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TAOE 11.
Alrcndy Ilndly Hushed, nnd
few Sinn Wilt no Added
Soon, Says Fori!.
i extra man Is already on duty
i Dcnd postofflco, another will
, ded next week, but the force is
unit; rushed to the limit, was the
lateincnt of II. D. Ford, Postmaster,
Lis morning. "Moro prosperity,
ioro presents," Is the way Mr. Ford
bcounts for tho unusual activity In
aalllng this year.
"You can hardly say that tho rush
fif Christmas time has fairly com-
Huenccd, but when It does, It will
enn all records In Bond, ho do-
"Wo arc preparing for It,
ir, and hopo to bo able to pro-
to congestion of last year dur-
e last few days of-tho Chrlst-
Ford roltoratcd his previous
tlon to mall early. "Patrons
e mall service will savo worry
tcmsclvcs, will rocolvo bettor
cp, nnd will cllmlnnte lots of
jlo for the mall force, If thoy
do this," ho said.
W. 0. Hadloy, district gamo war-
fdon, with headquarters at Tho
?alles, Is horo today, having como
over from Sisters last night. Mr.
Hndloy Is raising funds tor tho con
struction of a fish ladder at Shcaar-
lira Fills, with tho Idea of opening
the SO miles of tho Deschutes above
that point for tho salmon and other
sumo fish, that nro now unable to
kiass. Tho work Is being dono under
Mr. Undlcy's direction.
County Trensuror Jordan has Is
sued a call for Crook county general
5 fund warrants up to nnd Including
.Registered No. 4G43. Interest ccas-
HtiOii December 14.
Mrs. Kuthryn McDonald has been
(granted a dlvorco In her suit against
'J. A. McDonnld, on n complaint Ii.
i-wlileh allegations setting forth cruel
baud Inhuman treatment ns cnuso for
faction, featured. Following a de
fault entry, II. II. DeArmond ap
peared for tho plaintiff, and Deputy
JCDIstrlct Attorney Charles W. Ersklno
I;for tho stato.
Arthur 1). Carpenter, of Seattlo,
will lecture on popular astronomy
hero on Friday. Two lectures will
lio given, in tho afternoon nt tho High
. Hcliool and in tho evening nt tho Held
school. Tho hour of tho lectures
nnd tho price of admission will ba
' announced later.
Remember, that wu don't hnvo
anything over 2 do in ojir store; como
,iero first. Stockmon's 6c, 10c, 16c
ySc Store Adv.. 42c.
(Continued from Pago 1.)
of uch maintenance Hen M hfrclntfur
Tlu Voting Interest.
It Is hero seen that oven after that
Indoflnlto data when tho settlers
-should hnvo control of tho Irrigation
works, the company will retain such
-voting Intorrst In tho wntur usors
corporation as represented y tlo fol
lowing acreage.;
1st: Unsold lands, somo 60,000
2nd: Lands unpaid for, amount
Lands contracted for under
us 1 nnd 2, which have a per
maintenance fee of Jl per
r year, amount to about 23,
e. tho amount of acres sold
form 3 contract is In tho
rhood of 1G,00 acres, It Is
.hie to suppose that tho set
n the project, oven with all
ts paid up, with no back matn-
fees, would not have suf
Toting power to do anything
y to tho desires of tho com-
who seemingly, would have
tour and one-halt votes to tho
i one.
lid tho settlers desire to own
outrol the Irrigation system
tcly, It la evident that tho
iy interests outlined above
e acquired.
trlrt 1'lau Offer Solution,
it the settlers need, In my
l, is an opportunity to pull
)!ycs out of an unpleasant sit
. and that opportunity Is of
.n the Irrigation District plan,
uggest to limit the plan to the
utllue below.
district should include at pres
e contract holders under the
1 Oregon Irrigation Company's
icted canals.
raising of funds should be con
tt the following purposes:
t. To the purchase from the
1 Oregon Irrigation Company
vatcj rights and properties as
isure tho absolute control of
all Irrigation works in tho hands of
tho district. 2nd: To taking up
of all outstanding notes and unpaid
liens of tho present settlors, replac
ing them with district bonds matur
ing at 30 years, bearing 6 per cent
Interest, or moneys raised by sale of
these bonds. 3rd: To such recon
struction and bettorment of canals,
headgatcs and ditches as may be con
sidered Immediately necessary to in
suro continuous and sufficient wa
ter for all users. 4th: To operate
and maintain their own Irrigation
system nnd to defray tho ordinary
running expenses of the district.
