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Tliercnftcr SlicrilT Will Devote Him
self Inclusively (o Criminal Oiteli
lii(i niul Incentive Hullo Oili
er Arc to lie Heinodolled.
(Special to Tho llullctln)
PIUNEVlhLH, July 7. Owing to
tho fact that nn act of tho 1913 leg-
Islntlvo assembly has transferred tho
task of tax collection from tho sher
iff's to tho treasurers of tho several
counties effectlvo January 1, an al
teration of the court house has been
ordered by the county court In order
to provldo ndequato quarters for tho
treasuror. Tht prosont otllce occu
pied by Treasurer Jordan is alto
gether too small.
Tho treasurer will occupy tho
rooms on tho first floor at the north
east corner of tho building, which arc
now used by the sheriff. Quarters
for tho sheriff will be constructed be
neath the present office In the base
ment and Immediately In front of the
present ofllce in tho basement and
immediately in front of tho Jail, En
trance to the Jail will then only bo
possible through the sheriff's ofllce
and entrance to the ofllce will be
made through one of tho present win
dows of the basement, level with the
After January 1, 1914, the sher
iff's duties will be confined to run
ning down criminals, serving civil
and criminal process for the courts
of tho county and the administration
of his' executive duties pertaining to
the law enforcement.
Ordinary Kind Now Good on Parcels
As Well As For letters.
The days of the parcel post stamp
are numbered, for when thoce now
printed are used up they w'.ll go out
of existence. They are replaced by
the ordinary stamps, which are now
good on parcels as well as letters. If
yon have a package to mall and do
not have parcel post strmne at hand
to use, stick any old kind on nnd It
will do, accord lug to an order Issued
by Postmaster General Durloson, ef
fective July 1. Thla order says:
"On and after July 1, ordinary
postage stamps. Including commemo
rative Irsues, shall be valid for post
age and for insurance and collect on
dolivery fees on fourth chfe mall,
and distinctive parcel post stamps
shall bo valid for all purposes for
which ordinary stamps aro vclid."
Tho distinctive parcel post stamp
Issue was made so that tho govern
ment might keep track of the use of
the parcel post which was Inaugurat
ed on January 1, 1913.
This Year Solid Pullman Truln Will
Como on August 17.
This year's Seattle excursion prom
ises to be the biggest thing of tho
kind pulled off In the Northwest and
certainly far the most notable ever
attempted by a town of several times
the size of Dead. The train will bo
composed of six Btandard Pullman
' sleepers, two dining cars, an obser
vation car and a baggago car.
Leaving Seattle at 11 p. m. on
Saturday, August 10, it will roach
Uend Sunday at -I p. m., and will
leave here Monday at midnight. This
year It will come over tho Oregon
Trunk Railway.
Good Heads Ilnrbcciic Scheduled For
Augtiit I).
LA PINK, July 8. La Pine Is to
have a good roads barbecue and a
general good time on August 9.
While the Important work of the
gathering will be discussion of good
roads, there will be much entertain
ment bj well.
The announcement sent out by the
Commercial Club contains these para
graphs: Col. Chas. W. Thatcher, the unique
'Apostle of Good Roads,' will be hero
and will toll of his wondorful experi
ences In all parts of the country and
of his plans for tho future. This
alone would Justify a Journey of
many miles. v
"Judge W. 8. Worden, tho famous
'Good Roads Judge,' of Klamath
county, will attend tho meeting and
toll of his work.
"Many other men prominent In tho
good roads movement will bo pres
ent. AH organizations m the state
or elsewhere Interested in the great
question of good roads are urged to
send representatives, The time and
money spent will prove to be a good
Letter From mw County Judge Say
That Autos .May Now Take the
Trip Safely Crudes to Ho Cut.
Tho following letter, received by
County Commissioner llayley from
the judgo of !nno county, shows that
tho McKonzle pass route Is now In
excellent Hhnpe:
"Our foroman, who hntt boon In
charge of our gang on the McKemlo
road from the pass west, came down
to town yesterday and Informs mo
that the road Is entirely practicable
for automobiles. I wrlto you this
as you probably have numerous in
quiries from people b to whether
they can get through or not. Ho In
forms mo that the snow is entirely
oft from the pass.
"Yesterday wo sent our engineers
up the McKonzle to set tho grade
stakes for tho work of reducing tho
25 per cent hills, near tho summit,
to a grade of 10 per cent or bettor.
