The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 04, 1912, Page PAGE 9, Image 9

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it, vlnftnr tn Hrftltln who uolft Ihtti
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tho rlRht hand mul loarn something
of tho romitrkniiin aiory or tiio novei
opulent of that city assuredly has n
inra tnmt. If that visitor happen to
lia n Ilenil man, with nn nyo to com
liarliono, Seattle' history la nil thu
moro IntoroitliiK, for It coutnliu n
Kront big object lesson for Hand. A
man who will ntmly whnt Beattlo hn
dono, mid "H" ,,,lt " lrortM has
boon mnde, will como to llond moro
tlinii cviir n Iloml enthusiast and a ho.
lloror In tho grout future- that nwalt
thin community,
Recently tho writer was In Ronttlo.
l'our day wore devoted to Inspoc
tlon of the city, nnd ninny hour to
nicorlnlnln how Beattlo hnd Krown
nnd why U had Krown. Of course,
Ilia Information gathered was hut a
fraction of what I there, and of what
i worth thinking nlmut. Hut It was
uiouh. ,
Hero nro sotuo of tho facta. Thoy
nro random Incidents hut they tell tho
Mtory In outline:
In 1H70 Bosttla had a population
nf 1100, That waa 43 year ago. To
day Seattle hin morn than 210,000
Population Juni(Hi.
In 1880 the population wni 3500.
In 1880 the figure was cloo to 40,
000. In that year Seattle's flnt rail
road came, the Northern Pacific. Willi
that ono railroad, and with the Ureal
4NortherM. In 1803, tho population
ilouhlnd In ton year, nnd In 1000
waa 80,000. Tho census of 1010
showed 337,000 Inhabitant.
Ho, then, without a railroad, nnd
id a tlma when tho population of the
lln.t wuh 3000 mll' further dlatant
than It U today no fnr na Iranspor-
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tntlon wan concerned Boattlo Rrow
to ho n city of nonrly 40,000 peoplo.
With two rallroadn that population
wn doulilod In a decade,
In 1008 a third road came, tho
Union I'nctflc, and In 1011 n fourth,
tho Milwaukee, Hut tha wonderful
population strides wont accomplished
with oim railroad, nnd nt n t'mo
when tho Northwest, In compnrUon
to condition of today, waa practical
ly Uolatud from tho Kaslorn popula
tion centers,
In 1011 llond lia two railroads,
coming from tha name direction. Ily
1014 there la overy roaaon to liollovo
that Ilmid will have two railroad
from thrco dlrectlona, and probably
one from n fourth, tho west. That
manna, practlrally, aoven railroad
outleta and Inleta.
la It any wonder that n llend man
ahould alt up and take notice when
tho significance of thin conic homo
to him?
Yes, lU'ulllo linn harlinr.Alao, the
Knot AUska trado haa done, nnd la
dotiiK, wonder for lia economic de
velopment, Ailvnntago In Iands. -
Hut, again, Investigation produce
another crop a aort of aecond cut
Unit of llend amllea, l'or there la
no agricultural land worth mention
ing within a roaonablo radlu of Bo
attle. It la a candid fact, that will
ho proved in tha next ton yer, that
tho wheat territory of Central Oregon
will ho of a much value In llond aa
tho Alaiknn trado haa oven to Beat
tlo. Aa regard tho agricultural lamlrf
of the i'tiKot Hound country, ono
charactirlil'c fact I worth moutluii
Iiir It I till. The farmer who huya
unimproved land thoroaboutn pay
not la than $25 nn aero. Tho land
ho bought la covered with hugo
atumpa. Tho approxlmntn nvorago
cont of clearing tlio laud I about
1100 nn acre. That la n caah expen
diture It men na money paid out at
tho vary atart What do unimproved
land coat In Central Oregon T Well,
thoro aro thoiinauda of aero that may
ho had for tho taking, Othor thoua
nnda of acre may ho nocured for $8
an aero and up possibly to $00, nt
tho hlghoit, while It I doubtful If
nny appreciable nmaunt of tho heat
Improved nnd profitably producing
innd nro hold for moro than $00
land nil In crop. And In buying tho
Control Orogon raw land there la
not $100 an ncro col for ntump pull-lug-
and dynamiting. Practically
speaking, tho acre aro roady for cul
tivation. Tho comparlion li worth
considering, isn't 117
Power I'loa nt Hand.
Tho power that dovetop Hoattlo'
electricity I brougU on nn nvorago
or 40 mile from tho city. At a re
cent election tho city appropriated
$2,000,000 for tho purchaae and de
velopment .of power nlte CO mile
dlitant, capabla of producing 00,000
horepower. How far does llond
have to go for It water power?
