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l'AOR 2.
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(Bpecln. to The Ilulletln.)
TUMALO, Mny 3. Tlio second
monthly nitotliiB of tlio Tnmalo Im
liroveniont AimhHon will l.o l.e'd
In tho hall noxt Saturday nftornoon
nt 2:30, Tho ontortnlnmont com
mittee foi this meotlnB Is I M.
Smith. Trod Wilson ami Howard 011-
Ictto. Mr. Hudson of Hend will ho
ono of tlio snonkors.
Mnimgor dorklni; of tho Tuninlo
lmuubnll tonm lins nrrniiKod for n
Knmo with tho Clovordnlo nlno to lio
Jilayrd in tlio local dlnmonti noxt
Sundny nflortioon. Oamo called for
Tlio olllco of tho Farmers nml Mor
chnntu Tfl"il:ono Company has bcon
clofed tcniH-iurlly until arrangement
enn lio mode Ic ovorcomo tho llnn.i
clnl dimciiltloH.
Tlio monllily twotlng of tho V. B.
I,. Oluli will ho hold In tho hall on
Krlrtny nftornoon, May 1.
"Fnnnor" Smith, tho O.-W. It. &
N. Agriculturist held a meeting In
town lout Tuosdiiy night. Ills boh
will Hpoak nt tho mooting noxt Sutur
ilny. Mm. .Inflrlos, who 1ms upotit tho
jinHt nlno montliB liorn with hor
dnughtor, Mm, Ida Lunlmrg, loft for
hor homo In Oklahoma laHt Satnrdny
miirnliiK. On Thursday nftornoon ho-
foro hor ilopnrttiro, Mrs. Lunhurg on
tortaliiod u niimhor of ladlos In hor
mothor'H honor. Ovor 20 guests woro
Invltod to tho affair.
Mrs. Joaa llnrtor loft Monday night
Tor I'drtland to ho with hor mother,
airs. Couch, who Is nt St. Vincent's
llospltnl coimtloaliiK from nn opora
tlon, Mr. and Mm. John Coon and Mrs.
Hyron Cady nttcnduil tho "iiiovIch"
nt Itond Snliiiday nlxht.
Mr. Dulluls who has boon working
In tho Timmlo Project olllco for the
jiant fow weeks lort for Salom on Sat
urday night.
Itohorl llornnr hna had a second
nttnek of Intormlttunt fovor. Dr. Coo
is In attendance.
Mr. I.oo has lioon mirroring from n
oovoro Attack or tho grip for sovornl
Eldor Moffotl, of tho Ilnptlst
uhurch, visited tho llornors Rovornl
days laHt vn-iik Ilo gavo u talk nt
tho church Friday night nnd on Sat
urday mornliiK loft for Madras.
Tim luiHiilmll ton m was out for n
rirnotlco gumo on Sunday. Thoy nro
gutting roady to defeat Clovordalo on
next Sunday,
A most
(Special to Tho Ilultotln)
CLOVKIU1ALE, May 3 Mr. drubo
liiHt a valuable cow and E. Ij. Will
ilron a yoarllng by bloat last woolc.
Mr. lluniHldo was hauling outs to
tho Itedmoud market Friday.
Mis (lllmou roHiiuiod her Hchool
ntmlu this morning as no moro cases
of measles developed.
(Jniiulniii Cyrus United hor daught
er, Mrs. WoIho, Krhlay
I). McHrogor Is looking nt property
mmr Hosoburg with n view to trad
ing. 0. Carson Is home from his trip to
Mrs. Wnlso and children visited
Mrs. Van Mntro Sunday.
I,. (1. drubo was thrown from u
liorso last week and iiultu badly hurt.
Mr. Iluinsldo sold his cow to Elvln
Veil Mat io and Is about ready to
lonvo fur his old home In Illinois.
Hull call nt the Council mooting
noxt Friday night.
