The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 04, 1917, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    m-:N'i iiUMiKiix, iiit.vj), om-:ooN, TiinisiMY, orroiwit i, ton
iMon n
J Why not get you an Edison .Phon
ograph now and have good music
all winter.? $500 puts a new model
in your home.
Also Agents for the
Victor Machines
( From WitilntkdHjt Unlly.)
. Mm. Allr Ilfllflier is fln week's
Wip In Porlhiwl. '!
Mm. Jhiiim Tone wm rW trout Red
mond for the day.
I. II. lOty W4 In IlinJ today look
lux iiftw his mining Inltirtrttt.
Mm. William ,. Munm Is spending
I Mm CurH Flak mum In Inn! iiIkIiI
from WhIIhic, Idaho. Id villi her
I daughter. Minn lloatrliu Uwlng.
Mm. I). W. Fleming and Mm Mil
ward (linilil uml noii Iiuvh gone to
Hood Itlver to ullond u nodding.
U. .. Mellow nml lllll AlmrHHtliy
returned from u hunting trip In Oh no
Prairie yMtMrlMy. They brought
Jtmk h bear.
several mk at Tfco Dallon and Iort- J John Jluddl returned from a hunl
IhiI. j In trip up the river today, il bag-
l.ormi M. Hull mill George White
wont out laat night to enlist la the
" imglHeem eorp.
Mm. M. J. Foley returned Dili
j4twMk from a IwMKthr visit with rU
HTM 111 Minneapolis.
Marlon Kotuman nml hit faMllly
i' they wort alnre July
Mm Prank Kurri'ti and n have
won l Portland mid HVatil.- for e
month's visit with relative
ISVIt KI'IICI.M.IST, of Portland
Visits Haul Monthly,
Watch Paper for Dates,
or Irnjulro of
TiioiiHo.v, tiii: ji:vi:i,i:h
Bed a number of duck and trailed
a hmr h himhI dlalunce.
Attorney W. I'. Mym, of Cnlvr.
will opH h law office in the iiffico
formerly ocriiplml hy the eouwty lrk
In the O'Kane building.
-Mn. It. I. Mlnler. MIm AIIIh
Comb mill Hilly Mlnler tuft thin
morning fur h trip through the mm.
They will hu gone alx mentha.
I A. M Prlnl left ink afternoon
i fur Kurmmh and Portland In hlf Motor
r With him r Mm. Cringle,
1 Mm KunflHd. Mm. Juhnaon ami Mm.
I llomkottn.
; K. IMvimtHirt. Jr.. mnl K. W. Ih
lair, of Hood Itlvttr, tin fMtnilln
fw liny In thin city in thulr way
hm from u two sK vmratloH
trip to lUniHy county.
Kum I' OiIpII wrrlvfil hrr from
1'ortlaml yMtnlay lo arropt a po
union a iiIkIu ili'rk at llii Pilot
llutti Inn Me wan rrrcntly coiiKuiir) to Portland tn May mine time
in all colors
Cor all purposes
I5r itud 2J5e.
Sign of Ifie Big Clock
143 Oretfon St.
noctml with the Hotel Oaliiirii In Hu
i:itiH. It. II llaylny, formrr rotinty rom
inlmloiiHr of Crook county, waa In
town ymitifrday looklMK ovir the iihw
nwil work. Mh oxprmuHMl lilniMlf
vry iniirh plwwl with Him proRriHM
which haa hwn mail.
(Prom TiiiHMlay'a Dally.)
J. Itdwanl li moil wmit to llnrna
today for a few dnya' ilnrk htintltiR.
It. M. Rtatiflald la ahlppInK 2 cam
of cholco lamlw to CIiIchko tiMlay.
V. K. ArrlHKton haa Koiia to JP
lln, MUHHiurt, to rnmaln (HirmaniMitly.
J. Win. A. lliiiM'h. mtltor or Hih I'orl
llwk Tlmaa, em In laal nlxlit imi
Mr. and Mm. II. I). I.loyil hv none
iMirk to Spokane aftr atntndlnn thr
daya In Hand.
W. It. Xtnlth and party rturnml
laat nlitht from ('mm I'mlrlf with
HihhI Imk of dueka.
Ilnnry X. rwlr rrtnrniMl laat
nlxht from a vlall with frlonda and
rwlatlvtM In Kaatvrn OrflKon.
I'rml Wllklna la on Ms way lo
Krwport, Illinois, whrt h haa liaH
eallad for military MtrvUM.
