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    The bend Bulletin.
NO 24
More TImhi '-(Ml PcrMtns Attend, nml
long List itf Hpriiker l lleunl.
Two Members of Hr'ert I.miiiI
JIoiiiiI Were PreMMit.
Under it long tent pitched on the
lawn nunr tlie rlviir wits hold Monday
night tlio bliwest banquet In Unutrnl
Oregon ntitinln. Thorn wore mure
Hum 200 peoplu iiniMunt, tin tl ther
una room for 75 or 100 inoriw From
7 n clock until noarly 11:30 tlicf tlln
ner lasted, thorn being much inuhlo
mill iiiiiny speeches.
Tint guesta worn nonlcil at flvo
tmilon, three of which extended tht)
cntlru length of tho tent. Tlio host
of tl evening, W. I). Chonoy, toKitth
or with thn ICmblein Club members,
linil scats nt n table which ox
tended across tho lent nt the end noxt
to tho river. These led tho souks,
thn inllro aMomhliiKo Joining In nt
limes. ,t oo eh plate was it mum
book, on tho eover of which was
printed tho llt of spoakors. Many
of thn ioiirii worn hoard nt tho Sh
uttle excursion IwikiiihJ n year ago,
iiit to thiKin who had never llteud
t them tlu.y proved ilotlKlitfully
entertaining. Tho famous "llmoo
Hand" rendition made a big hit
Adding mttah enjoyment to thla
mrt of tho evening's entertainment
worn ttui songs by thn Utile of tho
Musical Cluli'. There worn two
(liinrtct numbers given by Mr. Pow
elson, Mm. l'ot, Mm. Porrest and
Mm. I'utnnin, tho singers being on.
cored vnry enthusiastically. Thnro
worn nlio two chorun numbers In
which appeared 13 members of tho
Tho hour for tho banquet w 7
o clock nod shortly thereafter tho
guests wore seated. After Divine
blessing, asked by liev. K. O. Judd,
tho dinner started, J ho viands being
on thn tabic and ready for the
guests when thny nrrlvod. During
tho course of tho dinner tho local
orchestra playod at Intnrvnla and two
flashllftht photograph! wero taken by
photographer Todd. Tho largo
gathering wna taken enro of with ex
cellent service.
After tho in ml had boon flnlihnd
nnd tho aong program had ndvanood
through morn thnn n dozen "offorta"
on thn pflrt of tho songsters, the
speaking began. 0. I1. Putnam, pre
willing na tonatmaator, Introduced
earli speaker with aomo ntory or re
mark thnt added to thn round of
mirth thnt provnjlod undornonth tho
IR top during tho evening.
Tho flmt speaker wnn I. II. Poor
of fteattlo. iiianngor of tlio llend I'urk
Company, who spoke on "llond'a
Ambassadors." Ho roforrod to thn
publicity work which la lining dnno
for llend by Mr. Chenoy, giving fig
urea of tho auiounl being npont tluit
(Continued on Inat pace)
A.B. A." Chequco, used by tourists in all foreign countries!
also are the safest, most convenient funds for travel In the
United States and Canada. Not sood till you sign them;
safe as your own blank check. More handy than your
personal checkbook, for your signature Identifies you,
TE Deschutes Banking Kb Trust Co. . Vu
vrs ucnu,
D. I'URRULL, President
. M. IAitA,
Litiul Mot Km Itoclniiiiitliiii, lie Hiiy-,
mill Ho Hri'M (Irnit I'tiluic Morr
Only Problem In Helling Wnte.
For tlui first tlmo In history, tho
Deschutes volley wua visited, Mon
itny, by a rnhlfiot oltlnlal, when Kocro.
Inry of tho fntoi'lor Frmikln K. I.uik
rumo up In Hvdinoiiil nnd tho I'ownll
llutto ooiintry. Tho nourntnry nnd
puny, Which lucludod (lovornor Wuhi,
wnro tnkon to tho I'owoll llutto ill'
i.rlot In union whuro wna polulod out
to thorn tho roaula olitiiluvd by tho
imo of WHlor on tho Intnl. At Iteil
mond thn anarotnry mndo it abort nd
drM, In willed ho oxpromied onthti
nluntle tirnlan for tho Dcaahiitoa vnl
loy, (leolnrlng thnt thn horo
nro for tho (liivolopmuiit of n dlatrlot
an rlnh na thn Ynklmn Tullny In
Wnnhlngtoii. Tho only iirotilom to
bo aolvod for tho ncconiillahmiit of
th Ik, ho aald, la getting untor on tho
luuda. .
From Itodmond thn pnrty wnut to
Agoupy I'lalui, whero iininy fnniinrii
nro mot. Tho party thnn returned
to Portland, mid nt n dinner thnro
tho Decretory la quoti'd tin naylng:
"If thnro la nuy pnrt of thn coun
try Hint doaorvw wnll or tho gornriu
merit, It In Cnlitrul Oregon : and I mil
going to try to nee thnt It reci'lvna It a
Juat recognition."
