The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 25, 1917, WEEKLY EDITION, Image 1

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The bend bulletin.
I .1
TO C. 0. I. MOVE.
'Ouiipiiiiy .Mli'inptltiKi liiIi" Vfll of
Him liiliiiillnn, tn I'H'it'tit HelllciM
From llmlnif 1'oiilrul of
llm liiluiilliiii S)tein,
(From Friday' Dally.) .
TliHt llm petition now before 111
Desert ImhiI Hoard winking the re
iMIIIHllOII III WOQO HIT MX (if lllllll Ollt
itu the (.'. O. I. project, I limiilrml
by the Central Oregon Irrigation
Company ami liaa aa lu chief pur
ltm the iIImoIuUoii of hh Irrigation
t'Mtrlri already petitioned y set
Hers on the U. 0. I. landa, I the
l.rUreilon made limt night by II. II.
li'i ArtHoml, attorney (or (Iih settler
imor thH propoed ilUtrlrt. 'lint ro-
la mat ton put (lion, which was Intro-
hired Tiie-iiey Ht it meeting of tint
li.'nt.rt Mini HiHiril luJlaleui I now
bring Imlil In nli)anrt pending tint
i.tlmi u( the Deachutea rntinty rourl
on tli it district potltlnn ulroitily :lr-
Itllltwl HMll published,
"TIih company In untumtly dealr
.itiM of keeping control of tlm IiihiIh
In the project, imil this control would
jai with the organization of tho ills
trlii which In now eought," Mr. I)u
Armntiil wtlil. "ThU In one of tho
-iimpiiny'N moves to retain oontrl,
for according to the torniH under
vhleh tlm iiililltlniiiil U000 acres
would h rui'luliiHMl, it largo number
of settlors who am Included In the!
.Httrlti already started would huviil
(o withdraw nnil Join tho nuw dln--.rlct.
"An (o the iixtoimlnn of tliu North
Canal, thH available uutor iiupply
iuli not bo InvriMNiHl, nmt surveys
liavu shown that there In now innrn
land Mild under tlm C. 0. I. project
ilinii (Iih system Iwi it water to Irri
gate. Tho bringing In of iihw IiiiiiIn
in the Powell lliittn section would
r.'Ti-ly result In rutting down the
.itir supply for settlors near Hod
itininl and other parts of the pro
J..I" isTi.'iiixr i,.(js, hit i,i:.iicit
DCt'hAIti: THAT .Mini FOIt
(From Frlday'H Dally.)
Dnclarliu; that liitnruHt lu tho Hod
O'ohn work lu lloiid Ih IiikkIuk. Mra
AV. C. ItlrdBall, luador lu tho Itnd
'ros mnvoniout horo, IhhiiimI n call
t day ur;liiK local wouioii to dovoto
nioro tlmo to howIuk and kulttliiK
tor tho Amurlrmi wdlillom. "Much
linn honn douo alnmdy, hut oven innrn
loiniiliiH to ho nccouipllBliod," oho do
tlarml, "and with tliti cold bohsoii
rapidly uoiului; on, It Is luipuratlvo
that iih lartio mi niuuunt of HiippllcH
lip turnod out iih pnimlhln."
Mrs. Dlrdnall oxphiluod that tho
rIppliiK and roHowhiK of n nuinlmr
of KarmontH at flmt, hofnro Hpoclflca
ttoiin for thn work had houu roiolvt'd, npparuiitly dlHcouriiKod many ol
tho wnuuiti, hut Htatod that thoro It
now practically iiouo of HiIh left t
ho douo.
MootlnnH of tho Hod Crosa nro ooii
tlnuliiK ovory day lu tho wook from
10 o'clock lu tho mnrnluK to I o'clock
J i) tho uftornooii, and all llond womoii
-who dimlro to di) tholr Hharo toward
liolpliiK tho Iiojh In camp ami at the
frond aro Invltod to attend. Momlior
Hhlp lu tho Hod Oi'obh la not a pro-i-cquIhUo
to Horvlco.
(From Tuomlny'H Dally.)
