The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 11, 1913, Page PAGE 12, Image 12

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TAGB 12.
TI1I5 UK.Vn mJW.KTIN, IKNI, WKHNKSDAW .H'.NU It, 1 0 1 tt.
times Inrgcr and moru protltnhlu thnn the building nml two locomotives, It
exist today, JiiBt ns tho rnllronda
would liuiko transportation simpler
between thu purchasing ami produc
tiiK territory, and llontl.
In describing thu Hill Central Ore
la supposed tliat thu hlnxu Htartoil
from sumo Impropor MrliiK of thu oil-
ImrnliiK locotnotlveH. My hard work
pnmtonRei' conchon mm mull enrn
pttuiillng on tho trnckn nonrby worn
eon trip Portland pnpois contain thu 'saved, their escnpo being chlolly dun
following pnrngrnphH; to tho hurole orforis of Traveling
Sottk'iN Make- CJtMid. Freight Agent Oliver, who sustained
Tho Central Oregon Bottlers nnd n sovoru hcoicIiIiik whllu plit)lng u
Indications Hon-e Hellef In Portland
That Southern and Kitttcrii
ItoaiN l'ront I loud An1
Probable In Near Future
(Stnff correspondence.)
PORTLAND. June 9. While tho
recent Central Oregon tours of I.. V.
Hill, chnlrmnn of the hoard of direc
tors of the Great Northern Hntlrond,
President J. H. Youiik of the S. P.
& S Chief Engineer Lupfer of the
B. P. & S. and others, has resulted
In no announcement of construction
activity, a very strong belief Is cur
rent hero that this summer will see
Important railroad developments In
the stnto oast of tho Cascade moun
tains. Tho convincing views of Harney
county development and iHissihllltlcs.
homestotulurs aro making good.
This Is tho encouraging report
brought home by President J. II.
Young nnd western mumhorri of tho
imrty that accompanied Loula YV.
Crop conditions are excellent, thu
people are happy and Indications aro
for a bountiful crop this your. De
velopment work of nil kinds Is being
pushed with vigor nnd new people
are steadily arriving from tho oust
and estnhllshliiR themselves.
"This whs my first visit to Hums,"
said President Young this morning,
"nnd 1 want to say thnt I wns
mightily pleased with tho country.
It was a revelation to mo, and the
possibilities for thnt vast stretch of
laud aro practically unlimited."
Hill Talks at lluriiH.
"I am satisfied with Central Ore
gon," Mr. Hill told the people of
Hums. They called utteutlon to the
fact that ho Iiob visited Hums now
three time within three enrs, but
that minis still Is without n Hill rail-
road. Mr. Hill laughed nnd told
them thnt If Improvements continue
In future ns they hnvo In thu pnst
business of the country will force
them to build Into Hums.
Illustrative of the way tho country
hose on thu cars.
liwn, , .... . , ,
.. ,..n ,. m.ii..w,........ i... m- mil i"iK ii n mu ruiiun uu
of tho tremendous timber resources ?l "T ""I Sa'000 nclrc" "f ,,,,u,
south of Hend, hnvo evidently made ,h' l'00' " under the now
a strong Impression upon the Investl-IS ? Z .'T.-1'-" M'
.... n,,uo Ul llllIIUlUIIIUIIia IUU 4H
gators. It is apparent, from what ho
said to others nnd from his nttltudo
to certain Hend men whom ho met,
that Mr. Hill entertains a far livelier
respect and liking for Hend thnn ever
before, and a warmer regnrd for tho
tonnage-producing possibilities of tho
country east and south of It.
Tho reported purchase by Hill in
terests of extensive terminal faclll-i
ties In San Francisco, the 11111 activ
ity In tho Cascades west of Hend, the
I'mUci Hood .Movement.
In commenting on the trip Krcd
V. Graham, Western Immigration
Agent of tho Great Northern, said:
"At Hrooklugs, In Crook County,
we met last Sunday tho Crook cpunty
good roads delegation in two nutos.
They wcro making a tour of Crook
county In tho Interest of good roads.
This trip was tho result of tho re-
Dupnrtmeut of tli Interior, U. St
Lund Olllce, Tho DhIUm Orogon,
Juno io, nm.
Notice Is heroby given thnt Onto
M. Stephens, of Los Augelos, Cali
fornia, otto of the heirs mid fur thu
holm of Jniues A. Mitchell, docotmul,
who on October 17. l!0il, mnd
homestead entry No. l'llltil, Sttrlnl
No. 0-1 009, for South West Qiuirtor
(SWVi ) South West Qunrtor (SW 14
Sec. IT, North Hnst Quarter, North
Knst Quarter (NK4 NKU1 Sec. 11
nnd North Hnlf, North Wt Quarter
(NH NWUl Sec. 20. Tp. Ill S., It.
