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Till! IIKX1) lll'IiI.KTLV, 11KNI), OIIK., WKDNKHD.VY, HK1TKMI)Kll B, 11)1 1.
ING Culver Trlliuno Snyn Opposition Light
Miulrnn IMonror Mentions Ami-
llUlslon Work of l'olltlclniu
n it 1 ltevlo u m Arguments.
(Ln'PIno Inlor-Mountnln.)
Tho Premium List and Program
for tho Tooth Annual Crook County
Fair is bolng distributed thin wee.
Every ofllcar, Judgo, Btiporlntondeiit
nnd mombor of tho association Is
from tho othor ond of tho -count. No
consideration of any kind Is Riven
this end. Just another ono or tho
thousands of good reasons why the
county should bo divided.
(La Pino Inter-Mountnln)
Tho report Issued by tho awamit-
InR department of the state snows
that Crook county has n smnllor gen
eral fund than sixteen of the small
counties of tho state The cost i f
maintenance Is greater than of any
two of ten of the smaller countlos.
Tho county fund shows n deficit "f
$13,691.60. A comparison with' six
teen of tho Btnnllor counties show
that n small county is much 1cm ex
pensive. The question of county di
vision hero should therefore be vot
ed YBS.
(Culver Tribune.)
The count division petitions have
been checked up and it le found tluU
over S00 signatures have been se
cured, n great many moro than will
be required, although the workers
arc still busy In order to make the
list ns large as poeelble. The peti
tion will be presented to the court
noxt week along with the petition for
Deschutes county. If everything
regular. The question of creating
these new counttep wilt lie on the
ballot nest fall.
Very little opposition has develop
ed thus far In the Northern pert .f
tho reaent county, and the proposi
tion of creating Deschutes count
seems to be papular in nearly all
parts of that area.
(Madras Pioneer.)
As tho final rustling fcr signers
Is being carried on by tho committee
In charge of tho countv division mat-!
ter for tho proposed Jofforson coun
ty, many new points are met and dis
cussed, to the benefit of tho new
county proposition. Many of them
brought out thoso who woro anxious!
to sign up In favor of the proposition.
The feeling generally all over this
section, in fact there pre very few In I
the northern part of the countv who '
.are not generally in favor of d'vlslou, '
nnd tho one feature, most of those'
wjjo are In favor of the division
movement dealre is. that thov want i
td sco whore the money that thov pav
in 'for taxes, goo to. It Is lmio- i
slide to figure. In 'he minds of manv j
what b-eoinos of the large amount of
taxe that are iJd In annually in i
Crook eoHHtr.
The objection bt hern rl!
nbout tlns for another net of offi
cers. This question '. answered n
this way: Hew manv yata of ofHpes
are we nw emnlovinr in the present
county office at salartai near to the
amount natd the nor win elected to
the office? In most cases on an av-cn"-a
it is four.
The circulators of the iioHtlo-i have
found but few who nrn. dlroftly op
posed to division rnd thesp all seem
to have been Infl'ienqpd bv olthor
some one whoto (-itereists are not in
this section or else frp-n the old-ttme
political influences of Prlaevlllc, who
we understand have been eondlnc out
matter against tho county division
nroposlMon to the voters in some sec
tions. Wo expect next week o have
some of this mutter to renrlnt and
will answer It will; arguments on the
merits u( U' &&
v ;-L-
Cont JCcpt"Down Qunflty Kept l'p.
KofJet'ter mediolne could bo mrdo
far poughq, oolds, croup, RoarseneM,
tloklfilg throat, bronchitis, etc . than '
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound.
That's why they can't Improve the
quality, nnd war or no war, the prlP"
remains tho soma. No opiUee. Don t
tako substitutes, for Foley's Honey,
and Tar Is the best. Patterson Drug
Co. Adv.
Kx-Itend Man TU'uvea d'erinnny Jiiht
Ahead of Hostilities Mr. und .Mrs. I
A. M. Druko ut Fruiikfort. i
J. M. Lawrence, formorly of llond
and a half owner of The Hullotln,
roturned to Portland last week, com
ing direct from Germany where he
escaped being hold up by tho hoa-j
tllltles" only by a narrow margin. Ho'
had been motoring In Franco, Del
slum and Holland with Mr. und Mn.
A. M. Drako. No nowa has been re
ceived from the Drakes, who woro ut
Frankfort-on-the-Maln vhon last
hoard of.
