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11KN0 IlUMiCTIN', 11KNI), OIUXIO.V, THl'ltHDAY, AIMUI i!, il17.
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Central Oregon
(Special to The Dullotln.)
TUMALO. April 23. L. II. ltoot,
V. II. SpaiiRh and Hugh Danforth
Vcro In Dcnd on business Inst Wed
nesday. Will Sandal took n load of po
tatoes to Ilond Thursday, receiving
the hlRhosU'suirket price
Mrs. W. Y. Lowe and son, Ken
neth, are hero from Walla Walla.
They have como to make final ship
ment ot their household goods and
will then return to Walla Walla to
mako their homo.
It. II, llayloy has been marketing
Ills potatoes In Uend tho past week.
J. J. Cocn's sister and her son,
from Portland, aro visiting In Tumalo
t present
Mr. Watkor. ot Alfalfa, will speak
to the Tumalo people next Sunday
afternoon. Tho Odd Fellows are re
quested to bo present.
Mr. DIackwood. ot Eugene, who
nae lately purchased the Courtney
placo. Is hero to begin work on his
It. G. Salmon has Just completed a
nice little cottago on his forty, re
cently purchased from tho state.
F. K. Wallaco has been busy clean
ing and repairing ditches, and the
water la now turned In for tho sea
son. Miss Dolly Hodges, of Princvttle,
was visiting friends In Tumalo last
Ray (Jerking motored to I'rlne
vlllo last Wcdnetday.
The Tltllcum club will meet with
Uss Dean oxt Saturday afternoon.
O. W. Iiaytes Is trying to get a
carload of grain for shipment at
Deschutes next week.
Mr. and Mrs. O. II. Norcutt spont
last Saturday in Redmond.
J. W. Drown was In Dcnd on bus
iness last Friday.
Thoso perfect In spelling: First
grade, Gerald Cowley; fourth grade,
Elizabeth Harper, Lesllo Lemke;
fifth grade. Mildred Danta, Wesley
Kennedy, Kenneth Dayton; sixth
Krado, Lola Marlon; seventh grade,
Lois Clark: eighth grade, Holberl
"Wallace, Gcorgo Norcott, Leona
Park. Ruby Marion; third grade, El
ma Clark, Ruth Griffin.
Clean up and paint up. Seo Ed
wards. Adv.
(Special to the Dullotln.)
TUMALO. April 18. Iva Snyder
and Myrtle Spaugh were guests of
Miss Ruth Dayley last Sunday.
Kenneth Long left for Spokano
last Monday night.
R. A. Uowman, of I'rlnevlllo, was
calling on friends In Tumalo last
G. W. Snyder purchased a horso
from Mr. Aunc. ot Dond, last week.
Among Dond callers from Tum
alo last weok wore Mr. Canturbury,
Mr. Wlmor. Ruth Datloy, Mrs. Lun
berg and Mr. and Mrs. Harper.
Mr. and Mrs. Fllcklngor. Mr. and
Mrs. Parks and Mrs. J. W. Drown
wore In Redmond one day last weok.
Whllo thero they had the pleasure ot
visiting Lambs demonstration car.
Mr. and Mrs. Griffin's llttlo son
was badly Injured last week by a
fall that broko both bones ot his
arm at tho elbow. Ho was Immed
iately taken to Dend where Dr. Van
dovert attended tho Injury.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Dcckor spent
last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. O.
II. Norcutt.
Miss Ethel Daylcs, ot Tumalo, has
accepted a position as nurso In tho
Vandovcrt hospital In Dend.
Commissioner L. E. Smith, ot Des
chutes county, and J. F. Dlanchard,
of Crook county, were In Tumalo
R. G. Salmon and R. D. Footo
have each purchased o 10 acre tract
two miles north of Tumalo. Mr.
Salmon's house Is well under con
struction, and Mr. Foote will build
In the near future.
Tho Public danco glvon by tho
Fair Association ast Friday night
was woll attonded. A number ot
people camo from Redmond and
Ivan Harper, who Is working
above Dend, came homo last Sat
urday tor a short visit with his parents.
(Special to Tho Dulletln.)
SISTERS, April 23. Fred Mc
Reynolds is reported as on the sick
A number of Sisters pcoplo havo
been employed the past week In Ira-
Wnrd 10,000 pound.
mw. buttrr lit each
month, and
limit to out churning
Call or write, and w
will tjpUin our cmw
V ate going to put
thii ctramtry on lha
crramcty map.
Oregon Farmers' Creamery
Html, Oregon.
proving tho Clovordnlo Irrigation
It la roported that Grandpa Gra
ham has sold his ranch, seven miles
froth town.
