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Kaiser's Officers Showed Opon
Disregard of Interna
tional Law.
Cardinal Mercler Moved to Dltter Con
demnation of Acta of Qerman Au
thorltlea Which Arouied Detes
tation of Chrlatendorn.
Contrary to rules laid down by
the Hague convention, and all prin
4,ciples of civilized warfare, (Irrman
l-feauthoritie 'forced llelgians to aid
them in thi prosecution of tint war.
The committee on public informa
tion given the facta concerning
these atrocious deeds in a iamphlei
recently made public, from which tut
take the following:
October 12, Wiri, tin German million
Itlr-H tX)l M lollg Step III tilt) lllVl'l(ll-
input of their policy of forcing tint llil
slnna to nlil them In prosecuting the
wnr. Tim decree of Hint ditto reveal
tlin matter iiml openly discloses ii coif
Ci'iupt for International lnv.
"Article I, Whoever, without reason,
refuses lo undertake or lo continue
-work suitable to hla occupation, unit In
tint execution of which the military
jiiliiltrntlnn Ih Interested, such work
winu ordered by nun or more of tin'
inllltnry commanders, will bo liable to
Imprisonment not exceeding one year,
lie limy also tin transported to Oer
innny, "In voklng Itelglnn Inwa or even ln
teruntlnunl convention to lint con
trnry, enn, In no ense, Justify tlio rc
f ii n I to work.
"Article '. Any person who hy force,
threats, persuasion, or other menus
ntlcmpts to ttiltiUMico another In r'fui
work ii h (minted out In Article I, In
llnlilit to tint punishment of Imprison
ment not exceeding rive yetira,
"Article 3. Whoever knowingly liy
' menu of nlil given or In nny other way
abets n punishable refusal to work,
nlil he llnblo to u maximum flue of
10,000 mnrka, nnd In nddlllon niny lie
condemned to n year's Imprisonment.
"If commune or association liuve
rendered themselves guilty of such mi
offense Hie head of the communes will
oe ptinUhrd.
"Article 4. In nddltlnn to tin pcnnl
tlra alnted In Article 1 nnd ,1, the Oer
man authorities limy, In cnae of nerd,
tinKiHtt mi communes, where without
.rensnn, work has heen refused, n flue
fTir other coercive mic measure.
This preaent ili'crvu cornea Into
force lininedlntely,
"Dcr Etuppclnapcklcur,
"von unger,
"Ghent. October 1'.', IDI.V
"Slavery," Said Cardinal Mercler.
Cnrdlniil Mercler'H hrlef couiineut la
na foil own; 'Tint Injustice nnd arbi
trariness of this decree ex reed nil Unit
, could he Imagined, forced labor, col
lccllvit penalties nnd arid trnry punish
ments, nil are there. It In shivery, nei
ther innrt nor less."
Cardinal Mercler wit In error, foi
5 the German authorities were utile to
Imagine it much more terrlhle measure.
In Octohcr, 11)10. when Hie need for
) nu ndilltlonal lahor supply In (leriuiiny
i hnd become, urgent, the German gov
vruuieiit established Hut system of
forced Inhor nnd deportation which
liiix aroused tint ilotc.ilutlou of Chris,
lendom. Tint render will tint he misled
3y the cluuiKy effort of the Herman mi-
y JiorltleH in i.msk lint real purpose of
"tin decree.
"I. People nble to work tuny lie
-compelled to work even outside the
jilncn where, they live, In ease they
linve In apply to the charity of other
for the Mipport of themselves or theli
OependentH on uccnunt of KmnblltiK,
(IrunkeuucMa, loallnt,, uneiiiployuieut or
"II. Kvery Inhiihllunt of Hie country
In bound to render nxNlNtiincn In ciihc
if accident or Kt'iieral danger, and iiIho
to Klvo help In ciimi of public calami
ties na fur iin he can, even outMdtt the
plncu where ho liven; In ciiko of refu
xnl ho may he compelled by force,
"III. Anyone culled upon to work,
under Articles I or II, who Muill re
fiiho thu work, or to continue ut the
work iinmIkikmI him, will Incur tint pen
ulty of IniprlHoiiuient up to three yenra
nnd of n lino up to 10,000 murks, or
one or oilier of Uichu penalties, uiiIchi
n woverer penalty In provided for liy
the lawn in force,
"If tho refusal to work him heen
fjiindo In concert or In iiKrcoment with
Vieveral peritouM, ench accompllctt will
to sentenced, iih If hu wero a rliiR
lender, to ut leant n week'H Imprison
ment. "IV. Tho German military author!
