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Napoleon's Famous Fighters, tho
Imperial Guard.
Even at Waterloo the Survivor of the
Old Guard Fought Their Way on
Their Retreat and Nono Surrendered.
Their Shameful and Pathetic End.
Probably no household troopi or
bodyguards In tho world over achieved
tho reputation of Napoleon's Imperial
guard, und they liml their origin In u
manner that show tlmt Imperial
guards, like liMviitlutii', generally aro
often mothered by necessity.
It wiih during hh Milan campaign.
In tho days if the republic, whllo Jsa
jiolvon wiih Ntltl General Honnpnrte.
that tho Austrian nearly captured tho
l.lttlo Corporal. If the) had succeeded
probably the whole hbttory of Kuropo
would havo been dllTerelit und Water
loo would bo mill waiting for ii reputa
lion. IIo was passing along tlio bunk of n
river with a small uMcoit lent twin tho
dlvlnlous of Augiierouii and Minwuiin.
An AiiHtrlnn corps wan liiiHtculug up tlio
hanks of thu mime Htroam to Join IIlhiii
lieu. After (lineral llniiapario had rid
den some distance In company ulih All.
cuoreou he then returned l NiiIokkIo.
whulu ho stopped lie had In en suffer
ing fioni headnrlie and li-llei-d that a
foot bath would i-ITeu a cure.
So during lilt stop he pulled oft hi
I kio I H and sought ! balho hN feet at
a limine In the village. While ho wiih
Hum engaged tho Austrian1 appeared
'I'hey came mi rapidly that there wan
Kean-ely time lo moiiihI an alarm. How
ever, tho alarm was Hounded, tho gates
of tho carriages ny cloned, and thu post
began lo mako adefeuNe.
Pulling ono boot on one leg and fear
ing to spend tho time to licit the oth
er, llonapnrtn rushed out through n
Illicit way mid I hut made his escape on
IiIh horse. IIo rushed as bard as his
borne would curry him to Messina,
nml, although his troops were at mess,
they were quickly withered and start
ed off ofler tho Austrian, who. when
they were met. were foreisl lo Hoc.
Hut the experience taught Napoleon
n lesson, lie found that It was perfect
ly possible for a commanding olllcer
to ho talien prisoner with comparative
cane, und lie noon found n way to mulie
this morn dllllcult.
110 organized a rommaiid. nt first
rnlhsl guide, whose pi Im-lpal duly wax
to protect tho coinmaudliu olllier Ily
1 1 ok r cos this Issly was lucieased, and
under tho coimulalo It was known as
I he (lanle Coiisiilalre. tccclvlng that
tltlo 111 lTP'.i. At that tlmo It consisted
of H77." men and wiih a mere body of
household troops, ulihough naturally
wllh a man like Napoleon It wiih a
eiiuibatiint force mid not for ornamen
tal purposes.
111 IfcOI. with tho creation of the em
pire, this body became the Impeilal
guard. It grew In hIzo and Importance,
and In I SOU It wiih divided Into the
Vlello garde and the Jeuuo guide It
was a place of honor. To be admitted
the soldier must have itcrusl lu three
eampalgus. Consequently It wiih known
as the ellle of tho Imperial troops ev
ery man wiih a veteran. It could k
depended upon lo do Iih utmost In
1S1 1, when Napoleon abdicated for the
llrsl tlmo, the Imperial guard bad been
JncroMKod to I I'J. I.VJ inch or all brunches
of sen lea
It wiih ow'Iiik to the fact Hint this
una), culled the Imperial guard, wiih
(oniiM'd of wlcrans. men who had
Mini service and were old eiimiuilgiieiH.
that Nnpilcoii helleved them In lie mi
eoiiqueiiible. Tho brunt uf buttle al
wiijh hud to be lionie lji the Imperial
giiaiil. They coiinsiiciitly weie al
ways fisirfully cut up Only a rem
nant of the guard icliirncd ftom Itiu
bin. and at Waterloo their lauks weie
cut down until few or the old guard
remained. It was lliclr inoitu that the
I1 guard never surrender, and those
who were able to walk uwuy Horn the
Iwltletleld at the fiHit tif Mont St. .lean
fought their way on their retieat. and
none surrendered.
After Waterloo the obi guard wiih
treated nhnmcfutly. Ah many an could
bo caught were court iiiartlalcd, and
the remainder weru regarded iih ho
many banditti, (icncral lilleiiiand
brought '-tH) of them to Amurlca and
with them founded u colony lu Texas,
then not Uultisl Stale territory ThU
cettlcmeiit. which was unsuccessful.
vm named Champ il'Aslle. or l-'leld of
llefuge. Tho Mexican government
ouipellisl them to leave, and they next
nought refuge at (lalvertou, but ugnlu.
Mire mndo to move oil. and Dually,
after n few montlH. tho Al of the 'JOO
that Niirvkfti nrilvcd lu Now Orleans.