Knough for today nnd for many yenra
la and can bo developed practically
within tha city limit. Within 12
mile nt llend thcro can bo developed
economically several lime a much
wnter power nn tho entire amount
now employed In supplying Bonttlo
with electricity. Worth thinking
about, Un'tT
Today Hostile cover approximately
08 squaro mile of territory, within
tho city limit. Thf I all practical
ly covered by real "city" I about
all very thickly populated. How
many squsre miles doe llend actu
ally cover today? Not moro than
ono square mile. Forty-two years
Ago Beattlo about equalled llend In
this respect.
Ill Seattle today thoro nro about
2 10, 0t0 platted lots. About CO.OOO
of thorn nro built on. This nvorngo
ono lot built on out of ovory four
. . wswaMOssslPv
A.NP 1 101U.
hold good" In most Western cities,
llond now lias about 4000 platted
lota, about half of which aro In tho
city limits,
Price At Into.
Horo nro noma llttlo example of
whnt linn hnppvnod to price In Bo
nttlo during ft. comparatively fow
yours. To bo suro, thoy nro notable
oxamploa; but thousands of othor,
na Irnproslvo, could bo encountered,
In 1883 Dexter Morton bought
two lot, each 120 by 120 foot, nt
Second nvenuo and Cherry ntroot, for
4G0. In 1008 they woro sold for
In 1001 F, J. Bitot ncqulred two
"tldo lol." Thoy woro undor water
20 feet nt high tide, and woro ono
mile fro mtho centor of town. In
100G ho filled tho lot, put up ware
house nt n cost of $12,000 and rented
It fo $200 n month. In 1007 ho
sold for $80,000 cash.
In 1003 the business section stop
ped nt Second nnd Madlaon. Then
lots near tho Hotel Washington sold
for from $3000 to $4000. In 1008
tho same lot wero bringing from
$1000 to $2000 u front foot.
(Continued from Pago Boron.)
I'ko or what It will do when filled
with hot air. Thoy say, with self
satisfied derision, 'Oh, hot air!' stand
twiddling their thumbs, nnd gupo
with aito'nlihmcnt when tho balloon
sail away Into tho empyrean. About
everything else, thoy think and net In
tho samo way. 'Ho can't do III 'Ho
will fall!" Nope. I won't help hmt
Him? Why, he's plumb crazy-' And
then, when ho doe It, thoy sty, 'WhyJ
I could n-dono that samo thing. Ilo's
lucky, that's all. I never had no
luck nohow!' And then thoy co
right on trading sites of Chicago for
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whlto horses,
"Hut what started this talk, any
way? Oh, yes, Oklahoma City. Well,
you aro doing n mighty goad thing
for your own town in bringing out
thoso picture of Beattlo. Thoy show
exactly what Is going: to happen In
llond And in spite of our experi
ence horo In Bonttlo with tho 'blind
who will not boo, when your peoplo
see what happened to Oklahoma City,
which possessed only ono of tho mul
titude of resources possessed by
llend, It certainly is Incomprehensi
ble that nny aano man could fall to
foresee tho groat and beautiful city
that la certain to bo built In your vnl
toy In tho next fow year."
(Continued from Pago Bight)
Tho old order Is chancing, suddenly,
completely. Ycstorday Is a long
tlmo ngoin Oregon."
- Prof. Thomas Shaw, agriculturist
of'tho Orcat Northern nnd Northern
Pacific railroads, was sent to Mon
tana by James J, Hill to report on
grain possibilities. Largely due to
the experiment of Prof. Shaw during
only three year, Montana was trans
formed" Into producer of 25,000,000
bushots of wheat annually.
This man ha now been sent to
Central .Oregon; and this is quoted
from his report, aa given to tho Oro
gon Journal November 10, 1012:
"Central Oregon Is a most wonder
ful country. The possibilities of de
velopment aro Immense. Thero is no
moro Xertllo soil to bo foand any
where, for Tolcanlc ash Is more en
during than nny other soil; and the
entire Central Oregon country con
sists of volcanic ash.
"Nearly all grain crops in Central
Orogon jboutd be winter crops, not
only winter whoat, but winter ryo,
oats, barley and vetch. lUlo mnlzA,
corn, alfalfa and potatoes should be
spring sown crops. Alfalfa will soon
bo ono of tho most Important crop
of Central Oregon. It will bo grown
for hay and need. Alfalfa grown ou
non-lrlgated land produce better
seod than that grown undor irriga
tion. "Thero are Immenso areas that can
bo Irrigated; but by pursuing tho
proper method, the dry lands will
bemado to yield largo crop. This
wo1 have proven In Montana; and we
aro now proving it In Central Ore
gon, whore wo have established an
oxperlmental station.
"In Central Oregon, cast of the
Cascado mountains, thero are 10,
000,000 acre of land ready for cul
tivation. These 10,000,000 ' acrca
would produce 120,000,000 bushel
of wheat, or moro than twice as much
as Is now being produced by the en
tire Pacific Northwest. Central Ore
gon will somo day become ono of the
most famous wheat producing sec
tions of the world."
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courteous and superior service.
gainod a largo patronage. That
haircut and shavo that you need
better get them at lnne tc David
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