Icn nnd military courlN will enforce
itp proper execution of this decree.
"'Great lleadqunrterH, lid October,
1010." '
Military Rulers Reiponalble.
Tho rcripoiiMhlllty for this nirocloua
jiroRrnih reHtH upon tho inllltnry rulers
-of Germany, who had labored ho real
onaly to Infect tint uriny nnd tho
tioopln with the principles of
Hess. It Im vlKiilllriiiit that tho decree
of October II, 1010, followed hard upon
tliji eUivntlon of lllndenburjj lo tho hu
'Ureimi command with Ludcndorf iih Ills
chief of stuff, In his Iodk report of
Jnti,unry 10, 1017, Minister Whltlovl:
nnyni (On fllit In slain depiirlmnnt.)
Then, In AiiKiisi, Von llliiilonliurn
was appointed in llm Niipreuui coni'
tnnnd, lie Ih hiiIiI to have criticized
Von MImmIiik'n policy it a too mild; thurc
wnn n (imrrel; Von IIIssIiik went U,
llirllu (o protest, tlirenleiied to idsIkii
but did not. Hit returned, and n Ger
man olllclal hero mild that IIcIkIiiiii
would now he aubjeeled to a more ten
rlliln reKlnut-Mvotild leuhi what win
wna, Tin prophecy bus been vindicat
ed. Recently I was told Hint lint dras
tic measures urn really of I.udendnrO
liuiplrallou; I do not know, Mutiy Ger
man ofllccrs nny ho,"
If Von Illsslinr hud opposed the pol
icy of deportation when his own Judg
ment wiin overruled, he consented lo
liecouut the "devil's advocate" nnd de
fended Hut system In public. Kspe
chilly Instructive la the following con
versation reported by Mr. V, O. Wnl
cott :
"I went to IIcIkIiiui lo InvcHllKntr
conditions, nnd while there I had oji
pnrtuulty . . , lo talk one day with
Governor General Von Illsslni;, who
died three or four weelin iiko, ii mini
fovonty.lwn or seveiity-lhree yenri
old, u man steeped In Hut 'system,
bnrn and bred to Hie hardeiilnic of (111
heart which that philosophy develops
There ought to bit snuiu new word
coined for the process that a mnn'i
heart undergoes when It become
steeped In Dial system,
"I mild to him, 'Governor, what are
you koIiik to do If KiiKliind mid rraiict
atop kIvIiik these people money to pur
chase food)'
Von Dialing Relied on Starvation,
"He said, 'We have got (hut nil
worked out mid have had It worked
out for weel;a, liecuiiNe we have ex
pected this system lo break down til
nny lime.'
"He went on to suy, '.Sinrvatlon will
crip these people In thirty to slxtj
days. Starvation Is a ciimpellltn; force
nnd we would use Hint force to compel
Hut MelKlan workltiKineii, many ol
Ihein very skilled, to k" to German
In replace the German, so Hint they
could co to the front and fluid nKulnst
the KiikIIsIi nnd the Trench.'
"'As fast us our railway transpor
tation could curry lliein, we would
transport thousands of others thai
would be lit for ncrlcultiirnl work,
across ICurope down Into southeastern
Kurope, Into Mesopotamia, where we
hae huce, splendid Irrliratloti works.
All Hint laud needs Is water and It
will blossom like the rose.
"The week reiiinlnlnc. the old nnd
the youiiK. we would concentrate opx
site the flrlnc line, and put flrlni;
aqtinds buck of them, nnd force them
HimtiKh Hint line, so Hint the Cngllsh
nnd I'reurh could take cure of tbelt
own people.'
"It wna n perfectly simple, direct,
frank rensoiiliik'. It meant Hint the
Ocrnuiti Koverniueut would use nny
force In the destruction of any people
not Its own to further lis own ends."
Frederick ('. Wnlcott. In Nntlonnl Geo-p-nphlral
MnRiixlue, May. 11)17.
A brief jcenernl view of the chnrnrtei
of the deportations can prrhnps he
Coined best from (he report of Minis
ter Whltlnck.
