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    TUB I1KNI) HUIiliKTlN, I1KM), OUR., WKDNRSnAV. MAItCH 22, 1010.
TAR 3.
(Continued from lnat wcok.)
Through n careful invcBtlcntloh
and parronal observation County Ag
riculturist A. B. Lovott, In his nn
nuol roport, 1ms Klvon out Informa
tion regarding his findings for tho
t i-st season. Mr. Lovott mndo a. can
vass of tho farmors in Clio county nnd
rcnort 0B follows regarding sultabla
grains to plant:
In our reconnaissance of agricul
tural crops In Crook county during
tho season of 1914, wo found varloua
varieties of wheat, oata nnd barloy
prnwn by tho farmers In nil BcctlotiB.
Not only was thoro a largo numbor
Early llaart. Through porsonnl vis
its to fluids of this wheat, although
wo found some failures, wo nro led
to concludo that tho yield of grain
from tho Early llaart variety of
wheat Will exceed tho yield from moat
othor spring varieties. Positive con
clusions nre, however, Impossible
through ono season h uso of n variety.
Miimiib) Wheat
Only 4 written reports wore receiv
ed from farmers orowlnir HiIh vnrlntv.
N W. Ktilcltorbockor near Gist, states
ns follows: "I grow both tho Mnrqtils
and Knrly Ilaat wheats nnd bellovo
that I prefer tho Marquis wheat for
spring sowing as It seeniB to mnko a
moro vigorous growth than tho Early
llaart wheat under tho Barao condi
tions." C. J. Mock noar Tumalo,
- .mriot'm of each grain cron nrown states: "This wheat was thinned by
but In ninny Instnucos wo found that spring frosts and only part of It was
unknown vnrlotles mid mlxturos of irrigated. I think It a good wheat
vrrletlcs woro plnntod. Upon an In- for this locality, but would rccom-
vestlsatlon of experiments nt Eastern menu sowing larger amount oi soou
Oregon Exporlmont Stations nnd up-1 Per aero, on account of tho frost
on a slimy 01 muni bucccbhiui varie
ties within tho county wo concluded
that It would provo profitable to tho
formers of this section to select ono
to threo varieties of each crop, bo
curo tho best Bced of theso varlotlos
and thus prevent mixtures nnd "run
ning out of soed materially. Tho
following varlotlos of each crop woro
rclccted and rocommonded to tho far
mers: Early llaart and Marquis
wheats for spring planting nnd Khar
kof wheat for fall' planting; Ilanuor
oats for Irrlgatod or oub-lrrlgntod
land and Sixty-day oats for dry land;
Wisconsin No. 9 barloy for Irrigated
land and Ilannchcn or Swnnnock bar
loy for dry Innd. Besides theso va
rieties, seed of which was obtained
from outsldoa ources, llluo Stem
wheat for spring sowing nnd Turkoy
ItO'J wheat for fall sowing woro nl-
rcady found In bo mo localities and
woro recommended. This was njso
truo of Shadoland Challenge oats nnd
Odorbruckor barley, llecauso of tho
newness oft ho Agriculturists work
In tho county and tho largo territory
to bo covered, wo woro not as suc
cessful as wo had hoped to bo In es
tablishing demonstration plots vJlth
theso grains. Through our efforts,
fp liowovor, thoro was shipped Into
Crook county this year 10 tons of
Early llaart wheat, 4 tons of Marquis
wheat, 20 tons of Kharkof wlicat anil
10 tons of Ilannor oats. Somo dllTl
culty was oncountorod In procuring
this seed becnuso of tho neccsclty of
purchasing It In larger quantities In
order to obtain It nt roasonnblo
prices. Tho llend Flour Mill Co., of
Ilend, Oregon, boenmo Interested In
our offort, partly bocauao they woro
endeavoring to Introduco tho snmo
seeds Into tho territory through
which thoy workod. Through co
operation with this compnny wo Woro
nblo to locnto nnd purchaso tho noovo
cimounts of seed, Tho Flour Mill Co.,
purchasing tits Bced In carload lots
nnd selling to tho fnrmors'nt n very
small margin of profit.
Tho results obtnlnod from the
planting of Hicbo seeds varied great
ly, most especially with tho whoats.
lloport blanks wero sent to all pur
chasers of theso needs. Only 24 flllod
out and roturned them. Tho growth
nnd ylolds ofhoso cropB was watch
ed carefully by tho County Agricul
turist personally whoro over jiosslblo
for him to visit tho Holds. Itesults
obtained with oach crop during tho
season of 191B woro ns follows:
Enrly Ilnnrt Wheat.