Itov. J. M. NbIhou, puator of t!i"
-'lrat DnptlHt churoli, loft last iiIkM
i Jiir Tlio Dalloa to attond tho OroKon
' Havtiut Htato oouvontlon. Min. T. II
Foloy and Mtb. 0. J. Clappmlao left
tlila moriilni; iih additional Dond dol
t oKiiloa. Tho bohbIou hoi;nn yestor
ilay and will coiitlnuo throueh Fri
day nftornoon.
iiiildixo cnviatnn
nv i.nhi'ua.sci;
(From Wodnosdiiy'M Dally.)
I'lro between 2 and 3 oVlook thin
aftornonn totally destroyed the Depot
Hotel opposite the union depot, at
a lo approximating $5500. Al
UifiiKh no Ono whh eerloimly Injured
In the lilniB, Wlllutm ItoliurtlliiK. a
lirakeinuu, who wan hnIuhii In a mho
nnil atory room, imrronly inchihI
from the IuiIIiHiik. He Wa rewued
hr the proprietor, Cherlee Wade, whn
whn htirneO mIioui thu baml and arme
ria a reatllt.
Th mine of ih flrn la unknown.
t ntNrtmt lu the hilrhfttt aril Nprend
Nluwly at firm. It wna fully half an
hour lidfiirii an ulcirin whn tiirnoil lu
and tho fire itpfirtiuent hrourtht to
IIih m'hiih. At lliin time tliu flame
hud Kalni'd nih'Ii headwAy that It wa
liupneftlhln to hbvh any iiiirtlnu of
oltlior tlm BtriicliirH or fiinilliliiKn.
Tho hullilliiK In rovired hy S&00 In
mintnro and the furnlNh!iiKN and nup
pllN. tiseu.
Cbarlua Wadtt Iinn horn oiieratliiK
tliu hotel which In owiiimI hy Mm.
MkIUmi Wadn, of Knattle. I'ractlrully
all of tin1 roiiniN with occupied, tho
hullilliiK hoimliiK ahnut 30 Kinmtii lant
iiIkIiI. Nearly nil of thti wore away
at tlm time ntti'udlUK tho l.lhurty Day
rally up town,
t'oxKTittt'i' i:griiMiKvr fou
AND Tlllilll OWN ItOO.M.
(From Friday' Dully.)
FiiruUhliiKi for their own claim
room are heliiK mado hy the lioyn who
aro NtudyliiK miutual tralultiK In tliu
IIhiiiI IiIkIi Nchnol. They aro now con
NtructliiK larxo liHiichei, completely
eiiilppiMl for the ahop and which will
Iih liiNtalled noon aa permuneut flx
turoH In pin en of tho old hIibIvoh tout
pornrlly placed nloiiK the walls of
tho IiuuriiIow room devotod to tho
wood workliiK clamioH.
In tho nliort tlmo hIik'o tho roumo
lni boon lu oporatlon, hoi:lunliiK at
Mio flret of tho torm, -0 hookkoop
Ink tahloH coiitaluliiK draworH, Ink
woIU and pou rackn, and two typo
wrltor tahlim havo hoon coiiHtructod
In tho chiHH room, Theuo will ho
liiht'tllod in tho now commercial do-
purtim;;i Six of tho manual train.
IiiK honchcH nro unci or way.
Tho hoyH dovoto 80 mtnutoa ench
day to manual tralnliiK work, Thoro
aro 12 hoya lu ono dims anil hovou lu
tho other, uudor tho direction of I..
C, HnndorH. Tho IniUKalow which
they aro uhIiik contnlun ?:t00 worth
of (ooIh and equipment, Attention
will Hoon 1)o turned to constructing
plnycround apparatna for tho Central
tU!- tr' Hsk V - tn
A' ' 'MHaflBBaVkBBBBBaVlf "
Fiiruliiuiyiuil WjiIIiko to ('nit Doulil
On IIk1n t of County, noil .fur
Ixllillnii of Court Object lu
l.i'lll'ln Hi ICtllloncr.
(From Wedhoeday'N Dally.)
OnoH innrn DMrhutee eounty'a
rlKlit to exlNtence la to he (mention oil,
tli In time through the uimIIuiu of ao
appeal to tho Niipremo court in the
matter of the pnm of .Mm. fJla.e
Ilnlley, convicted Inn wuok nf role
hory, and amtpneed yoaterdny '.' from
throo to IS yeant lu tho penitentiary.
TIiIm pliaeo of the rani) wna learned
hint nlKht when N. (1. Wallnee, of
I'rlnovlllr. and Hint FaruhiMii, of
Ileuil. atated that they will quuatlnn
tho Jurhtitlctlon'of the court n ono of
the chief pulntH lu their appeal.
