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    PAOR 8.
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W-WTI w-rw-ww
(Special to Tho Ilend ltulloitn.)
POWF.U. HUTTK, April 13. A
good ncrengo of potntoos will bo
planted horo this spring In splto of
there being no mnrket for Inst year's
crop. Georgo Schohcrt lends with n
spud pntch of 90 acres. Many othcrB
nic near seconds.
Guy Lafollettc. tho locnl nursory
mnn, delivered enough fruit trees nt
the J. D. Davidson homestead last
week to set out nn aero orchard,
anions them being peaches, apples,
prunes and pears.
William Johnson and son arc
clearing and plowing on tho Henko
homestead preparatory to Mr. Henku
proving up.
Tho water has been turned on In
the canal for tho season now. Joe
Sharer and Walter Foster nro tho
ditch rldors for this section.
A. D. Morrill was nt llond last
week doing some work on his home
Rtond there. He also mndu applica
tion to provo up.
Tho premiums arc now being paid
those who took prizes on exhibits nt
the county fair last fall. Mrs. T. D.
Osbcrn got first on doughnuts nnd
second on bread; Miss Delia Osborn
second on carrots and Georgo Mor
rill first on the beat collection of
wild flowers and first on mounted
bugs. There were between 80 nnd
90 In his flower collection. The
full list of prlzo winners In this sec
tlos has net been learned by the writ
er. Nicholas Appcl has gono to tho
Willamette valley for tho summer
where ho has a contract working In
the woods.
Jce Elliott has returned from tho
valley where he was summoned by
the serious Illness of his aged mother,
who la recovering.
Harvey Wlnslow proved up on his
homestead this week under the 3
year law.
tatoes. Resides this, ho will havo
In tho neighborhood of 50 acres of
dry land potntoos.
Clark Morso wns In Prlnovlllo last
week. Ho says everything is railroad
talk but that tho locomotives hnd
not yet disturbed tho peaceful quiet
of the town.
l'OWEIX nUTTE. April H. E. A.
Ilusset was a business visitor among
the Powell Ilutto folks last week.
C. C. Ilrix, a Prlnevlllo attorney,
turned farmer the first of the week
and aided his brother Jako with tho
spring work. It seemed like old times
to see Crls on tho farm again.
Henry Tweet Is working on a "40"
of the McCaffery-WurawIIer place,
which he has rented.
"Munz" WHeoxon says ho has ob
tained part of the Allen "80" next to
Alvln Rlggs', for potato ground.
Farmer Saunders Is building a
large concrete collar on his place.
Ho Is hauling the gravel from George
Hobbs' cistern.
Tom Langdon. Charles and Roy
Titus visited at tho Hobbs placo last
Thursday afternoon. The boys say
they have the'r old Jobs back which
they had most of the time since com
ing to tho Powell Butte neighbor
hood. A. J. Rlggs made a trip to Dend
with hay Thursday.
George Morgan, who Is planting a
large acreage of spuds, made several
trips to the Hobbs and Langdon pits
for seed last week.
Lee Hobbs made a trip to Redmond
Friday for seed cats and barley. Ho
Is experimenting this year with black
barley, which yleldB much heavier
thin the other kinds and equals corn
as a hog food. There is quite an In
terest being taken In It and If It
proves to be successful, there will bo
an unlimited amount planted next
The Landfare family, who havo
the old Russet place, started for a
Jeyrlde with Guy Lafollette in his
Marlon flyer one day last week and
fully appreciated tho "Joy" part
while walking home. The breakdown
was only slight, however, and Guy
was soon ablo to run his car to the
Jim Green Is plowing on the Fos
ter boys' ditch land In payment for
a gang plow which he bought of
them. Jim says he plans to leave
the ranch the first of May, to go to
trading horses in Redmond. In six
teen months he has made $30 off the
ranch and over $1000 trading horses,
ho says, which shows where his
ability lies..
Rev. Cooke Is home from his
charge at Fossil. He is setting out
about flftoen acres to orchard.
There will bo religious services
In the Shepherd school house Sunday
April 20. Thero will also bo an at
tempt to organize a Sunday school.
Everyone Is cordlalty invited.
W. .1. Iloardman of Colorado Is vis
iting with W. a. McNenly and look
ing for a location in this section.