Heorotnry Latin Irnvoled over Orn
gon In thn prlvntn enr "Wlllamotte"
plneed ut bin dlapoaol by tile Oregon
Trunk Hnllway.
llnil'iiti Tiiko Ciirlonil to .llrtrloju
merit lngni (.'oiitrotlon.
Yeaterday morning tho Ibind con
tlngont Inft for tho Central Ornfcou
Devnlopmont Leagiin Convontlon at
Klamath i'ntla. Not na mnny na wore
expected to go mnnngml to make tho
trip, tho Honttlo excuralon and tho
coming vUlt of Northern I'ncltlc oltl
clnla keotiliiK aomo here.
Thoao who wont nre C. H, lludaon,
V. A. Forbea, J. I'. Koyea, It. M
Hinlth nod O. V. I'utunm, traveling
In Mr. HuiUon'a car. Next week
Tho Ilulletln will contain n full no
oount of nil convention dolnga of
special Intorrit to thla auction.
Northern I'nrlllr Men Will lie Itrj-o
All Vr 1 HiUy.
A party of Northern Pacific Immi
gration offlclnls will bo hero Friday,
arriving at It In tho morning and go
ing out on tho night train. Tho pur
pose of their visit la to fatnlllarUo
themselves with lleod and aurround
Ing country, so 'far aa possible, ao
that In their work In the Kat they
may be able to picture thla imrtlon
of Central Orogon accurately to In
nulrurs. General Immigration Agent L. J.
Hrlckor la nt thn head of the pnrty.
and with htm are eight traveling
ngnnta who work throughout tho
United fitalea advertising tho possi
bilities of tho wtwtoru Northern
Pacific territory. These eight are J.
I.. Moore. C. N. Arnoy, J. L. Daugh
orli', J. J. Fox, O. I.. Htnrk. 8. M.
MeKwnn. O. A. Jobes nnd L. H. Wood.
It l undentood thnt nn effort will
bo inntlo to show thu visitors about
In automobiles, although many can
will bo absent nt tho Klnmath con
vention, tlcnd Is thn only Central
Oregon point Included In the Itiner
ary of tho nKoiits,
aW "
""r"T"iiam-.T-L -"-mn
II 7
i . I
P. O. MINOR, StcroUry
Tho biggest long distance excur
sion over conducted to liny town of
loss thnn 000 pnoplu In (ho West,
nnd whnt rallrond men Mty was by
nil odds tho Ituest nuulppod oxcur
slon trnln ever opera tod In the North
west, arrived hero Hunduy evening
wllfi HlKiut no lleud nuthuslastn from
Heatlle. Tho oxcuriloii Is tho second
ntiuuul event of the kind made under
tho Htiporvlslon of tho llend Park
Compnii) of Keattlo. This year It
came In over the Oregon Trunk Hnll
way. In addition to Itn elaborateness,
thnro wero special features to claim
attention. One wns n "hold-up,"
Mtngml a con pin of miles north of
Pond, when thu train wna stopped by
n band of ncar-robbors, and tho pas
sengers forced to look Into tho busi
ness ends of an arsenal of six-shooters,
not to mention moving picture
Tho second particularly unlquo
feature wns the bntiquet held Mon
day ovniilng before thn midnight de
parture of the visitors. It was given
In u circus tent Imported for tho oc
casion and pitched on thn lawit close
to the I). K. Hunter log housn. Tho
tHtlre conduct of tho dinner there
served was In the hands of the Oreat
Northern Hallway's commissary de.
partment. under tho personal stipe.-,
vision of Its chief, J. A. Illalr. Tho
practiced dining car waiters preald-
td, aided by a corps of Pullman tor
tors. This, says Mr. Illalr, Is tho
first tlmo his road, or any Western
railroad, has over handled anything
of the kind, nnother Instance of tho
Interest the railroads are taking In
lleud and In making llend "stunti"
as successful as itoulble.
The train wua co iposcd of thret
Mrat class Pullman sleepers, a mat
nlflcent ( Northern observation
car. a dining cur and a baggasje car.
It .arrived hero about S p. m. Sunday,
a rouplo of bourn over duo.
.Moving rictiire Taken. ,,;H
Bomn of the ilclaya wore caused by
the taking of many moving pictures
Man Held nt Itrer lkr,, Ite
lleviil to It Kenil Alwconiler.
At Urer Iake. In Kastern Washing
ton, la being held a man who anawors
the description of W. D. Curacy, tho
llotid absconder, according to reports
received by Deputy Sheriff Wcnan
dy. .Mr. Wenandy will go after him
as soon na thorn Is enough 'money In
the "treasury" of tho "Curacy Club"
to pay his expenses.
