato senate, but now a
candldato tor governor on tho Demo
cratic ticket, fought tho $6,000,000
road bond bill, tooth, toenail and
tears, and had a special bill all ot
his own which ho tried to put over
and couldn't. If Waltor by any
chanco happens to become governor
it Is a sate bet ho will use all ot the
powers ot his office, and will exert
all of, his influence with tho lobby
ists who crowd tho corridors ot the
capltol, to put a crimp in tho $6,
000,000 road bill.
Thoro -will be plonty ot spirit and
dash against tho bill. Even it Wal
ter isn't governor ho will bo back la
tho senate and will probably put up
a big scrap anyway.
If tho bill stands, Central Oregon
pooplo can fcol pretty well assured
that tho original program will be
carried out, in tlmo at loast. Two
years moro will mako over $13,
000,000 in cold, hard cash available
to carry out tho stato road program,
and this will practically do tho work
that was slated under tho $6,000,000
bonding act. This money will come
from tho $6,000,000 lssuo, tho Ileau
Darrott bonding iasuo, tho match
funds from tho federal government,
tho automobile funds and tho quar
ter ot a mill highway tax.
Auto 1 fundi es Highwuy Funds,
It has been determined now, b
youd a reasonable doubt, that the
automobile license- fund will more
than handle, tho $6,000,000 bead
issue and that the taxpayers at large
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