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Just Received
New Shipment
( Hose and Violet)
and HKCONVltfClfil).
(Sou window (llgpluy.)
Patterson Drug Co.
The faxaSl Store
Mr. and Mis, J, W, Tlioiifaml Mm, , rotnry-tninsuror,
i. it. rotter or Hllvor l.uKo ciuiio up
to llniut on Thumilny.
Clarence 1. Mniuiholmor In nttond
liiK tliu Hone Festival thlw wo ok,
Maying nt tint Por'tliind Holol.
A. H. Collins wont to Portland Hun
ilny mill will iiuiku u (rip U L'nllror
iilii before returning to Mo ml.
Henry I.lnstnr nnil M. II. DsvIhn
wont iluwii (o HmlmoMil fliiturdny to
llttmill llll) WBtlir HtlDIM' llllltllMK,
Mm. I.oiiIh Mil lor, ilHiightsr of
Mm. Hodoll, loft ffuinlny for liar
homo In Ktigenn, iiflor n visit hnre.
Mm. J. 14. Hnwhlll with her two
noils left till moriiliiK for Olovslmid,
Ohio. Mr. Hnwhlll him preceded litr.
Thomas Hiiukup, who npoul tho
wltitur In I.oh Anyoltm, In now In
I'ortlniul whore he in employed In n
Mr. nnil Mm. C. N. Hudson. Mrir.
Hull, Miss Slnwtwr mill It, M. I.nrn
toiit Htuidiiy lit Helslnits an thw
.Miss Gertrude Streeter. who linn
boon visiting Mm. O. 1'. Putnnui,
ItMiVi'M for her homo nt Olouns I'iiIIh,
,S'o,w York, taiuoirow.
Mr. unit Mm. (!. I). HimnI of Walls
yllle. Mo., who have proprty Inter
ests hurt) are expected to iirrlvo abort
ly for n visit of n few weeks.
P. II. Polndoitar of Prliiovlllo camn
ovnr'on Hnttinlny to try (lio fishing
with hln on Itnlph. They caught
tho limit In about half a day.
A shot In thn sower hroko tho hank,
of tin canal In l.ytta on Saturday,
' necessitating abutting o'lt tho wnttr
until the break could ho iirnparod.
K. A. Miller, nn nttnrner of Ix
Anicnles, wan hero lout week In con
nection with tho settlement of the
estate of tint Into J. Anthony Mitch
ell. II. II. Jackson or Ilurnn wai In
town last week for tho first time In
IS yearn. Ho said ho waa "com-
ptotoly twisted" ly tho changes he
found here.
U. N. IlufTman went to Portland
Saturday aa h guest of It. II. Miller
of the O-W. It. & N. Co. In hla prl
vnto car, mid I registered at the
I'ortlnnd Hotel.
Thoro arc nhout othom, nnd nro oniimly Important to
zo inoniiiom, locitl milling,, nrrect tho westward
C. II. Dimoiibury, who roturnod ""iwrtntlon of mill ciiulpmciit.
from tho south n few days ngo, Is """" (, t,, "w rn,c n " M-
tiiueh dlHiurlaid ovor tho dentil of hln low"! v'"l CM nil, iim-
lino setter iIok "Duke," which wna ch'.ory $1.70 per cwt., rolls 119.50
rim ov..r l.y mi mitomolillo driven hy " ut'llU'l "u "''O"1 20,
John .Mourn; during hln ownor,;I,,,i,l,,h !' Hw"l. molilnory. Il.flo per
nlmouco. Mr. Diiioiililiry, who clmrKOH 'l".,. ,17,81 l'."r '?"' n,,tnnK
Hint Mooio klllod tho doir willfully, '" v "' u" l"" '""?r lw"
mio'fi Unit he lo mnrtliiK Hint to noi
liiet dainiiRtw. Ho hii)u ho vnluud
tho iIok nt J 100.
Iteum C. M. McKay tiayn tha old rnt
wan about 'i.
Nl frfu-iil TorllT Hirect.
Under tho new rnton, oxcellont
iimrkolit hnvo nlrondy liion tfMtud
Dlirstll nd Fmt. I"1 wlut inmiior nimiiiraetiiroa iioro.
mhp imtit mi Hi., L..111I1M who mixtook n" It ohm liou oHlRlillNhod both that
WliMtor for 11 ntnr IiuIIIiir from tho ' J00"' l""lor enn prolltnldy (xjmpcto
iiiiihIo '11IH roniliuU 11 correspondent, of. ,' l" 'lliiK territory and that It
n Mill mure weird Identification. Lord ; J"'i" " mmi-m,
W. A. Nonney of Dciichiitca wan In
town on Haturdny.
I'. HwIiir Martin went to Portland
I'rlday on liiinlneim.
