The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 16, 1913, Page PAGE 11, Image 11

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Pngo II.
Central Oregon Will Be Pictured In Movies
Deschutes Canyon and Harney County. Views to Have
World Wide Audience on Pathe Films
jawnb shall be drawn throiiKlt tho
, pipe itH laying jirogroeaea to clonn tint
mortar JolritM nml oxcluds oiJoctlon
Hblo material from entering tit sew
or. The awab ilmll be removed from
thu pipe by the drain layer at the
completion uf tli work of sewer com
-t-,...-. Timiiaiim Ifi WF-WV I
H aww aw -- flflD leM"l"vy Vffi W. "- w ' WWfWBPy J MJ
ae-era or his lurpector shall o
cause for temporary suspension of tho
lloariHo of (he offender by tha city
engineer pending final suspension l.y
tho Common Council, In addition to
any other penalties that may he Im
nosed under this ordinance, anil inch
paction. VHrlflHd pipes ahall not mo. penalties are paid and until llama
proarh within lire feat of any build- suspension, ahall operate until snrh
lug, roller, raull, or nraaway, from U restored b Hie Common Count!!:
which K)lnt eaat Iron pipes ahall Im nor ahall each suspension give tiro ; Approval by the mntor
ue-. in case sou pipe naa been pre-i offending party the right to h- re-i Hand first time Julv lr., 1913.
vlously luld lo said point by the ( turn of any money paid for auch II-' Hulas suspended by aaanlmoua
plumh-r, the drain layer ahall con-, cenea. (vote and naesed to Immediate Meond
latlon to regulate tho construction
or alteration and repair of sowora
and house drain In the city of llond,
Oregon. In ordar to promote tho
health and welfare or tho citizens of
Hatid and to protect the public prop
erty of said city of Hand, an emer
gency la hereby rirelared and thin or
dinance ahall lie In full force and ef
fect from and nricr M paeango nnd
Oregon will bo set In motion nil
over tliu world na n result of n visit
to the state by Itnlpli II. Maris, repre
senting Patlm'a weakly, n motion pic
ture reeorii of oventa whlel. I seen
hack wk in picture Imaaaa through
out tho United Ktatee nml European
countries by mora than 94,000,000
It wna with the cooperation of Louis
W. Kill, ahalrwon of (be hoard of
director ortho Oreat Northern rail
way nml William Hanley. of ilurna,
Oregon, that the motion picture man
wna enabled to secure some vary re
markable vlowa of Central Oregon
agricultural nnd Industrial scenes.
Makltif tho trip Into llnnd over tho
Oration Trunk railroad, tho Hill lino
ttmt hna npoued up the ureal Control
OioKoti country, the motion picture
mnn wna taken to Ilurnr, In Hnrncy
county, by nutomoblla n dlatnnco of
ISO mile. 1'or it weok the I'athe re
preaetiUitlve toured Harney county
eavarlMff mora than 1,000 mlla by nu
tomoblla to Meare Alma - that will
how to the wadd the openlnia for
homeeknra (Ml the frea novammeut
landa of Oregon.
Whllo h vial tor on the Double O
ranch, owned by Hanley, mora than
2,000 head of cattlo were rounded up
for the picture. Motion picture pano
rama will ahow the oxltmt of the
treat vallaya of Central Oregon nml
tho Illltaen canal, Juat completed by
Hanley through tha Illltan vnlley.
Thla IiIk Irrigation ditch, formiHl 1
the water of the Illltieu river, drain
more than 1Q0.0OO norea of land and
la forty mlloa lonR. Tho plcturea
will ahow tha hog and aheep Indui-
uort J.U two plpaa In a careful and
workniaiJIko manner. Separate connection:
Kvrry building ahall l aeparnlely
hiiiI Indeiwndently connected with
th- aewrr; provided, however, that
( whi-n, In the opinion of tbtau-'crlnu-ndvnl
of aaworv It la deem
jl advlaable to coonect two or
,inor Imildlnga or a Una of tent-
incnta witii in,, aame aevrar, the main
(i ruin or lateral ahall terminate in a
man-holn not leva than two and on-
luiir feet in diameter at tha bottom
uid two feet at the top; the tnvorta
i. hull b carefully-fornid In tha con
"if foundation and the top ahall
ii.iw a tight coal Iron cover.
