The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 21, 1917, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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    PAGM ft
News of the World
!tin Brief
Whataiftjjr 'doubta muy lmve ox-1
Istjjit n $ Iho wllIlh(;no88 of tho
pJSplo of Uio Unltuil St'olfeii to alt!
in flnancluc tho war ngnlnst Ger
many wero ' owont away whon tho
flRitrod of tho subscription for the
two billion dollar Liberty Loan bogiui
to bo rolloctcjl last Friday. Tho total
of jthe subscription has not yot been
mauo known but It Is stated by the
Treasury Department that tho over
subscription IU amount to about
eight hundred million dollars.
With the Liberty Loan campaign
over, the country boRan this week
on a drive to raise $100,000,000 tor
tho support of tho National lied
Cross. Oregon's sharo of the total
Is $600,000 and already many sec
tions hare reported that their quota
lifts been raised.
In a remarkable speech on Flag
Day. President Wilson outlined tho
German plans for tho domination of
Europe, pointing nut that as things
stood today they wore largely car
Tied out. Tho military masters of
tho countrr, besald, would bo glad
to have the war stop now for whon
their present advantages arc wrested
nway from them tho Gorman pooplo
will want to finish tho Job and set
up a government accountable to them
as have all Uie other great countries.
That Spain is in process of replac
ing monnrchlal with republican gov
ernment is hinted at In messages
which have sifted through the Span
ish censor In the past few days. De
tails arc lacking, but it Is Indicated
that tho anti-government forces,
hitherto unable to unite, havo finally
joined hands in opposition to tho pro
German ministry and court and taken
charge of tho government. Econom
ic unrest Is said to havo contributed
to the change. King Alfonso remains
personally popular.
In Russia, tho other foreign coun
try where republican Institutions
have Just boen established, evidences
multiply that tho pcoplo aro settling
down after their first excesses fol
lowing the gaining of their new frco
dom, and accepting tho dutlos and
responsibilities which attend tho sit
uation. A Swiss pcaco agitator has
been expelled from the country with
tho approval of tho council of Sol
diers and Workmen, and 'Minister
Keronsky has announced stringent
regulations calculated to keep tho
army at tho front. Tho Amorlcan
mission, headed by Ellhu Root, has
reached Pctrograd, and has mado a
good Impression and much headway,
apparently, hi Its efforts to keep
Russia aligned with tho Allies.
A Russian commission to tho
United Stales has landed recently
and Is now in Washington.
On the western fighting front,
Marshal Halg has reported further
slight gains In tho region of Mes
sines ridge. Tho British in roturn
havo had to relinquish advanced po
sitions in tho neighborhood of Laon.
No further advances havo been re
ported, but a tremendous artillery
attack Is now being mado on tho
French' lines as a forerunner, it Is
believed, of a Gorman offonsivo.
As a result ot the Messincs vic
tor)' tho value of air craft has been
again demonstrated and measures
are jiow being advanced to make the
utrnniTftt Affnr. nf If.A fTnlto.l
an the air. '
Submarine sinkings are on the In
crease, According to rqports from
Difficulty In scouring man for tire
lookout stations is being oxporlencod
this summer at the lluud forestry
office, ncoordlng to W. G. Hastings,
forestry BUporylsor.
Two now stations, ono at tho top
of ltntchelar Dutto, and tho other
on Diamond Point, will be established
as soon as men onn bo employed to
take lookout posts. Tolophono lino
construction wilt bogln soon to tho
two new stations sites, ono ot which,
Datchelor Uutto, Is only 20 miles
from Uond.
(our chairs at your service at the
Metropolitan. No waiting. Adr.
It. H. Smith, deceased, by It.
llnrnoa, County Judge. All persona
having clnlum against tmld estate
must present tho same duly verified
nt the offleo ot II. 11. Do Arntoml, nt
Hand, OroBdii, attorney for executrix.
Wltltln six months troiu tho date of
tho first publication hereoL
Date ot frlst publication, Juno
7, 1917.
Hxeeutrir of tho Last Will and
Testament at II. H. Smith, deceased.
14 -17c. ,
WANTKD A lady hnvlng private
modern homo would like to hear of
a good droSsninkqr tn sharo it with
hor. Inqulro llullottu. lOtfu
FOR SALK Saddle, not now, but
It Is a good ono. 310-lBtfc
FOR SALK Good timothy liny,
4 Mi miles N. E. ot Uond. Phone
10-F-3. L. C, Young, 2.16-13, Up
FOR SALE Ilouso and lot. Price
right. Terms ronsonnblo. Inquire
A. E. Kdwards, Rend Sign Co. 37U
In tho County Court of tho State
of Oregon, tor tho County ot Des
chutes. In the matter ot tho estate ot II.