Tho Motollus Central Oregonlan
linn been sold by Kd T. Plorson, who
hnn left for Montana, to W. K. John
non, who Is continuing tho paper.
Mr. Johnson Is owner also of tho
Terrebonne Oregonlan, which la In
chnrgo of N. Nlelson.
Bend Hardware Co.
a dollar saved
a dollarIarned
Buy your Hardware
Material from us,
take the money thus
saved and start your
bank account.
Weare headquarters
for anything and
everything in the
Hardware Line.
Bend Hardware Co.
on the way up the oanyon nil the
Incidents of tho trip will apaoftr l.
"movie" hoiison throughout thn
country. Onn picture will depict tho
train crowiliiB Crooked river bridge.
Hut tho big .delay wua cuiisod by
tho nmnteur trnln robbers. About n
doxen mombors of the Kmblom Club
pulled off tho hold-up. Of course,
tho train crow wns warned, so that
the deapnradoes had no dlllleulty In
petting tho locomotive stopped where
they had placed a red Hag. Also,
thanks to prc-arrangement, nothing
worse than blank cartridges wor0
Tho moving picture inn chines hnd
beon hustled to tho scene by auto
from n place, further down tho line,
nnd whon the robbers, attired In
"chnis," masks nnd all other appur
tenauens of wlldwcsUiess, and brand.
Ishlng many ruiis, swarmed aboard
tho cars, every Incident worth atten
tion was recorded on the films'. Thes
Included several hund-to-hnnd en
counters. In which Innocent passen
ger wero clubbed to death by the
highwaymen, and onn speotaculr
chase of an escaping victim who lod
Ills pursuers along the roof of the
eonciies, only to le shot by a lurking
robber, and then "rolled" In: the nwt
.ipproved manner.
At the llend depot other moving
pictures were taken, nnd all day Mon
day pictures were taken about Ken 1
and ndjacont country.
Sunday evening members of the
Kinblem Club dined a Board the train,
While Mr. and Mrs. A. M. l-ara enter
tnlned many of tho Visitors at their
homo. 5
Tmin nml CiiuViiry Vlewcil.
Monday morning was devoted
chiefly to wandering about the town,
many of tho oxcursonlsts climbing
Pilot Ilutte and enjoying the magni
ficent view, doubly beautiful because
of tho perfect, cloudless day. Many
partook, ot tho Picnic .lunch aorvod
near the Uoy Scouts lodgo on the
(Continued on last page.)
Tho new parcel post regulations
went Into effect tho ICth and It Is
now possible to send packages weigh.
Ing as much as 20 pounds through
tho malls, to places within the local,
first and second zones. Tho rate In
the second zone tlGO miles) Is &
eents for the first pound and 1 cent
for each additional pound. Portland
Is In tho second llend zone.
The government Is rcadvertlslng
an examination at Hond for tho po
sition of fourth class postmaster at
La. Pine. It will bo held September
13. Wo inn n over IS and mon over
SI are ollglblo for tho position. In
formation regarding tho examination
may be obtained at the local post
ofllco or nt I-u Pine.
sssa. W
About 1.10,00(1 Pound lliNcl of,
.Mucli Having Keen Previously Hold
After having been postponed twice
owing to delay In tho arrival of cljn,
tho locnl wool snle was held Satur
day, nearly i:,0,000 pounds being
disposed of. Previous to tho sale
approximately 80.000 pounds had
been sold, and there nre three olio
which will total something like 70,
000 pounds remaining unsold.
Tho highest price paid was 13 Vi
eonts nnd the lowest 0U eents. The
average was 11 couts. Tho lownosa
of tho price wan due. In a larg
measure, to tho Utcnoss of the sal.
Tho following nro tho sales made.
W. V. ilrnwn to Mr. Green. 8J.98C
pounds. Doaly llros, to Portland
Woolen Mills, 10, UB pounds. Chan.
Huston to Mr. Oreen, 9,391 pounds.
K. I. Laughlln to Portland Woolen
Mills, 13.2SI pounds. Soth Hodman
to Portland Woolen Mills, 4.1AS
pounds. H. J. Williams to Portland
Woolon Mills, 348 pounds. J. H.
Ilogue to Portland Woolen Mills,
1,071 pounds. Tom Hutton to Mr.
Crcen, 1,1S3 pounds.
In connection with the sale W. C.
Wilkes of the Oregon Trunk and
party of traffic men were hero Saturday,
Itobboil of Hrr Otili Offi.prlng, She
("art's for Young: Canine.
