The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 22, 1916, Page PAGE 10, Image 10

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the bend npjKTiy, hesiI, onn., Wednesday, makch 22, mm.
rAon 10.
Poison Formulas for
Rabbits, Gophers, etc.
Hotel Benson
Fifth and Washington Streeti
I ,.T- Fttf-v .
-I M
Mrs. .7. 1). DntliNmi KncouriiKCs Jinny
VomiKslcis in Apiculture ."May
Obtain I'lot of fiioiind In (."enter
Addition (Jills to lliuu Club.
Moro nml bettor vegetables nnd
flowors will lia raised this yonr' by
tho pupilH of tlio lionil imbllc scbools
If tlio plnn or Mrs. J. I). Davidson,
who will again hnvo cliarfio of thq
school Knrduns, in. turoH.
With nn cnllBtmont of 5 1 pupils
from tlio 4 Hi to tlio 8th grades, h
number almost four tlmos us largo ns
lrst your, planting of the gardens
will coitimoneo JiiHt ns soon ns a suit
nlilo plot of ground cnn bo obtained.
Mrs. Davidson Is ronsldoilng a tract
In Center uddltlon and tills may bo
Bolcctod for tho gnrdons If tho school
lionrd consents to hnto tlio ground
To llntu CmiiiiIiik Club.
An ndilod routine for the school
RlrlB Is being plnnnod this year by
Mrs. Diivldson In tho way of n can
ning club. Mrs. Davidson's homo
will be thrown open to the girls nnd
Bpeclnl equipment will bo placed nt
their disposal under Mrs. Davidson's
direction. Tho girls will can both
fruits nnd vegetables, and If the stan
dard or work Ih i cached In this work
which tho Instructor hopes for, tho
canned vnrletles will be placed on
exhibit next fall nt tho county nml
HUito fair.
Cliililicii mo Intel csled.
Unusual Interest, according to Mrs.
Davidson Is being shown tills jear by
tho chllilron In tho gardening work
which wus stnrted last year. It Is
hoped that eacli pupil may have n
section of ground 8 foot by 1!0 reel
for cultivation. Tlio children nio
permitted to reallzo on their own gar
'dons by sale of tho products.
Cultivation of dowers will bo ono
of tlio features this yenr. Tho chil
dren will probably place nil oxhlhlt
at tho annual Flower Show In Aug
ust. If tho ground cnn bo fenced this
week, planting will probably begin
noino 1 1 mo next week.
A .luck Itublilt Poisons.
14 quarts oats.
1 ounco strychnine alkalohlal pow
der. 1 ounce soda-bl-carbonato (baking
Place fourteen quarts of oats in n
receptacle such ns n galvanized wash
tub. Mix ono tablespoon of ordinary
dry gloss starch with ono tencup full
of cold water. Add this to n pint of
hot water and boll until clear. Tills
starch should bo smooth and freo
from lumps. Add tho strychnlno
powder nnd soda, then beat until tlio
solution Is of tho consistency of
cream. A small teacup of table salt
dissolved In tho hot wnter previous
to adding tho solution occasionally
incroasoo tho olllcloncy of tlio poison.
Pour this creamy mixture over tho
onts and mix thoroughly until ovory
grain Is contcd. It Is a good plan to
lot tho grain ntnnd a few hours nnd
then mix again. Dlstrlbuto in largo
tnblcspoonfuls about stock yards or
previously linked polcon corrals from
which stock is excluded. It Is n
good plan to bait theso corrals with
a few forkfuls of green nlfnlfn hay
n fow nights previous to exposing tho
poison nnd thus get tho rabbits to
feeding there reg larly. Clear cold
nights, when snow Is on tho ground
and tho rabbit's natural food supply
scree, Is tho best time to expose
poison. Evory iinrt should make
from twonty-flvo to thirty-five doges.
II. 1G pounds nlfnlfn liny chopped
In 2 Inch lengths.
1 ounco strychnlno sulphate.
2 gallons water.
Dissolve the ounco of strychnlno
nnd tho two gallons of hot water nnd
then sprinkle over tho chopped hay,
mixing until nil tho moisture Is nb-
sorbed. This poison muut be used
Inside bnrrnls nnd enro must bo tnken
t lint It does nor blow outside where
s(ock cnn reach It.
