The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 29, 1914, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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    VAOR H.
Work in Mcgtin by ,1. Jacobs for tlio
Heclaiuatlon Sen Ire.
Tho government Investigation of
tlio North Cnnnl project hna begun,
according to a statement made by K.
U. Hopon. supervising engineer of
tho Itvftanntlou 5-rvlec, whtnv he
vb here MiiiMlay morning. J7"ft
eobs r firottio Is deng tho work ntvtl
yrU tin' It lu tho flrlil In n week r 10
lu3. 1 hcrv.vUor lilt, report will go
to "WtiMilugtnn Hr ccnsldorntlon ty
officials of tlio eervlce and Inside of
two months, according to Mr. lion
eon, Komo definite statement will bo
made na to tho attltudo of tho gov
ernment on tho proposition.
Mr. Jacobs la n consoling onglnoor
living In Soattlo. Ho did nil the
Yakima valley work for tho Hoolama
tton sorvlco and has Investigated rec
lamation projects In Oregon for the
government. Ho has nover had any
connection with the project now un
der Investigation, coming to It with
nn open mind and for that reason Is
looked upon as especially fitted for
tho work.
Qtrcy Act Laml Inspector Here Last
Week for That rurnc.
What Is hoped will bo a final ex
amination by tho general lnnd oiHeo
or list C of the C. O. 1. Co. segrega
tion was made by George 11. Arebl
Itnltl. Carey act land Inspector last
weok. Tho lands covered by thle
IJst wero reoommonded for patent
some time ago but tho patenting has
lioon held up by tho land office for
lack of ovldonco of sufficient reclama
tion. According to Mr. Archtlmld.
fiction of the land oftlco on his re
port .may be looked for within the
next CO days.
As n preliminary to the Investiga
tion Mr. Archibald visited Salem last
week with Louis Sharp, chief of the
Hold division of the general land of
fice and went ovor tho records of the
Ucsort Land Hoard.