That thr rouutS' dlvlalon election
Innl year did not carry, thai hwau'e
of thU DeachutrN county dut4 not
oxlftt, and lionce that the circuit court
which has been In (teimlon here U not
properly, nor legally conntltutixl, will
ho the outline of tho argument lined,
accordliiK to Mr. Wallace, who Ih also
npptKirltiK aKfllnot tho county In juo
warranto proceeding filed ocrly In
tho year, and mill poudliiK.
Oilier VnilliiN SalKfy.
Mr. Wallace nUo reprttnoiitml Dav
id Dunn, defendant lu a criminal ac
tion durltiK tho proNout torm, hut Is
apparently well satisfied with tho
court as to that case, lu which ho se
cured nn ncqulttn! for 1i!h client.
Another cause for appeal will ho
tho admission ns ovldenoo nf n BtHeiq
of letters which paused between I..
A. Hawllng, cniuplaluliiK witness
aKnlust Mrs. Ilalley, and the First
National Hank, relative to financial
transactions In which hoth Hawllni;s
and Mrs. Ilnlley were concerned. In
this connection It will he claimed
that the correspondence constituted
hearsay evidence, and heme should
he ruled out
I'uifliriil l,lti-.(Kij AsMichitlon Ih
Foi'iiieil lit Dot clop (Quality of
Animal IteltiK HiiIm'iI,
(From Tueadny'H Dally.)
O A. C, COHVAI.LIS. Oct. 22
Central Oregon promises to become
famoiiH as a purolired livestock hreed-
Iiik cantor. . l.eadliiK stockmen of
Crook county have formed tho Cen
tral Oregon Furohred Livestock As
sociation to promote tho raising of
purelirod livestock, ostnhllshliiK a
reputation for ltn products, and Issue
annually a directory of Its members.
"Tho largest stockmen in Crook
county nro officers and directors of
tho association," snys H. A. Ward,
county agricultural agent, who Is re
sponsible for forming tho organiza
tion. "Pinna nro already under way
to Issue our directory early in tho
winter. Ono condition of member
ship Ih that every member must en
gage lu tho raising of registered
Mr, Ward roportH thnt tho tiso of
cottonseed enko will bo given n trial
by tho stockmen this winter, mid al
ready tho first community shipment
of two carloads has been received.
Stockmen of this district me as pro
gressive . In marketing tholr surplus
stock iih lu producing It, mid Mr.
Ward has just sout tho chocks out
for u recon t shipment, and took a
community shipment of cattle to
I'ortlnnd, October 20. ,
(From Tuoadivy's Dull).)
Docroo of dlvoroo wiib this after
noon granted Men. Mlutn Hnbormnu
from Mnthow llabermau nnd ponnls
hIoii was glvon tho plaintiff to rosumo
her formor nnmo' nf Mint.i Hlntt,
Judgp Duffy hoard tho suit, which
wasuncontoHted, A plea of desor
tloiiMvaa ontered, Mrs, Ualioriunu'a
huslland having loft Iter throo yoara
Keek In HiiiiK About tTiiili-rMnnillug
llctttri'ii Kiiiplii)iTN unit Hiii-
iIii)'n, Hn)x Hints Kiilernllon
of Iibor I'rc-dili'ut.
(From Wodnesdny Dally.)
AatemblliiK at tho dopot early this
mornlnK. nearly 200 mill strikers
welronied O. It, Martwijc,, president
of the (Jrunoii State Federation of
Labor, and Clair Covert, general or
ganizer for th,e American Kwlerntlon
of Labor. Immediately ufier their
arrival, the labor officials were es
corted to the Hippodrome, whore a
brief meeting of reception was held.
At 10 o'clock a meeting tf tho strik
es' central committee with the two
visitor, wbh held to make prepara
ttlns for a Liberty Day mass meet
lug this evening, also at the Hippo
drome. ' "Our object la to get the company
to deal with the employes, nnd not
to discharge any for Joining our or
ganisation," Mr. Hartwig stated after
hta arrival. "We feel that the mat
ter should bo properly culled to tholr
attention, nnd it Is our desire to aid
In bringing about this understanding,
and reconciliation. From what In
formation we havp gathered, wo be
lieve that the local men had no other
alternative but to walk lut. The
spirit of organization which has
reached llond, Is prevalent every
where at this time, and Is caused by
the high cost of living."