"I caught tho Ilnmhurg-Amorlcnn
liner Clnclnnuttl nt Cuxhavon. tho
port for Hamburg, on July 29," said
Mr. Lawrence. "Things looked very
equally and there was hourly expec
tation of a war movo by Germany.
We touched at Southampton and got
English papers, Indicating u eorlous
ultuatlon. A score, of powerful
searchlights from forts and warships
continually swept the harbor In an
exceedingly alert and buslncss-IIko
manner nnd kept pvcrythlns well tit.
pnrUculntiy our Uerninn Bhlp. Ai
sua wo Rot wlrclPBB mowh of tho ac
tion of tlonmuiy nml ltui-sln tuul
Krnnco, which everybody, InclmlitiK
tho nhln'a olllcors, soomoil tu oxpoct;
but when tho newn enmo that llront
Itrltuln nlso linil tlocliloil to oppose
Ocnnnny somothtnk akin to panic
atototl our Gorman crow, ami from
that moment wo ran tlko fugitives."
City will Further Iniprmt flreen
wooil I'ouiu-llnien lliivo MNlmp.
Tho City of Uend will cinder (Ireim
wood nvenuo from tho city limits hi
to tho railroad, also Greenwood be
tween thnt point nnd llond street,
and tbo street extending (rum uroen
wood to tho dtpot. On tho stretch
first mentioned the cinders will ne
laid twonty foot wido, nnd on tho
last two n strip thirty feet wide. Knst
of tho city limits on Greenwood the
county Is planning to lay cludors,
from Pilot Unite In.
Councilman Allen and Davidson
looked over the ground last week
They made the excursion boh I ml the
llond Company'B trotter. "Nelllo."
All wont well until thoy got to tho
clndor pit, where Nollte decided she
had gono as far as she' wanted to,
kicked over the shafts and severod
nl, connections with tho buggy. Than
tho councilman walked back to town,
with Nollte in tho lend.
Uevlew of Crook County Conditions
by Mcrt'nntlle 'Agency Kncournclnjj
Recently ono of the groat mercan
tile associations has completed n
business survey of Orogon. county by
county, nnd has made a bollcd-duwi
report which mnkea mighty good
reading. The condensed roport of
Crook county follows:
Whoat. cattle, sheop, root eropi.
tho prlncliral products, have lucres
fccul 2d por cent In acreage of grains.
There la no change In fruit crop.
The condition of farmers will 'ra
25 per rent better after harvest. Mer
chants' conditions, loans and depos
its, remain unchanged; stocks Are
lighter; new elevator ind Hour mills
under construction. Proapecta fair.
Kail grain was slightly damaged by
froat: trowing condition good.
cAitixri poii rimes.
This year Porter S. King of Uend
is In charge of fire-righting In this
territory for the State authorities,
with headquarters here. Ilia asats
tanta are T. V. Trlplett. A. D. Lewis,
and Dan liaising. The Central Ore
gon Hire Patrol Association's men.
under J H. Haner, are James llreen.
Clrde Miller nnd Kdward Mitchell.
with others employed as occasion
warrant. The Forest Service nlso
has 25 men whoso duties directly
concern lire fighting and prevention.
l'nlcH I'Vdcrnl I'umls Now Available
lire Tied Up llojonil Ucciill, (Viitrnl
OrvKtm May Jammo CIuiiico at
i?ino,(irt for Doitchiitv-i Vnlley
Govomor Wost baa sent tho fol
lowing stntomont to The Bulletin:
"lleretoforo nllotmants from the
I'nlted States Hoolamntlou funds for
the reclamation of nrld lauds In tho
several states woro madu directly by
tho Secretary of tho Interior, hut
hereafter such allotments will be
mudo by Congroes.
"Secretary -of the Interior l.nne li.
making allotmeutH far the year 1011
sot nstdo $K?S.OO0 for thu Umntllln
Project, $15.000 for tho Klamnth
Project and Jl 50.000 for co-oporat-Ive
work with the stnte In connection
with the completion of certain Cnrev
Act projects In tho DeHCbutcs Vnllo--.