11 K W. M hns tiled notice of In
tention to make live year proof to
establish claim to the land above de
scribed, claimant nnd 0110 witness,
before II. C. Kills, I'nltcd States
Commissioner, at Hend, Oregon, mid
one wit ncus bnforo tho Register &
Receiver of the I'nlted Stntes Land
Olllce nt Tho Dulles, Oregon, 'on the
K.tli day of July, 1913,
Claimant names nn wit ileuses:
John I. West, of The Dalles, Oregon,
Krnnk O. Minor, Heorgu W. Unlet
nnd Levi I). Wlest, nil of Hend, Ore
gon. (Signed) C. W. MOOilK.
M-lScg Register.
(Continued from page one.)
..nti.....n...... .1 ,....-.'..- nt organization thoro of the county
lino that Is to build east from Salem sood "oc Ullon for the pur
across the mountains to Hend. nnd ,,osf tknR advantage of tho re
tho heightened interest of Hill rail- cently enacted state law which makes
road officials In Central Oregon, are " l10"1'" cou?tl!" to '"'l'"11 to,
all considered here as strong Indl- ? vo.,.e offthfl I'eople the question of
cations of new plans, which. It Is ,K)nd nB for mtt,n, hwa'8;
believed will mature this summer. I '"'" Wed of N A. Lynch
Should the road build south or ,'r.c8,de"t ,f Vmi0"' n
east of Rend, or both. It is pointed " MSKn- JJ n',n, "";
out by Uend men here, in talking, " X?' ,J.Ul,KU "' C E,",'f a,nd
with Portland wholesalers, that .? M. " V"J f i "
greatest benefit would result fori "".," ...r.r'. . J .7' .7 ' . "
. tt.c fiuuu luiiua iiiuiu-
Bend as well as for Portland. The
point being that while Uend today
Is tho distributing center for tho
enormous southern and southeastern
territory, the construction of rail
roads into It. and the resulting set
tlement would develop markets many
SHANIKO, Juno 9. Last Thurs
day night fire in the O-W. R. & N.
roundhouse here, totally destroyed
Steldl from all blame."
(Signed) II. Korstcu, forumaii,
IajwIh Doonnr. Charles A. Voudcr
helt, John A. Moore, Frank Dibble.
G. W. Jones.
lllnes, who wns unmarried, hnd a
brother living In Portland who Is ex
pected to arrive In Hend tonight, ills
father In Kansas City has also been
notified of tho accident and n sister
in Silver Lake.
wco .. r cr -
L a C Y S .
? t y r r - j ' JJ- : S
A V Qjg& ' 1
?"S lUp'illJf'X'feo f " DlirlBUTlM cint I
( 5.. f iM J ''if t( Yfl- s tMBf WILL I
N "S,! C H u Wyh XMMco?crvif I
1 f h . - 1 - 1 m RinrarMnir) at
1 Q a 1 c- 1-1 . . Nv 1 oavMHPiai ov
Vqve: this MflpaSffuoy it-investicate.
(Continued from Page Ono).
Land Hoard and to Mr. Mc.Mnhon, Is
as follows: '
Whereas, ono L. 11. Mc.Mnhon has
seen fit ' to attempt to enjoin the
utilization of tho funds provided by
tho Inst session of the Icglslnture
for the completion of tho Columbia
Southern Project, adjacent to La Id
law, nnd
Whereas, It Is tho concensus of
tills meeting that tho purpose for
VClf H NUIJ . ..
txujtt rot7tTMnJnAr'Mi
,lwr C1J Co I f) . nOilHitiMiiKiiinrniMli)r. TliclniUta kh, li lonik li fuiiii
I Oil OHOhIQ O66 L3 ftlT16 . miW.I krl. Ii .-l .lr.lii'. il ru.llnil ililnVlns l-i
urttr ilrr lhn wfrrt ThrlfilgatrO linl with iwtul wiltr fihl
cn lf Hiichitil l JV w) i-tr nctf 011 ) lrm Tlir iittumnlliiK i.lnr Mutlrtt miHiiUlnir full ul nliill wwmlrit nml Jm Itit pUc
fur Tntlon t. I'lnt l mily Nnil lu )! (iM l.ul xiunIiik ily II h Ulrpliunr )lni. (mu guud liulcU, mu lilf tfimtl
iiiclchKtnlltUrt', Rtt cluxlntfy ml Ic.l u xtllnt HwH,r (Hit l. lliir Inlrr MuuiiUlu). uttr ot t iiiu .tgilrr
ctimttfll cllll)lll thcitalr mlOililulj .ylhry ha. lliuwii piuiwily hI the )nf Milll IhMruii ! Illcllf clalt bumf
Ttitfraicltirtr mill uw nillli in h vuuilly i.f l I'uir Mhl li I. jiul thf lnnli.g iillh IH IiiimImiImc ml mllllns Inuliir. Dial will !
