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The bend bulletin.
NO. 47
.Francis Steidl, Bend 322,500
J. A. East'es, Bend 319,000
Mabel Bixby, Princvillc 314,000
Cora Bates, Bend 308,000
Mable E. Lara, Bend 306,500
Lucilc Parsons, Redmond 305,000
Ruth Bayley, Tumalo 297,000
Asher Houston, Bend 155,000
Edith Masten, La Pine 145,000
Cosina Mueller, Bend 78,000
Luella Wornstaff, R. F. D 5,000
Tho absorbing topic of conversa
tion throughout the territory cov
ered by Tho Dullottn la the big sub
mcrlptlon campnlgn In which Tho Bul
letin will award a Dodge car, a bed
room Bet and a VIctrola, as prizes.
"Tho Individual chances of tho sov-
oral candidates aro bolng dlscussod
wild canvnssed on all sides, accord
ing to tho opinions and Ideas of tholr
many friends.
Evorywhoro tho campaign Is cro-
.ntlng interest and numberless rest
dents of practically ovory section of
tho torrltory aro displaying an inter
est in sorao campaigner whom thoy
would llko to seo win out.
With tho rocelpt of today's returns
rtho ltboral oxtra voto offer has taken
ai turablo. Tho offor now oxlstlng
is for doublo votes only, and will bo
-tho last extra offor of tho campaign
This offer will closo on Fobruary 8
Undor tho, doublo voto offor, no
particular sum Is necessary In order
to obtain tho oxtra votes. Tho votes
will bo given for each subscription
rccolvod, tho amount of votes bolng
Just doublo tho schedulo shown on
ttho rccolpt book.
of tho campaign, whoso names will bo
At tho closo of this offer tho Judges
.announced In The Bulletin of Febru
ary 3, will oBtabllsh a locked and
.scaled ballot box at The Bulletin of
fice for tho votes that aro collected
1 by tho candidates in tho last tow days
of tho campaign.
Tho County Court of Deschutes
'County. Oregon met at tho Council
Chamber In tho O'Kauo Building In
Bond, on January 17th, 1917, pursu
ant to adjournment.
Mombora present: Vm. D. Barnes,
3ounty Judge; L. E. Smith, Com
missioner; J. H. Haner, Clerk, and
S. B. Roberts, Sheriff. Commis
sioner Mackintosh absont.
Tho meeting was duly called to
order by Wm. D. Barnes. County
Judge, aftor which the following
proceedings were had, to-wlt:
In tho Matter of Assessment noils
and Blanks. Aftor discussion of this
subject at length with tho Assessor,
W. T. Mullarkey, said assessor was
directed to work out and install a
bound system of assessment rolls
similar to the system used In Crook
. In tho Matter of tho Collection of
Taxes for 1916. It was ordered that
theh Sheriff proceed at onco to tran
scribe and collect the taxes charged
property In this county on the tax
Tolls ot Crook County, and that he
-employ one competent deputy there
for who shall give bond as required
"by said Sheriff.
Justices of tho Peace. Ordered,
that all Justices ot the peace In Des
chutes County who have been 'duly
elected, shall again qualify for such
office by filing their bond and oath
ot office in tho office ot the County
Clerk for this county.
Coroner's Bond. Tho bond ot the
Coroaer, Elmer Nlswonger, with the
National Surety Company as surety
thereon, together with his oath ot of
fice were ordered approved and
placed on record.
Ob motion the Court was adjourn
ed to meet at 1:30 o'clock P. M. on
this date.
Court re-convened at 1:30 o'clock
P. M.. January 17, 1917, pursuant
to adjoartiBient, members present,
"Was. D. Barnes, Judge: l. E. Smith,
ComalMlpner, J. H. Hanor, Clerk;
ABd 8. K. Roberts, Sheriff.
Books, Transcripts, Offlco Files.
Flhw and Furniture. The clerk was
(Continued oa paga 0.)
Tntty of Three, on Way to Item,
Hud Ono Day to Live, is He
port of Stockmen.