Tho ilrlwllng rains tho past few
unn nro doing much good In this lo
mllty. The Hlitnrtt fair rally was n biiccobh
In splto of n bud day. Tho hospl
tslliy of tho Shuw homo nddud much
to the romfort of nut of town guests.
Tho Cluvoidalo ball team after be
ing out to the Slstent diinco Saturday
night plnyod with n Iloml team Sun
day nnd got so bsdly bunton they for
got tliH score. Thoy are Hcheduled
to play at Tmualo next Sunday.
Thoro will bo Suiidny school nt
10 30 iivxt Sunday.
piano solos by Mrs. Gilliam
mitnvnlitn llnV was Spent.
A linnnlmll camo Is scheduled for
Saturday nftornoon between Prlnglo
Pnls nnd Hampton teams. j picuiu
dinner with a danco and suppor to
follow In tho ovonlng.
Mrs. Dr. Flnloy of Ogdcn, Utah,
has Joined hor husband on tholr
claim. Mr. Flnloy mot hor In Uend
nmi mninroil out In their now car.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Cllllnm nnd
child of Portland havo been visiting
Mrs. Ollllnm's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs.
A. D. Kennedy.
A. 15. Loott, County Agriculturist,
called nt tho Davis plnco Thursday.
Tom Hickman has hron In Prlno
vlllo nnd Redmond Tor several days.
C. A. Steenson la on tho sick list.
Mrs. Paul Hold, who has been nt
tholr homo In Prlnevlllo, Is reported
to ho Improving steadily In health.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Mat Nollson nnd
dnughter Mnxlno havo roturncd to
their claim nftor spending tho win
tor In Dakota.
Spring seeding Is practically done.
Winter grain looks flno nnd prospects
nro good for n lino crop.
Itov. Loreo preached to n fnlr siz
ed congrogatlon nt tho tinll Tuesday
(Spcclnl to Tho nullotln)
W. II. Potter of Egll passed through
horo Inst Saturday on his way to
Donil for n lond of supplies.
Wm. Splolmiin and Olo Drogsvold
nmdo final proof on their homestoads
Inst Friday boforo Commlsslonor
Ilnrold McFndilon took n truck out
jOBtordny. Ho will visit with his par
ents nt Torrohonno n fow dnys.
Tho ball gamo Inst Sunday botweon
LoHt Crook nnd Hampton teams ro
Biilted In n score of 18 to 1 1 In fnvor
of host Creole.
Mr. nnd Mis. llrooks of Plonsnnt
Vnlloy mnde somo purchnses nt tho
llrooklngs storo today.
Tho school or District 17 closod n
successful term with Oscar Ilutzoln
as toachor Inst Friday. Tho pupils,
toachor nnd somo of tho pnronlH wont
to Dosort Creek for n picnic. Hvory
ono onjoyed thomsolves. TIiobo Hint
went woro Mr nnd Mrs. Oscnr Ilut
zoln, Loomn, Klzn nnd Emory Mon
roe Percy Cook, John nnd Agnes
Sohrodor, Olnibs and Herbort Meoks,
Paul llrooklngs, Dorothy, Amy nnd
IIIII Hlnmnn, Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Mil
ler nnd children, Mr. nnd Mrs. Ilort
Meoks, Mrs. Emma Hlnmnn nnd son
Cecil, Aire. V. Schroder, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Wm. Wnrmouth nnd dnughtor, Iles
slu. N. 8. llrown Is seeding 20 ncrcs of
ryo on Miss Elvn McFaddon's homo
stoad. Ilort MoekH took Miss Mary Ciim
mlns to hor homestend In Plnkus wl
loy today. Sho camo as far as llrook
lngs on u truck.
Mrs. Hornco llrooklngs wns qulto
sick with tho grip this week.
Elvn McFaddon Bpcnt .Tuesday
night with Mrs. Ilort Mocks.
Mrs. J. 0. Perry of Surprlso Vnlloy
camo In from lloml today.