Charier Nut Hon.
Although It was understood that
final organization nf tho timber
workers' local would tako.plnco to
night, a member of the cin-unltteoKy
nunnuuoeii tins morning mat 1110
Portland officials' had not brought a
charter with them Just when orga
znllnu would be definitely of foe toil
could not be learned. The charter is
now on tho way, Mr. Hartwig states.
Situation Change. Little.
IltiHlueas transacted last night by
tho striking employee, consisted
chiefly of the reading of a list of
local merchants and usiuees men who
uphold tho principles of the local or
ganization. Hay Canterbury, chair
man nf the meeting, stated that with
in a week's time, work would ho sus
pended at hoth Hend mills, and that
not a man would go back unless tho
demands of the strikers woro uc
ceded to.
(loneral .Manager J. 1. Koyos, of
the Ilrooks-Scanlon mill, announced1
this morning that tho sawmill Is run
ning full blast, and that the box fac
tory Is continuing Its usual output.
Hough lumber Is being shlppod today,
and lu consoquouco tho planer Is not
bolug oporated.
No new developments were noted
at Tho ShovUn-tllxou Company mill.
Cnnft'ivnco Ainiiiged.
Ilopo for nu early settlement of
tho strlko was extended this nftor
noon when tho visiting labor officials
mot with T. A. McCmui, general man
ager of Tho Shovlln-Illxon Company
plant, mid Mr. Keye.s. The mill man
agers agreed to n Joint meeting to bo
hold lator lu tho nftornoon with n
committee of strikers, It being stip
ulated that Mr. Hartwig and Mr.
Covort bo present. It was also ngreed
that tho mill companies would offer
no objection to organization of n
local union uudor tho American Fed
eration of Labor, and that no at
tempt Hliouhl bo mado to Introduce
tho closod shop us an Issue.
(From Wodnosdny's Daily.)
County School Superintendent J.
Alton Thompson Is spending tho prin
cipal part of tho wook visiting coun
try schools in tho interest of tho food
administration. Ho la explaining tho
application to tho farms nnd Is pass
ing nut pledge cards for tho children
to take to tholr homes. In somo oases
meetings of tho puronta havo been
hold. Mr. Thompson hns found that
tho ranchers aro Interested In tho
nmttor and nro Tory willing to help.
Huy n Llborty llond.
ai'i'mcatio.v foit citizk.v
hhiihl'hii:mi:i iwtiij aithii
tiii: WA It.
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
Only two petitions for citizenship
were denied yesterday by Circuit
Judge T. K. J. Duffy to the 21 appli
cants whose examinations ho hoard.
Those of the four Germans on tho
list were suspended until the war has
on iled. Ono of the Teutons exproesed
himself aa badly disappointed that he
was unable to become a citizen im
mediately. The two others falling
to rocelvo final papers were Peter
Chrlstofforson and Hlgmund Orgler.
Hoth these men failed 'to bring wit
umbos who were properly quallflod.
Judge Duffy expressed himself much
pleased with the results of tho exam
ination, which he said showed more
thorough preparation than In prev
ious years. All applicants seemed
fairly well versed In civil govorn
mont. Those granted privileges of United
States citizens wore Anders Hanson,
Henol O. Andors, Krnst Poterson, T.
H. Foley, Aliram Lavius. H. K. IL
Cato, Harvey W. McKenzIe, Krnest
Mitchell, L. 1. Peterson, Samuel
Hlakely, Christian Tinner, Nicolaus
Klstlnk, Susanna Melstor, Carl P.
Hngcu and Josephine Kathleen
:.. WAfrFUND
. 1:. wiucirr comics fhom
(From Friday's Dally.)
Whtlo seeking to arouse local in
terest in tho campaign for tho Y. M
C. A. war work funds soon to bo
launched In the tiorthwost, W. K.
Wright, acting Intor-state secretary
for Oregon and Idaho, was in Hend
today picking a local ccnimittoc U
attend .1 conference in Portland. This
will be held on October 24 at tho
Portland Hotel and is for tho pur
pose of outlining n state canvass.
