The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 09, 1913, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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W.K.ft 6-iWWW
! I.
IIKNI III l.l.l HI X, IlKXIi, ohi:., vi:inkhiav, ,t I.V I), 11)111.
Editor nnd Publisher.
MnnnRliiR Kdltor.
Associate Kdltor.
An lmloponilcnt nnwapapor Btnnd
Ing for tlio Bqiiaro donl, clean husl
new, clean politics nml the boat In
terests o( Hontl nnd Central Oregon.
uno year $1.60
Six months S0
Threo months 80
Alt aulwflrlptlons arc due nnd
1'AYAM'tt IN ADVANCB. Nottoo
of aspiration will bo malted sulworl
Hr nnd If rwwwnl l ml made with
m rMtiMble time the jwpr will be
TlMse notify us promptly of any
ohnng of mlilrws. or of failure to re
ceive the paper retmlarly
Make all checks and ortters pay
able to llend llulUtln.
Tlio lttilletln lifl IntMi ibKlcnnted
by the County Court of Crook County
o pnlilNh olllclally nil the proceed
liiK" of tbo court.
there Is no doubt In tlio world that It
did not Include oven GO per cent of
tlio local population nt tho time. It
Is also absurd that authorities like
Mrndntroat should use tho llRuros
unless tholr cotupnrntlvo nutlqulty
and probable Inaccuracy are well In
dented. And. furthermore, those
who road these census figures In re
gard to Western towns will do well
to remember that a population mark
even an accurate one thnt holds
good for today may Iks vastly too
small In six months.
then Btoptntthough It must ho con
fessed that the construction of a
road to llend making It even n tem
porary terminus tends to refute tho
reasoning )."
a recent magazine nrtlolo ex-
Senator Heerldgo points out the
reasons why any merger of tho Pro
gressive and Republican parties such
as recently was dlscuseod at the Chi
cago conference Is Impossible. If
pross reports of the enrollment of
voters at various elections through
out the country are to be believed tho
Impossible Is bolng accomplished
without the aid of conferences.. Nev
ertheless, It Is true tnat the new par
ty Is perfecting Its organization Id
many states and will take an active
part In coming national elections.
Whether or not It will endure re
mains to bo seen. Undoubtedly tho
coming polltieal cleavage of the coun
try will be liberal and conservative
and possibly the Progressives will be
tho party of tho liberals.
If an advanced program of social
and Industrial reform were all that
wore needed, the party would b'e se
cure; but unfortunately for It there
romalns tho question of the tariff
wnlah will not be called liberal or
conservative. Mr. Ueveridgc says
his Is the liberal party and that It
wnnts an old-fashioned Republican
protective tariff. In England today
it is a branch of the conservative
IKtrty that seoks the same thing. And
surely the most conservative claw
in the United States Is that whleh
this same old protective tariff created.
lint Um Prosreaslvea, the writer
aajrs. would change the method of
tariff making, putting the wsrk In
the hands of a commHwIon In the
"way that other protective tariff
countries handle their tariffs." There
the trouhla comes. For it presup
poses a eommhteioB pledged to the
theory of a protective tariff and how
over Impartial in other roapeots such
a commission might be , It could not
make tariffs for the United States un
til tho whole country agreed in want
ing protection. That agreement is
hardly attainable. The results of the
proeent Democratic experiment may
be such that the country will return
In relief to a policy of protection, but
that seems unlikely. If It does the
Progressives, or the liberals of thaw
tlmt, may come Into imwer.
The future of the new party does
not detiend on its own program of
reform. It Is not in the hands of Its
own members today so much as In
thus of the older iiartlee. The Pro
greetvs are less likely to win sup
port than to have it driven to them
by the shortcomings of their opponents.
With characteristic Hastiness, tho
Harney County News prints the fol
lowing, tivldently the sane busluees
men of Munis can't restrain Editor
Davey from hurting hMnself and their
town; or iierhupa It's Just a result
of an effort to drown the sting of toe
ing the I'. S. tattil OlMee job.
"With tholr usual perverse and
jealous mallanlty, the bust ml boosters
of ItNtl are telling every stranger
who reaches that Jumping off place In
the desert that work has !een sus
pended on the railroad coming west
ward from Valo nnd that nothing fur
ther will be done for two years. Of
course, there Is no truth In It. The
News last week told of the sub-contractors
who came to Crane creek
gap In this county to select their por
tions of that cut with a view of pro
ceeding with the work this summer,
and any person with nn Iota of reas
oning power would know that a rail
road comiKtny would not build a sec
tion of finely-constructed continental
railroad out 90 miles to now hero nnd
Settlors along tho Ice Ctxvo rond
u ro agitating Improvement of the
route from Itond to this tutui-ostlng
natural nttrnctlou. While probably
they are notunted by a doslro to get
nn Improved road for themselves,
thuro Is no doubt but that somu at
tention to this route would bo of
honotlt to lleud In making ncress to
tho oaves more convenient, nn well, of
course, aa In making the town more
readily Mctothls for farmers there
about. Certainly the proposal to
ostahllsh a. legal roml to the cttcn
seems u reasonable one. and In this
connection the placing of guide signs
would be a good starter and would
do away with the present dlltlculthvt
of road navigation for those not fa
miliar with the locality.
When one remembers, ms an ex
change, that In an ordinary column
there are 10,000 pieces of typo, that
there are seven wrong positions vnch
letter may 1m put In, nd there are
70,000 chances to make errors, he
aide millions of chance for trans
positions, he will not be too critical.