Mr. and Mrs. John Fryrear worn In
town Saturday, In connertlon with
laud business with J. D. Minor.
Mrs. Arthur Tompleton and her
daughter. Mrs. Ed. Spoo, woro callod
to Orland, Calif., by tho sovoro Ill
ness of Mrs. Temploton's mother.
At tho school meeting 8aturday
afternoon a motion to employ two
teachers next year carried by n sub
stantial majority. It was also do
elded that tho school building bo
repainted this summer, and that a
water systom bo Installed.
C. L. Gist has In charge tho seed
ing ot tho fair grounds to hluo grass
this spring. Preparations aro undor
way tor a successful fair this tall.
Rev. Dlalr conducted preaching
sorvtcos in tho Presbyterian church
Sunday evening.
Rastus Rasmusson took a bunch of
horses to Dcnd Saturday.
Many Sisters pooplo took advaut
ago ot tho beautiful spring weather
Sunday to go fishing on tho Metol
lus rlvor and Squaw creek.
Arllo Oster was up from ho Dalley
ranch on tho Motollus river Saturday.
Ellis Edgington was hauling wood
for tho Sisters school last weok.
Tho pupils and teachers' of tho Sis
ters schools have placed bird houses
on tho grounds and out-bulldlngs of
tho school property, thus commend
ably encouraging Interest In bird and
wild llfo.
Mrs. G. Dorry wan calling on
friends In town Wednesday.
C. L. Gist mado an auto trip to
tho Grand Vlow district last Thurs
day. t M. Kuntwalt mado a bualnosn
trip to Dend Wednesday.
(Special to Tho Dullotln.)
8ISTEH8, April 16. Fred Mc
Klnuoy has rented a house In town
and Is working for Anthony Hoach
driving n logging team.
Two teams have boon logging for
tho J. P. Duckatt Lumber company.
The mill Mliirts sawing today.
Jack S'.oldham and family havo
moved up to tho Wilson sawmill,
where Mr. 8teldham will bo em
ployed as fireman, and Mrs. Stold
ham will cook for the mill hands.
Frnnk Lelthausor has moved Into
tho J. I). Dowmatt houso, recently
vnratod by Mr. Slcldham.
M. McKlnnoy has rented tho Clar
enco llrnnton farm and has movod
his family Into tho restdunce.
Mrs. M, E. Harrington Is recover
ing from a sovoro Illness.
J. 1). Jlowman and Davn Miller
havo boeu busy tho past week repair
ing tho roads tending to Sinter.
Tho farmers of Sisters and vicinity
aro busy with tholr spring work.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Shaw went bus
luoa visitors In Dond Saturday.
M. Dalloy has returned from a
business trip to Portland.
J. O. McKlnnoy has returned from
a trip to points In Eastorn Washing
ton, no reports snow storms in the
upper country.
C. Dalley Is up from his ranch on
tho Motollus,
Mr. McKlof Is hauling hay from
Ilurman Seaman, of Clovcrrfalu,
was In town Monday.
Joo Wilson was In town Sunday,
Ho will soon bo ready to start his
Ab u' two Inches of snow fell In
Slstits Inst Monday.
Kin aro being displayed In pub
lic phi cm here. A flag has been
raised on tho village flag pole.
I ILJ A iHI il I
rl All "II
I Hi Did You Lose Any Crop I
III WW T 1 T T 1 Mill'
Last Year by Hail: ,
Seo J. Ryan & Co., for farm land
loans. Adv.
(Special to Tho Dullotln,)
GIST Tho Lndlea O. I. O.
club met Thursday nflnrnooil at
tho homo of Mrs. ('. E. (Mtalfan. Mrs.
F. Wallace and Mrs. Dickinson were
Invited gueHts, of Tumalo. Tito
women desired to Improve) tholr time
Hh tho llntnn Cooperative project
with tho Oregon Aiti'chlttiMl Col
logo. Mrs. II. A. Krogglu wm elect
t'tl hoetotnry.
Mrr M L. Olllet will loivo In n
few ilnys for her now ."mo In Moil
aim. i he Is valltliu: with her sla
tor, Miss Grace IUrkn, at Uedmiuid
before her departure,
11. A. Krngglu, II. Hartley Mr
Wallace. II. Scott and Paul Hcogglu
nro In Condon this weok to receive
n hunch of 160 head of ctltlo, which
they .uii based a short Unit Iko.
James Klklris Is on Crooked Itlvir
this week visiting his brother, Chut
ley, ami will bring soma cattle tiae'c
v.ith him.