Many other advantages may result
from tho district organization which
may properly bo called "by-products"
as, for Instance, tho far better posi
tion tho settler would bo In to deal
with tho Federal government or tho
Stato In matters affecting tho com
munity at largo. By cooperation
with the O. A. C. and tno Bureau of
Markets of the U. S. Department of
Agriculture, the settlers may be able
to secure hotter prices tor their
crop;. Other things will suggest
themselves as tho organization pro
grasses. Necessary to Acquire Rights.
But to return to the main object.
It will bo necessary to acquire from
tho Central Oregon Irrigation Com
pany their rights to the use of tho
water of Deschutes river, certain in
terests in tho North Canal Dam and
Canal, the rights the company lias in
the unsold lauds and other matters.
This Involves n careful valuation of
property nnd tho employment of le
gal and business engineering skill of
uilgh order, ns some of these unsold
lands nro reclaimed and somo aro
not. Tho details of this procedure I
have yet to bo worked out, but tho
problems appear to present no dif
ficulties which n district organiza
tion could not overcome.
Also It will ho necessary to con
sider ways and means of adjusting
tho lauds belonging to tho holders
of forms 1 and S contracts, so that
nil lauds bo on tho sumo basis in tho
control of tho district. Arrange
ments must bo mtulo for taking care
of tho- uuf aid balances of Hens and,
for redeeming settlors' notes and
paid maintenance fees.
It would bo a distinct ndvautago to
tho settlers to havo their obligations
to tho company which nro payable
In 4 nnd 6 years and subject to moro
or less disturbances in the ovont of
uliangcs in management or In own
ership of tho company transferable
to "bonds at C per cent, maturing In
30 years, Interest and principal col
lected us county taxes aro collected.
It would also bo a distinct advan
tage to the company that nil notes
and outstanding bills rccelvcnblo be
transferred to district bpnds, the col
lection of which they nro not bur
dened with. These bunds In n short
time under good mnnugomout of tho
district should becomo n readily mar
ketable security.
Financing Made Easter.
Any Improvements to tho system,
such ns rebuilding tho largo flumes
In tho Deschutes canyon south uf
Rend, Installation of eoueroto nnd
steel gates nnd wlers (n much less
expensive proposition than It sounds
to tho nverngo man) or any other
betterments, may bo financed with
much greater case through tho dis
trict plan proposed,
Tho gouoral provisions for tho or
ganization of an Irrigation District
as abstracted from Chapter 189, Gon
oral Laws of Oregon for 1016, aro
briefly outlined below.
Fifty or a majority of laud holders
can propoi tho organization of an
Irrigation district which shall have
powers vary much ns n municipality.
They must present a petition to tho
county court, togotlior witli n bond
equal to double tho amount of tho
probable cost of organizing tho dis
trict, tbu bondsmen to pay all costs
should tho district fail to bo orga
nized. Detail of District Pliiu.
Tho court shall then hold n hearing
on the mutter to determine tho boun
daries, etc.
Tho court is to divide tho district
Into fivo sections of as nearly equal
size as practical and each section or
division Is to olect a director who
must bo n resident of Oregon nnd n
bona fide owner of laud within tho
division. The court may order, on
petition of a majority of land hold
ers, that there be three directors in
stead of fivo and that they be elect
ed by tho district at largo.)
An "lection is then to be held to
dctormlno whether or not tho dis
trict should be organized.
Any land owner within tho dis
trict, whether resident or not. Is en
titled to vote without regard to tho
number of acres he or she owns.
Any corporation holding lands In the
district has but one vote.
The directors and a treasurer are
elected for a term of two years.
Each director must give bond for
16000, to be approved by tho county
Judge, and tho treasurer a bond of
not less than $16,000 or more than
$50,000, to be approved by the board
of directors.
Tho board of directors must elect
a president from their number, and
appoint a secretary.
Hoard Has .Much Authority.