Mr. mid Mm. lid. Roberta loft for
Now York yetcrday.
Mr. and Mm. Floyd Dcinont upcnt
Uituday at lloduiond.
MUa M. 14. Coleman waa hoateiia
to tho Ilrldeo Club lait Friday.
, . .. ...... .1 The Ilev. larael Putnam of Madrai
lorn Triple t and John I lyom of , ,,ero anB0MnTO, ,hat j10 w)1
Tumalo wen. In town yeaterday. , ,,,,, ncw ,,ook,H, of vprPii
Paul Petemon loft Hunday for I'rl- Ho la now uridine eoplea of nnolhur
iny Harbor, Woah., hla old homo. ,book of vcraea.
Mr. and Mm. It. II. flould aro
inovlnR Into tho John Mom Iioiibo.
H. It. Poat haa opened lompornry
(irtloea In the Jonca building on Wall
Thomaa Tweet left Raturday on n
trip of aoveral wecka to Portland and
Mr. and Mm. K. U Younp nf
PaUloy left on Sunday'a tralu. for
Thomaa Hawthorn of tlto Deachulea
Mr. and Mm. T. II. I'oloy left for
tho Willamette Valley thin morning.
Mm. Foley will remain In Kuicnr
and Mr. Foley, he atatea. will visit
aoveral valley cltlea.
HtiKb. O'Kane, Father Hhoehan
and Father llutler went to Portland
Haturday to attend the Initiation of
a targe cliua of candlditea Into the
KnUhta of Coltinihua order.
purvey oamo down from tho camp on
Mlta Ida Andemon returned Rat
urday to Uracil u tea, after a. visit here
with friend.
Mr. and Mm. If. It. Allen left for
Portland yeaterday to ho ifbne a
week or ton daya.
Ivan McOlllvray left Sunday for noon and chnoie a name. MUa Kva
Pasadena, Cat, atopplng in Portland (iravea la president, Mm. M. 0. Coe,
for tho Koso Featlval ivlco president, Mm. K. It. Poat. sec-
Atnonx those nolna to Portland
from I lend flundar for. the Hose
Festival were: JHJTWonand.y. Ouy
aiciioyiioias, .Mr. ani' Ajm. , jJorRc.
Ilrosterhoiis, Mlsa Katherlno Tratit
ner. Mm. U. F. Martin, Mm, F. Kwlna
Martin. Mm. 11. W. Skuse and It. II.
A muslbal club waa organized last
week by a number of younx people.
It will meet at Mm. l-ara'a this after-
1 1? VbIbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbBL Tl
lloiiulitou told tint atory: "I wnlkwl
with Olndsloiie on TuiMdoy. mul when
he left me 11 coiitleuinii mine up mid
mild. 'MfKht I nak If that was Mr. DM
melir Hiirh la fnuier
(tool fume, however, wna onro the
portion of DlnrHell Ijidy Dorothy
Nevlll riYflll" bow lencoufleld once
told her of nu eiieotiuter wllh u ciilf
man. lie Jumped Into the enb. mid
the driver it f oiuv oimmk-iJ the tmpior
mid reniNrki'dt "I know wlw you lire.
lr. mul I hnvo lend nil your lomka bur
IithHlr.'" Tl iUf.r.y" UuaUt of
rmuu: trillion Htttutfard.
His Oistss.
When luii rimiMcllor Campbell,
then pliilu CniiipU'll. ninrrli-d Mbut
Heiirlett mul ilepitrtcI 011 ill weddluc
trip. Jiixtliv Ali"ilt olwrml when a
emice won cnlN-d on In the Iwiicli:
"I llTiiiiKlit. Mr. Ilroimlmm. Hint Mr.
C'uiupltell was In thin tttiu'."
"Ye, my lord," replbtl HroiiRham:
"but I uuderxiuiid he l HiifrerlUR from
Knirleti eer.";blea:o lteoni Her
ald Would B Tarrlbls.
"Tho doiiora nrw uoliitf tu operate on
"Wliat'a wronRr
"AHlielhliiK atMilit Hm coat of her
hIimiiiii'Ii, l uiiderptmid."
"I bp llif) ibiiit find Ita out of
Myle. Jli if never Rft over that."
KaitmiK I'lty Jouriiiil.
- Horn, another pair of twins!
Thlnga ore certainly coining -
fast In tho llend nelRhborhood,
but this time n local bank
doesn't need to sign and pas
out that two dollar bank ao-
count Instead of Juat ono green-
back. For It wasn't babies, you
see, but baby calvea. Jersey
twins, Itorn on tho Dr. P. II.
- Dencer place, and they aay Doc
Is pretty proud, too. Thla la
the third case of calf twins In -
tho vicinity recently. Not
- such a bad outlook for the
.. ... -
Firot National Hank Will Import
More and at Ixitrer Price.
