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    The bend
Vol. XIII. ' .
XO. 20.
Frank J. Miller of Public Service
Hotly finys Interpretation of Itoccnt
Decision In II. W. li. & I Co.
I Cone My Proponent Incorrect
Having been advised nf the recont
ui'tj by tho proponents of the Steldl
.V Tweet ftmehlse nf the order of
the Public Service Commission In
tho Mend Water Light & Power Co.
caso as an argument In their favor,
Frank J. Miller, of the Commlslson
made this stntomont:
"If such Interpretation Is being at
tempted, It is not justified. Of course
tho Commission cannot tako part In
any commercial disputes, and it
nover will, for our duty Is to rogulato
all public service companies without
prejudice. Dut I am free to say that
tho Commission Is united In being ab
solutely opposed to competition In
eloctrlc service In small towns, with
tho gonernl public good as the first
. Mr. Miller then callod attontlon to
a copy of a lottor written to Tilla
mook city authorities by tho com
mission soma" tlmo ago covering a
situation very similar to that now ex
isting In lloud. Extracts from that
letter follow:
"For tho reason that the state has
supervision over service as well as
rates and can compel reasonable nnd
adequate service and reasonable and
Just rates for nil public utility com
panles doing business within
state, wo can see no particular reason I
for competition, especially In small
cities nnd comunltlcs. Uccauso tho
public service corporations are sup
posed to bo entitled to a reasonable
return on their Investment, wo do
not'bellevo that tho public should bo
burdened with return an duplications
of Investment and tho territory of
an existing public utility company be
Idvadcd by a competing company
when tho utility already In oxlstcnco
can bo required to servo tho public
wherever tbcro Is" a sufficient de-
mand, and for theso reasons wo hnvo
dlscouragod competition among util
ities wnero incro is nusuiatciy iiecoa
slty therefor.
"This commission, however, Is not
given authority to Issue n certificate
of public necessity and convenlonco
as is dono In many of tho stntos. and , charg0 of tho B0Vernment nBineor
provent companies from compotlng ,ng work 0I tho Columbia rlvor, Wlrt
with ench other for such aorvlco as Mnor A t. Hugglns, R. J. Ilragg
may be demanded of them. Wo bo- nd c ,,p Davg, Jr.. of Portland
llovo that reasonable restrictions nt Tue8(,ny nlBht , I)ona Ienv.
. i. "-"u "' "? "
uuuiuiuj uo wuu uiuu iuiuuub uu
.via.., .Ai.ii.llllnn .na. .lift Ikll.flnH '
eventually falls upon tho public. Ono
nf tbo other nf thn rnnmntlnir com-
'panles Is absorbed or falls and tho f
stronger competitor In tho end con
trols tho situation."
"It Is stated In our order." added
Mr. Miller, "that somo J47.C00 ofver camo to Bend a year ago and
the Hend Water Light & Power Com-
pony's Investment is In excoss of the
Immedlato requirements, We simply i
liave not allowed them a return on
that amount. Tho Investment, how-'
ver. undoubtedly Is a lso ono, nnd
later nil or tho properties Involved
In it will be usod In giving sorvlco.
Even though you might never have
a fire or thieves enter your home, n
paper mislaid is often times lost just
as irretrievably as if it had been
burned or stolen.
When your valuable papers are in
our vault you" KNOW where they
are and you KNOW they are safe.
You can lease a steel box in our
vault with a non-pickable Yale
lock big enough to contain all
your private papers, for $2 a year
Can you aftord to be without this
The Deschutes -Slate
Reckoning that nmotint In, at the
present volumo of business, the for
mer rates wore not excessive. We
made tho reductions basod on tho
company's actual Investment less tho
$47,500. As matters now stand It
seems to me Mend has most reason
able rates, ntul vn hnvn nnvnr linnril
nnV COmnlnlntn nlinilt thn snt-vlxrt
it lias ueon the history of utili
ties evorywhore, and especially In
811lall towns, thnt ennililnnHnn nf
competing plants results lator. And
mere is nnotner phase; when a small
town nllowB competing companies to
sharo Its electrical business, tho pos
sibility of later reducing rates Is
practically romoved. For Instance,
with one company, as tho business
grows with the growth of tho town,
there Is n llknlllinnil nf rntn rnilnn.