They camo hero lu ISI and It wan not
until 1SL, when there were only it few
Kimlvor, that a nun of MMHW fraiKH
rvsicbed tho exllen. Kxclmuue.
Dutltr and Dithop.
' A former liUImp of Until nml Well
lou-d lo Improa nil Ida urdUiHtlou run
illilMli! tho iiiNirtniH't of tUoroiiKlt
Ktiitly of the "AimloKy" of Itlwlittp Hut.
Iit. "lloodby, my donroun frloml."
lie turn wild In tnkltiK bMo f '"
dent nt tin rulnce door mul then wit-m-Htlv
added. "Whatever you tin. don't
forgot thu liutK'r." "Oh. my lord, 1
haven't." KtiimiiuTwl out tho youth. "I
havo Jum Riven htm Imlf n crowu."-T.
l'.'K London WeoUly
Tomorrow will tw llk lodny. Life
wimieii Itwlf while nre iirrrtartiut
to lle, Kuiewon
The Best Time to Cut Alfalfa
Ily County Agriculturist A. K. h OVIJT T.
Thnro Is n right tlmo to cut alfalfa
for obtaining tho most hay during
tho noaison nad for the good of tho
crop. There l a certain stage of
growth of tho plant when wo may cut
the maximum reed ror anana nay anu
Injuto tho growth of the crop of hay
which follows least. .Not only win
tho hay cut nt this tlmo mako bet
ter feed, but nlso the plants will re
main In hotter condition and make n
larger yield for the entire season.
When the crop Is cut too young, not
only do wo get n larger percentage of
water and a larger yield of shrlnkago
in tho weight of the hay, but nlso tho
plant 'Uei' Is set hack nnd weeds
and will praaios obtain n foot-hold
nnd mako a heavy growth while the
nlfalfn Is regaining its stand. If wo
cut tho crop too late, wo get a
"stominy" hay, which Is not palatable
for stock, nnd also lose valuable feed
In sbnttered leaves and Injure tho
crop which follows by cutting ofT tho
now shoots nt tho crown. The first
crop of hay Is seldom ns largo ns latef
cuttings. tblH Is especially true In
Central Oiegon. It Is of no ndvnn
tago, hnwewr. to cut this llrst crop
A .Seventy-Vein -Old Couple.
Mr. and Mrs. T. II. Carpenter, Ilnr
rlsburg, l'a , HiilTored from kidney
trouble for many years but havo been
ontlrol) cured by i'oloy Kidney I'llls.
IIo siiyu: 'Although we are both lu
tho seventies wo nro ns vigorous ns
wo wore thirty )oars ago." Foley
Kidney I'llls stop sleep disturbing
bladder woaknoiwos, backache, rheu
matism ami aching Joints. I'attor
son Drug Co. Adv.
Issued b.l Ciook County Abstnut Co.
Imperial Townslto Co. to Daisy
S. C-oldon Us. 19. 11. 12, blk. an, Im
perlal, $200. also lot !), blk. 3ii, and
It. 1-1, blk. 10. Imperial.
Hhlngoro Murasakl to K, .1. Merrill
It. I, blk 1. Lurch add, llend.
II. S. Clodfolter to K. U. Iloyd Us.
17, IK, blk. 17. Imperial.
Ilond Park Co. to Iloy A. Ilntes,
It. 7. blk. loo, 1st add, Ilond Park,
Kaiii to same It. II, blk 102, 1st
mid llend Park, $1(10.
Levi 0. WIohI to It. J. Coglcy It.
1 1, blk. .1. Wbwtorla.
Walter S. Nlehol to Thomas V.
Triplet! , .'is acres In It. !1, section fi-18-12.
Imperial Townslto Co. to V. It.
Kick 10 Its. In Imperial.
Louisa McCallum to Huron Timber
Co., no 11-10-12.
Ilur-ild Ii. Stewart to V. h. Cobb
ot al hw so 17-17-13.
until the young shoots of the second
crop nre started.
Tho right time to cut nlfalfa, as
proven by numerous carefully plan
ned experiments, Is at the time Hint
the buds or new shoots of alfalfa
sturt at tho crown. This usually
happens when tho field Is ono-elghlh
to one-quarter In bloom. The crop
should bo cut before these buds or
shoots have grown long enough that
they will he cut off by tho mower
when harvesting the crop of hay.
Many fields of nlfalfa have been In
jured In this section by cutting at the
wrong time. It will pay to wntch the
growth carefully and cut the hay
when tho best time arrives.
Tho time to cut first year alfalfa,
If there are many weeds In the field,
Is when tho weeds begin to shade the
alfalfa. If there are no weeds lu the
now alfalfa, wo may follow tho same
rules ns for tho older fields. Never
cut now alfalfa too low. Cut nt least
two Inches abovo tho ground, so that
nono of the crowns will ho Injured
by the mower nnd nit crowns will be
shaded by tho stubble left.