(Spoclnl to Tho Ilulletln).
HAMPTON, April !. Those on
tho sick list nro Mrs. Fogg, Mrs.
Hlaek, Mn. Crow nnd Dnii McArtbur.
Earl Kwlltiy and Kenneth Hunting
lft 'dnoiluy morning for Vale,
Mm. ('. II. Harmon onllod on Mrs.
Fokk Wodmwduy nftornoon.
Itov. I), l.oroo of Hoilmoud nnd Mr.
Ellott of Tenobonno were In Hamp
ton Monday on their wuy to Hums,
llev. I.oieo prtNtchvd an excellent sor
men at the homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. A.
H. FugK Mnndny uvunlug. Ho nlno
Vreaohsd ( Prlnglo Flat on Tuesday
IVrdlusnd J. Chrlsteuson of Hold,
inudtf proot tiforo Commlsalnuor
I'umk. April J I Ui. Ills wltuirtwoa were
AlexHiidor S. Cotllnnlmm nnd Jacob
tottliimuyor. Olo O. Drogsvolil nnd
WllllHin Splolnmn nmdo proof April
MIh DJrln Hiirtou is I lotl on l'lor
viuo lluntliiR WmltiMdny nftornoon.
A. M. 1mH was In this neighbor
hood Tuody aftoruoon.
Mlw l&lns Suyiler of Dry I.nko was
In Hampton Monday.
Mlns Uvu Crow called on Mrs.
t'ointw of luiporlnl on Monday af
toruoon. A. T. Shaver nnd Kny Harper woro
In Hampton Sunday.
J O. WlilltnUnr is llxlng to put nu
tiddlltoti to his lioimiu
PltlNCI.i: 1'I.ATS.
(Spoclnl to Tlio Hullotln.)
IMIINOI.K F1TS, April 29.- -Mrs.
A I). Kounody ontertalnil In honor
f her dnnglitor. Mm. Otto (Hlllnui
f PortlHiid. Thu Plouoor nnd Uidloa
t nun try Glut. Covers wore laid for
a U Tho guoala or cnttirtalnud by
(Spcclnl to Tho Ilulletln)
STAUFFEH, April 29. Tho coun
ty agriculturist, O. 11. Hardy nnd
county school Hiiporlntondout Chnrlos
A. Oliver, loctured nt tho BChool
house Thursday night.
Mr. PIucus pnssod through on his
way home from lloml.
Sunday school wns hold at tho
school house Sunday,
Wnyno Lospornnro nnd James
Smith nnd sou ltocy, wont out Inst
wcok to look for work nnd falling to
find nny roturned homo Friday.
Fifteen or the young folks drovo
to llrooklngs Sunday to see tho ball
gamo between Lost Creek nnd Hamp
ton, which was won by Lost Crcok.
Perry Hartoon, Fred Overall, Pago
and Mary Stnuffor, wero Pleasant
Vnlloy visitors Sunday.
Mr. Williams of Rolynt was visit
ing In tho vnlloy Friday and Satur
day. Mr. Hornbucklo paBsed through
the valley Tuesday.
Perry Hartoon nnd Pago Btnuffer
nro seeding 1). F. Kasspohl's placo
this week.
Tho post offlco Issued ten money
ardors In tho first two malls amount
ing to sixty dollars.
Itccy Smith had the mlsforluno to
havo tils horse fall with him Sunday
morning. Ho was not hurt but his
horso was badly bruised.
Dr. Heed Is having 15 acres of sago
dragged and will clear It soon.
Mr. O'Neal was entortnlned nt V.
D. Harris's Thursday night.
Schmltz nnd Nelson of Uutto pass
ed through today on tholr wny to
llond nftor nnothor load of freight
for tho Hutto Btoro.
Henry KlnBinan loft this morning
for Uend nnd proably will go on to
Spnnnway, Washington.