The board has power to transact
all business affairs of tne district, to
employ men, to make and execute
contracts, establish rules and regu-
Golden West Coffee l
i. "in nirfM . I
id .juai rviKui - v
latlons for the distribution of water,
"may do any and ovory lawful act
necessary to bo dono that water may
bo furnished for tho lands In 'said
district for Irrigation purposes."'
Tho district may sorvo with water,
lands outsldo of tho district. It may
enter into contract with the Federal
government. It may pay for con
struction work with bonds. It can
suo and bo sued. It may vote bonds
to maturo In 30 years, interest not
to exceed C per cent.
As soon an practical after tho or
ganization of a district, a general
plan of tho proposed reclamation
works Is to bo worked out and an
cstimato of cost made. Authority
Is granted to board to havo surveys,
examinations, maps, etc., mado un
der the direction of a competent Ir
rigation engineer and a report made,
certified to by this engineer, and
submitted to the State Engineer for
his report thereon. After tho State
Engineer's report has been made nnd
tho matter of tho cost Is fully worked
out, nn election ts then called for the
district to vote whether or not bonds
shall bo Issued to pay for tho car
rying out of tho proposed plan of
Irritable Land Assessed. ,
The board has power to nssess tho
charges and expenses necessary for
tho operation of the district nnd the
Issuance of bonds against tho Irri
gable luuds In tho district.
. Assessments shall bo entered
ngalust tho laud In tho district by
the county clerk ns n tax, and such
tax shall be collected nnd accounted
for tho Bamu as other taxes of tho
Tho district law Itself can bo found
ln Lord's Oregon Laws and, ns
amended, In Session Lnws of 1911,
1913 nnd 1916, whero any Interested
party can obtain In full, tho detail
and procedure powers of the Irriga
tion District In this State.
Tho above outlino is Intended to
present tho main features of tho dis
trict law In brief form for those who
havo not had tho opportunity to go
Into detail In tho mattor.
Tho district plan, In my opinion,
offers n distinct and effective rem-
un-fcdy for tho conditions on this project.
ui course uioro nro complications
nnd difficulties to overcome, but any
plan would have tho same.
A recent Act of Congress Is ex
pected to have n bonoflctal Influence
In tho organization of Irrigation dis
tricts. This Act Is Pubic No. 19C, of
tho CI tb Congress, approved August
11, 101 C, nnd provides that unentered
government land may bo Included In
nn Irrigation district whoso plan of
reclamation meets tho approval of
tbu Secretary of the Interior.
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bronchial cough and Irritation of tho'
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tie tho cough censed." Sold uvory.
where. Adv.
Notice Is horehy given that tho
County Court of the State of Oregon,
for Crook county, has appointed O.
C. Heuklu us administrator of the
cstnto of Robert R. Honklo, deceased.
All porsons having claims ngalust
said estate aro hereby required to
presout tho same, duly verified, with
proper vouchers, within six months
from tho dnto of this notice, to said
administrator, nt his office In tho
Log Cabin building, in Bend, Crook
county, Oregon.
Dated and first published this 6th
day of Dficembor. 191 C.
O. C. IIENKLE. Administrator.
Attorneys for Administrator.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon,
December 4, 1910.
Notlro Is hereby given that Oeorgo
II. Whltakor, of Laldlaw, Oregon,
who, on Juno 28. 1913, mado Home
stead Entry, No. 011833, for 8VVi
SEii, Section 33, Township, 15 South,
Rango 1 1 East, Willamette Meridian,
has filed notice of Intention to make
Final Three Year Proof, to estab
lish claim to the lund above de
scribed, before H. C. Ellis. XL 3. Com
missioner, at Bend, Oregon, on the
13th day at January, 1917.
Claimant names as witnesses:
James I). Donovan, of Bend, Oro-
Hoofing of all kinds. Repairing
promptly done.
Furnace Contractor
Guttering, Spouting,
Cornices and Skylights.
gon; Howard L. Gillette, of Tumolo, I
Oregon; John W. Scott, of Tumolo,
Oregon; Nathan Henderson, of Turn-
nlo, Oregon, nnd Charles F. Clnflin,
of Gist, Oregon. -
2-tfc. Register.
In the District Court of the Unltod
States for tho District of Oregon.