Mr. Wright after conferring with
local buslnoss men, loft this after
noon for Hodmond. Ho will make an
automobile tour of Morrow, Wasco
and Wheeler counties, stopping lu
every Important town.
Tho movomont on foot is for tho
raising of $35,000,000 for tho sup
port of Y. M. C, A. work in tho army.
This Is being undertaken at tho of
ficial request of President Wilson.
In May when Y. M. C. A. funds woro
raised it was estimated that 200
buildings would bo needed for sol
diers of tho country but so far -179
have been constructed at tho camps.
Many others aro now bolug built, be
sides 70 groat tents which will ac
commodate 1000 men each. In ad
dition thero nro 2000 secretaries in
tho army Y, M. C. A. work who must
bo supported.
In order to'moot these expenses an
enormous amount of money Is ex
pended. Tho campaign now being put
uudor way will occupy from Novem
ber 11 to IS, For tho purpose of
arous-'.ng Interest at tho Portland
mooting a number of nddrossea will
bo glvon by men brought direct from
tho trenches and war prison camps.
(Front Saturday's Dally)
Whllo playing around his mother's
wash tubs this morning, two-yoar-old
Wilbur Mortis, tho son of Mr. and
Mrs. Owen Morris, foil Into tho hot
water nnd badly scalded both arms
bolow tho elbows. Ho was rescued
by Mrs. Morris and 'brought In from
Hroaks-Scanlon Camp 2, -whero tho
family lives, to rocelvo medical care
at the Dond Surgical Hospital,
NO. at
Litllo Doubt Felt Tlmt County (Junta
Will l!o Ilonrlieil by Knil of Week
I'utv HoiiiIh Spoken For
Not Secured Ity Cuh.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
In tho first official compilation ot
Llborty Loan bond subscriptions in
Hand and tho vicinity Issued slnco
last wook, Iiend'b total wns declared
today to hare roaehed $110,550, with,
the probability that at least $115,000
would ho totalled by tho end of the
week. Subscriptions now being made
aro practically without solicitation,
direct to the banks, and are averag
ing a little better than $1000 per day.
In addition, lotters which worn sent
Into tho cduntry early In tho week,
aro bringing In steady' returns and
adding to tho probability ot tho
county quota of $138,000 will bo sub
scribed. Of tho entlro amount so far Bub
scribed hero, It Is a significant fact
that only $4100 worth of applica
tions aro not secured by deposits.
These aro chlofly from tho country,
whero applicants havo not had time
to send In the required amounts, and
tho pledges are-regarded as Just as
good as those on which cash pay
ments have been made.
Mill Purchases IUjj.
Noteworthy fcthdng tho subscrip
tions were thoso made at tho mills
where tho liberal .terms extended by
tho employers made. It possible for
every employe whcideslred to sub
scribe for bonds which varied in size
from $50 to $500.' Among Tho Slier-Hn-HIxon
Company workers $25,800
was pledged, in addition to $5000 In
vested by tho company, and $5000
moro made available through tho salo
ot bonds of the first Issuo and pur
chase of securities based on tho prea
ont loan.
Tho Urooks-Scanlon total was
$21,000. and of this $14,700 was
subscribed by employes, tho re
mainder representing amounts in
vested by tho company and purchases
mado possible by the conversion ot
tho old 36 por cent paper.
(From Thursday's Dally.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Oct. 18.
All remaining certified whlto men, In
draft front Washington, Idaho and
Oregon havo boen ordered to entrain
for Camp Lewis during tho flvo-day
period beginning November 2.
Shorltf Hoborts this afternoon re
ceived a telegram apprising him of
tho order to send certified men to
camps. There will bo only three or
four moro loft to go from Demi ah
about 34 out of tho county's r.uota
of 37 havo alroady elthor left Hond
or been Bent from other towns and
credited to this county.
Tho telegram reads as follows:
"Soud all remaining certified white
nton who arp within your next quoin
to mobilization camp on Novembor 2.
Caro must bo taken to send no man
who baa not boen cortlflod. Tho hour
ot dopnrturo and routings will bo
sent you at an early ditto. Substi
tutes must be provldod for men who
fall to appear. GBOHQU A, WHITE,
Adjutant Qoneral."
County Clork Hanor has not .yet
had tlmo to look ovor hla records to
ascortaln which men leave next, hut
notices will bo sent out as soqn an
possible. 4
Buy a Llborty Dond.