Nino cats, 3 kittens, 2 pups and
10-11 rnts, more or less, form a me
nagorlo which does not compare with
Knrniim & Holler's but which tho
employes at tho I'nltod Warehouse
aro as fond of (except tho rats) as
a country nigger is of red lemonade
at a circus. The cats aro Prlnglo's
accumulation of rat-extermlnatonj:
tho kittens are ordinary sore-eyed
little tabbies; tho pups, slx-weeks-old
bull canines, nnd the rata well, tho
fewer of them tho better.
Word Coblo claims ownership ot
ono of the pups, while the other Is
dostlned to bo tho pet of one of the
fairest damsels at Laldlaw. Hoth of
tho Infantile terrors-to-be nre being
mothorod by one of Prlnglo's mo us
ers. Madam Cat wna the proud
possessor of some several of her own
offspring, but Pringle decided to
mske them the foster kittens of an
other tabby, and so Mother Cat
turned her attentions to tho doglcta
and they don't seem to resent her
mothering cares for them. The pups
and tho kittens frolic together aHd
have scraps aud fight and make dp
and then scrap again.
And when you go to the warehouse
office, be careful (bat you do not step
on this cat-kltten-pup brigade.
In tho last 15 days more than 1000
feet of new sidewalk, to bo exact
1020 feet, have been built In differ
ent parts of town. Of this The Hond
Company laid &94 feet running fro.n
Hond street out toward Deaohutea
addition and A. L. French had 210
feet built connecting this with his
new housn. The baiance has been
built by O. P. Putnam and' H. J.
Ovorturf, who laid 90 feet each neart
their residences.
' In addition to this work, the city
has put in 371 feet of crosswalks and
built two bridgoa over the town lat
erals on Ninth and Stark streets. All
tho work has been done under the
supervision of Tom Murphy. I
The First National Bank
Or. U. O. OOe. PrtiltUnt E. A. 8ATHIR. Vic Prldnt
O. S. HUDSON. CathUr
Capital full paid ... 29.000
8tockhold.rt" liability . . 25.000
Ourplui SI2.BOO
c jSijI
I tl&J
pHIS BANK w the busj. -
ness barometer of the ,
Bend country. The- fact
that our deposits nre $100,.
000 more today than m
date last year, shows pros-perity.
7 kj&ls
D. C. COB It. A. SATIIPB f. S. Rimtnu
.More Person Have Untried Than
Hvcr KcroroUit of Irio Win
ners nml Tliono Who .Made Do
nation to (lie Library Club,
An abundance of beautiful flowero
was exhibited at tno third annual
show Monday, the varieties exceeding
those of last year by a big margl.i.
Likewise the vegetables were greater
In number and quality, bearing ovi
denco that Improvement comes with
experience. Owing to tho fact tint
individual entries were limited to
six sterna for each specimen, there
was not as voluminous a display this
year, but all that was lacking In this
respect was made up by the quality
of tho flowers.
The show was held In the store
room In the Johnson building and
during the afternoon was visited by
a large crowd, Including the Seattle
excursionists. The evening attend
ance was reduced because of the ban
quet. Exhibits came from tho town and
nearby communities, tho number of
persons exhibiting being much larger
than at any previous show. Hach
year it Is found that the show giro
a marked Impetus for growing flow
ers. There was one exhibit from the
Motollus river. This was a bunch of
sweet peis from the garden of Mrs.
C. W. Allen, which were transported
GB miles by horseback, stage and
train to the show. They were not en
tered for a prize, hut the Judges were
about to award them a ribbon before
noticing that they were not entered.
Each exhibit listed for a prize was
tagged, there being nothing on the'
tag but a number, this obviating any
possibility ot favoritism In .tho award
of prizes. The Juages were W. n.
Cheney, JMIsa CarrleScott and Mr.
Ray .Morehouse', who'seT "d'eJliloos
were very satisfactory.
The Prize Wlnaers.
Herewith la the list of winners, aa
given for publication:
19 WT
r Double 1st, Mrs. Putnam; 2nd.
Mrs. Edwards. Single. 1st. Mrs.
Wllkey; 2nd, Mrs. Wllkey. Califor
nia 1st. Mra. Wllkey: 2nd. Mrs.
Pink. ,
Double laL Edith Vlnyards 2nd.
Mra. Henkle. Single No entries.
Pink 1st, Alleys Caldwell: 2nd,
Mrs. Hudson. Lavender 1st, Mra.
Wllkey; 2nd. Mra. Hudson. .White
No entries. Purple 1st. Mra. Hud.
son; 2nd, Mra. Hudson.
Sweet Peus.
Red lat, Mrs. Montelle Coe; 2nd.
II. C. Hilton. White 1st. Mra. Oar
rison; 2nd. Margaret Wicst. Laven
der 1st, Mrs. Hudson; 2nd, Mm.
Furst. Purple 1st, Mra. Garrison;
,2nd, Margaret WlesL Pink 1st.
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D R K C T O R 3;
r-F. 0. MINOR,-
rB. M. LAUA,