'The deportations begun In Octobei
In thu I 'tape, nt Ghent, and nt Unices,
na my hrlef telegrams Indicated. The
policy apread: the rich Industrial ills
trlclN of Ilnlnaull, the mines and steel
works nhoiit Oinrlcrol were nest nt
tncked; now they are adzing men In
Itnibnnt. even In llrussels, despite
some Indications and even prediction
of Hie civil authorities that the policy
was about to he abandoned.
The elnpes were the pnrlH of Itel
kIiiiii under marllal law, nnd Included
the province of western l-'lntiilerx, pari
of eastern Flanders, and the region
of Tourunl. The remnlnder of the oc
cupied purl of Ilelclum was tiuilei
chll Koverniueut.
Pitiable and Dlttremlng. Scene.
"Durluc the Inst fortulcht men Imvi
been Impressed hero In UriiMscR but
their seizures here lire mndu evldenll)
with much crenter cure than In the
provinces, with more record for the
nppearnnces. There wna no public an
nouncement of the Intention lo deport
hut suddenly about ten days ac ccp
tnlu men In towns whose uiiiiich an
on the list of chomeurri received huiii
iiioiih notlfyltic them to report nt oik
of tho railway stations on ii clven day;
penalties were llxed fur failure to re
spond to Hie summons and there was
printed on the card an olTer of employ
ment by the German cuvcrmucnt, ei
ther In Germany or Urlclum. On Hu1
first day out of about l.ttM) men or
dered to present themselves ut thf
Care du Midi about 7o0 responded.
These were examined hy German phy
sicians and S100 were taken. There
wiin no disorder, u hirco forcu ol
mounted Uhlans keeplnc buck the
crowds nnd burrlnc iiccchh to the sta
tion to nil but those who had heen
miiumuucd to appear. Thu commis
sion for relief In llclciuni had secured
permission to clvo to each deported
man a loaf of bread, and hoiuo of the
communes provided warm clothing, for
those who had uouu ami In addition u
small llnunclal iillowunce. Ah by one
of tho Ironies of life the winter hue
been moro excessively cold than Itel
rIuiii bus ever known It, and while
many of those who presented them
selves were ndoounlely protected
iiKiilnst the cold, many of them were
without overcontH. Tho men shlv
crliiK from cold nnd fear, the partlnc
from weeping wlvea nnd children, the
barriers of brutal Uhlans, all this
made tho scene u pitiable and dlu
tresslnc one,
"It wiih untlerstood that tho iTelzures
would continue hero In llrussels, hut
on Thursday Inst, u bitter cold day,
those that hud' been convoked were
sent homo without examination. It Is
supposed that tho severe went her bus
Solemn Promises Made to Bel
gians Proved to Bo Worse
Than Worthless.
Pathetic and Dignified Supplications of
Municipal Qovernmenta Answered
by Rebuke and Heavy Fine
Irnpoaed by deneral Hopfer.
Over the earnest protest of Cardi
nal Mercies, heroic head of the
church in llelgium, the terrible
plans of the kaiser's high officers
concerning the deportation of the
people were carried out. The sol
emnly pledged word of the German
governor general of llelgium count
ed as nothing in the malignant hale
shown by the kaiser's creatures.
Cnrdlniil Mercler attempted to per
simile Hie German authorities to aban
don their terrible plans for the seizure
of llelcliins to assist In Die prosecu
Hon of the war, reminding them ol
their solemn promises In the past:
"Mallnes. IMIi October, 1010.
"Mr. Governor General:
"The duy after the surrender of Ant
werp the frlchteiied population linked
Itself what would become of the Itel
clans of uce to bear arms or who would
reach Hint age before the end of the
occupation. The entreaties of the fn
tbers mid mothers or families deter
mined mo to question the governor ol
Antwerp, Huron von I luetic, who had
the kindness lo reassure me mid to
ntitlioilze me In Ids mime to reassure
the agonized pnrents. The rumor hud
spread ut Antwerp, nevertheless, thai
ut l.lege, Numiir, nnd C'harlerol young
men had been seized and tnketi by
force to Germany. I therefore beg
Kill Governor von lluene lo bo good
enough to coiillrm to me In writing the
guuranteo which he had given to me
orally, to the effect that nothing sim
ilar would liiipM'ii ut Antwerp. He
said to me Immediately that the ru
mors, concerning Deportations were
without basis, nnd unhesitatingly he
sent me In writing, among other state
ments, Hie following: 'Young men Imv
no reason to fcur Hint they will be ta
ken to Germany, either to be there en
rolled In thu urmy or employed for
forced labor.'