Hon. Uut with two Investments, and
tne double capital Involved, possi
bility Of Rlipll flit tiro rniltixtlnnn la
practically eliminated."
Xcnrly 150,000 Acres in Pnulliin nnd
Fremont Reserve Thrown Open
Areas Xcnr Silver Luke.
PORTLAND, July 10, According
to an announcement made by the
Forest Service President Wilson 19
day signed an exocutlvo order, mak
ing an elimination of 143, C8C ncres,
a small part of which tapatcntcd or
private land, from tho Pnulinn and
Fremont National Forests In Central
Tho area eliminated fr6m tho Fre
mont forest, comprising 30,014 ucres,
a small part of which Is patentod
land, llos south of the town of Sil
ver Lnko and both ens; nnd west of
silver Lnko in Township 28 nnd 29,
Ilango 14, 1G and 1C East. The lands
are rolling and rocky, and covorod
with a scattered stand of Juniper, a
tree of little timber valuo. Tho Innds
comprising tho Paulina elimination,
113,072 acres In extent, a Binnll part
of which Is private land, He east of
tho Walkor ranee of mountains nnd
mostly between tho rango nnd tho
Bend-Sllvor Lnko stago road, and nro
more particularly described ns In
cluding portions of Township 20 8.,
Kongo B. 10, 11 and 12 East; Tqwn
Bhlp 27 South, Rango 9, 10, 11 nnd
12 East; Township 28 South, Rango
10 and 11 East; nnd a small patch
In Township 28 South, Rango 12 nnd
13 East. These lands uro covered
with n scrubby stand of lodgepolo
plno, which Is not of much value for
Tho lands remaining In tho .Pnul-
Inn Forest will bo added to tho Dos
chutes and Fremont National Forosts
anil win no aaminisiereu irom uona
and Lnkevlcw respectively.
Col. J. J. Morrow, who has been In
ing early this morning for Klamath
Falls by automobl o.
htovkk i:ni:cTi:i cashier.
Myron A. Stover was elected assis
tant cashlor of tho First National
Dank at a meeting of tho directors
of the bank this morning. Mr, Sto
haB boon connected with tho bank
since last fall, recognition of his abll-
y "ringing rapio promouon. ai
the same meeting It was decided to
make application to tho Comptroller
of the Curroncy for an Increoso In
both tho capital and surplus of the
Modern Institution Will Accomodate
0 Pntlcnt To Cnro for Injuries
at Bhovlln-Hlxon Mill nnd Cnnitm
-Knlploy Two Trained Xuraca
Tho now Dend Hospital, under tho
direction of Doctors U. C. Coo and
D. iFerrell, will bo opened about;
August 1 nnd when tho rcsldonco
formerly occupied by W. E. Ouerln
Is remodoled, tho Institution will
havo a capacity of 30 patients.
The Interior of tho structuro has
been reconstructed and will bo mod
ern nnd up-to-dato In ovary particu
lar In order to give the best posslblo
sorvlco to patrons. It will havo 12
roams, af which six will bo private
rooms, two wnrds, stock rooms,
oporattng room, dining room, kit
clion nnd spacious sun room which
will provide for sunshlno and serve
0,8 n rest room for convalescents.
Overlooking tho river with tho
mountains ns a vista, tho hospital Is
Ideally situated and tho broad porch
facing tho west will offer ploasant
views for thoso ablo to enjoy out door
Within tho noxt few months tho
building will bo heated with hot and
cold water and Doctors Coo nnd For
roll now contemplate tho erection of
a heating plant to supply this com
fort. In order to caro for Injured em
ployees of Tho Shovlln - Hlxon
Company a contract has beau signed
by this company under tho tonus of
which nil Injuries to men In Its em
ploy demanding hospital attontlon
will bo accomodated In the now In
stitution. Speedy means of trnns
poittnR mon from tho mill nnd camps
whoro Injuries occur to tho hospltnl
will l'o tuken to Insitro linmodlnto
treatment. First aid methods In tho
various camps will bo carried on ef
ficiently under Instructions to facil
itate operations nnd caro 'upon tho
arrival of Injured ones nt tho hos
pital. Opcrutlnv Room Modern.