Mart ion 10. Cea poola: Ceaa
pooia ahall wot be coaatruclad on
property abutting on aanltary aawara,
and the uae of old ca pool ahall to
dlwontlnued when public aowara are
nnairu'(d. Where caaa ixwia are
i-ritilttd I hey ahall not be located
w It hln twenty-five ftwt or any dwell'
lux. and alull not be leaa than alx (()
ft aquare and eight () rt deep,
Mind toji and bottom and aide mi na
tti form a IIkIH chamber with a vent
rcichiiiK alx (0 feat Hbore tho aur-
No ceaa jkioI or other aewago ro
fiiacH ahall b eooatrncUMl upon
public property, atreota or a I Icy a ux
i'it upon wrltton pormlaaton of tha
nup4rli)tendent of aowera nutliorlzcd
thf Common Council.
RUon 1C. Mtorm water: Whor
rain water leadara are eonnectod with
the ftewera provlalou mint be mode
to M-cure ncalnat the entrance or any
objnctlonablo material into the aewer.
o atorm water conneottona will be
action 10. A ordlmincw and
parU of ordinance In con Slot with
tha provialOHa of thia ordinance are
hereby repealed.
Whereaa'thara la Immediate nead
and demand for tha naaeaHa of Itfgia-
Head aaeond lima Jnly 16, 1913.
1'aaatd July 16. 19 IS.
Attaat: Approved :
II. C. Bllla, O. P. Putnam.
Bacorder. Mayor.
Practical Baking Lessons
I am pleated to submit to you choice recipes for
doughrmia and fihtera. Theao few recipes 1 have
aelectwl from my hwge coltection with a view of Rtvjng
yon the meat ptMtteal, at wait as the very beat. Ifibese
miet with year favor, 1 am greatly pleased.
try, homritcokers comlne Into the
country, tha saga brush land hefora permitted except upon written per-
nd after the arrival of tho home-
aoaker nnd generally give a truthful
picture of the opportunities, and po?
albllltlea of Central Oregon.
Louie V, 11111,1a ono of the fore
moat of Northwest devolopera and be
lieves In the motion picture to give
miteion or the superintendent rf
aawera nnd aubjsct to his restrlethma.
Section 17. Improper uae; Kn
trannc Into the man-bolaa or o-kiiIhk
tha aam for any purpoea whatever
except by the' engineer or other iier-
wlde-apread publicity to what Oregon I ."f ''"'r thorlad. la ntrictly pro-
haa to offer to newcomers. I ,I,"- o ana ahall throw or de-
The Patha people have also secured ' I"""- or caaae or parmlt to l. thrown
n reel nhowina the sconerv of tha Daa!r denoalted In any veeeel or reet.
chutaa canyon where the Hill linos 'lacle connected with the public aawer. I leap nUud p4ry hour H
expended an anormoua aum of money I garbage, hair, aahas, fruit, vegeta-! 1 "F j?,.tn "e"1, , ,- Ji
to build the Oreaon Trunk railroad I i.w nn.. --1 1 .... 1 level teawoofulK C Ii
into the Central part of tha state. Tht cinnt or a; other matter or thing
ploturea secured by tha Patha peoplo wi,i,ivr int ,.,.... ..J11-.
nr M.u nr.l f Ihn lcln.J nvnr InVon In WM BXCept hUUMU OXCrement.
"w ."W ...v ... .w ....... w. .....w. ... MMMU ,1... m..A..HM u.a ,..
M,,fif, ,4,Q iiTCormrj cioeei
Cermm Deultmult
4 eape lour ' K taapooafnl aait
1 cup laillc 1 sup aaa
4 level leaafifioafule K C Ileking I'Atrder
K teeefKXHittil or maee or nutmeg
2 uh or 1 w ntl '1 Btldlttanal volka
httt loartlxr, threo time. Hour, K C,
nalt and ntU. Heat tlte tgait very llelit,
uioe tlte rotary etts beAtnr, tlien cradnnily
beat in the sugar, makiBK n very Ilalit
creamy mixture of the ten and euaar: leat
In the milk and tlr into tlte flour. Make a
eft itiwili. rail into a abeet. cut Into round.
plneb o ltol in the center with the fiaser
and fry in deep fat. Pat for frylnn iltould
not 1k Iiot vooueIi to brown tbi douzliaut
until it baa rUen. When tho douRhnut U
dropped into the fat it lnk to thn bottom.
As eoon M it mm up it should be turnod
and turned a sitmlier of times whits eookins.