This declanitlou, written nnd sign
ed, was publicly transmitted to the
clergy mid to those of the fulfil of
the province of Antwerp, na your excel
lency can see from the document en
cloned herewith, dated October 10th,
101 1, which was rend In utl tho church
es. Solemn Qerman Promise Broken.
"Uimn the arrival of your predeces
sor, the late Huron von iler Goltz, nt
llrussela I had the honor of presenting
myself nt Ids bouse nnd requested him
to he good enough to ratify for the en
tire country, without time limit, the
guarantees which General von Huene
had given me for the province of Ant
werp. The governor general retained
this request III his possession In ordet
to examine It ut his leisure. The fol
lowing day he was good enough t
count In person to Mallnes to bring mi
Ids upprovnl, and continued to me, Ir
Hie presence of two ulde.s-de-cmup mid
uf my private secretary, the promise
Hint the liberty of Helghiu cltlzent
would he respected.
To doubt the authority of such tin
dertuklugs would have been to relied
upon the persons who had made them,
nnd I therefore look steps lo nllny, by
nil the means of persuasion In my
power, the anxieties which persisted In
the Interested families.
"Notwithstanding nil Hits, your gov
eminent now tears from their hornet
workmen reduced In spile of their ef
fori a to a stale of unemployment, Hep
urates them by force from their vlve
nud children nnd deports them to en
emy territory. Numerous workmen
have already undergone this unhiippj
lot; more numerous are those who arc
threatened with the suine acts of vlo
lei ice.
Mercler Moving Appeal.
"In the name of the liberty of domi
cile mid the liberty of work of llelglan
citizens; In the uauie of the Inviola
bility of families; In the iitiuie of mor
al Interests which thu measures of de
portation would gravely compromise;
In the uiitue of the word given by the
governor of the Province of Antwerp
nnd by the governor general, the Im
mediate representative of the highest
authority of the German empire, I re
spec! fully beg your excellency lo be
good enough to withdraw the measures
of forced lahor mid of deportation an
nounced to tho llelglan workmen, and
lo be good enough to reltistato In their
homes those who have already been
" our excellency will appreciate how
painful for r.iu would he the weight of
tho responsibility that I would have
to bear ns regards these families. If
tho coutldcnco which they have given
you through my agency and at my re
quest wero lamentably deceived.
"I persist In believing that this wlb
not be thu cuse.
"Accept, Mr. Governor General, tli9
assurance of my very high considera
tion. v
"Arch, of Miillnos."
omenta which follow llltistmln nclglnn
nppeals mid German answers.
"In tint unit tern of the requisition
mnde by the German authorities on Oc
tober W), 1010 (requisition of u list ut
workmen to he drawn up by the mo.
tilclpullly) . , .
"Tlio municipal council resolves to
mnltiliiln Its attitude of refusal.
"It further feels It Its duty to plnco
on record the following:
Tho city of Tournul Is prepared U
submit unreservedly to nil the exigen
cies authorized by Hut laws find cus
toms of wnr. Its sincerity cuiuiot bo
questioned. Kor more Hum two yenra
It has submitted to the Gentian occu
pation, during which 1 1 in it It has lodged
mid lived ut close quarters with tho
Uermnn troops, yet It has displayed
perfect composure mid hits refrained
from any net of hostility, proving
thereby Hint It Is unlimited by no Idle
spirit of bravado.
"In his declaration dated Keptetnbcr
2, 1011, the Geriumi governor general
of llelgium declared: 'I ask none to
renounce his patriotic sentiments.'
"Thu city of Tournul reuses con
fidence In Gils deenruHon, which It la
bound lo consider ns thu sentiment of
the German emperor, In whose name
the governor general was speaking. In
accepting the Inspiration of honor and
patriotism, thu city Is loyal to u funda
mental duty, the loftiness of which
must be iippureiit to uny German ofll
cer. 'Tint city Is confident Hint tho
striilghtforwurdness mid clearness of
this attitude will prevent uny misun
derstanding nrlslng between Itself uud
the German tinny."
Anivver la Lecture and Fine.
'Tournul, Slnl October, 1010.
"In permitting Itself, through the
medium of municipal resolutions, to
oppose the orders of the German mili
tary authorities In Hie occupied ter
ritory, the city is guilty of an unexam
pled arrogance nnd of a complete mis
understanding of the situation created
by the state of war.