Dr. and Mm. Km chum and family
am In I'riHBVille for IM romaimiHr
I of the wtk attandlHK th fair. 5
I Mr and Mm John II IlrAw'n liKvr lndlnic a vamtlon In Portland with
Mr Hroivii'n aiKtT li III nml thry wilt (
vim her
Mm (i II Itwin mid her daiiKhtT,
.lurjjrl", wfarc oiiliiotiini paMuimnm
IhlB fiiornliiK. Thi-y will ko to Port
luiiil lo live,
MInh (IrHco C. Ward ratttriiwl thla
inoriiliii; from Portland. Nlict hccoih
pmilod her mini, Mm. Canada, to ftie
city Hnvi-ral dnya hko.
Mm. 0. .1. Addluk npil liar (laugh
tor P'turnm! from h irip to Valinou.
vor, WhhIiImkIoii, wharn tlmy wrnt to
movi) tludr huiiariliold good)) hurt. ;
II. II Kuril. 0. C. HHiiklH, V. II.
HhIiiim, A. J. Moors and K.Jij JUmrk
will ho tnerubttm of a hunting imrty
which will Iohvh HiuliiJIr pari ll tho
wi-fk for KlBmntlrflSrkA , ,.
P. C. arrfirrfifWrfnnvltlt. -aa
In IIhhiI today 011 hualiifa.
Champ HMlth, of Prlncvlllo, wna Iff
Ilend m huMnftan y lrday. ''
W. .1, HjiroUt returned yeaterday
from ui) outliiR at Kaat I.akii.
Onorxe W. White will lav
for Vancouver, Waihlngton, to nllt
Hi Hu; army.
Howard Hcroima, who haa han ar
loualy III at tlm liMpltHl, la rnportml
hattHT today.
I). Curran and J. A. Ilarrinun imiiifl
In yatirday from Kmlmond and ro
tutntl this innrnfiiK.
Char lea Wllaon and family came In
thla monilnK from tha Hal em fair and
will return to Ilurna In their car.
Mm. C. M. Iludaon has returned
from a trip to KnN City. Khe has
hwn Kn ilntt arly In Keptemher.
John A. WhltUker haa Juat pur-
l))taad the 40-arre tmct belonKitiK to;
Joe Ilucxnoltz, two miles out of town.
David UuMH waa In from Iat
Chance yewtenlay on bualnoM In ton-
nectloii with the sale of omn hor.
i I'ftaimaater jerry .Mooro, wun Aim.
.Moore and a party, came In laat nlKht
from Redmond to attend tht theatre.
MIm K It. Peck concluded her visit
at the home of Mm. D. Wilson and
returned to Walla Walla this morn
Ihx. Ranker Hurt on Oney was In from
U Pine today. Itauxsr II. K. Vin
cent was alen In from Slstem on bus
lnM. O. K. Ward, of Spokane, president
of the PrhiKle Katie Company, haa
lipen In Hend looklnx over hln in
toresia. Mr. and Mm. K. I.. Thomas are
Specials inM(
We are going to celebrate our three successful years by
selling a lot of merchandise at far less than today s cost
production. Our slogan is and has been "To Keep the
Cost pf Living Down." In this event we will more t than
make good.
Mm. Thomas' parents. A. ltouerts.
of Hend. la also with them.
Mr and Mm. C. U. Allen, planeen
rpKiilent of Central Orexon. have re
turned to Hend from a protracted
vliit in tho Willamette Valley.
Mr mid Mm. Jewell Summer hav6
gone to ADakluud, California. Where
Mr SummTOFrtlll aeeeptra poVttftfn
with the Standard Oil Company-.
The Prenhyturtou Ladies' OulW
will meet tomorrow afternouu st.Uie
home or Mm. S. A lllakftly at 2:30.
All ladles are Invited to attend...
Mlaa Mlllan Keith, who has heen
, vUltlnK Mrs. M. W. Howard liv Turn-
alo, came up thla mornlnK with Mr.
Howard to apornl a week wtlh'Mrss
Kuute Nelsoa.
Worli Trousers.
New shipment Stag Corduroy Trous
. ers, priced at $3.00, $3.25, $3.50,
Moleskin Pants, at - - - $2.25
Loggers Pants made of Genuine
Dickey Kerseys, priced at $3.50,
$3.75, $4.50
Patrick Duluth Mackinaw?
$8.50, $10.50, $13.75
Mens Flannel Shirts, $1.50 to $4.00
Cooper's Kenosha Klosed Krotch Un
ion Suits, heavy cotton, $1.50, $1.75
Cooper's Kenosha Klosed wool and
part wool Union Suits, at $2.00,
$2.50, 2.75, 3.50, 4.00, 4.50
5.00, 5.50, 6.00, suit.
SHIRT SPECI AL-Soft French Cuffs
fast color stripes and plaids, also
solid colors, at 1.15.
