The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 16, 1913, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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Editor nml Publisher.
Mnnnglng Editor.
An liulopcmlent nowsimjior stand
ing (or tho squaro deal, clean busi
ness, clean politics and tho beat In
terests of Rend and Central Oregon.
Uno year I1B0
Blx months. SO
Three months BO
. All subscriptions nro duo and
of expiration will bo mailed subscri
bers and It renewal Is not mado with
in reasonable tlmo tho paper will bo
111...1. ..nilfv- na nmmntlv of aUV
change of address, or of failure to re
ceive the paper roRularly.
Make all cheoks and orders pay
able to Ilotul Uultotln.
The Uullelln lm lon tlcMSnntotl
by the County Court of Cnwk County
t putilMi oltlclnlly nil the pnxced
Iiikh of the court.
will cast envious eyes upon It. One
ol tho pfunuvt nsROtB of Demi's resi
dential lots la their trees; It Is n ro
markaiilo pity If any of thoin which
pcsslldy can bo retained are dostro)-od.
Tho owners of property alonB the
EOAer ought Immediately to avail
themselves of Uie opportunity to
have concctlon with It made as pro
vided by tho resolution adopted by
tho council last week. Tho trench
Is open, tho city has the necessary
tools and equipment and tho organ
ization to do the work. It can bo
done most cheaply now.
In the tnoro cosmopolitan sections
of our country such things aro done
about as follows: A street Is laid out
and a contract let for expensive pav
ing which Is laid. When tho pave
ment has been down about long
enough to begin to feel at homo
someone 'recalls that no water mains
tvero put In. and three feet of pave
ment Is torn up and tho water mains
put down. Then the pavement is
replaced. After a while somiuone
thinks that a sewer ought to be run
along that street. Up comes three
more feet of pavement, in goes the
sewer and the pavement Is put back,
Next the process Is repeated with
gas mains and they are followed by
conduits to contain the unsightly
wires thut had been carried on poles.
Each time tho pavement is replaced,
to the great delight of contractors
and at the equally great expense of
the taxpayers. Finally It Is decided
to run a subway under the street
and everything Is ripped out and
done over.
That Is the sort of thing that the
resolution of the council is onloulated
to avoid. Every owner will ulti
mately have to mako the oonection.
Why not do It now?
In tho Portland OrcKonlan last
Wednesday wo read of n young man
of Chicago who, hnvlug sot his ctothut,
nflre while smoking a cigarette In
bed Jumped Into n tub of wntor to
extinguish tho names nml was drown
ed. In his rush to the tub he hit
against n gas cock, turned on tho
gas which lighted, llnrcd up nml set
the house on tiro.
After reading this we began to
wonder, nml nro still wondering,
whether wo ought (1) to give up
smoking, (I) to give up smoking In
bed. (3) to keep away from the bath
tub. (4) to light the house with elec
tricity or (.') to stop rending ills
patches from Chicago.
The service nt the federal pie coun
ter seems to bo slowor than ever be
fore. Unless the Democratic leaders
hurry to ladle out the goodies to the
patient custotuors, some of them tuny
get disgusted and abandon waiting.
Often cne hears It said that "there
are very few birds In Hend." The
people who say that usually are the
ones who don't know the difference
between a bluejay and a skylark,
and who never notice the birds. AX
all events It Is quite untrue, for not
only are there birds hereabout, but
a surprisingly large variety. Even
during the winter many birds have
lingered along the Deschutes, and
thousands have passed through Dend
on their migrations. Robins, for In
stance, have been here all winter. A
bird lover, who Is simply an amateur
and is no close-student of blrdlore,
has supplied the following catalogue
of birds seen hero during the last
thirty days; examination of the list
shows an interesting acsortment:
Hngllsh sparrow, song sparrow,
ground sparrow, junco or snowbird,
cblcadee, white-breasted nuthatch,
Juniper Jay, American robin, Ameri
can bluebird, red-winged blackbird,
flicker or helgho, meadow lark,
downy woodpecker, roBe-breasted
grosbeak, sandpiper, chicken hawk
and hoot owl. That Includes 17
birds not a bad record for a chanco
observer during a single month jn a
place "where there are very few
birds," Is it?
The attractive results that can 1)1
secured with a modest expenditure
are well Illustrated along St. Helens
drive In Park Addition- -and for that
rnattor ' many other sections of the
residential districts. There aro piMiaUous of rocks, pleasant
lawns ami tasteful houses. It Is a
satisfaction to cee b now resldenco
fjelng eriCOid so planned and place!
$iat all the yjrroundltis trees are
jreservjJ. s few years 'hence, when
jWUltlupIauj rotalns.the beauties
of Ha tive. ether landholders who
now rasn in aud cut off overy treo
synopsis one em law
M ensure Will llrcinm Effect he on
June St.
Tho following Is a synopsis of the
game law of district No. 2 of Oregon,
comprising the counties of Crook,
Lake, Klamath. Sherman, Wasco,
Umatilla, Wallowa, Union, Daker,
Malheur, Harney, Hood River, Mor
row, Grant, Wheeler and Gilliam:
Tho open season for deer with
horns Is from August 1 to October
31. Dag limit, three deer. Geese,
ducks and shore birds, frcm Septem
ber IS to February IS, bag limit 30
birds In seven consecutive days. Sage
hens from August 1 to August 31,
bag limit Ave birds In one day or ton
In seven consecutive days. Grouse,
rough grouso or native fed, from
September 1 to October 31. bag lim
it flvo birds In one day or seven
birds In seven consecutive days.