1'nlesa tho moneys thus allotted am
used or tied up for uso by contrurt
before thu first of the year, thov will
pass from the control of the Secre
tary of the interior Into the hnnds of
congress nnd might possibly not bo
roslotted to this .Mnto hut to some
other state. It Is therefore imiKirt-
ant that steis bo taken to Insure the
expenditure of this money In eonnec-'for
t'on with tho projocla It Is desired loi
complete. I
"The money allotted for the Uma -
tllla and Klamath rojec's; Is of,coure
being expended, but the $160,000 fori
ine ii(-tcniiiwn iwveiiMiiriii. in urn tni
701 iieii ui in niiun ttiniMi-rr nn ill in- i
aiire Us expenditure In this stnte.
One of the projects upon which it
was proposed to expand this mnnxy
was the Carey Art project, or the
Central Oregon Irrigation Compan'.
An englneor'a retKirt pov ring thla
project, prepared by a state and gov
ernment commission, was recently
rendered, hut the plan d'd not tlnil
favor with the Desert Land Hoard or; him. The man is bughouse all runt,
the Central Oregon Irrigation Com- Ilia eyea stand nut of their sockets
lany The matter has been re-r-' and hnve a stoney stare. He dnean :
mltted to the interior Departme it , recognise nnyoha Kven his wife
nnd further Investigation tnnv result failed to arouse the slightest lutereit
In the adoption of a plan which will In him. ills rnnllnement haa evident
prove satisfartorr to all concerned. ' ly upset his reason.
'It has -also been nroposed tint
the money be expended In tho exten-' SCHOOL Pl'IK'HASK ItNHOKSKD.
slon of the Tumalo Project, tliej An election of school voters was
works of which are now being con- hold Saturday afternoon to ascer-
Kj I KJv
Give you all of the good'
and none of the bad effedts
of coffee. They eliminate
the poison and make coffee
PRICE.... $7.50
ER makes ideal toast. We
have a few at $2.50
Btruotod by tho atnto nt a cost ef
about JMO.OOU, Tho Htnto'B Projoi-t
Kuglneor, Mr. Laurgaard, linn re
cently rendered n roport to tho gov
ernment nlllctalB, In which hu twill
mates that tho Tumalo oxtuiiHlou
project, which would reclaim about
10,'iOt) ncres of nddltltinul landi,
would cost about 180,000. Thin
cost can undoubtedly bo reduced so
as to bring It within tho $1110,01)0
allotted by tho Interior Impurtmettt.
"Thu work of tho state upon the
Tumalo Projuct will bo Unladed with
in tho noxt 00 days. Tho funds no
preprinted by the Legislature (IIG0,
000.00) have proven miMlclent to
complelo thu project. Tho slnte will
have perhaps $110,000.00 to repay
certain old contract holders who do
not dcslro to Inlto out new contractu
nc provided by law. Through a mis
underHtaudlng ns to thu facta prow
reports have stated that It would be
necessary for the Legislature to op
proprlato tuiuU to cover those repay
ments, hut such la not the case. The
amount of these repayments bolmi
part of tho cost of tho project will
bo Included In the llui price of the
lands reclaimed and sold and will
therefore bo collected from laud
sales. The only action by the Legis
lature necessary Is authority to make
the refmymentB, ns through nn over
night such authority was not gntutod
the Hoard and If any repayments ar
made under existing authority titer
would hnve to bo made out of funds
appropriated for tho construction o
tho workM, and this, of course, would
not be ndvlsabte as It would deprive
us of funds which are necemnry to
pronurly complete tho project. The
project Is being completed within the
appropriation provided by the Legln
laturo nnd the repayments which wul
bo necossnrv to maku will be taken
care of without an appropriation l
tho l.m-llnture and In tho manner
originally Intended through the sabx
of the lands surrounded by these con
tract holders."
ItOAIll) OF Kjr.l.l.TION.
The County Hoard of Knunllsntm
Crook county convene Momlav.
Hopiomticr 1 1, inn. nix rous win
,M opened for Inspection and oorr"-
tlon In -the way of description ami
valuation Is the announcement made
by Assessor Foster.
SIIICLIION (it)i:s Clt.l'.V.
(Crook County Journal.)