A blrthdny party was given Mrs.
J. J. Melton Inst week. There were
36 guestn, and a Inrgn birthday rnko
lighted with rnndles was set before
them at 12 o'clock. Mrs. Melton
cut the cakn and Miss V. Huston
served baked beans, brown bread and
coffee. The evening was spent In
games and inuslr, until 1;J0 a. m,
when all departed wishing her many
happy returns of Hie day.
A few Inches of snow greeted the
farmers this morning. Although It
stopped the wurk for a few hours,
It Is of milch benefit to tho growing
Mrs. Charley Chnlfnn has found
a now way of hatching ehlckeui,
Sho had stored In her cement chick
en house a box of nlnrk lime. Tlis
hens havo n hublt of laying on tho
box. In which there whs u hold largo
enough for an egg to roll through.
A few dayn ago Mrs. Chnlfnn found
a baby chick In the box, and as there
wore no sotting hens or baby chicks
elsewhere. It la thought that tho
hunt from the limn hatched the
egg. Blio advises all farmers to put
llmo In the nests.
J. J. Melton and wife nnil Miss
Huston took dinner with MrCallls-
tor's on Crooked river last Hnturday,
Mr. and Mrs. McCalllster returned
home with them and stayed over
Alrx Levereus Is hauling his rye
to KedMoud this week.
Mr. Knickerbocker and wife mot
ored In !nd Inst week and brought
her sinter out to the farm for a fnw
i'nyit' visit.
t' Chslfnu Is suffering from h
severe attack of lumbago and la
F. McCalllster spent Sunday with
hU sister, Mrs. Melton.
Glad lo lmrn of It.
Coughs that follow la grippe, or
any deep-seated hacking cough, will
wear down the strongest man or wo
man If allowed to continue. C. Hmllh,
1421 12th St., Augusta, Ua write:
"I got ouo 26o bnttlu ot Foley's
Honey and Tar and tny cough and
rold Ir. about well, 1 was glnd to
learn of a great medicine llko that."
Hold everywhere. Adv.
(Hpeelal to The Dulletln)
PLEASANT IllDOK. April 33. O.
A. Anderson and Antonn AhUtrom
aro loading haled hay at Dcschutoji
this week
Aubrey Perry, of Slaters, visited
(Continued on Pago 3,)
And Invenlltfate our price
before buying your grocerim,
Wo can aavo you money.
P. B. Johnson's
Mllllcan, Ore. Telephone
Against Hail this year, as we are likely to
have Big Prices for all Kinds of Grain.
The Globe & Rutgers
Fire Insurance Company
Will insure your crops against hail. It costs no
more to insure now than later.
For Rates and Information, see
W. B. Daggett,
Agent, Redmond, Oregon
The Kind Your Stock Needs. Made in Bend.
For Dairy Cows, Hogs, Horses, and Sheep. Ours is the only plant in
Central Oregon equipped to turn out these products, and our prices
make it possible for you to use them advantageously. We also havo
ready Alfalfa Chicken Mash, Chicken Scratch Food, Chick Food, Calf
Meal, and a complete stock of all feeds needed in Central Oregon.
The Highest Grade only of second cutting alfalfa is used for all our
mixed ration foods.
Don't subscribe to popular fallacies
. ,. ,
Meat contains GO per cent water.
Potatoes, 75 per cent water.
Milk 80 to 90 per cent water.
Flour, 13!j per cent water.
A pound of meat costs 20 and 25 cents.
'A pound of flour costs four cents. And yet there is more en
ergy in a pound of flour than in a pound of beef.
WHEAT FLOUR Cheapest and best food. U. S. test proves it
Deschutes Spray and True Blue Flours make the finest tasting
bread on the market, because they are made fromtho highest grade
wheat obtainable.
FARMERS: Inquire about our re-cleaned seed before you do
your Spring seeding.
Eggs 38C 1
Hoof, sirloin .... 410 ! I
Mutton, log 446 M, I U. 8. Dopnrtmont ot Agriculture
Milk 1030 Hb I Farmers' Dullotln' No. 142.
Pork, loin 103C iB Enorgy Musclo and Strength Qlv-
.-.. . .- E V lnr OtinlltlnH.
riuttnr unr, iiLiL&- I Ono pound ot I)irliuic Hnry Flour,
Sf-rVnr M C0HMK 3 to 4 conn, will go as far
;;; Lb V "i0 lountis or moat, costlug 20
;,;.;"; k 1 l0 coifl p pounu,
Iloano, dried ....3040 HMBMBH0
Wheat Flour ....0640 HMHHMB
Bend Flour Mill Company
' '