(Special to Tho Hullotln.)
LOST CHEEK, April 28. County
School Superintendent Ollvor of
Lnkovlow, visited our local school
last Wednesday nnd Thursday. Ho
was nccompanled by County Agricul
turist O. II. Hardy. Thursday ovon
lng n Inrgo crowd gathered at tho
school homo to hoar Mr. Hardy lec
ture on dry fnrmlng methods. Mr.
Oliver nlso gnvo n short talk on edu
cations mnttors nnd nn orlglnnl se
lection on "Why I enmo to Lako
county." Tho nudlonco was agree
ably ontortalnod by both speakers.
Jim 8mlth nnd son Hoeco woro
business visitors In Lnkovlow- ltiBt
Hobort Whltcsldo wns n Italyat
visitor tho roro part or last wook.
C. 8. Dnvls Is making preparations
to fenco his claim.
Mr. Hobson camo In nnd got somo
horses Hint hnd Btrayod nway and
woro tnkon up by Hen DoWltt.
Lloyd Forbes Is prospecting for
wntor on his clnlm. Ho Is down for
ty feet nnd no signs or water. Mr.
McCco Is helping him.
A number ot rrlonds of Miss Mor
cor tendered hor n surprise last Sat
urday" ovonlng. Dancing was engag
ed In and nil had nn onjoynblo tlmo.
8. J. Hubbard nnd iLloyd Forbes
voro business visitors nt Alkali last
week. Thoy brought homo n lond of
chlckenB. Mrs. C. C. Washburn and
Mrs. 0. It. Young woro callera nt
Holynt Tuesday.
Tho Sunday school hold n session
Inst Sunday tor tho first tlmo slnco
last Novombor. It Is hoped that every
ono will take nn lntorost In It nnd try
to mako It n success.
Tho danco nt Currnn's hall was
well attended nnd nil had nn onjoy
nblo tlmo.
(Spoclnl to Tho nullotln)
MILLICAN, May 2. A meeting of
tho directors" of District 2CA wns
hold nt tho homo of II. K. Dnvls. It
was docldod to close school about
Mny II.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. D. Norton wont to
Crano Prnlrlo for a 2 wcok's fishing
Mrs. Wlthnm nnd her son and wlfo
camo out last week to tholr homo
Hteutls. Mrs. Wlthnm wns cnllod to
Hulled Barley and
Shelled Corn
For Chicken Feed
Deschutes Spray
True Blue
The lending brands of patent Hour.
Ask your grocer for them.
Large quantities of Shorts, Bran,
Rolled Oats and Barley on hand at
all times.
Seed Wheat and Kye ii several va
rieties. Mail Orders solicited.
Bend Flour Mill Co.
Corvnllls a fow weeks ago by tho Ill
ness of her son, who hns entirely re
covered. Hev. Luko Shcohan, of Hend, was
a cnllor at tho I). E. Davis homo Fri
day afternoon.
.Mrs. A. D. Norton visited nt tho
Hoonoy and Moffott homes Wednes
day. H. E. Davis arrived homo rrom
Prlnovlllo Friday.
John Davis spent n day In Prlno
vlllo tho past week.
Frances Holland and Mr. Hnhn
wero guests nt tho John Holland
homestead Thursday.
Hoopor and Denzel Dyer wero vls
I ors nt tho Ernest Dyer cabin Thurs
day. Mr nnd Mrs. A. D. Norton wero
ut Conowny's Wednesday attcrnoon.
Miss Cortrudo Market Is qulto HI
nt hor homo hero.
Mrs. Mnrtha Forgoy wns , business
caller nt tho Thos. Moffott horns.
Miss Solum Ilrnun wns a visitor
nt tho Gllmoro homestead Wednes
day. Georgo Hoborts went to Bend tho
past week.
P. H. JohnBon and Eric Hosteland
wero In Hend Wednesday.