Quail front October 1 to October 31,
bag limit ten In seven consecutive
days. Doves from September 1 to
October 31, bag limit ten In seven
consecut've days. '
It Is unlawful to sell any game or
fish, to shoot or discharge any gun
upon any railroad right of way. road
or public highway, to Issuo license
to any person under 14 years of age,
for any unnaturalized or foreign-born
person to hunt, angle or to have In
his possession a gun without having
first taken out gun license from tho
game commission, paying therefor
J 25 license fee.
The open season for trout over C
Inches long Is from April 1 to Oc
tober 31 .bag limit 75 In number or
50 pounds. Trout 10 Inches and over
open all tho year, bag limit 50 In
number or SO iwundn. The age of
anglers Is 14 years. It Is also unlaw
ful under the new law for women to
fish without license. The new law
goos Into effect June 3.
Tho Dend Co. to Harvey E, linn
sett, It .1. blk 30, Center ndd., Ilend.
Tho lloud Park Co. to Voshlsahuru
Mlyauchl, It l), blk 107, lot ndd to
Dond Pnrk. $100.
Dead Park Co. to. Carl H. DyHtroin,
It 7, blk 104, 1st add. to Demi Pnrk.
Adolph II. Fischer to 11. J, Lo
Oiilre, Its 1 and '.', title I. Kenwood.
lMtl 1-nrk Co. lo Carl 8. Ilystrom,
It 3, blk 105, 1st add. to Demi Park.
Lnldlaw Townslle Co. to (1. l Ev
erhnrt. It 0, blk 20, Lnldlaw. $12fi.
J. 8. Pnrmltitcr to C. It. Kurrlu.
all of nwUneVj. section '.MS 13. east
of Central Oregon canal. $100.
WASHINGTON. D. C. The tenta
tive slate of Oregon laud olllce ap
pointments has lioeu HUtnultted to
those who know the men recommend
ed by ChamlxtrlHlu and l.ane. nml It
was said that four out i f live of tho
selections were correct. Which one
Is wrong Is not ludlrnted. Tho ululo
.s: Deceiver at Hums, ham Mutli
ershtad; receiver Ht I .a Grande. W.
A. Maxwell; register at Lakevlew.
James F. Durgoss: receiver nt Tho
Dalles, L. A. Dooth; register nt The
Dalles. 11. F. Woodcock.
A JTA- I f
Deedi nml Other Internments Filed
With County Clerk nt Prlnevllle.
The Dend Co. to E. It. Jackson. It
3, blk S, Dend.
W. II. Staats to George D. Tiros tor
tious, Its 1 and 2. blk 10, Its 1, 2. 7,
S, blk S, Deschutes addition, Dend.
George II. Drosterhous to J. N.
Hunter, ne4 of lot 11. trik 5, Dend.
J. D. Dodgers to Earl D. Houston,
ntfneVi. neUnwVi. sec. 1C-17-12.
U, f flf II l , If U.U...I A i tltltilt C, (.(
April 16, 1913
Dear friend:
Do you use soap? We
use soap at our house,
and a washboard too,
when we wash. They
tell me I soil lots of
clothes and soil them
lots. That's why they
make me go after the
Isoap and washboards.
21 bars white soap
cost $1.00
32 bars yellow soap
cost $100.
3 large bars Ivory
soap cost 25c.
Glass washboards
cost 50c
Wire clothesline
C03t3 15c
Your friend,
P. S. to get good
soap and a good wash
board and a good
clothesline that won't
break I go to
Shingles Mouldings
Building Material
The Miller Lumber Company
BendJ Oregon.
---These are the two additions which comprise the
northern end of tiie town. Look at the map and yon
will see some of the advantages of these two pieces of
property. The railroad cuts them directly In two, run
ning for three quarters of a mile through the center of
the plat, making a full mile and a half of property
bounding the right of way. Every foot of this is hound
to become very valuable for warehouse and factory sites
or for any other business that requires proximity to a
railroad foreasily and cheaply receivingorshlppinggoods.
These lots are GOINQ FAST, so don't hesitate
another day. Call or write for further particulars.
Bend Park Company
455 Empire Huilding, Scuttle, Wash.
First National Hunk Huilding, Henri, Oregon.
Descriptive literature untiled upon request.
' . .
Or eg. Investment Co.
W. V. VANDUVhltr
Wall Street, Bend, Oregon
If You Want Good
Residence Lots
Business Sites
Irrigated Land
320Acre Homesteads
investigate what we have to offer. We have the
best on the market, at the best prices and terms.
This firm also makes a specialty of Fire Insur
ance, Indemnity Bonds and Plate Glass, Show
Case and Mirror Insurance. Our companies are
the best in the United States, and pay their losses
promptly. flWe are the oldest established real
estate firm in Bend, and have a first class record
for fairness and efficiency. If you have something
to sell, or wish to buy, let us help you.