N. P. AHey returned home from
Portland Saturday night.
Edward Williams Is In Salem at
present on business concerning tho
deeding of segregated land.
The Shepherd school district, No.
64, lias been divided. Illmrock dis
trict, No. 88, has been formed. The
new school house will be located on
the John Ferguson placo.
Although this has boon a very
backward spring, tho crops aro all
showing up well, the alfalfa esoec-
lally, which is ahead of tho neighbor
(Special to Thn tlond Uullotln.)
HAMPTON', April S. Hurr lllnck
Is busy putting In seed gratu.
Mr. Tishmer and wlfo, tho latter
n daughter of William Dennett, havo
returned to llond on routo to Okla
homa, their homo.
Mrs. Anderson nnd Mrs. Holts of
Imperial spent tho day last Wednes
day with Mrs. D. R. Dunn.
Messrs. Shaver, Rtggs, Ncold Ti
tus, Dunn, Smith and Hrtckey all
left for Hend Inst Thursday. Mr.
Neeld oxpects to have dental work
dono while there.
This section wns visited by n sovoro
windstorm last Friday, which over
turned several small buildings.
I. Zlorolf returned to his home
stead Saturday nfter spondlng tho
winter In tho Willamette valley.
Mr. Gllhnm nnd son Guy mado n
quick trip to llond recently, return
ing homo last week.
W. T. Harrison nnd L. C. Peck loft
today with loads for tho Gap ranch
nnd Riley which thoy brought from
Hend last week. Thoy expect to
bring In two tons of oats and whoat
for Hampton store on tholr return
Mrs. J. N. Crow Is on tho Bick list.
O. Drogsvold who loft hero tho day
after election Inst fall returned to
his homestead tho last of March and
Is busy improving his claim.
Melvln Crow recently cleared IS
acres on his placo and expects to
clean up tho balance of 50 In tho
near future.
Those who attended tho April 1
dance at Imeprlal report a good tlmo.
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(Special to Tho llond Uullotln.)
PINEIIIUIST, April 13. Llttlo
Volmn Nichols hnd n narrow escape
from n bucking horse Friday uvon
lug. Tho nulmnl beenmo frlghtouud
nnd Mrs. Nichols who wan loading It
received n severe blow from Ita hoofs
ns sho caught the falling child.
Tho school celebrated nrbor day
with nn appropriate program nnd sot
t'ug out shrubbery In tho school yard.
The farmers In this vicinity aro
busy plowing preparatory to seeding,
while some havo already planted tho
hardy grains, chief among which Is
Mrs. Arthur loft Monday for l.o
ralue, Iowa, to visit bur mother,
who Is sick.
Mrs. J, L. Couch mndu n business
trip to Laldlnw Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. l.overenz were
hero Saturday on their way to Laid
law. Mrs. Swisher nnd sister. Miss Flora
llassolborg went to llond Saturday.
Mrs. Gono Wlmor Is on tho sick
list this week.
G. W. Snyder has added two more
flno cows to his dairy herd.
Mrs. Dietrich and daughter went
to l.nldluw Tuesday on business.
Mr. a ltd Mrs. George Couch made a
business trip to Laldlaw tho last of
tho week.
(Special to Tho llond Uullotln.)
FORT ROCK, April 12. llauman
& Grlmon arrived from Portland thu
other day with an olght-horso load of
furniture nnd groceries and will com
mence to Improve their homesteads
at once.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Kendall and Mrs.
Volt, her daughter, left for Idaho
tho first of tho week.
E. F. Anderson, county commls-
A Cook Book Worth Having!
"Good Living"
Is n splendidly printed, strongly bound,
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that can be washed when soiled in the
The Regular Price is $2.50
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WHILE THEY LAST. We have only
u small number. Housekeepers
should hurry.
The Owl Pharmacy ft
Ralph Poindexter.
First National Bank Building.
lng sections,
George Hobbs plans to start plow.
Inc on tho McCaffery placo the first
It, IS" VII" IllUUnilUi; 'IHbU fci.V AII0V
f the week w(heire,ht,and Tom Lang
on exye'ef'toput Id' 6Qtucrea;jt ify
Pilot Butte Hotel
J. F. TAdCJART, Prop.
Good Dining Room
Our nursery is located on Powell Butte, fourteen miles
east of Bend. Our trees are the kind we recommend
after over thirty years experience in the fruit business
in this neighborhood. Our prices and treatment will
please you. Catalog free on request. Come and see
our orchards and nursery. Office address, Prineville, Ore.