It. (J. Mheldon. the man that kill. -I
his newly born bet at the Dee A
Compton sawmill at Grltsley lait
June, haa gone praxy. For a week
or more the man has lain In ImI and
moans nnd groans day and night lie
won't eat and the sheriff haa a hard
time to get a little nourishment down
"MtiMilInK In jrniilh itimiM InvftriuMy
rtlirdril In iiifHitt ikimiii In llif lwl wn
fol the l'l iMiiiuiirnl nccMlitllim lot wliKli
tin U -itil''-l'mulenie V lillul
1lll l tllR MlMlnn Ql III
l;nrly-lilh School Vcar Opcm
SEPTEriBHR i8th, 1914
Wlltr Inr llluitiaird ion pit's Ibuik
Ift, "I III! I IPC CAMIil'H." and Im Cain
Ior rnutalnliiK lull inluini.illnii
l)fgf fVMi-i - AdHltllllfUHH t
Agronomy, Aitlintitlluohatidty.Drilry I luv
Kitulry. Poultry I ItttKiudty. Iluiilulitirp.
Acrliultutp for Tffulirrs lOKISIKy,
NOMICS: DninMlliSticiKP.UiimfMkAitt
HNOINI PHlrAlt I'.lcdrlml, Irtleatlnu,
Hlj-liwnv, Alcih.inl.-al, ClirmUal, MlnliiR.
IAlfifiiiiiriMi,i-Ar.flfiitliirPt Hairy
Iiir, Honif MaUrts' Conir. Imliiitrwl
Art. I'offilry, liuMnr Short Couisc
SiAisttof .Imiip I'ktnu, Slflui:, llmut,
I'tunfri Ruiliw" Cot'-f by Mill Pit
AilJirw rillt KIUIISTMAH,
(lln CtIH, IHfBn
tain It the District should buy lot 1
of block 24 for the sum of $1S00.
Tho proponed purchase was endorsed
by u vote of II SI to S Tho property
Is now owned by A. t' Shlremnu. who
has a Miuall homo on It This lot U
Instant Relief for
rf M-
I'AniniHON imiU
I have built t'tcry brick hoime In I lend rrrttcil by
The bext iilititlnnlile ut the lum-nt prlrpt, In lnrn or
small iuntilltlo.
I have the eclulve prltllegr-i fur miimI In all C. O.
I. Conipntiy illti'lieN.
The New
Perkins Hotel
extends to you it eonljul invitation to
make this hotel your lit'U(limi'tt-rs.
1 ' ' ' ' a ii iiiiii i in-a-y- -m-m-m-
Honin without hntli $1.00 untl up. Hooms
with privHtt Imth $JA) siui up. LOCA
C.1I. SIIAFKH, AlHiniKt-r
Building Material
' The Miller Lumber Company
Bend, Oregon.
i,4444444444444444m. 0
Wenandy Livery & Auto'Co.
Will bo put on botweun Hetod nnd Silver Iiko April 1.
IIKND.LA IINI3. $2.fi0
n!NI).KKKMONT ?-1.00
Reasonable Rates
will bu eliurjrutl en nil ExproH nnd IJiikkoko.
vaWtri Comanv CAiinoRiiiAl
I Tnx)fln?!i7 Company CAlinpgmA
(ho iittlv 0110 III Iho block not dm
property of I lit District, nnl In m
preaeitt miiulltloii noiloiisly dulncu
from tho nppoiirunct) of tho pew
school InilldliiK.
IndliuiN Pieillit .Mild Whiter When
DuckN Next In Auust,
(Portland (n--;onliiu.)
HILVKIt LAKK. Atlir. 80. Iliillnim
from Iho Klamnlh rnnervallon pix
dlct a mild winter In Central Ore
gon, IihmIuk their rorecust on (he lnM
nustliiK of mallard dtirkM.
Unually the mallrrda bring the.r
broods from tho Itest not Inter limn
July ! This year, however, lh'
mnrsliott mid Inlaw of Ilnrney. like,
KlnniHth nnd Multiuur eountlea hi
dotted late In August with Ihousandi
of broods of little durkllnKN. Hum
of (ho ducks, say (ho Indians, an
produuliig two broi'dH, IirvIiik mh
ealoulatoil thu khhkoii and hnlrhml
olio Hock In Juno.
Keep Your I. her Healthily Active
A man In Kentucky Just told n
frlMiul that I'nltiv ti tluii-tli- Taldntu
woro the most wonderful uiedlcln.
that had ever entered his Hyalem
Hald he would not be without tht-iu
I Neither would you. If you had r -
tried them. A thorough rlmiinilii.i
' rntharllc for clfrunlc r insdimGou
for an occasional purge I'nttnm.i ,
' Drug Co Adv
for IS vonro-
Tlie Standard SUln Remedy
all Shin Troubles
CO., Ileml, Ore.