K Grado' 100.80
1C Mud Springs ...... 403.80
17 Knlr Vlow 80.00
IS Crooked Ulvor .... 1GU.10
19 Ashwood afiO.OO
20 Shot Quit 80.00
21 tlreeso 124.00
2S Madras 1201.80
2 Meadow 97.00
24 Maury 109.10
2RPost 100.80
20 lied Hock 222.80
27 Uonvor 100.20
2S rnlrvlow 201.70
S Camp Creek ...... 124.40
80 Doeohutos 320.40
31 ... 231.40
32" Cray Ilutto 204.70
33 Muck Creek 1S0.0
34 Lava 02.3
35 Sheen Mock 109.1
30 Cross Keys 213.00
37 Hay Crook f.10.20
3S Hoar Crook 115.70
39 Upper Ityo Grass . . 373.80
40 Suploo 203.70
41 Alkali Flat S22.80
42 Trail Crossing 335T.20
13 La Pino C3G.30
44 itamonta 240.30
45 Clovordale ....... 338.20
40 Upper Mill Creek . . S0.10
17 Gateway 373.80
4S Ochoco 100.00
4 9 Vanora .......... 222.50
6u Cllne Falls 427.20
81 llonny Urook . ...; 100.80
52 231.40
63 Lnldlaw 231.40
54 Sheimrd 311.50
55 raullna Valloy .... 178.00
60 Milliard Illdgo . . . 97.90
57 -Puullnn 587,40
58 Opal Springs . 116.70
69- ltodmond 1711.40
00 Vlbbort 142.40
01 Plain View 320.10
02 Opal City 311.60
03 Lotto Mine 133.60
01 IMno Hurst 642.90
06 lMonsant Illdgo . . . 240.30
00 North Uutto 213.00
01 Mound Untto 400.50
08 LyloQnii 213.00
09 Willow Qrook. 275.00
70 Terrobonno ...... 610.20
71 Alfalfa 320.40
72 Uutto Valley 249.20
73 Itlohardson . 302.00
74 Mlvordalo ,$ 142.10
b North Lofta l'i . . 249.20
G Tethorow finite . . . 109.10
ii iioiyni na.uu
78 Hampton 109.10
79 115.70
80 Motollua 201.70
81 Dry Crock ,,..i.. 373.80
82 Ornndvlow 402.80
83" 100.20
84 142.40
So Lower Mrldgo . . . . -v, 183.50
80 ' 213.00
87 .Mlllloan ......... 100.20
88 Twin Mutlos ...... 178.00
89 329.30
90 Golden 222.60
91 204.00
92 811.50
93 100.80
94 1S0.90
j ,
Total 132.342.00
Ilospcctfully submitted,
J. h. MY KMS. County Supt.
Mr. llomostondor, Thu HkiiRO llnnl
wnro Couipauy has whnl you
I want. Adv.
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Thn Item la The Bulletin of last
-xveok reftortlng the marriage of Miss j
vwnlee Iirown ana i-esier miiiou
was Incorrect; the marriage not hav
ing taken place. The Item was
broHsht to The Hulletln by a oerson
In whom tho paper had confidence
hnd was published as a fact without
further veriflootloa.
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DUtrlct. Amount.
3-rSlsters ,.- 642.90
10 Haystack , 240.30
U Grizzly 409.10
XS Mend 4106:20
13 Mountain .View ... 275.90
14 New Culter : C31.90
The Newest Spring Things
Hats and Ties
Tho outlet for tho dam, which will Itu
through n,, tunnel on tho west side,
has already been commenced, both
portals having boon opened up with
tho actual tunnel work nhout ready
to commence. For nil thu rock work
ami tunnol work at the Tuinalo dam
a compressor plant has buen InntttlN
ed with Hulllvno air hammer drills
and Murloy nlr drills .or the tunnel.
Tho gravel bod which Is located In
tho reservoir bottom about 14 of u
mile from oamp has been uncovered,
the overburden stripped and about
1000 yards of gravol nlreudy hauled.
This gravol Is being stored on the
Hat above the west end of the dam,
producing a gravity system for tho
delivery of tho aggregate for concret
ing LiurpoMoa.
Camp No. 0 from which tho work
nt Tumalo dam will bo done will be
the largest camp on the Project, The
oamp Itself and the mess house will
accomodate up to 200 men If neces
sary, nlthough It Is not anticipated
from present conditions there will
bo required moro than 150 there nt
any one time. It 'h anticipated that
a large saving wilt be effected on tho
construction of Tumalo dam over the
Distribution Coolly.
Tho one portion of Tumalo Project
that may fall a little short of the ap
propriation provided is tho distribu
tion system. From tho appropriation
it was expected that It would bo on
lv necessary to expend 1100.000 on
this work but In order to make n first
class distribution system for 22,1100
acres, the amount Included under
the present plans for the Project. It
will tie noceseary to expend n great
deal moro than $100,000. It Is the
Intention, however, to romplete all
of the other feature on the Project
and then spend the original $100,000
and all tho money saved from the
other feature on the distribution
system: thus It may I possible to
expend In the neigh liorhood of $115.
noo or $130,000 on this feature. This
work covers a large amount of In
trleato detail, small ditch, can sis.
take outs, turn out, measuring
Ihxm, etc. In order to do this work
economically and expmllUouslr It re
quires very painstaking study and
The main canal from Ute res
ervoir the large HtloH of which Is
rtMHit 5 miles long, la well under way.
Work on I his feature la being done
from Cstnn No. 7 at the present time
but It will bo neoeesAry In the very
near future to open up Camps Nos.
8 and 9 In this connection.
Mew jt,
Thus far this seasau. the same
record Is being maintained that was
established last season for tho
menspfl. The average cost for tho sea
son to date for meals being about
23 Vt cents. To date there has been
no complaint registered on nceount
of tho class of meals served the1
cooke keeping up the high ntaitdnrd
of iihiuIm. There hint nlwaya existed
among tho various mesHun on (he
Project keen rivalry.