Tho First National liank cowa sold
last week went to tho following
O. J. & O. J. Doppa, llend 3
U. II. Itoot, I-aldlaw 1
J. J. Coe. I.aldlaw 2
Niels Petemon, I.aldlaw 2
F. Ilurwltx, llend 1
Watdomar Peterson, I-aldlaw.... C
F. U Young, llend 2
II. Ilrooklngs, llend 1
O. McAllister, lildlaw 1
Jane McAllister, Laldlaw C
Total 21
The bank expects to ship In two
or three car loada more, but will
try and get a cheaper grndo of ouuk
cowa that can bo sold around $75.
(Continued from.pago ono.)
--- -
)eaA flmyi-
of Aan Lnio a jciy(io r iiAoupfx. Kit
liackvay iht oiheA clay, 7Ry! dt wo.4 jAocfc
inp 0 Jee he aid, JiaiieAcd ice-Lox A he had,
off of cltcln'i have nnyiiino. die af'd have a
new ifjio-daie icC'-Loxi for a AaniiaAy,
Tr cjtecxn Lce-Lox means a healthy family,
21$ VSould you a Aujjy ice Lox if you
uere able to iuy a new one? Jlotforme,
Haliu Johrx'A milk mwAt he pAoperly kept,
Qn unsanitaAu ice Lax endanpcAA the health
of the vhole family,
, frood 6ye,
6, S, 2ou act the nxaAt AeaAonalle fiAiceA on
ice lioxei, and the kind you can'i incl
anyvhere cl&e, fAom
& J(. Ju
Whore Your Dollar Doca Ita Duty.
In thla romitctloii Dr. 1 1 rook a
called attention to the fnet that the
proposed tariff chaiifjoa placing lum
ber 011 tho free list, while affecting
American lumber mmiufaeturlng
heavily, would have no etTeet locally,
an the Deschutes pine has no direct
couiK)Htlon from lumber from Can
nda, no audi plno existing thoro.
Klerlrlrnl Deielopinent Hlgiilflrmit.
A mattor of Intorest dovolopod In
talking with Mr. Muollor and othom
la that nil aro agreed that tho largo
mills will bo oporated hy electricity.
Mr. Mueller stated that their own,
when constructed, would use elec
tricity. It la pointed out that tho
recont very heavy Investments of the
llend Water, Light & Power Com
pany hnvo much significance; K. H.
Miller of that organization hna given
llend n plant capable of developing
enough power lo supply a town many
times tho alzo of llend. Therefore
thn supposition that In making his
Investments he was assured on an
Immediate market seem well found
ed. Will Mueller, or tho Mueller Land
tc Timber Company of Davcnixirt.
Iowa, one-third owners of tho llend
Company and extensive holders of
Central Oregon tlmter, spoke on be
half of hla company.
Will Mill Here.
"Tho Mueller Interests will mill at
llend. That you can stale osltlvo
ly," aald Mr. Mueller. "I am aorry
that I cannot say Juat now exactly
when our oteratlona will commence.
but you may real assured that we
will commence Just as soon as wo
possibly can. The only present
causes of delay nro the rather tight
money market and the fact that our
financial resources have leen heavily
drained by large Investments and de
velopment elsewhere."
Mr. Mueller reviewed the local
lumbering situation, and spoke opti
mistically not only of the great futuro
that Ilea In atoro for the Deahcutca
tlmbor bolt, but also had a lot of
good things to aay about llend, con
cerning whose future he seems to Ikj
even more enthusiastic than the most
ardent local boostcni.
Mr. Mueller, together with D. L.
McKay, had much to say comparing
the situation of the local timber with
that of La Grande and Ilaker City
territory. They were agreed that
the Deschutes plno ran be placed on
the cam as a finished product for
probably about $3.00 a thousand less
than Is tho case In far Eastern
Oregon and Idaho, and at that Hend
mlttod lumber will have a higher
commercial value, aa It will he of
better grade. According to Mr. Mc
Kay logs are brought to Ia Grande
from a distance of more than 3S
Investment Justified.
"In other words." said Mr. Muel
lor, "every Indication today Justifies
our Investments of seven to ten years
ago In Deschutes timber. We are
entirely satisfied. The recent reduc
tion In freight rates, while not yet
entirely satisfactory, on tho main
places us In a position to competo
protltably with competitors In the big
mlddlo western and southwestern
marketa. For Instance, wo are only
ono rent hlghor than tho linker and
Spokane points. Hut even at that
an eastern Tallroad la an Important
factor, and ono that will aid llend
lumber manufacturing immensely.