A y-i -V - .
sinner, was horo Monday, Ho Is n bo
Hover In tho good rondn movement
and Is looking over this pnrt of thu
county to so what work can bo douu
to thu best ndvautngo.
.1. P. Cnrson and William A. llusoli
wore Fremont goers Haturday.
James llounlck left for Astoria tho
first of tho week whore ho will fish
this senson.
II. ('. Carmack nnd Miss Allru M.
Noel were married Sunday.
.1. A. Krnst. It. A. Hchnub nnd H.
M. Wngnor left for llond Hunday
where they will bo In tho employ of
the Pino Forest Lumber Co.
J. A. Norman started to llond tho
first of tho week where ho will meet
his family who spent tho winter In
California for Mm. Normau'H health.
C. I,. Hupp, who tins spout tho
winter In Montana and Ilrltlsh Col
umbia, returned homo Sunday.
A very pleasant evening wns spout
nt tho homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. T.
Ithoton Inst Friday where about 2R
of tho neighbors gathered nnd In
dulged In games until 12 o'clock
when n lunch wns served.
Dr. T. II. Short, tho Silver l.nko
dentist siHint the week In this town.
Five new postntllcca havo been pe
titioned for In the surruundlug Fort
Rock country.
(Speclnl to The llond Uullotln.)
MH.I.ICAN, April 14. A. I). Nor
ton, with one team of horses, plowed
10 acres of ground In four dnys last
week and with the help of It. B. Davis
and son John cleared nnd burned tho
sagebrush therefrom nnd planted to
rye In nnothor four days. Mr. Nor
ton now has 40 acres seeded to rye.
II. K. Davis has named his ranch
"Avondalo" nnd same has been reg
istered nnd recorded by tho county
II. Masters struck a pood flow of
water In tho old river bed at n depth
of only live feet.
Mr. Roohcokor. n homesteader at
Horse Ridge. Is erecting a store
building nt mlleposl 23 and oxpects
to ho open for business In the near
P. II. Johnson and Krlc Nosteland,
who own adjoining claims aro prepar
ing to teticu their entire section.
Cy Lease walked to Hend last Sat
urday and hiked all thu way back thu
following day.
Thomas Mnffctt and A. I) Norton
commenced plowing for II. r. Davis
today. Aliout ten acres will bu seed
ed to rye and alfalfa.
Two new homesteadors by name
Spencer arrived In thu valley from
Ciieiiaiis, waali., last Sunday nnd
havo sottlod on tholr claims.
George Mllllcan and his buccaroos
havo been busy branding horses thu
past few days.
Fred Klger has finished plowing 10
acres for Krlc Nosteland, utid Thomas
Moffett C acres for P. II. Johnson.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. A. Gllmoro called
on .Mrs. A. D. Norton and rs. I. B.
Davis Sunday.
Miner Larson Is plnuuliig (o lunvo
for his homestead next Hundny,
(loorgo (lelger hns mndo one trip
out to Ills homestend In tho Hamp
ton lliuto country and will shortly
muko tho limit move with his threo
The breaking of (ho lino shaft Inst
Friday caused tho mill to shut down
for thu rest of tlio day. Repairs worn
mado that night sulllrloiit to run tho
planer Saturday and llnlnh a car or
der. The mill wan running again
Monday morning but before It nnd
the planer can run nt tho nniun tlmo
again n new mid stronger shntt will
havo to be put In. Material for this
has boon ordered.
Hoy Allgood'M two AhodnloH Hpeut
Hundny morning worrying u porcu
pine and a good putt of tho rent of
the day having ciullls removed from
their noses.
An attempt Is being mado to havo
tho pinner shavings blown Into tho
base of the waste lire Instead of on
top, thereby lessening the lire dan
ger. Tho Rae brothers llulshed their
cabin on Sunday and moved In.
Sunday Nels llagou and Ingvald
Holt started for their homesteads at
Hampton Ilutto with a load of lum
ber and supplies. Thoy expect to bo
gono about n week.
Mat Nelson has given up riding his
mnro bareback, having bought u sad
dle for her.