"I think you need have no hselta
tion now In recommending tourlsta
to cross on tho McKenzIo pass. Of
course, the old grades aro steep but
they nro entirely practicable for au
"Wo aro doing a good deal of work
on tho McKonzie road, below Mc
Konzle bridge, and In n few years, If
we conttnno at the present rate, the
road across tho mountains from our
county Into your county will bo n
scenic highway of which tho state
will havo reason to be proud. The
Forest Sorvlco Is materially assist
ing us In doing tho work.
Eugene, Juno IS, 1913."
llonlliy Favors Houd Kvpendlttue For
Permanent Hoads In Counties Pro-
Posing to Act I'nder Law Passed
lty tho IIMit l.elslnture.
Martin Hallmoyor nnd J. R. Rivers
of tho Prlneglo Flats country south
east of Hcnd wero In town Thursday
getting supplies for a store which Mr.
Rivers will establish thore about the
15th. A petition for n postottlcc for
that community has been granted by
tho government nnd it will bo locat
ed In Mr. Rivers' store, which will be
about three-fourths of a mile, west of
tho warm spring In section 33-19-19.
The name of the ofllce wilt be High
Dotoon had Just bought a new type
writing machine.
"Now. what color ribbon do yon want
for this machine" asked the salesman.
"Oh. Mncfc. by all means!" said Dob
son. "You see. my typewriter Is a wld-off."-Judge.
fie that fears not the future can en
Joy the present.
(Oregon Jouruul)
Major James Howlby, highway
commissioner for Oregon, Is giving
tho first attention of his recently or
ganized olllco to the roadH plans of
Jackson and Crook counties. Jack
sou county people are having a cam
paign for a bond Issue of $700,000
with which to mnko tho Jackson
county unit of the Pacific highway.
Crook county, under tho law
passed by the last Legislature. Is ag
itating a bond Issuu of $200,000, for
the construction of two trunk high
ways, one north nnd south, tho other
oast and wost through tho county.
Major I low I by, who was In Portland
Saturday evening, said that some
time this week ho will visit Crook
county. Thu stnto highway depart
ment, on request from the County
Court of n county, wilt take charge of
nnd direct highway construction, do
lug the surveying and other prelimi
nary work.
"I think I am warranted In In
sisting," said Major Howlby. "that
when roads aro built out of tho pro
ceeds of long-time bonds, they should
bo built so permanently ns still to bo
good and In sorvlco when tho money
for the bonds falls due. I do not be
lieve that temporary roads should I
built from the proceeds of bond
Epworth Lenguo nt 7 p. m. I'rnyor
meeting Thursday nt S p. in. Choir
lrnctlcu Wednesday at 8 p. in.
Owing to tho tvbseuco of Rev. I, I,
Gorby. tho pastor, there will bo no
Presbyterian orvlcH this Sunday, ex
cept Sunday school nt 10 a. m. Tho
first survleett In tho now ehureh build
ing an) planned for Sunday, July 20,
Sunday school at !: IR, preaching
at 1 1 a. in. and 8 p. m. Hrotherhond
at 3 p, in. Voting pimple' meeting nt
7 p. m. Prayer meeting at S p. m. on
Wednesday. Choir practice Tiiurmtay
evening at 7:30.
Clum-li of the llrethreu,
Services next Sunday at 3 p. tit. In
tho Methodist church.
Mih. Mile DiiiiIuIhoii culled on Miu
A. II. Taylor Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Carpenter visited nt V, A. Stov
eiiHon'ii liiMt week where lie oxpeclM to
buy u number of turkeya this fall. Mr.
Stevenson him over a iiinidied.
Warren Llhby will timlio final
proof on his claim In a few weelis, at
There will bu no services Sunday.
Tho Pulled HtatoH fores sorvlco re
porta that sheep on the Nebo Nat
ional Forest In Utah go four and a
niiir mouths without water except for
Mtieli miilntur,. as they got from the
dew and the Juice of forage pliuitM.
Tho grazing season Is Horn Juno in
to Oetobsr 31. In one urea on thu
Targheo forest lu Idaho sheep gut wa
ter only twice durl'ig tho four-mouth
Ih not very hroud and any hIzo ro
rolplH eloHii II. Html yeiulliiKH I. .'Ill
to 1.75, old wutliorn l.afi o l.fil) and
prliun (Hilling oweii 3.75 to l.iifi worn
oxtintiiii top hldH. The limili miir
let Ih iiIioiiI sternly, with a hIimiIo bet
ter demand Hum for sheep. Cliolctt
stuck sold at 0,50 to 11.75,
:j:;:::j itftwiwiiiitiTOriUiiiiiiaiMiiiiiiiiiiitiwiiwi $
is'owcomera should get tho habit
of going to Innes & Davidson's bar
ber shop. Adv.