Somowhoro In tho mountlans In
tho Supleo section, threo young mon
from Canyon City aro believed to
bo dead in tho snows, according to
word Just received from Burns. Four
Supleo stockmon, Walter Frooman,
Bon Frooman, L. Sorlggs and Jesse
Allison, found a two month's old
menaacoila.a. cabin near Little Emi
grant crook, a few days ago, which
seemed to Indlcato tho fato of tho
On a nhtnglo smoothed with a
pocket knife, was written tho follow
ing: "Somo tlmo In Novombor, 191C,
throo ot us got lost In an awful
storm; wo havo had nothing to oat
for two days; wo found this cabin,
stayed horo ono night Cod, wo aro
hungry. Tomorrow wo will try to
go straight south. Wo should hit
somo place ono ranh can't go much
farthor. By ono moro day, wo will
bo out or be gonors. Wo havo got
guns, but can find nothing to shoot.
Wo loft Canyon City, Nov. 14, to
walk to Bond. Our names nro Jim
Bonnett, Paul Flsk, Don Cutlor."
As far as can bo learned, nono ot
tho throo has rcachod Bend.
Mr. Lcttlo Short Delict cl to Have
IS Years Old Cliarle Pratt
In Hiding.
Complaint by his mother, a resi
dent of this city,' that 18 year old
Charles Pratt has been kidnapped by
Mrs. Lcttlo Short, a woman sevoral
years his senior, was filed with Sher
iff S. E. Roberts this morning.
Mrs. Pratt said that she had not
seen her son slnco the latter part
of November. A divorce case in
which Mrs. Short is sought as a
party, is a feature of the affair, It
it understood.
Mrs. Pratt believes that her son
and Mrs. Short are In hiding some
where, presumably in the vicinity
ot Prlnovllle, on the Marker home
stead. This belief Is strengthened
by the fact that one ot the youth's
sisters received a letter from him
recently asking that his mall be ad
dressed to Prlneville. He Is using
the name of Cbrlstofer Jenkins.
Until the receipt of the letter, it
was thought that the two wero some
where in the Bend vicinity, but now
Sheriff Roberts has turned the case
over to Sheriff Knox, of Crook
Dcnd Representative Shous Neces
sity for Immediate Settlement
Court Dill Drenks Trail for
Today's Measure.
(From Tuesday's Daily.)
SALEM, Jan. 23. Tho bill creat
ing Deschutes County, passed tho
House at noon today with only 11
votes against it. Tho clean cut vic
tory evidences tho nblllty of Repre
sentative Vernon A. Forbes to rally
frlonds to his support in tho Houso
and insures tho subsequent passage-
of tho bill In the Senate Rcprosonta
tlvo Burdtck voted against tho bill
nnd vohomently appealed, without
avail for Its defeat.
In fairness to him, howovor, It
should bo stated that ho did not lobby
provlpusly, and that his oxcollcnt
speech was probably intondod chlofly
tor local consumption In antl-dlvlslon
precincts whoro ho received heavy
Plea Comprehensive.
W. F. King was n gratified llston-
or, but his plcasuro faded as tho votes
wero pountod. King says, howovor,
that ho will still stay on tho Job,
Qoorgo II. (Casoy) Browstor, took no
part, but Is activo In Irrigation logls
Representative Forbes mado a
comprohcnslvo, ploa tor tho bill. He
dwolt on the r- lty for. .t,Jm
modlato and doflnlto settlement and
quoted figures Bhowlng tho geo
graphic and economic situation.
Burdlck'8 chief point was tho de
sirability ot leaving settlement to tho
courts. Ho brought out the nlloga
Hon that 200 illegal votes had been
cast tor division, In Bond. His ploa
was especially for tho farmers, whoso
voto, ho said, was ovorwholmlngly
anti-division in contrast to tho Bend
manufacturing voto.
Forbes knocked out this nrgumont
by quoting returns from Tumalo, Al
falfa and Mllllcan precincts. Tho
roprcsentatlvo from Bend also dwolt
on tho fact that tho Legislature had
already passed ono bill rolatlvo to
Deschutes County, that fixing tho
torniB ot Circuit Court In tho now
county, without objections from floor
or lobby.