In tho sentence, "To be or not to be,"
by transposition nlono It Is possible to
mnko 1,769,022 errors. So ou see tho
perils that beset a printer.
Rice f
Toe ether day a city official re
calved a letter from a lady In Mich
igan. She had invested $8000 In
llewl sower bonds. She writes, In
)wrt: "It was represented to me that
nliw has now about 2000 Inhabi
tants. In looking over Hrad
st reefs Commercial Hook I find
Head's population only 600." It Is
n worried letter, seeking Informa
tion. Of course, tho Investor had
nothing at all misrepresented to her,
nnd no doubt tho information she re
oalpd in reply will reassure liar, for
tlfe town's population today Is cer
tainly well In excess of 000. The
paint offered hero Is the uselessnose
of the otnsus result -glial GQ0 '
whiah crons un from 'time tb time4
census. Tt was an ausurd census;
Cntiti 19 t OiKt AJrtrtiiUj CT7v!f
July 9, 1913
Dear friend:
The Japanese lived
on rice when they had
a war with the Rus
sians. It must have
made them strong. Rice
is good for breakfast.
I eat it three times a
day. I don't have the!
heart burns. Do you?
If you do, try making
a dinner off of rice.
I paid 25 cents for
3 pounds of rice.
Your friend,
P. S. Our grocer i3
Notlco Is hereby given bu the un
dersigned that he has made and llleil
with the clerk of the County Court
of Crook County, Oregon, his Until
account as administrator of tlio os
Ute of Paul O. Yelstad, deceased, and
that said court has sot Monday, the
4th day of August, 1913. at 10
o'clock a. in. at the County Court
room In Prlnellle, Oregon, as the
time and place for the hearing nnd
settlement of said final account, at
which time and place any person In
terested may appoar and object to
said settlement.
Dated this 2d day of July. 1913.
As the Administrator of the Estate
of Paul O. Vclstnd, Deceased.
C. S. Henson, Attorney for the Admin
Istrator. 17-20
nbovo described, before II. V Ellis,
V, 8. Commissioner, nt llend, Oio
gou, on the tlth day of Aumist, 111 HI,
, Claimant names as witnesses:
Albeit llarrymau, August llallberg,
Hugh It. Harmon and Maurice 1.
Citshmau, nil of lleud, Oregon,
17-Ul lleglstur.
Tho annual meeting of the Arnold
Irrigation Company stockholders will
bo held nt 'i p. Hi. on Tuesday, July
1. 1-1 l U. Wlesl'a yard.
1 1 IS I.. I). W1EST, Hecy.
Business Directory
A lllm'tory of h City, Town unit
Villa, siting i1iicrlllvi) kMrh ot
Mill Uc UkMIoii, I'OiuiUttiMl, 'irlo
crnpti, ihtpi'liiir ami banking hIiiIi
kIki ClA"tnJ tlritory, compiled by
builnMi niut rofton.
It. I. Itll.K CO.. RR.TTI.i:
Sash and Doors
Wo huve now u full line of Sash and Doors
in slock. Brin w '' )(M s,cs' c
mcut coast prices.
Doors $ 1 .60, $ 1 .75 and up
Scrcon Doors and Windows.
Let us figure with you.
Bend Sash and Door Co.
Detriment of tho Interior, U. H.
hand Office at The Dalles, Oregon,
Juno 2Hh, 1913.
Notice Is horoby given that Pat
rick Mogan, assignee of Maurice P.
Cashman, asslgneo ot Karl II. Hous
ton, of llend, Oregon, who on Aug
ust 2Sth, 1909, made desert land en
try No. 05198, for SKViNKVi. sec
tion 7. township 17 south, range 12
east, Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of Intention to mnko final
proof, to establish claim to tho laud
BEGINS ' 'on v fifth school year
Mf'Mucrt is
DEGREE COURSES ninarn jihnwnf
aamcuirunt tfoiNicisa homc
economics MiNina OHit,inr. Com-
rune homc Fconomics mechanic
arts roatsTnr Commibcc Pharmacy
training, agriculture, domettic Mience
anil mt
MUSIC. Including piano, t ring, band
inlritmMiU mid voice culture.
and will tic nulled free
on application
Ad.ltr 1. M Tknnakt. RfjUtrar.
nm'-iiio-ti) C-fvilliii. Oxeuou
Clean Plastering: Sand
Whon tho small parti cloa of sand nre
coated with dirt or other foroijjn
matter, the lime cannot come Into
intimate contact with the sand par
ticlos, thus reducing the cohesive
strength and making a weak plaster
Bolton, Ruetenik and May
Washed Sand and Screened Gravel,
Jiend, .Oregon
s .
f 'AOM-J
. - .psmi Katmmui
Stop the LossFires are Unnecessary
Utick is absolutely (ire proof in any ordinary conllagration.
Brick Huildings never btirn, althotigh they arc .sometimes
injured by ialling timbers or combustible interior woodwork.
A brick building is absolutely lire proof it' wire glass is used
in the windows and if burned clay tloors are used.
An interior fire in such a building is confined to the room in
which it originates; no outside lire can attack it.
The proportion of burned clay in a building construction
measures its fire proof qualities.
Hurned clay is the only building material that has been
through the fire before you get it, in such a manner that it wilt
resist lire. All combustible matetial is burned out of the brick
before you get it.
The Bend Brick & Lumber Co.
For residence property or factory
sites, write or call on the BEND
PARK COMPANY, owners of
For Descriptive Literature, etc., address
"io Empire Building, Seattle, Wash.
First National 'Hank Building, Bend, Oregon.
w .