Anniversary Sale of Anniversary Sale of Anniversary Sale of
1'hoieeofSH.fiouiidSMK) 51.00 cotton Rats, com- Merchandise
Felt Huts, $2.25 fori size. 79c. Lifihthouse
J! 8fi.00 Unto will lie sold 5Alf K ""-. Cleaner, 5c
nt each $4.00 all color, yard yc. Dceorateil Soup Plates,
Ladies' Hose Specials ! 0 tor 75 c
A number of other real Our L'Oe line black, white Decorated Dinner Plates,
bargains will be placed tan, pair 15c. (5 ior 90c
on sale for this event. 0m. JWo Kine Me,opiml A lHrReShcet Iron Hfmst.
COMK AND SEE Lisle will be sold tit 23c. er will be sold at 29c
(Krom ftondav's DallvJ
( Mm. A. K. Lanon returl
K. J. Sutherland hi. In Portland on
uusiuess. ,
M. W. Knickerbocker was In from
lOlst this uioniliiR.
, K- (2. Hourk Is In from Crescent
today on business.
UoorRe T. Mlcholson, of Port Hock,
i spont tho duy In town.
I C. S. Honson and U. I). Wiest aro
tipondliiR the day In Prluovlllo.
li. Walte, Sr., of Suthorlln,
eut Sunday In Hend with his sou.
M It. Noble has retunie(LJo Howl
River after visiting George Stoko a
A baby girl was barn to Mr. and
Mrs, John Hits, in Kenwood, last
Charles II. Dealy, of Hear Croek
HuttwJ, spuut thu day In town on bus
Inoss. Miss Kloanor II. Whltnmro spuut
.Sunday visiting with friends In Des
chutes. Mrs. Kred Klsh and -Urn. C. D.
Ilrotvn loft yesterday morning for a
visit In Portland.
J N. Hunter and family have rohs
to Hood Hlvor to harvest the apple
irop on their ranch.
Yesterday morning a slxlnd a half
pound hoy was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas A. Decerful.
Hlmor I.tdmherr returned this mom
lug from tho oast, where ho went to
visit relutlvus before being called out
to Join tho navaL coast defense re
serves. 7P' j.
floorgo Vmidoyaii left last night
for Portland to ntt'eud tlje University
of Oregon niedlcnl school.
It, V, Voorhlos has gono to The
Dalles and Wlllamottn Vlw. points
on n month's busluoss trip.
K. II. Keano wns a monibor of a
lmntliiK party whlfili, loft fojrorfow'
days' sport south of 13 end today.
Tle fu)iral of Tattabelle Carden,
who dleillalit Saturday from enteritis
Urill be held tomorrow afternuon.
v John Karrell came In from Hed
mbiut this mornyVg to accept a po
sition In the 'A. u. Trench store.
. It. li. Qould 'tamo in-Saturday at
.terrioeir irom the timber where he
has been encaged In .survey work.
Mis Daisy K. Stewart returned last
night from a six wesks' vaeatlon
spent in Kastern Wafklngton and
P. I.. Tompkins came in from Hood
Itlver last night. He brought with
him his nephew, little Jim Over
turf, Jo.
Pastor II. W. Cottrell went to Mau
pln this morning and will then go on
to Portland. He Is holding Ad
vvntlst services.
Ashley Forrest sampled the new
road up on Uroketi Top Jn his car
yesterday and reports a good trip,
and no mishaps.
Rev. George B. Van Waters went
to Prineville yesterday morning to
hold services, returning on the even
ing train for serrkes hero.
H. M. Grant, prinelpal of tho high
school, early this afternoon became
the father of an eight and a halt
pound baby hoy, his first child.
Averts Trouble.
A constipated condition not only
poisons the blood stream, hut quickly
affects the liver and othr organs,
causing biliousness, sick headache,
hour stomach, bloating, etc. Foley
Cathartic Tablets aro mild in action.
yet cleanso thoroughly, with no nau
sea nor costive after affects. Keen
bowels regular, stomach sweet, liver
active. Sold everywhere, Adv.
BBaaaaaarBr aapaaiBBjaaffBvi
Soft Felt Hats
That fill a long felt want want, just arrived
and looking quite smart too. Got in a little
ahead of the rest, but that's our business
getting A HEAD.
they'e light in weight and conform flexibly to
the contour ot the head.
LOTS OFTYLE and a personality that
goes with every one.
W j m if" , ' fc '
n ?"a-i:-r, l
.: .
Vndor nnd pursuant to Chapter 1157 1 Siv
"i wu, imia 4, mm o. nn'i i biuii ami use Ot tno waters at Dps
1; SHH 8te. 3; s t4 NK chutos Illvor. and particularly by
'ot tho Qonoral Laws of Oregon fopiNWU SB1,, NVj SWU Hoc. i0; means of tho Irrigation System lo-
Margaret T Ellinger, Redmond,
J. J. Elllugor, Redmond, Oregon.