Deed That Havo Hern Filed For
Record at Prliiexllle.
(Special to Tho Ilulletlu)
PRINEVII.LK. July 7. Among
tho deeds which have been recorded
recently by tho county clerk nro tho
P. II. Illossom to S. J. Spencer,
wVtjawVi, sec. 8-18-11.
Houd Park Co, to Oustnf Porssoti,
It '. blk 105. First add., llend Park
Archie T. Powoll to KM White, tho
wViawtti bwUswVj, hoc. liJ-18-13.
George W. Wimer to Charles L.
Wlmer. oV4e'4swVi and undivided
Interest In oHoVtiiwU, ttwVnoU,
nwiHoVi. sec. 32-lii-ll. $7000.
Deschutes Townslto Company to
Deadlines school district No. 30, Its
1, 2. 3. 4. 5. il. blk 20, Centralo.
Ilend Park Company to A. W. Mo
dell. It 3. blk 111, First add., Iloiiil
Park. $150.
M. J. Kelley to J. S. Smith, undi
vided one-fourth Interest In w',i
seVi, sec. 7: soVinwH, wViiioVi.
nwseVi. sec. 1S-20-11.
Recelpta for the week havo been as
follows: Cattle 1027. calves 7L
sheep 5372, hogs 378 I, horses 21.
Tho cattle market was steady lu low
er this week. Killers havo not been
In tho market for any largo supply of
beef and bidding was consequently
very slow. Prime grass steers lu ear
lots aro selling around 8 cents. Med
ium grade steers quarter to a half
cent lower. Hotelier stock havo U'en
steady do weaker, Prlmo cows at
I..50 to tl.75. choice bulls nt 5.50 to
fl and calves 0.50 to 9 aro prices at
the toil of tho various classes.
This week's hog market has been
a very strong one. Prices reached
9.15 Wednesday, but tho market
weakened at the close, the top being
9 cents. Liquidation hss been com.
paratlvoly littoral.
Trade lu the sheep house slowed up
considerable this week, due to tho
poor demand for mutton. The outlet
Lighten tho Housework"
A plain iron sink returns very
little (or tho cflort spent upon it.
A (cvv minutes spent in clewline n
'otlttliuNl" white enameled sink
nnd you have a veritable beauty
spot of radiance.
Our catalogue of sinks is very
intcrcstinit with its wall liaiigmi!,
corner and recess patterns. It is
free to all interested in uood
plumbing and cmmI fixtures.
Plumbing and Heating
Bend, Oregon
Services Sunday at 11 a. m. and
8 p. in. Sunday school at 10 a. in.
(Special to The Hcnd Hulletln.)
PRINOLi: FLATS. Juno 30 Mr.
Nelson Is busy plowing ten acres for
Mr. lleebe.
Tho crops and gardens are looking
flue since a week of heavy rain.
Ted Hoerste made a trip to Mr.
Winters' where ho bought 33 little
Stop Payin
KENWOOD I. on,,y ? min ;val ron!
fl-M vv wj tne business center of Bend
ifirwwrrri isthe ,,est view prpert'
inng vv jjis on the miiY.t nm is bound
to be the most valuable residence property in Bend
KENWOOD 2$ ter "n"
kenwood !ir:fir;;:r t"c
Buy a lot in Kenwood; we will make the terms to
suit you. The money you are paying for rent now
will in a very short time make you the owner of a
Oregon land & Immigration Co.
J. Ryan, Agent
A Cook Book Worth Having!
"Good Living"
Is a splendidly printed, strongly bound,
and well written up-to-date Cook Hook
by Sarah Van Huron. It contains 605
PAGES and a complete index. It is
bound with an OIL CLOTH COVER,
that can be washed when soiled in the
The Regular Price is $2.50
Our Price is $1.00
WH I LE TI I EY LAST. We have only
a small number. Housekeepers
should hurry.
The Owl Pharmacy m
Kslph I'olniicxtrr.
First National Hank Hulldlng.
The Best Buy in
Crook County
Good House, Barn, Tank;
about 15 acres ready for
crop. Seven and one-half
miles east of Bend on Bear
Creek road, and one-fourth . .
mile from school. Improve
ments easily worth $1200.
C. O. I. Co. got $245? for
this land. All for
Address Owner, care of THb
Bend Bulletin.