This reeitw is exeelleot n they do not take
tho fat in fryine sod will tay moist for
Potato DoughrmU
WW remain mobt fer days
3H cups fluur M teaepoopful salt
2 & K tsaipetoful mo
1 eup susar 1 sup eeld mashed potato
4 level teaepoonful K C UoUhr Towder
eup muk. er more, u needed
Silt three times, tits flour, salt, tpiee aal
bakina nemler. Iieat eaas with ratary
bnater, tben still using rotary beater, crau
uaHy add Htgar, then wotk m the maehed
potato wiMi a spoon and ailernately add
raflk sod Hour mixture, fry as German
Pineapple Soatt
i eup rnesr I tsaspoaafal flour
1 tablespooaful lamoa jalas
Cook until smooth wHh Hoeapple Ibjuxl
and water, ueimt cmnuah water added to the
pineapple liquid to make 1H eups.
Otitic and Hie Frllttn
1 cup boiled rice, grains 'distinct
2 tableepoonfuls milk or melted Imtler
M cup uraleil cbeeso 1 ec. Iwitcn llcht
1 level teoepoooful K C IJakiog 1'owder
if tesspoonful salt
2 level tablupoorifubi poetry flour.
nift iocrlhrr. thrxl lima Ida (1xi
bakins powder and rait. To tho viz, odd
tho riee. Iwlter or milk, cheeee nndlaitly
the flour mixture.. Drop by spoonfuls Into
butter melted in the Lbur f n rhiAmr
dUh (or Irj-ing paD). Let cook until a
delicate brown color, then turn to cook tho
other side. Servo with
White Sauce
2 taUeepooufuU rounded or butt
1 taUefpeoDfal rmsded or flour
. 1H eup mNk
Salt Ktvl lianur n ..,.
Rub butter nml flour toeether. add milk
asd eoek uatfl seooetk
Oregon and will bo shown In tho lend
Ing motion picture theaters all over
tno world.
(More and After,
mill ...ii- it..., i . ' '"
'" """ """ """J """ l"nr i iu 1 1... ...... iu... i ii .iit
wr IIu.immI w,,.H I... .ittHo iHr I ,aoOi. which lK.d ahall ta npprov.
-V.w iiiitliiMi nl.i tiow.iirlskljr Im I , ,, , ,. .... ..',,.. out Mft.-r ...... Im,I Klryn l.lm j llty Pon,mtflIimi ,He rotot!.
tin- (jtwrivr." Imli.
be Isstiwl, tho applicant or applicants ad with a sower built by prl
shall tile with tho olty cferk n Itondlvula parties, or to pass through
property not owned by the nppUmtit.
tho written oonient of tho owner
must be p rooo rod und filed with tho
application before the permit la is-
I tlou of the olty of Hoiiit against nil sued.
If It Is not rlahl tin not do It If It
Is not Irtiu do not ray It Murtius An-Mill.
OltlH.VANt'll NO, 7.
Ar ordlgaaaa to ragtilah tha eoa.
Mlruelloa, alteration and repair of
aewer and houee dralaa Im tha
city of IkHil. Oregoa.
lie It ordain ail by tha Common
Council of the city of I land:
action 1. SnprVlalon: The eon
MtntctlnH, ranalr and mnlntenwnca
rf all aawara, drains and ceaa pools
wkethar. public or piivute shall bo
MBdar the aupervlnlon and ooutrol of
the aiiperlnteHdHnt of aewcra.
Saetion t. I.Iooiihh: No parson.
Urm or eorporatlon ahull engage In or
ooutluat tho bualnoaa or sewor win
ttectltiK nnd hoitso draining, or ox
nnvata any trenchos for sewor plpo or
open, uueovor or In ttny tiinnitur mnko
!. , tho streets or ulleya or with any prl
m4' vate aewer or drain In the city of
llend without holding the proper II-
CMMisa for suoh work frtnn the City
I Council ut the city of Hand, Oregon,
excepting only persons operating
under apeolnl contract with the olty
for sueli work.
j , Section 3. Application for license:
I The application for lloansn nhnll be
presented to tho City Council and on-
4oreeri by tho Htiperlntendunt of aew.
, ara; nnd no ponton, linn or oorpom-
tlon ahull rocolvo auoh llonnse who
' does not hnve nu eatnbllHhed place or
hualneau within tho corporato limits
. the oily of llond, nnd who shall
Hot 11 rot huvo furnished tho Blip-
orlnteiubmL of sowors Hntlsfnotory
ovlilenoo of his or tholr rospon-
nlblllty nnd iiiiillfloatlaiiB to ply tholr
trade In Accordance with tho roiiulro-
inents uf this ordlimnoo nnd tho mm-
orliitendunt of sowers ' ruloa for tha
.(jonduot of suoh work.