C Digger ' oiiikI Squill els.
10 quarts bnrloy.
1 ounco strychnlno powder.
1 ounco soda.
Ono lirth ounco sncchnrlno.
1 quart starch solution.
Ono half pint corn sirup.
Prepare this poison ns in Formula
Dlstrlbuto In small tablespoon-
Centrally Located
The Hotel for YOU
Room Rates $1.00 per day,
More if you wish to pay.
Excellent Restaurant in connection.
Breakfast and Luncheon 25 cents.
Dinner 5 Cents.
Continuous service at very moderate
fuls slightly scattered on the high
dry ground near tho burrows. When
used Intelligently In this manner, It
will not endanger tho llvo stock. Each
quart of poison should treat from
2a to 3Ii Ininows. This pnison is
Cut parsnips or sweet potatoes Into
cubes ono Inch long by ono fourth
Inch square on each end. Wash these
halts nnd plnco thorn on n screen to
drain. Whllo still damp sift over
them from n popper box ono eighth
most offectlvo when used when green ounco strychnlno alkaloldal powder
food Is Btarco, preferably when tho which has previously been trltuated
nnlmnls first como out of hibernation
or before going In, lu tho fall.
1). I'iiito ('round HquiircK or
.SlIRO Itllt."
10 quarts wheat.
C quarts barley.
fj quarts oats.
1 ounco strychnlno powder.
1 ounco soda.
Ono 11 f tl ounco saccharine or sub
stitute 1 cup saltt
1 quart starch solution.
Ono half pint corn sirup.
Prepare this poison as In Formula
A. Dlstrlbuto In teaBpoonfuls scat
tered nenr tho cntranco of onch bur
row and exposo ns In directions for
Digger squirrels. Each qunrt should
treat from forty to llfty burrows.
Pocket Gophers.
Whore a fow pocket gophors Infost
a field thoy may bo enslly controlled
by tho tiBo of several makes of traps
now commonly on tho ninrkot. For
ridding alfalfa Holds, long stretches
of ditch embankment nnd other large
areas of thoin, a much moro practical
method of destroying pocket gophers
Is by tho uso of poisons. A poison
prepnred ns follows hns given good
results In experiments by tho Biolog
ical Survoy nnd largo areas of na
tional forests hnvo been cleared of
this pest In this manner:
with ono tenth ounco saccharine. Tho
baits are now ready for use.
Tho burrows are bes: located by
means of a gopher prone. This can
bo mado from nny stout handle about
thirty six Inches In length. Ono
edge should bo bluntly pointed nnd
n foot rest aids in tho probing In hard
soils. Ono soon becomes expert in
locating tho gopher burrows or run
ways by probing tho ground n foot
or two back of tho terminal mounds,
Tho runway can bo usually felt ns tho
point breaks through it. Tho round
ed end of tho gopher probo Is now
used to cnlargo tho hole nnd bait or
two dropped Into tlio burrow, tlio
probo holo then being closed. Units
should only bo Introduced at threo or
four points In each burrow system of
ton to thirty mound? ns this Is dual
ly tho homo of a single gopher. In
our experience, halts placed fairly In
tho runwnys will Invariably kill the
gopher. Theso directions apply to
tho small pocket gopher of Eastern
Oregon nnd tho Middle- West. It Is
quite posBlblo that tho poisoning of
tho largo pocket gopher of tho Pa
cific const may require n slightly dif
ferent method. Howovor, tho nbovo
Is cortalnly worthy of trial. One
soon becomes export In locating tho
runs nnd assistants usually average
We believe that there is no Hotel
in the entire United States more
handsomely furnished or that oilers
more to the traveller.
RATES Sl.fiO and up without bath.
$'2.00 and up with bath.
A. T. LUNDBORG, Manager
from 300 to 500 burrows per day. bo kept plainly labeled nnd out ct
All equipment nnd utensils used reach of llvo stock, children and If.
.. t 1.....1.t ' i rniiiiitilli1n inpamio
In tho preparation oi poieun buuuiu i iuiuuoiuiu iui
Raker's (jrocery
First Class Goods and Right
Prices. What is not right we
will make right. Our aim
will be to get your Groceries
to you on time.
Wall Street. Near Ohio
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