HctiillorH ANModutloii Indicates Ap
prowi! of Lcglslutlxo Mat
ter Pending.
(By United l'rn to Tin Dally Bulletin)
SALEM, Or., Jan. SI. Laws of
Interest to grocers aro being called
to tho attontlon of tho stato loglsla
turo during tho second annual con
vention ot tho Oregon Retail Oro
cars association, now on its threo
day session hero. Tho convention
will also give tho solons tho grocery
trade's opinion ot several Important
measures now pending.
The meeting was called to ordor
by Vlco President Geo. Cuslter. May
or Koycs welcomed tho delegates to
Salem. Governor Wlthycombe de
livered the principal address of the
day, on "Tho Stato nnd tho Mer
chant." In the afternoon tho 10 cent loaf
of bread was discussed and boosted
by H. R. Rittman, and J. D. Mockle
spoke on tho pure food law.
(Py UnlUd Prci to Th Daily Bulletin)
NEW YOnK, Jan. 36. Mrs. Mary
Shutter, who carried her 14 month
old baby to Jail with her when she
was sentenced to serve ono month
behind the bars for whipping an
annoying neighbor's boy and break
ing three of his ribs, was treed today.
She bad served tho sentence. 8bo
walked out carrying her baby In her
arm. Neither looxea tne worse tor
tho month' rest-
Mnnnger of Hhcvllii-lllxon Company
Hums Up Condition in Trndo Dur
ing Past Year Suggests
Different Grading.
(From Monday's Dally.)
In a recent Btatomont mado to Tho
Tlmborman, tho Portland lumber
men's Journal, T. A. McCann, general
managor ot Tho Shovlln-Hlxon Com
pany, of Bond, predicts that 1917
will bo tho groatcBt year for western
plno in tho history of tho country.
Mr. McCann's comploto statement
"I would say, In summing up con
ditions which surrounded tho west
ern plno trade during tho past year,
that It haa at last como Into its own
and Is bolng recognized by thd trado
gonorally as a very suporlor ar
ticle "Whon proporly handled and grad
pd western plno lurqbor can bo ship
ped anywhoro throughout tho east
and will gtvo satisfaction. Tho main
trouble In tho past 'has been that
customers havo boon receiving a dif
ferent class ot lumber in westorn
plno from ditforent localities and got
to a point whoro, thoy hcsltatod bo
foro placing any business for west
orn plno. Thoy havo, howovor, dis
covered that thoro aro cortatn places
whoro thoy can bo reasonably suro
of getting nlco soft toxturo and well
milled, well gradod stock, and I do
not think that tlieso mills over will
suffer for ordors tor western plno,
oven though tho domand for lum
bar Is smal).
Mt VuMtrn New Grading.
'There has, boon n movomont on
foot to grado westorn plno on dlffor
out standards, namely to taka Into
consideration, among Its othor de
fects, tho question ot texturo also
of establishing a grado of No. 1 west
ern plno which, though not corres
ponding to tho No. 1 grado of north
ern piuo, will at least represent tho
higher percontago ot the No. 2 stock
now shipped, but which Is technical
ly laid' out from tho No, 1, according
to tho present rules; In othor words,
I am In favor of seeing a standard
set for grades ot westorn plno that
will. tit this particular wood ratlior
than to tnko tho grades which wo
havo used for northern plno nnd try
to adopt our wood to them.
Salesmen Withdraw n,
"Tho domand for our product tho
last three months has been so much
In oxcess of our expectations that
wo havo had to withdraw all our
snlrsmon from tho road and also
had to refuso all quotations for ship
ments during tho first CO days of
1917. i
"Tho car shortage has affoctod us
quite materially and has resulted i
conaldorablo business which would
naturally bo placed out hero bolng
placed in othor sections whoro tho
car shortago Is not bb acuto. '
Will Share Pi-onperlty.
"Howovor, I bellavo that tho cry
which was put up earlier In tho
season betora tho car shortago re
ally becaroo as bad as it now Is, has
affected somo of tho bushiest) which
would havo como west and could havo
been taken euro of earlier, as tho
buyors figured thoy could not got
tho stock.