The operating room will bo mod;
ern In every detail to afford patrons
the host attention through scientific
means. It will ho finished In whlto.
enamolod wood work nnd tho floor
will ho cemented with ovary monsuro
taken to Insure sanitation mid cloan
Uncus during oporntlons.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Donovan, grnd.-
uatns of tho Dollovuo Hospital In
Now York, and recently of Iown, will
arrive soon to assist Doctors Coo and
Ferrell as cralncd nurses. Roth Mi1,
nnd Aire. Donovan aro experienced
nurses, hnving sorvod In tho profes
sion for several years.
"From tlmo to tlmo ns conditions
warrant, wo expect to make additions
nnd such remodeling as will render
our work most effective," said Doctor
Coe, "In ordor to glvo tho best pos
slblo servlco and offer every conven
lonco and comfort to patients. Tho
Interior will soon bo complotod and
much of tho furniture has already
arrived for Installation,"
Prior to opening Doctors Coo and
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$ Hay Carriers
JjK JacKson ForKs
2! Wire rVope
2 Manila Rope '!
$ Pulleys and ForKs j
Mowing' Machines
Binders and
and Binder Twine
Bend Hardware Co.
Tho Company that put lha "Wear" in Hardware
8. liciiMm nnd Party Spend Sunday
Hero on Trip Over lllglnvn)
May Itecomnioml Stnto Money
for tho I,uvn Unite I toads.
(Tho Oregonlan, July 20, 19ir.)
Knthuslastlc over 'tho possibility
of building good ronds with tho vol
entile cinders found In this soctlon,
tho advisory bonrd of tho Stnto High
way Commission, consisting of S.
nenson, Leslie Uutler and J. 11. Al
bert, accompanied by Stnto Highway
Engineer Cnntlne, loft horo carljt
this morning on their return to Port
land. They expect to rench Tho
Dalles tonight. With thorn wero A.
A, Ilosenthnl, of tho Portland' Press
Club, and Clark Williams, of Tho
Tho ndvnntngcs of theso cinders as
a road material was first pointed out
to tho members of tho board during
their stop at Klamath Falls, but It
was not until thoy reached Bend thnt
thoy found streets nnd ronds on
which they had been used, tho mn
torlal having been put on horo In tho
summer of 1914.
During their stay tho members of
tho party mado n caroful Inspection
of the rondB so treated and visited
tho pit on tho side of Pilot Ilutte,
near town, from which tho cinders
nro obtained. As n result of tholr
examination. Including ono cindered
street which hns recently been oiled
as rin oxperlmont, tho board and Mr.
Cantlno were ngrood thnt a scorning
ly deslrnhlo material had been found
to solve tho question of road build
ing In this section.
Tho party arrlvod In Ilend Sunday,
coming by way of I.a Pino and Cres
cent, whoro thoy spent Saturday
night on their way through from
Klamath Falls and Crater I.nko. A
delegation from Ilend, Including
Coiinty Commissioner Ovcrturf ond
Manager Wallaco of tho Tliulalo pro
ject, met them nt l.ava Hutto, about
tonnnll-s from town, whero another
deiibsl' af cinders exists.
, loiter In tho day Commissioner
niiTncbnril camo ovor from Prlnuvlllo
and nn Itiformnl discussion nf tho
ncods of tho Crater I.nko routo fol
lowed. From Ilend tho party expect-
od to go to Culver to moot ofllcors
of Jefferson county court nnd Com
mlslsonoru Ulnnchnrd and Ovcrturf,
of Crook county, and If posslblo,
County Judgo Springer, who Is living
on his Jefferson county fnrm.