In tho Matter of August Horst
man, bankrupt, No. 3916 In Bank
ruptcy. Notlco Is hereby given that on tho
11th day of September, A. D., 191G,
August Horstman, of Bend, Oregon,
tho bankrupt above named, was duly
adjudicated bankrupt; and that the
first meeting of his creditors will bo
held at my office, 8th floor, Titlo &.
Trust Building, Portland, Oregon, on
tho. 19th day of Dccouiber, 191C, at
2 p. nt., nt which time said creditors
may attend, prove tholr claims, ap
point a trustee, examine the bank
rupt, nnd transact such other busi
ness ns may properly come bctoro
said meeting.
Claims must be presented In form
required by tho Bankruptcy Act, and
sworn to.
Tho schedule tiled discloses no as-
Reforeo In Bankruptcy.
Dated December C, 1016. 3c
Department of tho Interior, U. S.
Land Office nt The Dalles, Oregon,
November 20, 191G.
Notice Is hereby given that Jacob
Schcrer, of Bond, Oregon, who, on
May 19, 1913, mado Homestead En
try No. 011704, for SE,i SEU, Sec
tion 25, Township 19 South, Rango
14 East, Wlllnmctto Meridian, has
filed notice of intention to make
final three-year proof, to establish
claim to tho land above- described,
beforo H. C. Ellis, U. S. Commission
er, nt Bend, Oregon, on tho 5th day
of Jnnuary, 1917.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Hownrd F. Dyer, of Mllltcnn, Oro
gon; Aaron 1). Norton, of Mllllcan.
Oregon; Martini E. Forgoy, of Bond,
Oregon; Clifton L. Evans, of Bend,
38-42C Register.
Department of tho Intorlor, United
States Land Olllco, nt Tho Dalles,
Oregon, November 10, 191C.
Notlco is hereby given that Lavonn
E. Rogors, of Bond, Oregon, who, on
April 12, 1910, mado Desert Land
Entry No. 0H4GG, for tho WV6NWH,
Section 5, Township 17, South of
Rango 12, East of Wlllnmotto Merid
ian, has tiled notlco of Intention to
inulto Final Desert Land Proof, to
establish claim to tho laud above de
scribed, boforo H. O. Ellis, Unltod
States Commissioner, nt Bend, Ore
gon, on tho 20th day of Docembor,
Claimant names ns witnesses:
Albert Hnrrymun, August lloll
horg, Patrick Mogan nnd Jumes It.
Benham, nil or Bend, Oregon.
37-l2p Reglstor.
Department or tho Interior, United
States Land Olllco, at The Dalles,
Oregon, Novombur 10. 1916.
Notice Is horohy given that Augus
tine Wurnor, of Bond, Oregon, who,
on September 6, 1910, made Homo
stead Entry No. 07407, for tho E,&
8WV,. lots 3 nnd 4, Section 30,
Township 20, South of Rango 11,
East of Willamette Meridian, has
II led notlco or Intention to tunko
Final Fivo Year Proof to establish
claim to tho laud above described,
beforo II. O. Ellis, United Statoa
Joe Rock
All kinds of
rock or dirt
Lrive orJru t
Oirgon Slice!
Ha jf
Bend Steam Laundry.
Commissioner, at Dcnd, Oregon, on
tho 20th day of December, 1016.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Gcorgo W. Trlplett, Thomas W.
Sash Factory Wood
i n
Bend White Pine Sash Co.
Dentists Dominating
Dominance docs not mean monopoly, not leadership, not control by
holding a club over tho people whereby combination or trust methods
mid high prices aro demanded, control by n combination of several
firms, or n society ot dentists, hut dominance dues menu us is our
method, freo from society agreements or c.xcluslvu processes, and
Is supported by public recognition of tho high elnss work and stand
ing of our firm. This method Is tho einplojmeiit of publicity that
Is both national and Intensive. Such publicity brings us not only
u volume or business, which is, or course, tho primary purpose, hut
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fit and look natural.
Our artificial teetli mIiow "Hnniuel Murkliigs" like those In natural
.'elli mid diffuse the reflected light us natural teetli jIii, mill when
PLATES, they deeehe the eje, ns u patient Mild, "Why, It Is Jiihi
like liming my own teeth buck again."
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I am
to announce to the people of Dend and vicinity that
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Mike McGrath, Prop.
Trlplett, Martin J. Main nnd Fred
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8.1 iilML (.'old Bridge Teetli ...1
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