tluiir hctr Thuc air hixJ uiiilDt In inaniifiidu t at ami ullur ilnr lliir- hrcr In nluiallunal inallira M line It iuuiitl. It tia
a tnctr Khiol hik 111 Ihr hiatl of Ihr Ir.Wtmr Moin. anil mm ltcht.Mi lolhr Iw.llth A HlholM-chultti Hill Iw Imltl lirtp
IhH l.lliiK.ail.lolhtr thuuhf a air tilaniilnif lu nlalilhh thrniarlmta l. lliir haa uttt lluutt avallalilr rlrtltlc huiar Mir whkh tlir
nwufta hr omilntlictU leiltrrlup anil wlilch alunr huuM Imllil (awl alirtl city Thr U air nfl.nn laml Kltmlaiy It l,a IMnr wvul
alunr tuilO ami trainlalnn m.I tit tO illy Thr val UacU of lilnt-r Intrulaty Io La I'lnr wunlil algnr ImlM a il almt rllf Willi Itif
cumlnc oflhr toUm ratl'twil ayatrmt la l.a I'lnr wMttv nllltw tui ilf .lopiniil In ail J l.a llttr will U lai.l.l l.a tin
can I rtacnrO via Hi Nar N - W M H N ami t V Kya Vwu ran maVr moury by ImiIii( lllty at Ij, I1h In a.itf oflhr
lallioaiU IMhriiatrdiHni II. why not VOl ' WaKK I'l" lothr frt lhal a autnl. writ IwaWd tuli ,u our uf thr nrtl anil !! arrtloua
oflhr Norlhwcil ! twintl tugruw lapLlly ami that ptuprlly ralur will climb arratdlnfly I'U nnw fruin juwup Thr Irfuia air ray
only a frwOullaia .rr uuuthun cachliil "uuttoii I lulaathr inuury hut vm auon aniulir yalnaMc pmurity Willc Iwtay (t plat, inkta
Htllablr airnti, will, tinA bank irfrrncra, wantrd In all ltof thr Unllnl hlatra.
which said money wns provided, and
for which It wns Intended to bo used,
Is tho most Important piece of legis
lation over passed by any state In
the Pacific Northwest for develop
ment, and
Whereas, It Is not only a mntter
of local Importance, but one ot
Statu wldu benefit, nnd
Whereas, tho proposed action Is
but fullllllng n moral obligation to
tho settlers now on tho segregation,
and thereby Is setting an example of
Incalculable value to present and
future irrigation enterprises, nnd
Whereas, tho money provided for
by thu said bill, Is simply advanced
by thu stnte, bearing Interest nt tho
rnto of six per cent per annum, nnd
(Continued from Pago Ono).
wilt eveiitunlly ho returned to tho
Statu Treasury, mid
Wherens, wu nr unable Io seo any
legal or moral logic In the conten
tions of Mr. Mc.Mnhon, therefor,
lie It resolved, that this meeting en,ng the stntes credit for Urn
does hereby unanimously go on purposo of reclaiming the arid land
record ns deeply deploring thu nt-i0f thu statu and pulling cltUmis on
I''' Mllon of Mr. .Mc.Mnhon In produotlvo fnrius. I think they otn
endenvorlug to block this project.) Following tho filing of thu suit tho
nnd heartily endorses mid commends .insert land board called In Project
thu nctlon of the Desert Uml Hoard ' Knifliieer O. Uurtfasril and Instruct.
of thu Statu of Oregon In Its tight
for tho good of thu settlers of this
section nnd of thu citizens of thu en
tire stntu, and ho It further resolved
that copies of tliesu resolutions be
mailed Mr. McMnhoii mid thu Demirt
Land Hoard.
ml him to lay off all tho men iiiii
ployed nicopt the outside engineers
liii hnd brought from other project
In perfecting his working orgmiltn
Hon. Thu expenses Incurred now
will be paid out of thu. regular desert
land iMiard funds.
. afe aSk afawft .aSkaWfe Wkafthfc.Bfe-ti.a1to AfhbiaWbalfcBhaw.ah.febh-ASfehthhhtakhta athkaA Afe-bbhASW .Btok-fe. ak L. a aa aWk
pfkk, m P T" rr arppF S"a-aa,arpaaaa-P'pal-papaap-a-p-w pp-p. -BpBtaprap p-aa-p T1 P-1 r-r
B5S klU kSk.afkaWbhfta.kifeaWSjpaaVk.aawfe.afakbk-featak -.AA---AA. ..a. a aak.. SkkB-.ataS -hk fe ..-.
f FSPSSapapw BB.Bpw. B-BBB. BMpBPBp.PpBBh.BhBp-ptaiBBrB-p Bf P PPF PPaBB - p VP FPP W W T PF
---- ,
We have so many inquiries from people wanting to rent small houses,
which we cannot furnish them, that in order to encourage building to
meet this growing demand we have selected a limited number of our
inside residence lots which we will sell at the following prices and on
very easy terms of payment:
' T
20 Lots in Park Addition at $ 1 50.00 Each
20 Lots in Center Addition at $200.00 Each
. -1
These are all nice large lots 50 foot frontage and most of them
140 feet deep. Large enough for a home and a good garden. They are
all available to city water and electric light and close to sidewalks. Come
and see us about these lots if you want a bargain.
The Bend Company
D. E. HUNTER, Real Estate Manager
i-BgB-jBB0B..anaaaaaaar--" -------- '--.
- -
--- -.--44.