Auue expects lo IIiiIhIi his log haul
ing conduct in about two weeks, hav
ing between threo nnd four million
feet still In thu woods.
who on February 2.'ld. 11)12, mado
dosmt land entry, No. OOlHlR, for
NWHWtt nnd HH.NWU, miction 32,
township 10 south, range 12 east,
Willamette Meridian, has tiled no.
tiro of Intention to mnko llnal desert
pruor, to establish claim to tho land
abovo desurlbed, before II. U. Kills.
II. H. Commissioner, at his olllco ill
llond, Oregon, on the 21th day or
May, 101.1.
Claimant names ns witnesses:
Henry II. Ford, Otis 0. Ilenklo, Junius
Ityau, Albert llarrymau, all of llond,
(UlOp O. V. MOOKIJ, Register.
U. H. I.nnd Olllco at The Dalles, Ore
gon. April llth. 10 13
Notice is hereby given that John
P. Hnusmau of Portland, Oregon,
In tho County Court of tho Htnto of
Oregon for Crook County.
In tho matter of tho eslato of Anna
T. Anno. Deceased.
Notice Id hereby given that pur
suant to the provisions of tho last
will and testament of said Anna T.
Anne, the undersigned will, from and
after May 1 4th. 1U in. proceed to sell
at prlvatu sulo for cash, In ouo par
eel, the fcllowliig described real its
tato belonging lo said estate, to-wlt
tho WV4 of Nlflli. Hl',i of NKVt.
the NKVt of HKVi. of section K. In
township 17 H rimgo 10 K., W. M .
subject to tho approval or tho court
as provided by law.
Dated this lllth day of April, HUH
As Kxecutor or tho Mat Will and
Testament of Anna T. Anno, Re
ceased. 01)
if )oit Imto properly, no matter
ulicro (.Knitted, wlilrli )' lli to
exrlliinge, rnv the llnliiee,kri'" IjiihI
Co. Tliey can arrange It for you.
Adv. nif
Threo skilled barbers nro nt ln
nes ft Davidson's barber shop to
servo you. - Adv.
We Are Still Selling
Fishing Tackle
at Cost
Bend Hardware Co.
(Special to Tho llond Uullotln.) I
TUMAI.Q, April 13 - Mrs. I.. J.
Wlmor from tnn Star ranch wns vis-,
Ring homo folks today In Plnehurst.
Charles Wlmor wns transacting,
buslnoss In Hend Thursday.
Ditch cleaning Is now completed In
tho Columbia Southern nnd tho water
has been turned on for tho Irriga
tion season.
Water has also been turned In tho
Wlmor ditch. On account of tho
hoavy snowfall tho past winter It has
been Impossible to get water In these
ditches much sooner.
G, W. Horner has mado many Im
provements on his 200 acres In the
way of getting the land ready for
Millard Triplett Is also gottlng a
large scresgs ready for crop.
Arthur Hrinson will soon com
plete his 100 acre clearing contract
on the Wlmer lands. This finishes
tho clearing of the entlro COO acres
formerly owned by the Wlmers.
Garden making Is now in order.
(Special to Tho llond Uullotln.)
OIHT, April 13. Tho extension of
tho Fanners' National Telephone Co.
Is completed throughout t)lio Gist
neighborhood. A number of tho
stockholders havo Installed their In
struments, Matt Kulesch has recontly located
on IiIh ranch which ho bought from
II. C. Schumacher. Ho brought u
herd of 27 fine dairy cows in with
Mrs. Pulllam nnd youngest son
went to Sisters to visit Mrs. John Mc
Klnnoy. Ralph Limbeck's grandmother,
Mrs. Smith, Is In vory poor honlth,
Mrs. Rlchnrds has boon suffering
with asthma and rheumatism of Into.
Mr, Hall has returned to his homo
and Intends to remain on tho farm.
We Guarantee Our Product
Money Returned If not Satisfactory.
Pioneer Cream Company
'The Hend Creamery"
--------- - 4
Headquarters for Commercial Men
lilectrlc Lighted Throughout
Special Attention to
Translont Travel
:ND,0 REGION flood Meals J
All arrangements made for persons I
desiring to go south and east of horo
f Qood Rooms
Pree bus to
and from trains