The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 11, 1913, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    Tint iiullktix, ijknd, wkdnk-hdav, junk u, 101.1,
Urgo Tlmt Conlrmi, Whltli Tliey
Allege Arn Unfulfilled, Jlo
Citiicejleil, n ii il no Mure
Wnlfi' IIIkIiIn Hold.
At n mooting of (ho Water Uso
AHMoolntlon linlit nt Ittiiliiioml Hntur-
lny resolutions wuro passed iloinninl
lug action liy thn Desert Land Hoard
i In tlio matter of iilli'K"l unfulfilled
contracts of Ilia Central Oregon Irri-
khUoii Company. AcconlliiK to not
Hers who worn III iiltiiudntieo, tlio
( mooting was crowded mid onllinul
imtlonlly endorsed tlio notion recorded
In tlio resolution, which wnii signed
hy 32 wnter users. According to tlio
eltlors n determined fight to force
tlio lam) hoard to mend cortnln nl
luged nbusos In to ho commenced.
Copies of tlio resolutions, with tlio
HlKiinturc appended, have boon sent
lo tho land ttoard, and othar copies
'ro being distributed throughout tho
M'KroRntloii for tho signature of
wcttlors In sympathy with tho do-
'- ' ... ' .'All. J I JLl
mauds and animations mado.
Tho toxt of tho resolution la nn
"Resolved, that wo, tlio moinliorii
of th n Co ut nil Oregon IrrlRatlon
C'ompnny'H Witter Psora' Association
diMiinnd that tho Desert Land llonnl
forthwith compel tho 0, O. I. Co, In
Imiilndlaloly proceed to fulfill ouch
mid ovory mifuinilod contract with
mild l.nnd Hoard to nicliilm limit
tinilor ltd segregation, and If Maid 0.
0. I. Co. fall lo do no, to liniiuidlatuly
forfolt nil wild contractu mid bonds.
Wo furtlior doniand Hint tho mild
Lund Hoard positively refuse to nl
low said C, 0. I. Co. to hoII any
moro wntor rlghln until mild con
trnatH nrn completely fulflllod."
M does J
Tb.n plll ntil wmIi'i wh Compr
Our half wild tha otliar (.How's Thl
Bend Steam Laundry.
Cut Your Dudi
In Our Suds"
We lwive n new stock of CHIPPEWA
Eltokin Shoes fit $2.25
Moleskin Shoes at $2.00
Get a pair for that camping trip.
R. M. Smith Clothing Co.
Uvcrythlng to Wear for Men Who Care
- While Ringing
the Alarm
is no lime to wonder if
your insurance is all rigliL
You sliould know now.
Don't put it off for a
day. Look up your
If you arc insured
in the Hartford Fire
Insurance Company,
of Hartford, Conn.,
you need not worry.
For 100 years it
has promptly paid
every honest loss. The "Hartford" insures all classes of property.
It also serves property owners by telling them how to guard
against the dangers of fire. It has published a book on the
subject.vith separate chapters for householders, merchants, and
manufacturers, that will be sent free to those who apply for it.
If you are not now insured in the "Hartford "see to it when next
Joii" insure that you get a "Hartford" policy.
M. S. LATTIN 3b CO., Agents
fl !vt?T"i O'Vss
if ml r iw
'mt99 ip, sJaStsfc
('own mill Hon, flood InvefctnioulM,
mill Corn Will l';iy Too, tinyn
()-V. AKrlciilturulUt h. .M.
Kos Iteplure WIImui.
Well Drilling
I nm In n position to give best
possible terms to anyone who
needs either nn artesian or a
pump well. Speed In drilling
is our specialty and any well
. considered. Inquiries solicited
P. A. GRABLER, Bend, Oregon !;
It. II. Miller, trnltlc inanaRor of (ho
0-W. It. & S. Co., C. L. Smith, tho
road'H aRrloulttirlat, and Ii. M. Kom,
travolliiK frolKht iiuont. woro horo
Inut Thnmilay. Mr. I'oim. who linn
had frolKht dopartmont oxporlonco In
tho mlddlo went, will tuko K. J.
WIInoh'm plnco horo, nnd after July
flrnl will fiiuko llciid IiIm homo, lirliiK
Iiik IiIh family huru.
I'rof. Hmlth Miiont n portion of Ills
tlino look I iik oyer tho dairy cow Im
ported hy tho Drat Nutlonul Hank,
which woro IioIiik Hold nt tlio time of
Ilia vlalt.
"Thoy nro tho lct S cowh I linvo
kooii Kathorod toficthur In cantorn
OroKon," ho onlil, nddlnK tunny on-
thiulaitlc romarkii concornlnK tho
pronrrflolrcocni of tliouo roipotiBllito
for thla apoclnl uld to local ttKrlcnl
turnl dovolopmont. Ho anld that ho
ha nlwaya nialntnlnod that tho moil
profllJililo rcmilli In Control Oregon
farmlnx will ho.olitnlncd from cow
and hoK.