"My prediction for 1917 would bo
tho greatest year for western plno
In the history of the country and no
moro than probablo for all lumber.
Tho country Is so uniformly pros,
pernus that some of It has got to got
to tho lumber business, and tho high
prices of all commodities render ab
solutely necessary tho high price on
r. !'. NIiiin, Formerly of 1m Plno,
Lcuvc Widow, Alo Ktuto Ward.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
LA PINE, Or., Jan. 24. E. F.
Nlms, about CO years old, who was
taken from here to the state hospital
at Pendleton less than a year ago,
died Thursday. He leaves a widow,
an Inmate of the same Institution, and
a daughter, who lives here.
During the summer of 1914, a
forest tiro broke out near whoro tho
Nlms wero living upon a homestead
and after working for about two days
and two nights to save themselves
they succumbed to the excitement
and both lost their minds,
Farmers Will Hear Points of Interest
Next Saturday ut Itend Meeting
Dig Attendance Urj;cd.
To clvo a full and comnrohonslva
discussion to portions ot the Ruil
CrodltB law dealing with bonds and
securities, a mooting has been called
undor tho direction ot tho Amorlcan
Farm Finance League, to bo hold
In tho county scat ot ovory county
la tho United States for noxt Satur
day. The meeting will bo hold in
Bond, Saturday afternoon at 1:30 p.
in., In tho Council Chambors of the
O'Kano building, at which mon In
formed upon tho part upon which
thoro Is somo question will explain
them In detail,
Tho farmors ot Deschutes county
who nro Interested In the advance
ment ot tho Rural Credits nsocla
tlon aro urgod to bo presont at this
Is Re-elected for To Yearn, With
Salary Increase Holt lit
Alto Retained.
Franklin Thordarson waB re
elected, city school superintendent
last night, for a porlod ot two years,
at tho mooting ot tho Bchool board
of directors. At tho samo tlmo Eric
Dolt was ro-olcctod tor a ono yonr
torm as principal of tho Bond high
Tho board voted to ralso Mr. Thor-
darson's salary $100 for noxt yoar,
n similar advauco to go Into effect
tho year following. His presont sal
nry Is $1700 a year.
Both Mr. Thordarson and Mr. Bolt
nt now In tholr first yoar In offlco
horo. Elections of tcachors for tho
Bond schools will not bo hold until
March, It Is announced, but tho
school heads woro selected In ordor
that thoy might mako plans In suf
ficient time for tho coming school
Fifteen Mile Out of Liikcvlctv In
Ghcu Straliorn.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
(Klamath Horald.)
LAKE VIEW, Jan. 18. Tho doods
for tho first IB miles ot tho right
of way ot thu Straliorn railroad out
ot Lakovlow havo boon filed with
County Clork Pnyno. This ontlro
amount haa boon donated by tho far
mors living along tho right ot way.
Not a foot ot ground has boon pur
chased. However, thoro aro a tow ot
tho farmors who aro somewhat loath
to glvo tho land. Their mnln com
plaint is that tho road goes through
their best land, but In caso tho sur
vey Is changed slightly they will glvo
tho laud.
No trouble Is oxpocttid in getting
tho necessary right ot way. Tho ter
minals In Lakovlow and tho right ot
way through tho town havo not been
taken as yet, and no action will bo
taken until tho actual construction
of tho road has been begun,
Lakovlow bus voted $20,000 for
purchasing terminals and rights of
Lou or Bridge Resident Wlui Filed
Quo Warranto Proceedings, frit-
Iclzeu Fight of AntN.
That ho will bo perfectly consented
to llvo In Deschutes, Instead ot dfook
county, was the statement yesW-
day afternoon ot Gus Stadlg, ot LoV
or Brldgo, In whoso nania tho corny
plaint In quo warranto, questioning
tho right ot Deschutes county to do
business as a municipal orporatlon,
was filed. Mr. Stadlg was In thu
city yestorday afternoon, on a brief
business visit.