The 'clcnr and simple situation' Is
In reality the following:
The military authorities order tne
city to obey. Otherwise the city must
beur the heavy consequences, as I have
poluted out In my previous expluuu-
'The general commanding the tinny
hns Indicted on the city on account
of Its refund, up to date, to furnish
the lists demanded u punitive con
tribution of '.'00,000 murks, which must
be paid within the next six days, be
ginning with today. The general also
ndds that until such time ns till the
lists demanded nre In bis hands, for
every duy In arrears, beginning with
December 31, 1010. n sain of 'JO.000
murks will be puld by the city.
"HOI'FKR, Mnjor General,
The Commission Syndicate of Uel
glnn worklngmen ulso attempted to In
duce the German authorities to uban
don their terrlhle plans.
Recited Wrongs of Workmen.
"Commission .Syudtcnle of llelgium,
"Ilnisucls, 30th Oct.. lOlO.
To the Governor General of Itelglum.
"Excellency: The measures which
nre being planned by your adminis
tration to forcu the unemployed to
work for thu Invading (tower, the de
portation of our unhappy comrades
which hns begun In the region of the
etapes, move most profoundly the en
tire working class In Itelglum.
The undersigned, members and rep
resentntlves of the great central so
cialist and Independent syudlcules of
llelgium, would consider that they had
not fulfilled their duty did they nut ex
press to you the painful M-ntlmcnt
which agitate the laborers and convey
to you thu echo of their touching com
plulnts. "They have seen the machinery
taken from their factories, the most
diverse kind of raw materials requisi
tioned, the accumulation of obstacles
to prevent tho resumption of regular
work, thu disappearance one by one of
Fourth publication of this notlco, as
shown bolow, yotlr nnswor, undor
oath, specifically responding to thoM
allegations of contost, together with,
duo proof that you havo served a,
copy of your answor n tho said conn
tostant clthor In poraon or by rcgl.H
tared mall.
You should statu in your answer
tho name of tho postofflcn to which,
you dcslro future notices to bo sent
to you.
JAS. F. nUIiaKSS, Roglntor.
Date of 1st publication, Jan. 31, 1318
Onto of 2d publication, Fob. 7, 1918
Dato of 3d publication, Fob. 11, 1918
Datoof 4th publication, Fob. 21, 1918
In Mm f'mintv f'mirt nt (tin Rtnin nt
(From Friday's Dally.) I Oreeon for Deschutes Countv.
FIvo questionnaires will bo filled. In the Matter of the Kstato of Ooorgo
out hy Ilcnd housewives for uae In
compiling a survey of tho food situa
tion in tho United States. Of the 400
question blanks being sent In from
Oregon to tho Statu Kelatlons Ser
vice of tho United States Department
of Agriculture, Hond has been al
lotted this number, which havo been
distributed by Mrs. A. F. Larson to
Mrs. J. M. Iawrcncc, Mrs. A. Whls-
nnnt, Mrs. Carl Johnson, Mrs. R. S.
Linton and Mrs. C. M. .McKay. Tho
blanks woro left hero by Mrs. J. D.
McComb, of tho Oregon Agricultural
College, who was In fiend early this
week In tho interest of tho food ad
ministration. A report of the food consumed In
1917 Is to bo made up with tho Idea
of finding out Just how much ono
family uses, how much It costs and
what Is now on hand. It Is divided
up Into thu following sections: Meats
preserved for homo use, fruits, veg
etables and eggs preserved for homo
uso, milk, household Inventory and
consumption record. A family record
on tho back Includes Information as
to how many people arc In tho house
hold, their ages, occupations and Incomes.
In tho County Court of tho Stato of
Oregon, for Deschutes County.
In tho Matter of tbo Estate of Su
san E. Denson, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that Mary
A. Denson, executrix of tho last will
and testament of Susan E. Denson,
deceased, has made and filed with
tho Clork of the County Court of Des
chutes County, Oregon, tho final ac
count of her administration of said
cstato, and that tho Honorable Coun
ty Judge of said Deschutes County
has sot Monday, tho 4th day of
March, 1918, at tho boar of 10 o'clock
in tho forenoon at tho Court Room In
Ilcnd, Orngon, as tho time and place
of hearing tho final settling of said
estate, and all persona Interested are
cited to appear at said tlmo and place
and show cause. If any, -why said ac
count should not bo allowed.