Suction I. llond: Aftor fnvornblo
notion by the City Council Kriuitlnir
i lluuima, und boforo the hiiiiio ulntll
j loss gr ilamnge which may occur on
neaouiit or much uconse tiirougu nny
eareleaanuaa or iiegllgenca In olthor
the execution or protection of this
work, or by reason of any unfaithful
or Inadequate work done by such
uerauM, firm or corporation, or by his
or their umproyws. and that said
tlcanssa an audi will itlao conform to
tha eoHHttloHa and taqulramenU or
tha city for hla or their government,
or In default thereof will etibmlt to
such paHaltiaa na ara or may be pre
scribed by tha city engineer.
Meclion A. License fee: The II
conee lea or a drain layer shall be
twenlyuve dollars (1S) par hhhuhi
IMahle In aHvnnca. and no license
grouted under the provisions or this
ordinance ahall be for ji greater or
n Iihhi (rorlod thnu ono year.
Hcotlon f. re of license: No
parson, linn or corporation engaged
In tho hustnuk of sownr connecting
nnd drain Inylng shall allow hla or
their names to bo usod by nny other
porson directly or Indirectly, olthor
otinnectluu with, or Iny nny sowor In
, the streets or alleys or with nny prl-! to obtain a permit or to do anywork
under his or their license or bond
Section 7. Permit: Ilnfnro com
mouolng the oonstructltui,- modllloa
tlou or repclr of any sewor, drain
or cesspool the drain layer ahall first
obtain n written permit from tho
niiierlntendcnt of sewers, a'nd auoh
permit shall be upon the ground it
all times during tho progress or won:
and mast be howt, any olllcer In au
thority on deiutipd.
Section 8. Application for permit:
All applications for porniitsNnuit bo
made in writing upon tho proper
blanks for that pitrposo, and signed
by tho owner or hla nutliorlxud agent,
and whon It Is required they shall he
m-ooinimnlud Iiy n plan showing tho
whole course1 of tho drain which In
to bo constructed, togethur with tho
Section 9. Koe for connection:
A foe or Ave dollars ($a.00) will be
charged and collected by the super
lutenoent at sowers lor oaett eon sec
tion, to -cover the cost of eeUtuf
grade and Ming in tha aHpertntenJ
eat of aawera' offlca a plan of
collecUd for aawer conuactloaa ahall
le turned into the olty txaaaury to
the credit of the aewer maintenance
Section 10. Barricades: Bxcava- '" m-I 1v aoch iiaraon shall con
Ibiuld aloiw, and drainaga of such
Section 18. Inspection: The sup
erintendent or sewers may adopt such
rules as he mav deem neoassarv to
provide ror the proper Inspetclon of
tne work, nnd no work shall bo cja
ri. has bean approved by tie
Htrintoni!.nt or sowars, who
will endorse a certificate of final In
epoctlon upon the permit' lesnod for
that particular work or connection.
Section 19. Penalty: Any person,
firm or corporation, who shall be
found guilty of violating any of tha
provision of thia ordinance, or who
yiull fall nr neglect to comply with
any such provisions, ahall. on convic
tion thereor. lie fined not leaa than
five dollars (li.OO).nor mora than
one hundred dollars . I $100.00) for
each offence, and ten dollars U10. SO)
Helpful Hints
Never 1st the fat be hot oaough to
brown before the doothsula and fritters
rise ami expand. Often soggy fritters
anil tough doughisuta ara made by bavins
the fat too hot
K C Hairing Powder a osneokdlr adao-
ted for doughnuts as one cannot fry all
at once, and with IC C the food can bo
mixed and stand for hours before cooking.
tlon in streeta and allays ahall lie
made In auch maifoer aa to Impede
tiaval aa little na iwsalble, and the
aapatintendant of sawara may de
termine and limit tha time audi
excavation nmy remuin oiien. n: i
when unnecoasarlly delayed he
may d:ect that the number of
workmen lie increased to husten tho
work to such an oxtuut as he may
deem necessary. Hcd lights shall be
inulntHlnod upon nil unfinished work
nt night, from dark to sunrise, and
aufllclent barrlcndus cball bo In plare
nt nil times until the work Is com
pleted. Bed Ion 11. Itefllllng or trenches
All tronche shall be refilled In a
careful anil workmanlike manner,
nnd tamped or puddled so aa to re
place as nearly as possible nil exca
vated malarial, and leave the surface
in na good condition as before tha
oommenoement or tho work.
Soecial carj shall bo obaarved with
trendies wlthjn streets and alleys,
und nil surplus material must be re
moved when work, Is complotad. and
any refilling of trenches neoaaaarv to
maintain tha highway in good oondl-'
tlon ror a period or one yecr shall
bo done by Iho drain layor.