Twelve farmors roported rosults In
writing: A. 8. Fogg near Hampton,
Bays: "Crop was killed by JacV rab
bits boforo fully maturing. Think It
Is tho boet wheat yot tried In this
section. I am of tho opinion that
this varloty can bo prolltably grown
hero, If planted about May lGth on
well prepared ground." J. O. Young
strom nonr Culvor In Jefforson coun
ty, says: "I consider this variety-of
wheat a little bettor than any other
variety of spring wheat for this lo
cality." E. A. iiussott, near Powell
Butte, Bays: "I think the Early llaart
whent is tho best spring wheat wo
linvo over had In this country." Of
the remaining 9 who reported, 3 re
ported n very satisfactory crop; 3
roported failures of frosts or rabbits
and 3 prefer other varieties than tho
thinning wheat in tho spring hero,
Tho 2 othor men reporting, consider
other vnrlotles bottor thnn tho Mar
quis. Personal visits to Holds of this
variety of wlicat provo H to be nt
least equal, and In sovoral Instances,
superior to tho llluo Stem wheat. Tho
Marquis being a beardless variety Is
iiroforablo over tho Early Hanrt
whoro tho crop Is to bo UBOd for hay,
but oxporlonco this year Booms to
show thnt tho llluo Stem vnrlety will
mako moro hay thnn either of tho
othor two montlonod.
ltitmier Onts,
Nino fnrmcis roported on thin crop.
In writing. W. F. Mason near rrmo-
vlllo, states: "I think theso onts nro
what wo wont for this pcctlon of tho
country." iLowls ElllngBon noar
llend, Btntcs: "Needing liny, I cut it
whon tho grain was In tho milk. If
It had Btood until It matured, It ap
pears to mo thnt It would havo been
first class," W. I). CInrk near Tum
ftlo, Btatcs: "Considering tho dry
season, It mndo a romnrkablo growth,
doing much bottor than othor varlo
tlos I linvo tried, 'i harvested 4G
bushots por aero." Of tho othors re
porting, all Btato that tho Ilannor
Oats ylolded ns woll as other varie
ties. Upon personal visits to fields
I found this varloty ns good or bot
tor thnn othor varieties planted with
the Bhadoland Challongo Vnrlety giv
ing practlcnlly tho samo yields and
Sixty-liny Oats
Only 100 pounds of this varloty of
oats was availablo for demonstration
purposes and this amount Is all of
which wo nro Informed was planted
In tho county. Tho Deed was given
to domoiiBtrntors on dry land nnd vis
its to theso fields show 3 obtaining
satisfactory results and bottor ylolds
than from'nny other varloty. Ono lost
his crop by rabbits; one obtained n
poor stand and crop on tho "High
dosort" tho crop did not fully ma
turo. Mr. Fogg, ono demonstrator on
tho "high dosort" says: "This groin
was woll filled but not fully matur
ed nt tlmo of harvesting, as Jack rab
bits had begun to destroy It I bo
ltova this variety can bo successfully
rnlsod In this section."
WiM-onnlii Number t) Hurley.
Seed of this varloty was furnished
to William Hondoraou near Tuinnlo
bv tho Agricultural Colloga In 1912.
From this seuij ho has obtained ylolds
of 70 and 80 bushels per ncro res
pectively In 1914-1S. In spring of
191G ho Bold scad to 3 farmors at 3
conts per pound. Those three men
this year obtained ylolds of 00 to 80
b shels por aero. Other barleys on
Irrigated land this year yielded from
30 to GO bushels por acre, tho Odor
bruckor and tho White Irish Six Row
barloys, being tho 2 varieties near
est approaching ylolds of Wisconsin
No. 9.
Ilaiinclion nnd Hummock Hurleys.