Dated this 29th day of January,
Executrix of tho last Will and Tes
tament of Susan E. Denson. De
ceased. 4S-Glp
W. McCalllstor. deceased.
Notlco Is hereby given by tho un
dersigned, tho executrix of tho cstato
of George W. McCalllstcr, deceased,
that sho has mnde and filed with tho
County Clerk of Deschutes County,
Orngon, her final account of her ad
ministration of said estate, nnd that
tho Honorablo Judgo of said County
Court has set Monday, tho 25th day
of February, 1918, at 10 o'clock of.
tho forenoon of said day at tho Coun
ty Court Room In 'fiend, Oregon, aj
tho tlmo and place of hearing of said
final account.
Dated this 22d day of January,
Executrix of tho Estato of George
W. McCalllstcr, Deceased.
In tho County Court of tho Stato of
Oregon, for Deschutes County.
In tho Matter of tho Estato of.
Dan Draglch, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned was on tho Gth day of No
vember, 1917, duly appointed ad
ministrator of the estato of Dan Dra
glch, deceased. All persons having
claims against the cstato aro hereby
notified to present the samo duly
verified In tho manner provided by
law, to H. II. De Armond, O'Ksna
Ilulldlng, fiend, Oregon, within six
months from tho dato of tho first
publication hereof.
4G-49c Administrator.
Notlco Is hereby given that pursu
ant to nn order of tho Justice of the
Peace for fiend District, made and,
entered mo oru uay or January. j.i .,..... .. .. r, ':.
1918 tho following described vicious Rataf of p v ?iivpinnh i ST
dorslde of tho left ear and a blotch I '
In the County Court of tho State oC
Oregon for Lako County.
In tho Matter of the Partnership Es
tato of F. W. Silvortooth and Sam
uel A. Lester, tho former now de
ceased. Notice Is hereby given that I, Sam
uel A. Lester, tho duly appointed,
qualified and acting administrator oC
tho partnership cstato of F. W. Sil
vortooth and Samuel A. Lester, tas
former now deceased, will, on and,
after the 31st day of January, 1918.
soil at private salo for cash In hand,
tho following described real property
belonging to said estate, to-wlt: The.
north half of tho northwest quarter
of tho southeast quarter, tho south
west quarter of tho northwest quar
ter, and the southeast quarter of Sec
tion twenty-eight (28). In Townshna
twenty-two (22), south of Rango
nine (9) east, Wlllametto Meridian,
In Crook County, Oregon,
Said real property to bo sold sub
ject to ro-sale and confirmation ia
the samo manner as other sales oC
real property mado by executors and,
In testimony whereof. I havo here
unto sot my hand this twenty-fourta
day of Decomber, 1917.
brand on left sldo near the back
bono; will bo sold at public auction
by tho Constable or fiend District, to
satisfy tho damages, costs of keeping,
and nil expenses Incurred, Including
Justice fees and cost of advertising,
and sale, at my ranch situated about
two miles east of fiend, at tho hour
of 10 o'clock in tho forenoon of Sat
urday, tho 16th day of February,
every public liberty of which they were NOTICE OK CONTEST
,,r''1u.t1, , . Department of tho Interior. 'United
"lor more than two years the In-J states Land Orrice. Lakevlow. Oro
horlng cIiihs more than uny other has I gon, January 21, 191S.
been forced to undergo the most bit-1 To Howard Wallace, of Canby, Ore-
tin- trials, experiencing misery mid ! K". contcsteo: You aro hereby notl
Munlclnal eoveriimentH In ItelL'tuni
moved thu Geriimna to postpone the appealed to tho German authorities to
deportation.' observe their promise. Tho two u"pc-
often hunger, while Its children far
away light mid die, mid the parents
of these children can never convey lo
them the affection with which their
hearts are overllowlug.
Pathetic Appeal Disregarded.
"Our laboring cIuks has endured
everything with the utmost calm nnd
the most Impressive dignity, repren.dng
Its MilTcrlngs, Its complaints and heavy
trials, sacrltlclug everything to Its
Ideal of liberty and Independence. Hut
the measures which have been an
nounced will make the population drain
the dregs (of the cup) of human sor
row; the proletariat, the poor upon
whom unemployment has been forced,
citizens of a modern state, nre to be
condemned to forced labor without
having disobeyed any regulation or
"In tho mime of the families of
workmen among which tho most pain
(ut anxiety reigns at present, whoso
mothers, whoso fiancees, uud whose
little children aro destined to shed so
many moro tears, wo beg your excel
lency to prevent tho accomplishment
of this painful net, contrary to In
ternational law, contrary to the dig
nity of tho working classes, contrary
to everything which makes for worth
and greatness In human untrue.