Such a road would not only supply
a direct oastcrn outlet, but especially
would develop n large market close
to us, and such a market Is almost
essential, for the poor grades of
lumber, of which thero la a tremen
doua output In a largo mill such as
oura will be, canuot atand transpor
tation charges on very long hauls,
and must be aold comparatively
Mr. Munllor stated that tho finan
cial outlook all over tho country la
very encouraging. The tariff ne
considers will effect tho far west
practically not at all, and, for that
ntattor, will affect tho country nt
to the mlddlo and southwest. We
havo partly arranged with Tho llend
Company for u satisfactory mlllslte."
It will bo remembered that Inst
Juno Dr. Ilrooks said that "unless
very unfursoen conditions arise, con
struction of our mill will 'commence
within IS months." That cousorva
tlvo statement now seems quite sure
ly about to be llvud up to. Tho
statement of Dr. , 11 rook a printed
above was submitted to him for n
proval. and ao la nuthoratlvo; and It
should bo romeuihercd that of all
tho big tlmbermuu In the country, j largo very little.
110110 benra n roputatton for Baying Tariff Talk Idle,
less mid doing inoru than doea Dr. j "In my opinion most of the tariff
Hrooka. Hero, mid else win re, ho talk la purely manufactured to ob-
hus always fought shy of saying any- tain selfish ends." b cnnUnued.
thing, or Intimating anything, that "Wilson and hla ndmlnlstratlon'aro
ho might ho uunblo to fulfill to tho nil right and I'm a good Hopubll-
loiter, especially where others' oc- can, too! Yes, Just at present, as I
tlona would dopond lurgely upon hla anld before, money la a llttlo tight.
own. 1 nut tho crop outlook la excellent.
Freight Ilutit llcdured. Automobtlo factories nro working
In regard to tho freUht rates, It ovortlmo: Just across tho river from'
will be rucallod that on March 2 1 the us nt D&vonport la Mollno. mid tho
revised tariff wtnt Into ofTeot. giving farm machinery plants thoro nro
Doml-mnmifnctured lumber prolltablo swamped with orders. In other
access to mlddlo and southwestern words,, thoro you have n luxurv
marketa, on n basla only ono cent nutomoblles nnd a necessity, llko
hlghor than that of Ilaker City. This farm Implements, and both aro In
reduction was tho result of a long remnrkahle demand. Could thero bo
fight mndo by Deschutes timber hold- bettor testimony to the real prosper-
era, and, so rar as transportation Ity or the countryr ino lumner om
cost Is coucornod, places llend inami- look la also vorv bright. Our own
fncturem In exactly the uaino post- yards In Iown and Illinois are doing
tlon thoy would ocoupy should thero well, nnd there fa every Indication of
be a direct onatern rail outlet from .nn excellent demand for at least a
hero, or as If liend -rraa situated on couplo or years. So wo, and our
the Columbia river, Instead or somo associates intoreated In llend tlmbor,
1110 miles south of It on what U now aro reasonably assured of good njar-
a branch railroad. Other freight re- kets when we gel our mill started."
ductlona which have been accom- .Tho holdu,ga,jof the. Mueller Infr
pllahed by the u rook a. Muellers and esta In Centra! Oregon comprise
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about 25,000 acres, nearly all of
which Is within 13 miles or Bend. C.
L. McKay la the local representative
of tho Muellers.
D. K. Hunter Optimistic.
D. E. Hunter, of tne D. R. Hunter
Realty Company of Dayton, Ohio, one
third ownem of Tho Rend Company,
expresses absolute faith In mill con
struction this year "unless some un
foroecn and heavy financial disturb
ance prevents." He adds that for
some time he has known, as have the
other members of the organization,
that all plans were completed for
mill construction, and that the only
cause of delay has been an unsatis
factory financial situation, which has
made difficult Investment of more.
than half a million dollars, which
would be the Initial outlay on a mill'
here, such as la planned by either
the Ilrooks or Mueller Interests.
"Once the mill starts nothing can
atop llend." said Mr. Hunter. "I
never was more certain that llend
will make a big city than I am
Tho officers elected are as follows:
President, D. F. Hrooka; vlce-prca.,
C. M. McKay; treas.. D. E. Hunter;
sec and general manager, J. P.
Keyca. Hoard or directors: D. F.
Ilrooks, II. W. GIpBon, D. H. Hunter.
A. O. Hunter. Ed. C. Mueller. D. L.
McKay and C. M. McKay. The ex
ecutive committee la composed or C
M. McKay, J. P. Koyes and D. E.
Fisherman's Lunch
Put up neatly
in boxes
that are light and'
easily carried.
v ---
S7AVSsfl " HM BSSl7lWAsV3
fir r K?3l mi
NHLI Till will l1 ;mk I
h--Ai ' ',;v JJ
i II
w i i ti
We will give a $5 casting: rod for tho largest trout caught this seaso.
Skuse Hardware Company.
We Repair-Otitis of AUKluds, "