Hocnuso of tho success obtained
through tho growing of theso 2 va
rieties of barley nt Eastern Orogon
Exporlment Stations, thoy wero rec
ommended to dry land farmors for
trial. Sixty pounds of each variety
was obtained for demonstrators. Tho
teed was given to domonstrators on
the "high desort" where alt of tho
crops were destroyed except on tho
farm of A. 8. Fogg at Hampton, Hotn
vnrlotles grew woll In this Bectlon
nnd woro headed hlcely when rabbits
appeared. Seed was planted May 22,
lloth Mr, Fogg and myself aro of tho
opinion that had theso barleys been
planted 2 or 3 weeks earlier, and had
not tho rabbit post appeared, a good
grain crop would hnvo been obtnln
od from theso barleys. Spring Emmor
plnnted at tho samo tlmo ns tho bar
leys gave a better growth early In
tho Benson but was destroyed by rnb
blts hotoro thoy attacked tho othor
grain crop.
Klikrkof Wheat.
Ilqcauso of tho results obtained
nt tho Experiment Stations of East
ern Oregon, and becauso this wheat
was especially rocommonded by the
Agt (cultural College, It hns been rec-
omjnondod to tho farmers of this sec
tion for fall planting. Good Minne
sota seed was olitnlncjl and sold to
tho farmers by the llend Flour Mill
Company for planting in fair of 191G,
Itesults obtained from this varloty of
wheat will bo reported after noxt
Boasons harvest and threshing. Helm
holts llroo., living west of Redmond,
planted 20 ceres of Kharkof wheat
In tho fall of 1914. Tho crop obtain
ed this yenr Is conoldored better thnn
any other wheat thoy hnvo grown, by
those men. Tho yield was 40 bushels
por aero.
Corn Varieties.
No corn, excepting In vory small
plots was grown In Crook county
producing varlotloa woro Minnesota
No. 13, Northwestern Dont and natlfo
corn In tho order named. In other
districts whoro these" varieties wero
not planted, a whlto flint corn dis
tributed by tho O.-W. R. & N. Co.,
did very well this yoar generally.
1915 was a much mioro favorable year
for growing corn than wes 1914.
These trlnls will bo continued noxt
Results obtained through tho uso
of varieties t)t crops recommended
by tho Agriculturist In this county
nro ccnernlly very favorable, and
hnvo proved generally slightly su
perior to most othor vnrlotles grown.,
Wo aro of tho opinion that results
obtained In 191C-17 will further
provo tho superiority of all of theso
varieties for Crook county, Results i
obtnlncd this year eecm to Indicate
that fall grains nro profernblo on dry
land. Results obtained thus far do
not warrant a definite cholco between
fall or Bprlng grains for Irrlgatod
lands. In tho spring of 1915, most
of tho spring grnlns woro plnnted a
llttlo Into for the season encountered.
Tho average dato of planting was
About May lGth. For this goason
grain planted about May 1st mndo tho
best growth and crop. Wo aro not,
however, inclined to stalo definitely
that theso crops should bo planted at
this dato this season. A definite de
cision as to tho best tlmo of planting
' " '.
Lots at Half the Price
prior to 1914. In tho spring of thlsl'n Crook county will roqulro moro
yoar sovoral small plots of corn woro
planted In mnny sections but, except
ing n vory llttlo sweet corn, It wn3
practically nil killed by frost north
of tho Terrebonne district. In this
district and around Lowor nrldgo,
Bomo corn was matured this season, 1
In 191G several demonstrators un
dertook tho raising of corn nnd many
of them tried moro than ona vnrlety.
Prof. Scuddor of tho Agricultural
College recommended tho Minnesota
No. 23 for grain r.nd tho Minnesota
No. 13 for forage in this county and
theso vnrlotles woro rocommoml"d to
tho farmors by tho Agriculturist
Thoro bolng In tho northorn portion
of tho county several fnrmor who
had succeeded with a so cnllod "na
tive" variety, thoy woro not dlscour
nged In the plnntlng of this variety
but woro encouraged to try tho pure
bred vnrlotles In comparison with tho
natlvo grown corn. Also, with tholr
shipment of alfalfa pood In tho spring
tho Dakota Improved Seed Company
sont six varieties of corn for trial un-
dor Crook county condltionc nnd this
so id was given to two demonstrators
near Lowor Ilrldgo for trial.
Tho results obtnlnod this year
through theso trials wero as follows:
Tho best gram producing varieties
woro Disco Ambor Flint, Disco Prldo.
"nntlvo" corn nnd Minnesota No. 23,
In tho order nnmod, tho best fodder
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any certain dny of tho month when
crops should ho planted.
Noxt Meek: "Demonstration l'nnns
on tho "JIIkIi lK-crt." rfenxon 11)15.
(Continued noxt week.)
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