"Wo beg your excellency to pardon
our emotion and wo offer you the horn
ago of our distinguished consideration."
(Appended aro signatures of mem
bers of thu national committee and
the Commission Syndicate.)
Von Hissing In his reply, November
3, practically admitted tlio truth of the
complalut by attempting to Justify the
measures protested ugulust,
fiod that Eldon P. Swank, who sives
Urothors, Oregon, as his postotrice
address, did on December 10, 1918,
rile In this office his duly corrobo
rated application to contest nnd se-
J euro tho cancellation of your Home
stead Entry, serial No. 07G37, mado
May 12th, 1914, Tor SYV4, Sec. 12,
ami .w hoc. 13, Township 21 s.,
Range 17 E. W. M.. and as grounds
for his contest he alloges that:
1. I am Informed nnd believe and
thereforo stato that tho said Howard
Wallace has never been upon said
land since, tho day ho filed ou samo
In 'May, 1914, and that ho has been
absent from said land ever since and
moro than six months last past and
that ho has entirely ubandoned tho
samo and does not Intend to ever re
turn to said land; that ho has never
mado any improvements upon tho
land whatsoever and has never culti
vated any of said land whatover, but
entirely abandoned tho land tho day
ho riled on same.
2. That his said absonco and
abandonment was not and has not
boon duo to his employment In tho
military branch of tho U. S. Govern
ment, or service rondorod in connec
tion with operations In Mexico or
along tho borders thoroor, or In mob
ilization camps olsowhoro in tho mil
itary or naval sorvlco of tho United
States In any capacity or tho Na
tional Guard or any or tho sovoral
states, nor in tho sorvlco or tho U.
S. In any capacity on account of tho
European war or In any othor man
ner. You nro, thoroforo further notified
Hint tho said allegations will bo taken
ns confessed, und your said entry will
bo cnucoled without furthor right to
bo heard, olthor boforo this offlco or
on appeal, ir you rail to file In this
offlco withlu twenty days after tho
Dopartmont or tho Intor.or. United.
State mnd Offlco. Lakevlow, Ore
gon, January 11, 1918.
To II, O. Sandln, of unknown ad
dress, contestee: You urs hereby
notified that Leo L. Weston, who
gives Bend. Orogon, as his pojtofrico
address, did on January 5, 191, nie
lli this offlco his duly corroborated
application to contest and se?uro tho
cancellation or your Homestead En
try. Serial No. 04641, mado May 1G.
1911, ror SV5 or Sect'on 4, Township
21 S Range IS E., Willamette Morl
dlan, and as grounds ror hla content
ho alleges that:
1. I am Inrormod and verily be
lieve, and therefore stato that you
erected a one-room shack and a small
barn shortly after filing upon said
tract In May. 1911, that you resided
upon said tract a part of the fail and
winter or 1911 and 1912, and that
you abandoned said tract In tho
wring or 1912, and havo novor re
turned. I further stntn thnt I hov.t
I personally known said tract for u'n-
wnrus ot one year last past; that
during sa'.d year last past you havo
wholly abandoned said claim for
moro than ono year last past; that
you havo novor mado any Improve
ments upon said land, nor cultivated
tho same, nor any part thoroof; ex
cept as above; that your allogod ab
sonco from and failure to cultivate
said land was not dua to your em
ployment In tho army, navy or ma
rine corps, or other organization de
scribed in the act of July 28, 1917, or
You aro, thoroiore, furthor notified
thnt tho said allegations will bo tak
en as confessed, and your said entry
will bo canceled without furthor right
to bo heard, either boforo this offlea
or on appeal, If you fall to file in thla
offlco within 20 days after the fourtit
publication or tills notlco, as shown
bolow, your answer, undor oath,
specifically responding to theso alle
gations or contest, togothor with duo
proor that you havo sorvod a copy of
your answer on tho said contestant
olthor in person or by registered
You should stato in your answer
tho name ot tho poatorrico to which
you dcslro futuro notices to bo aunt
to you,
4C-7-8-9C. Register
Dato or 1st publication, Jan. 17, 19is!
Dato or 2d publication, Jan, 24, 1918.
Dato or 3d publication, Jan. 31, 1913.
Dato or 4th publication, Feb. 7, 191H.