Section IS. Size of drains: No
drain or sower pipe ahull be less than
'six (9 J Inches Internal diameter, and
tlnue tn violation thereof.
Uf ul violation of aald Vegula
ti na of the superintendent f
Appie Fritltrt
lakioa Powder
- ..- mm iw
1 lVi tAfOOfUUl pOWtMltKl MMCr
2 ftmir, parwl And out la t.ll vhem
UflAAjli.e Ikeuillnu (l.fli Kt,r.rtl
pemler, Mgar and salt Add tho milk to thoTliai b an advantage over tho old fash
beaten egg and stir in the dry lflrredlent.:.i .jr , .
Tbeaitt7ln the blu of apple. Drop baUerlKWd e-actkn baking iwdew. cram
Uto hot ft Iiy fpnonfuli ftml lt fry until Jell-.of tartar and soda or sour milk and soda,
oately brews, and spslo is tender. Drain on T . ,
soft raoer. Serve with rowdired ur or l "HP every iKiujckeepor to try a coa
Jelly jauee. Unan, proohes, frejh or.of K C Baking Powder. The case with
which it can bo ued U very gratifj-ing.
eanneJ, and other fruit taay be Used In tho
aame way.
Jelly Sauce
K cup sugar 14 rIois JHy
1 table(Minful flour IK oupe cold water
1 tableepooaful lesson jutco
- Mix all together and cook until smooth.
Pineapple Ftitten
1 eup Sour i teajpoonful salt
eaa UK
vt teastteealal It C Making loIer
I teaspaoaiw pa-awmi auaar
Mix a sppU fritters and fry in deep fat,
serve with Pineapple Sanaa.
M sap chapped er nsW pine sppi
1 wv
Ono can mix any amount of battrt- and
cook it na needed. For instance a largo
amount of biscuits can be mixed and cut
out ready for tho ovm and baked as
wanted through several hours. This U
due to tha double action of K C, which
also makes it iropawtbi fer ca!;j to fall.
Purchase a oaa of IC C ami be convinced
for yo-rsslf Just what it will do. Follow
tha direetiaas oarefuhty and auecess is sura
lo follow.
OtrHmUWiMm4 3tyt. a.
Sornuny rotfoost nro bring mado forleisant that havo been mtasnd, that
we have had the ooaptate oorie ot loeions durably bound and will aond It treo
on ra;ueet.
It yen have mimed any of the Ieiions or would Ilkn to havo them In con
venient torn for iulur uo. or II you have a friond to whom the- might bo help
ful, Uropus apottnland u. bound aet will bo promptly mailed FUEE.
K C EAIdNG POVDER MFGS IGth and Canal Sts Chicago. III.
slxu of tho Hnmn, tho locution of nil
branches, depth of drain holow tho
Moor of tho building, nnd suoh other
Information ua tuny be rotiulrotl by
tho Htiporliitoudont of nevern for
tho propor direction of the work.
If tho
Ul'lno $ 4.00 SllvorLnko $10.00
I i
FortKock 8.C0
l4ko 10.00
Viewpoint 11.00
Ofllco In Confectionary Store, Wright Hotel Bldg,, BentJ, Oregon.
nil sewers and drains shall bo df suf.
ncioni sizo to nccominotinto tno prop
erty they nre luteftdotl to eorvo.
Section IS. Pipes: AH pipes ahall
lie first quality, salt glaxod, thorough
ly vltrltlod earthonware, sound nnd
drain Is to bo coiuioot-i woU,burnei, 8't" thorough-
i) kiikuii u.MDiiur iiiiu iiuuuor sur-
fweua. All oonnootlons shall bo-laid
to n uniform grade. Changos In the
dlrootlon of tho Howor shall be made
lii- bettda and sultnblo lHtlngs. Pipua
shall not bo out or chipped oxoept
by pormlsstou of tho suporlntoud
ont of sewers nnd shall ho dono
In accordance with auoh rules
us ho may proscrlho . Kaoh plpo
shnll bo carofully boddod as laid, tho
jjolnt nilotl with fresh mortar oom
,)paod of ono part Portland cement
and two parts of cltmn sharp sand.
Tho plpo shall bo covered with lino
aarth or sand, frco from rooks, and
thoroughly paoked to provont tho
sllghtost sottlomout of tho dlaln. A'
Paisley 15.00
Lnkovlow 20.00
Rurna 13.00
$7.50 A DAY
Net Profit
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