Corn Will Vny.
Uowover, "Farmer" Snilth'a ec-
lal Interest Just now la tho produc
tion of corn. Tho O-W. Company In
Km corn Hhow content work haa 1U
trlhutcd ton pound paokaRcs of c-
looted corn lo thousand! of fnrmcra
throughout tho Northwest this year.
Tho last of these package wcro filron
to locnl mon. 0. U. llrnndenhurK and
O. A. Jones, hoth of whom will ralso
It exactly TiccordlnK to M.r Smlth'H
directions. Tho railroad nicrlculttir
1st warned aicalnst tho danccni of tho
one crop farm, showing llto danger
of putting "all your eggs In ono
brisket." Ills urgent ndvlco Is to
dlvldo tho risk ns much a possible
havo sorcral dlfforout crops, so that
drought, frost or boiuo special set
back. If It comes, will cripple only
one Itom of the farm's Incomo.
Mr. Smith believes that corn will
do very well horo, estieclally as a
feeding crop, If thn grain does not
innt nro. In connection with it ho
called attention to tho following
paragraph from his leaflet entitled
"Pointers to Practical Farmcra:"
Tho corn plant produces the larg
est nieastiro of food per area of land
and lalMir Involved of any plant, ox
cept nlfalfn under Irrigation. The
corn plant nlno utilises a heavy ap
plication of barnyard manure inoro
rcndlly than nny other plant. Pre
sutnnlily tho farmer who makes live
stock n loading factor In his system
of farming will have nn abundance
of barnyard manure to apply during
th winter months io tho land that
Is to bo planted to oorn tho follow
ing Hormm. Tho plowing to tie done
an onrl) ns tho charnctor of tho land
will admit, nnd as doop ns the weight
of the team will permit; harrowing
and cultivating at Intervals of from
live to seven days until tho mlddlo
or last of .May, whloh will put the
ground In good tilth and destroy
must of tho weed needs present.
Nothing Is to bo gained by planting
corn too enrly. Tho ground should
bo warm enough ho that tho corn
would come up quickly und grow
rapidly without nny chock. The
stunted corn plant, like tho stunted
pig, will sotdom mnko n profitable
growth. From July until Decomher
tho corn can bo fed green direct from
tho Hold.
Experience has demonstrated that
tho silo Is the only safe and satis
factory plnco to utoro fodder corn.
Corn silage Is goon reed for pigs,
cows, sheep, young growing stock or
fattening steers.
Ibil.lcl Calls Attention lo I,nv Itc-
KnrdiiifC KuiployiiK-iit of Women.
Wni. A. Dnlzlol, deputy labor com
missioner, who was horo last week,
hud many good things to say Hoard
ing tho condition of locnl innnufnct
urlnK plants. Ono about which ho was
specially enthusiastic was tho IJcnd
h tea in Iwiiindry.
"I bollovo your laundry Is tho best
equipped and tho most modern plant
In Km lino of any In onstoin Orogon,"
said Mr. Dnlzlol after Inspecting J.
IC, Lnrson's laundry In Its now brlok
Mr. Dalzlol called attention to tho
provisions of tho femnlo labor law,
which prohibits omploymont of
women for moro than ten hours In n
day, or more than sixty hours In n
week. Ho said certain violations of
tho law woro found horo, but that ho
look no action now, first giving warn
ing to employers. Tho penalty Is a
lino of from $2S to SI 00,
Summer School
GUISHED EASTEUN EDUCATORS added to regular faculty.
Univcrnlty Dormitories Open. Board nnd Room at $3.50 per week.
Reduced Railroad Rates.
For complete illustrated catalog, address THE REGISTRAR,
University of Oregon, Eugene.
Th. Dom.ttle economist.
There lire other housewives who are
ns calculating ns she who Is celebrated
In the MiiiifliiMliT (lunnllnn. but not
ninny of them huvo tho daring to carry
off their frugality no triumphantly.
An excellent Manchester lady fre
quently Invites her friends to lea. but
she does not furnish her table lavishly.
When her guests have eaten ull the
bread nnd butter and cookies and real
ize that the men I Is over, sho lookn
brightly nt the empty dishes.
"Well, iioh'.m she says. In triumphant
tones, "haven't I Judged your appetite
Department of tho Interior, United
States Land Ofllco. Tho Dalles,
Oregon, Juno 7, 1913.
To Horry A. Hossott of Ilend, Oregon,
You nro hereby notified that O. W.
Hill, who gives Ilend, Oregon, as his
liost-offlce address, did on May 2,
1913, file. In this office his duly cor
roborated application to contest nnd
sccuro tho cancellation of your home
stood, Kntry No. Serial No.