Mrs. Ceo. Mllllcnn was n guest nt
tho Conoway homo Tuesday after
noon. V. L. Heathmnn wns n dlnnor guest
at tho Ilrnun homo Wednesday.
Tho Mllllcan Vnlley Homesteaders
Dovclopment Association hold n
meeting nt tho Johnson storo Satur
day. llarnoy Conowny leaves for Hear
Crcok Monday, whero ho will remain
for nbout n week.
.Miss Huth Conowny wont to Hend
Mondny, coming back with Mr. King
Mrs. W. U. McAdow, who has been
visiting In California for tho pnst
month, will lo h-lme In about 10
M-. nnd Mrs. Andrews from Stnuf
for passed through horo on tholr wny
William Todd visited nt tho Mof
fott homo Thursday.
Owing to tho Inclement weather
Sunday tho picnic that was scheduled
to bo hold on Pino Mountain was
postponed and Instead tbo crowd
gathered nt tho Harney Conoway
home to spend tho clny. Alton
luuf.heon served by tho ladles, tho
narty t'rove to Pino Mountnln where
they remained for a fow hours.
H F. Djer drovo to llond last
week, I tinging out n lond of wire
for Mr. Heeler, Mr. Hodgors and him
self, nil of whom Intend to fenco tholr
claims this spring.
Ernest Dyer left for n visit with
friends In Wnshlngton, Saturday.
(Special to Tho nullotln.)
POWELL Ht'TTE, May 5 A lnrgo
oudlonco listened lo "Farmer" Smith
In nn nddrcss at tlio WlUon school
1 ouso Monday oveni'K. 'I ho dairy-
tig and lfog raising talk was espec
ially Interesting o our people.
Hov. and Mrs. Hedges of Redmond
wore In this locality Tuesday ovon
lng, tho firmer nddresslng n most-
Ing at tne Wilson scuooi nouse.
E. li. Ivorson Is putting In n crop
on his 40 adjoining Mr. Montgomery
which lit purchased or tlio latter ro'
r ntly.
Tho last day or school In District
17 wns npproprlatoly celebrated with
n program or Bongs and recltntlons
nnd nn elnborato luncheon consisting
ot sandwiches, enke, Ico cream nnd
lemonade Owing to tho wet wenthor
out door drills which hnd been plan
ned woro omitted.
Mrs. Hculah Holland her dnughtor
loft Saturday for Wyoming where
thoy Join Mr. Holland and mako tholr
N. P. Alloy complotod tho enrpon
tor work on Reeves WHIcoxon's 41
nouso r nuuy.
.Mrs. Alien WJllcoxon attended ,the
Eastorn Stnr lodgq In Redmond on
Wednesdny evening.
Hert Waleott loft Wednosday for
South Dakota where ho has land In
terests. Hnontv Corrtlnlsfllonnr ninnni.n.j
was n dlnnerjteueat at tho AVillcoxon M
homo Tiiursaay onrouto to Bond.
An enjoyable Boclnl affair oc
curred nt tho country homo of Mrs.
Allen Wlllcoxon Saturday nftornoon
when she ontertnlnod a number of
ladles In honor of Miss Suo Hall. Tha
house wns docoratod for tho occas
Ion, tho tables bolng especially at
tractive. Tho largo tablo lu tho cen
ter of tho dining room displayed a
Mny polo gorgeous In its woavlngs of
rod and green ribbons while tho
smaller tables displayed dainty flow
er contor pieces. Favors wero car
ried out In tho colors of red and
gretn, being dainty nut and Ico cream
baskets. Social games interspersed
with music both vocnl nnd instru
mental nud a pleasing recitation by
Miss Fay Bussett furnished the af
tcrnooa'B nmuBomentB. Mrs. William
Nanny of Deschutes nsslBtod Mrjs.
Wlllcoxon In entertaining hor guests.
Thos. Corbott, of Astoria, who
(Continued on pngo 7.)
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