From Culver tho Itinerary cnlled
for stops In Sherman and Wasco
Newspaper reports of tho proposed
$10,000 bondl ssuo for a system of
stato highways as outlined by tho
bonrd on tholr trip through tho Wll
Inmotte nnd Iloguo Illvor valloys
precodod 'them horo nnd pledgos of
support were rerolvod from all with
whom the membors of tho party talk
ed. For several of tho party tho
trip to Crater Lake wan tho first and
tholr delight In the wonderful spec
tacle wns unbounded.
As a result of tho visit of tho
board to this section a yd their study
of the possibilities of volcanic cin
ders as a road material It Is expected
that somo recommendation will be
mado by thorn for tho expenditure of
stato funds on the Lava Hutto road
next year, Tho members of the
board unanimously agreed that It
was tho weak spot in tho road to
Urater lako and accordingly needed
The board was mot at Klamnth
Falls on Friday by a delegation from
nond consisting of Robert 11. Gould,
M. L. Merrltt, D. M. Davis, Rarl 11.
Houston and It. W. Sawyor, A. J.
Kroonort giving tho uso of his car
for tho trip.
Hnlls Wilt tto IjvIiI by August I and
Structure lit Cko Soon After Mill
Supplies Arrive In Ilend.
Dolay In tho arrival of material
will inalio It Impossible to run tho
first trains ovor tho now brldgo to
tho Shovlln-Hlxon mill by noxt Mon
day, as was recently thought pos
slblo. Halls will bo laid by August
lr howover, without fall and the
brldgo openod within n fow days af
tor. Completion of tho dam for tho
logging pond has also beou delayed
recently by tho discovery of tho ox
lstcnco of dlfforcnt conditions In tho,
rlvor bed on tho east sldo from those
on tho west side. On tho onBt sldo
work It was found necessary to go
ono and n half feet lowor for the
foundation than on tho other side,
which has hold tho work hack.
At tho mill slto ovorythlng Is In
rcadlnoss for tho beginning of con
struction of tho mill, which now
waits on the nrrlvnl of the builder.
Already thoro havo been delivered
on tho ground threo carloads of ce
ment, n car of lime, 200,000 .brick
and four cnrloads of Itimbor for tho
main doors of tho saw mill. A con
tract has beou lot locally for 100,000
feet of lumber for tho mill.
On tho logging road tho survey
work has been dono for six miles
nnd threo miles of tho road hnvo
been graded.
ICIsnimi llmthor.H, lloNtoiiIIny 2111,.
001) Pound Lot.
Of tho 250,000 pounds of wool
put up nt auction Juno 2fi at tho
store rooms of tho United Wnrehouse
Company, offers for which wero re
jected by Kellers, 210,000 pounds
hnvo boon sold (his week (o HUtinu
lliotliors of Ilostou, shlpmont being
mndu from lloud Tuesday afternoon.
The remaining 110,000 pounds will
ho stored In tho wnrohouso nwnltlng
tho arrival of buyers this week, rep
tesontlng eastern nnd const IlrniH.
Those represented In tho salo wero
Pnt, Mlko nnd Dan Anglnitd. O'Kcufo
llrothors, Jnck O'Koofo nnd Ilnrry
Ahreud. Tho salo was mado In tho
vicinity of l.akevlow.
According to A. M. Prlngln, man
ager of tho United Warohouso Com
pany, tho price paid by tho ICIsman
llrothors ranged between 19 nnd 20
Tho argument on behalf of tho
llond Wntor Light & Powor Co., In
tho mnttor of pending electrical
frnnchlso was filed with City Record
er Kills on Monday. Tho frnnchlso
and tho opposing arguments will now
bo printed for distribution among
tho voters. Tho election takos plnco
011 Monday, August 9.
The First National Bank
1 . j
V C C'OK, IVonldont K. A. HATIIKH, Vlco- I'roitldoiit
C. H. HUDSON, ('ashler
C'upltul fully pulil - W.00O
Surplus eW.OOO
Hegular bank loans:
Wo aro prepared at nearly all times to make ndvances
to reliable parties for tholr requirements.
Wool and sheep loans:
Wu are SOW prepared to loan money to sheep men
for tlio purchase of, sheep.