07973, mado January IC, 1911, for
Sec. 2, T. 20, 8. It. IC, K., 8Bi Sec
tion 35, Township 19, S., Hange IC,
IC. Willamette Meridian, and as
grounds for his contest ho alleges
that said cntrymnn has never estab
lished rcsidenco upon said land; that
ho has never Improved or cultivated
tho same.
You aro. therefore, further noti
fied that tho said allegations will be
taken by this oIMco as having leen
confessed by you, and your said entry
will bo cancolcd thereunder without
your Manor right to ho heard there
in, cither before this ofllco or on ap
peal,, If you fall to file In thla office
within twenty days after tho
FOUltTH publication or this notice,
as shown bolow, your answer, under
oath, specifically meeting and re
sponding to theso allegations of con
test, or If you fall within that limo
to file In this offlco duo proof that
you ha''o served a copy of your an
swer on tho said contestant either in
person or by registered mall. If
thla sorvlco is made by tho delivery
of a copy of your answor to tho con
toitnnt In person, proof of such ser
vice must bo either tho said contest
ant's written acknowledgement of
his receipt of tho oopy, showing tho
datn of Its receipt, or tho affidavit of
tho person by whom the dollvery was
made stating when and whero the
eopy was delivered: If mode by rgo
Utorod mall, proof of such sorvlco
must consist of tho nuldavlt of tho
person by whom the copy was mailed
stating when nnd tho postofflce to
whloh It was mallei), and this affidav
it must bo accompanied hy tho pout-
master's receipt for the letter.
You should state In your answor
tho naino of the pM)!o(!lco to which
you desire future notices to bo sent
to you.
14-18 C. W. MOORE. Register.
Date of first publication Juno 11,
Dato of second publication June
18, 1913.
Dato of third publication Juno 25,
Date of fourth publication July 2,
Sash and Doors
We have now a full line of Sash nnd Doors
in stock. Bring us your odd sizes. We
meet coast prices.
Doors $1.60, $1.75 and up
Screen Doors and Windows.
Let us figure with you.
Bend Sash and Door Co.
The Dairy Commissioner rules that
Butter Wrappers
Dairy Butter full weight given in
ounces nnd the name and nddress of
the mnker. Do yours comply with
the law? If not, have some printed
that do. '
Bend's Modern Steam Laundry
is Model of Up-to-date Efficiency
"Tho hcBt equipped and moat
nodoru laundry In Contra! Oregon '
8 tho description of tho now plant
if tho Horn! Steam Laundry given by
Win. A, Dalzlol, Deputy Uibor com
nlaslonor. Men of vvldor oxitorlenco.
loeaUBQ tholr business takes them to
laundries throughout tho Northwest,
lay it la tho best plant of Its sice, In
either Oregon or Washington.
Tho nowly completed building of
tho Hond Steam Laundry is a struc
ture 40 by 50 foot In sUe mado of
Dcnd-miinufncturod brick. It stands
on a lot by Itself with windows on all
tour sides, thoroby affording the
maximum of light, air and sunshlno.
The ofllco entrance Is on the south
sldo and on the north la a wide door
at which all work Is received from
tho wagon.
Tho Interior of the building Is ono
lnrgo room around which nro sot up
tne different machines used In the
various processes. Standing by tho
ofllco entrance tho visitor sees nt a
glance tho entire plant nnd realizes
how carefully It has boon plnnnod for
otllclont utilization. In tho whole
process, from tho time nn nrtlclo
arrives at tho receiving door until It
has completed Its eourso nnd reached
tho door on Its way out to delivery
Its direction Is always forward, novor
turning back and never crossing tho
path of another article.
Tho equipment of tha plant In
cludes washers, nn extractor which,
revolving at the rato of 1600 revolu
tions per minute, throws tho mols
turo out of tho clothes In much tho
same manner that n croam separator 1
throws off tho milk from the cream,
tho big new Asher mangle for drying
, ., -jfi
and ironing flat work, tho starcher
and Anally tho five Ironing boards
wth electric irons for the hand work.
Hot water and steam for the
washing are provided by n 16-borse
power bolter in a shed nt tho -rear,
while power for driving the machines
Is furnished by two motors.
Tho cost of tho building and ma
chinery was about $7S00, Bays J.
Hdward Larson, proprietor.
Shoos Bhlned at Georgo's barber
shopJDregon street. 14p
A rlasxlflctf ad In The Ilulletln is
rend by hundreds and Brings the ad
vertiser good returns for the money
Joint Oregon Trunk-Dcschutea Line.
Arrival ....8115 P. M.
Departure . . . 6H5 A.-M.
Sand and Gravel
Plastering . Sand.
Concrete Sand.
Roofing Gravel.
Concrete Gravel..'
Road Material. .
Sidewalk Material.
All Material Washed nnd Screened,
' i ' - ...-. ii..- fim m
Bolton, ftuetenik and May
Bend, Oregon
"f '". V r v
' "iWKIC