Ilobort M. Klder lo W. L. Cobb It,
II, section 2-18-12.
E. A. Stoats to Thos. h. Shevlln
right of way deed for railroad.
W. II. HtnntH to Thos. L. Shevlln
right of wny deed for railroad.
Ilond Company to Thos. U. Shevlln
right of way deed for railroad.
llend Compan to Thos. L. Shevlln
right of way deed for railroad.
These last four deeds grants right
of way for n rnllrond In section 32-17-12,
and In section 5-18-12.
i:io(iient l.ectiuei' Will bo Heard
Hero Tulco During HIv Hay llnter-
taliiuient Which llcglnn .Inly -.
Bringing ono of tho most notablo
messages of tho decado Senator HI
mer J. llurkott, or Nobranka, Is to
lecturo In this city during Chan
tnuqun week. A champion of the
truo American, he never fnllH to bring
Ufo Into the community which Ih
privileged to hear him speak. As
sharp ns unexpected lightning, Is tho
sudden thought of this lecturer. He
deals with live facts. Not a slow
moment Is over left to characterize
his eloquence after his floodgates of
Mazda Lamps
Another Reduction
in Price
20 WATT SIZE 30cts
40 WATT SIZE 30cts
60 WATT SIZE 40cts
100 WATT SIZE.... 70cts
ORE., WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 1015.
Senator Burkett of Nebraska
I ' '
Photo IS by Harris & twin
tion. He has been n member of the state legislature, wns elected
to tho houHo of representntlvcs nt Washington four times nnd
has served six years as United States senator. lie has fllled
many notable Chautauqua engagements and Is now regnrded ns tho
foremost lectuier among American orators. His coming lecture nt tho
local Chautauqua will bo one of the great treatn of the week.
thought nro opened.
Hushing madly as tho torrent, yet
?df.iiy timnlMJTnn,fcMri ' i
Ti?i'i r Ir L L imu
They burn heir way it to tho minds
u. wm ...... ...... .....k...'.
upon their brain tho modern Ideas of
Ufo and Its fulllllment. Their strength
d :K.?"-,ViOTff
son and automaticnlly stir them to
nctlou. IIo talks In n manner under
stood by tho ordinary nudlence. IIo
Is acquainted with tho desires and
wishes of tho American, nnd tnlkH
accordingly. IIo hits with all his
mental forco nnd strength nnd never
Audiences from all parts of A mer-
of the great "young" men of tho na
lea hnvo sent letters of congratuln-
tion to Senntor nurkctt. They have
rocogiilxod hlfl sterling worth and nro
Hiixlotw to listen to his admirable
nddreMMt Mr JllBtIco ,,nrl!U of
tho United States Supremo Court, nf-
i ter hearing tho orator at tho Helnsco
thow- p-
theatre, Washington, declared that
orful and Influential speeches of tho
decado. Ills constitutional argument
on tho subject of Postal Savings
Hanks in the United States Senato Is
n classic.
Ho Is n spenker for momentous oc
casions. His commanding nppear
nnco makes him n leudor of men. Ho
always bus something Important to
List Your Fnrins Por Solo or Exchange With Me.
Property Handled for Nnn-Rcsldents.
Timber Lands Nought nnd Sold.
Office on Oregon St., Hend, Oregon
The United
Storage and Forwarding
General Commission
TTe United Warehouse Co.
A. M. Pringle, Mgr. Bend, Oregon
say nnd gives It to his nudlence In .1
....,.. n.. .Invnl.l nf n,f tnnl. ... 1
limit Ul uiiviiuaiuaiii.
Lots closo In C0 to ?12G.
Payments. J. A. Hastes. Adv.
Danger to Children.
Serious Illness often results from
lingering cougns mm colds. Th.
hncklng nnd coughing and disturb
sleep rack n child's body nnd poison.
v-enken tho system, so thnt dlseaj
ennnot bo thrown off. Foley's lloner
aim im uuiui'uuuu iio3 euKcn COttglig
.colds nnd croup for three general
tlons; Bafo to uso nnd quick to act.
f m rAH.....H.i i. -.I .
There is no neitor medicine for
croup, cougns, anu coius. I'niterson
Drug Co. Adv.
Seven room bouse with good ban,-
ment and all modern conveniences la
Hend. Address E. W. HIcliardson, La
Pine, Oregon. i2tr
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terms of tho cuatixhataij MOltr-
(h(iK COMI'AKV you can secure It
it G per cent for any legal purpose on
approved real cstnte. Tjrms easy,.
tell us your wnnts and wo will co
opernto with you.
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A Directory of cch Cltr. Town anil
Village, Hiving detcrtptlvo ikotch ot
each place, location, population, tele
era Ph. ahlpplnr and banking points
alio Claeilfled Directory, compiled by
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