Wo nro now prepared to ndvnnco you 10c por pound
on nil wool )ou storo in thu WnrolmuBo at Ilend, at 8
per rent for either 90 days or six monthx.
Sheep 111011 do not hnvo to sell at pretont price unions
Uioy wish. Thu money Is ready for you.
Wo aro NOW prepared to make loiiim oil outtlo for
six monthH, fur feeding purposes, but not on rungo or
she stuff.
We are NOW prepared to make loans on good farm
lands, with good water rights, no matter wheru located
In Central Oregon, the bigger tho loan tho bettor, pro
viding tho proposition Is a good ono and will stand clos
est Investigation as to values and title.
Write us for Information. Hank by mnll and secure
our services.
---- - DIRECTORS - -
U. C. (ok K. A.Satiiiju '' H- Hudson
O. M. I'ATTKIlSON II. t . IM-is
At Meeting Yesterday Stnto IjjuuI
Hoanl Takes Action Which WIU
KcMilt lii Completion of IHvoj
nloii Which Dcgnn Lost Year.
( Special to Tho Bulletin.)
SALKM, July 20. At Us mooting
today tho Stato Land Hoard author
ized tho loan of not to exceed $fi00Q
on Improved lands In tho Tumnto
projoct with vested wntor rights. In
dividual applications will bo uctod
upon nt onco. Lonns will bo mnda
on n baBls of not to exceed $ 10 por"
aero. Oovornor Wlthycomho, who la
onthiiBlnBtlc concerning tho project
slnco his recont visit, strongly urged
this action, expressing grent confl-"
donca In tho vnluo of tho Innds and
their desirability as security,
This inoanB that tho settlors who
will got the lonns will nay tho money
In nt onco on tholr Tiiumlo contracts,
Then, In turn It will bo oxpendod for
finishing tho work of diverting tho
wntor of Crater crook Into Tutnnlo
creok. With this nddltlonnl wator
Tumaln crook, dcsplta tho abnormal
ly light flow this yonr, duo to HtUo
snow fall, will not only ho ablo to
cnro for nil Irrigated Innds, but nlso
will supply an oxcess which can bo
UBcd In filling tho reservoir nnd In
mending tho leaks which havo delay
oil tho completion of that portion of
thn project. '
Knulpmont and supplies to do tho
Crator crook work aro 'nlroady onf
hand. Probably more than three
quartors of tho fi,000 will bo spout
In labor, assuring much employment.
Tho work probably will tako about
six weeks and will hogln promptly.
Tho flaw of Crator creok Is about
0 second foot. Tho present abnor
mally light flaw of Tumaln creok la
about 120 foot. Tho combined flow
of 180 second feat, would fill tho
reservoir In nhout 00 days, If It nil
could ho uaod for thnt purpose.
Delays havo bean experienced In
mending leaks In tho Moor of thn
rosorvolr, duo to lack of water with
which to work ovor them. With the
Increased Jlow nay nnsilrcd., engin
eers say thnt thoro Is every reason tn
hellovo that tho leaks can bo moaded
satisfactorily, nnd enough water se
cured thereafter oaslly to fill tho res
ervoir for tho next Irrigation sensou.
In Its nlllclnl notice to Mnniigor
Wnllnco tho Mould ntntcH that Bot
tlers niiiHB file ludlvldunl applica
tions, each to bo approved by M. K.
llrlnk, of Piliinvllle, tho Hoard's ut
tornoy for Crook county.
wiNNint m:avi:s ioh faiii.
Marin llrnsterhoun, the winner of
tho First National Hank's trip to the
San FrnnclHcu fair, lonvnH today with
Judgo nnd Mrs. T. K. J. Duffy, of
Prlnuvlllo, for thn exposition. Tho
prize of $1 GO wuh offered by tho
bank Inst yonr for tho pupil In tho
llond schools who, In tho yonr to
roiue, showod tho best record In
schohushlp and earning capacity.
Miss llrostorhous won tho prlzo by
conscientious work In school nnd In
earning money by baking and soiling
1 j
v "ecr "xw "Q3P "qsf ?' ,'? "!c; ff