Mr. Stadlg was not ready to back
down from his previous stand, but
declared that hi) was dissatisfied with
tho way in which tho fight against
county division has been carried on.
He was of the opinion that tho strug
gle to brlug Deschutes back Into
Crook county Is virtually lost, and
stated that ho would bo Just as loyal
a citizen of the new county, as of
tho old.
Mr. Btadlg's name appears with
others from Lower Brldgo, on "a
petition to tho county court of Des
chutes County," tor the establish
ment of a now road at Lower Bridge.
Dcnd Citizens Living In "Fool's Par
ndlso," Declare A. G. long
JJenhnm Falls and Tumalo
Resolutions Adopted.
Flory discussion ot tho tiro pro
tection noeds ot Bond marked tho
greater part of tho mooting ot tho
Commercial club, held this noon at
tho Wright hotol, Mombors ot tho
club and ot tho city council arguod
tho proposition from all sldos, tho
chief question bolng whothor tho
city wanted a voluntoor or a paid
department and, In olthor caso,
whothor tho Council would tako steps
to provldo ono, nnd to 'supply tho
nocossary building and apparatus.
Mayor Caldwell took tho position
that nothing loss than n paid de
partment would bo satisfactory, but
his argument was strongly combattad
by several othor spoakors, chlot
among whom was II. J. Ovorturf.
Mr. Ovorturf nut it straight up to
tho council to nnswor whether it
would provldo tho lot, tho building
and tho apparatus for tho use ot tho
department which tho pooplo wanted,
Department Wanted.
At tho closo of tho discussion thoso
present voted unanimously In favor
ot tho organization ot a department
and tho Increased city tax which tho
ncccssory oxpendlturo would ontall,
JW-AMtlWV'", dtcu:t!on, A. a.
Long, of Portland, dcalor in tiro
fighting apparatus, outlined tho
noods of tho city and recommended
tho organization ot a part pay tiro
department, Bultablo housing for
oqulpmout and tho purchases ot ap
paratus which would cost approxi
mately 10000,
Mend in Praised.
"You nro living In a fool's para
dlso," ho doclarcd, "hut It Is only
n stop from this to adoqunto protec
tion. Whon you havo provldod this,
tho noxt stop Is to apply to tho board
of underwriters for a now rating on
property, and I predict that In four
or flvo yoaru you will save tho cost
of equipment purchased. You can't
buy apparatus of mo unless you aro
prepared to handle It and tako car a
of It proporly." '
Mr. Long praised Bond, comment
ing on Its now school building and
Its clustor lighting system.
Following his add res j, Louis Bon
nett, mombnr ot the city council.
flpoko on tho samo topic, assuring
tho club mombora that tho council
would welcome all suggestions, and
urging a largo attuiulunco of tho
citlzons ot Bond at the council moot
ing which will be held this evening
for tho sole purpose of discussing
tho flru question.
Iti'Holutlons l'nwl.
Resolutions urging tho termina
tion of tho contract between tho
United States and tho Stato nt Oro-
gou, In regard to tho llonham Falls
segregation, and tho throwing open
ut tho tract to sottlom, together with
a recommendation to tho statu legis
lature for tho pannage of tho bill
asking $25,000 appropriation for In
vestigating tho t-auso of troublo at
tho Tunrnjo Irrigation reservoir, woro
passed, A copy ot tho llonham Falls
resolution Is to bo sent to tho U. 8
land olllco, and cities and towns lrf
Central Oregon which aro Interested
In tho matter woro urgod to tako ac
tion slllmar to that of thu Bond
Boosters. The resolutions woro In
troduced by Robort W. Sawyer, chair
man of tho irrigation committee,
County Judgo Barnes, of Tumalo,
was called on for his opinion In re
gard toy tho reservoir bill, and do
clarod that this action would bo tho
only possblo way of ascertaining tho
leak which Is now sorlously hamper
ing tho ofllcency of tho project.
Work was being rapidly pushed
on the Installation ot Instruments for
tho Wo&torn Union in tho O'Kano
building, today, and it was definitely
announced; that tho office would be
moved tomorrow evening .from tho
Union depot to tho new headquarters,