E. Smith, deceased.
undersigned was on tho 6th day of t , STRAYKD-Shoarml sheep, brand
Juno. 1917. duly annotnted executrix I double box. Notify by phono, I Rack
of tho Last Will and Testament of 2122.
;g -- -v- -- -v- -- -r -- - Httiy
C. S. HUDSON, Prcsldont
U. C. COE. Vlco Prcsldont
E. A. SATHER, Vlco Pres.
E. M. LARA. Cashier
L. O. McREYNOLDS, AnsL Caahlor .
I). A. STOVER.Asat. Cashlor
The First National Bank
Capital fully paid'
Surphw - -
- -
. 125,000
The Federal Reserve
System Helps You
To help the Business Men and Farmers',
To provldo plonty ot currency at all times,
To effect a steadier supply ot credit.
Tho system merits tho' support of all good citizens; It
must havo yours In order to reach its full development.
You can sccuro the benefits ot this great system and nt
tho same time assist directly in developing It by deposit
ing your money with us.
Tie first national bank of bend
h Ijij
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m as J?
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DR. A. C. FROOM. Profculonal Manager
Daily Program
Bend Chautauqua, July 2-7
Bend, Oregon
E. C. MILLER Superintendent
ESTHER JANE CLARK Junior Supervisor
Junior Chuutuuqua, 10:00 A. M.
Afternoon Concert 2:30 Evening Concert 7.30
.'' J Afternoon Lecture 3 :00 Evening Lecture 8 :()0
Afternoon Opening exercises, important announce
ments Superintendent
Concert . Lyric Glee Club
Impersonations Francis Hendry
N Admission 85 cents.
Organizing Junior Chautaucpia, "Making Ameri-
"!' -
Evening Concert Lyric Glee Club
Popular Lecture, "Eli and Dennis
Dr. Andrew Johnson, Humorist
Admission 50 cents.
Morning Juniors, "Making Americans," Norse Stories
Afternoon Prelude Fillion Concert Party
Popular Lecture, "The House of Man,".. ..Wm. A. Bone
Admission 85 cents.
Evening Concert Fillion Concert Party
Lecture-Oration, "The Price of Progress"
Gov. George A. (Jarlson, oi uoiormio
Admission 75 cents.
WEDNESDAY Patriots' Day.
Morning Juniors, "Making Americans," English and
Irish Stories.
Afternoon Prelude Military Girls' Orchestra
-Lecture, "Through Five Republics On Horseback,"
Dr. G. Whitcficld Ray, F. R. G. S., "The Livingston of
South America."
Admission 50 cents.
"Evening Concert-Entertainment Military Girls
A full evening of mirth, melody and mimicry.
Admission 50 cents.
Morning Juniors, "Making Americans," Nature Stories
Afternoon Concert Royal Venetian Band
Community Lecture, "The Advantage of Being Hu
man" Mrs. Lorene Wiswell Wilson
Admission 50 cents.
Evening Grand Concert
' Jos. LoZito and Royal Venetian Band
Popular Selections .... Mary Adel Hays, Colotura So
prano, accompanied by LoZito and his entire Band
Admission 75 cents.
Morning Juniors, "Making Americans," Indian Storios
Afternoon Prelude Tho Wasser Company
Lecture, "Misunderstood Mexico," WVL. Mcllinger
Admission 35 cents.
Evening Entertainment The Wasser Company
'Motion Pictures, Mawson Antarctic Expedition,
with Sir Douglas Mawson's own lecture, W. L. Mcllin
ger, Lecturer in charge.
Admission 50 cents.
Morning Juniors, "Making Americans" Japanese Stories
Aftcrnoon-V'Storiea of.the South" Wood Briggs
Pageant, ''Making Americans"
Junior Chautauquans and "Miss Columbia"
Admission 35 cents.
Evening Closing Entertainment, An Evening in the
Alps; Quaint Switzerland in Song and Story; Alpino
Echo Songs; Hunting Songs; Yodeling
G raus' Alpine Yodlers
Admission 75 cents.
A Season Ticket to Chautauqua Saves
You Money.
The 1917 Program is the Greatest Ever
"" "season tickets
Before Opening Day - - - - $2,150"
After Opening Day - - - - $3.00
High School Season Ticket - - $1.50
Grade School Season Ticket - - $1.00