All of tho onipluyoM op the Project
are covered by Worhmnn'N CoIIho
tlvo lusurnuco under n poller with
tho United HtntoH Fidelity & (ltittrnu
ty Co. of llitltlmore, Mil. It Is ex
pected, however, that iim mum ua tho
workmau'H Compensation Act goes
Into effect tho 1st or July, this Insur
ance will be transferred in the ntnto
department direct. lu addition to
this Workmen's Collective Insurance,
thuro Is n nrojeut physician, who at
tends to nil canes, of sickness and ae
cldout on the works, Up to the pres
ont tlmo there hnvo been very few
oii'o of Illness, anil on the state
work proper only uuo nuoldent of
any coiiHoquouoo.
At Camp Nn. 0, from which tho
Tumalo Dam will lie erettted. n school
house, has been erected by the fam
ilies of (he cnmp ami Mm. A. ti.
Nlchol, wife of the engineer lu tho
cnmp has been elected teacher. The
county superintendent of schools vis
ited 'tun cnmp Monday and gnve some
encouragement ns to help by (he
onuntv lu melutalulug (he m-hmd.
O. Laurgaard. Project Klngluner,
and Axel live, superintendent, visit
ed Portland last week to Inspect
various heavy equipment fur use mi
tho work this senson. Thev were
able to locate some second hand
eniilnuient In uoed order which will
answer nil practical purposes nleelv !
and nt u very reasonable cost.
Gun. L, Dixon of Mend, sold thu
Tumalo Projoot a "Llltlo Winner''
concrete mixer with n two II, p, en.
glue for use on the project work.
IC. V. Towiio niinil Tliurinau Cnvo,
both of Portland, hnvo been ongiiKod
by tho Tiliunlu Project to wink In
tho heudiiiaiiorn olllce nt Ltildlnw.
Cnmp 0 Is growing rapidly, iimnv
fiuullloH electing quartern tlio past
Tho (wo Inst carloads of stool flume
for the Tumalo Project arrived Hut
unlay and are now being froixliled
to the Hume lines by Anno llros of
Mend. A carload or reinforcing
steel It. uImo being hnulod on tho pro
ject by Anne llrothors.
The Tumalo Project recently pur
chased from J. N. II. (lurklugQ
small pigs, n portion or which wA
bo fattened on tho scraps rrom (he
various pious IioukVa. Tho otheis,
nhout half grown, will he delivered
dressed and furnish Huuday dinners
for the men lu enmps,
Camp 0 already attracts much
attention from the vicinity and will
undoubtedly bo a general gathering
plant on Hnudnys. Mix automobile,
loads of visitors were there lltinday,
tho 8th.
A baud saw outfit lias been pur
chased by the Project and set up In
tho rear of thn office building nt Lald
law for use in connection with Hie
mnnufneture or inenHurlug boxes and
other structures on the dlstrHiuthui
svstem. This w'tl later ho moved to
tho Tumalo dam and used on that
Fording the univcisul recreation.
The economical Ford is the pleasure
ear of thousands the world over. It
has Hindu the motor ear servant of
nil the people. It has given to the
masses thu frcedoin'of .the great out-of-doors.
Five hundred dollars l the priiw of the Itonl
nmaUmt; the touring ear la live Nfty; the town
car seven Hfty -1. o. b. Detroit, complete with
tuetpinetit. (let cutalov ami pertleulai from
Ocorge II. Muuver. HmmI.
--. -... --
. - --- - -------
ti rn'it iTrHf a 1m
Complete Stock
Dry, Rough and
Finishing -
Maple and Fir
For Close-in Acreage
Let us show you the property ?&" ?L
conservative buyer that BEND R.EAL ESTATE Is a conservative investment
Lath and
The Bend Company
Pine Hbuse and
Irrigation Spout,
Lath, Red Cedar
tif" '
, !
1 '-
. .
--""-"''T-T '---'- -- 4 -
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