The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 21, 1912, Image 2

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you will regret you did not select your home
site while you could have your choice at
- present prices and terms. Bend Park
will always be the best residence
portion of the city, because
within its boundaries is . v
the prettiest property in the
city, it is admirably platted with
' wide streets and large lots. Beautiful
view of the perpetually snow covered
mountains, and restricted to HOMES ONLY
MIhh ikIU Ui'iii'Hcy, who will lio
In IIpihI Monday nlftlit it" tho fourth
iiumliui' In tln lyedtim cqiiiho. la n
tultrntcd MiMtiiki'r nml writer. Whor-
Mcxlcnn "Snnrl" ni V0iVflri wvor sho hop shy wllm imiHi iirnlso.
MLxicnn Jjpori n3 viowoa M ln,ry ,,rw(id..iii r tho
Tlirourjh American Spoctnclo3.
v.. ,?
Bend Park
R. Q. SHRADER, Local Agent, Bend, Oregon.
General Offices, 800-8(51 Empire Iluilding, Scuttle, Wash.
or, Paulsen Bldp., Spokane, Wash.
or, Portland Hotel, Portland, Oregon,
(for Assignment of entrlos or parts , fnets sot forth In the application for
.thereof, mads within reclamation 'extension of tlHiw.
, project uniler act of June 17. 1902. A motion to distills nn anneal will
, covers only those claim wlmrsln the ; not lie icranted. where It apnear that
cniryman lias satisfactory lroor or the interests Involved are Inrie aud
residence. Improvements and cultl-j the I'nlled 8uin U In truth ami. In
tatloti for Ave) earn. required by the ' fact n jtarty In Interest, hut will ue
i jdlaoosed of oh Its merit.
A successful contaatant dooa not I , .
acnnjre ay puiilary rliehu. II UK.l.unKl) HOMIbiTKlli KIXIW
entitled to a period of thirty tiara ,,.... . ..
from n,M nt lha n.nuM.lL... ,.f ,1,-1 "" 'WiiiarT more IMI ae.UOO
DECISIONS RECENTLY entry within which to apply to outer' ?cre" " 0r" ,? Mo-
iha ia... i l..., th. ,.o. -.. m.., ,.. tH were recommended hy the
the former enimaaR camhoI he ' u,t8 ""'f"1 U,TP for
ieredlted to him. nor I he entitle.) to ' ,"nM,,,U,!,. w,,ww" HDT lh
the lower rate per aere for building "'? ,..,""'" 'TT"'1, "f1,
Lb. i..., ...- .. ii.. -i...,--.,u 3.07 acre previously dael-
Secretary of Intmlor Deqldu Cuhc i obtaining at the time his application . n'"2 '"" thl. "ct w.or" r,lM,rHl "
i veiw -. s us tee- iniviiim nn ITVfl
rt entry of ,olWdW nu' eauecled h ucti, d-
of I n to Mm t tit lloniMteadtiii
unil Other (lovrrniiirnt
Land C 1 n 1 III u II t M
- -The-Sosretary of the Interior has
recently decided a number of ltn
to make entry w Bled.
One who make dc
nubile lands must clearly show, In
submitting proof, not only that ho
tall (Hi examination having shown
the land to 1m suseeptlldo of Irrl
has the right to a anlTlclent anppjy of u ";1.Tho1.1tf a ,' " "
Wnlor to iiorufHll Irrlrnln Mini31' 10lt' wh'C" ' ''" OlOBainwl
lanilH, Init that the aritem of dltelios
portant land
la adequate for that purmMe, and
also that the necessary supply of
wutor Ima boon aetuully used on said
homesteaders and others, a digest of
"Woleh Is given herewith:
of Interest to , lands In a manner to prove the bone-
ity to extend the life of an entry "flnu.
permit the entrymttn to make eonfpIN
flelnl results.
I'iunl 1'it.of
Tho reelstpr will l
The dggarUnwiMs fltion NtJiop.f0r thaosta-Qf re -imli)Utlnn of flnnl
proof whore, an error In description
of land Is made by hlirt. The record
&nce with tho law as to clthor res!-f js jn joesIon of the register nnd
dnee or oultlvmlori. subsequent to !
by the survey ns enterable under the
enlarged homestead net was lot,
47CS&I2 acres.
he should see that the deecriptlons
the; oxnlratiou of the btatutory llfelare correct before dlreetlnir ntilili
Whore lands which have been
Ivjthdrawu rrom all dlosltlon are
restored to jgitry. no auflleatlon'WlH;
be recolfed'or a-TlRntff recoKuued
83 Initiated by theMender ef nn nppll
satlon for any auh lands until tho
order of rostltiitlen Is received y the
locnL office. Cltln Ueorge 0. Pratt
t38,'U O. HO).
.'.The net. of 1908. providing n)rvll bo deemed sufficient
second nutrlirf.; has nu retroactive
effect which will opeiato to euro n
defsetive right tawed upon a olalm
of prior sottlemont nnd at the same
time out off and defeat the assertion
of a nuporlor adverse claim. In
other words, one disqualified to Initi
ate a valid sottlomont right cannot
claim the prlvllcgo of having his
status as on entrymttn determined as
df.tlio date of his application to pro
tect such Invalid settlement right.
The right will only be protected from
the date the Impediment to its Initi
ation Is removed and the right at
taches. "The act of February 18th. 1311,
extending time' of residence In cer
tain' statoo Is a remedial statute and
should be construed liberally. There
fore, tho same covers a period of
time from December 1st, 10 10, until
May 16th, Inclusive.
yDcfcei-t J.aii(ln, - .
cation. Published Instructions of
August 11, 11)09 (38 J I). 1.11).
' Whore tha proofras to rosldenqo Is
w'euk but there la strong proof of
cultivation of the land In added aroa
and wftli increasing yield of crops
oach yoar, and evidence showing a
(irsls(ejih effort to maintain an act-
ml home upon tho land, tho proof
The law iiermlttlug cash entry of
timbered and nontlmbgrod lands
doee not fix r definite period for
making final proof, llowover. It
must ho reasonable and mado within
seven yoars from date of entry, as in
ordinary homestead entries has been
considered as the limit of time, which
may properly be allowed for the
making of final proof of entries or
tliln class.
A contost ndldavit filed ngalnst a
desort land entry during tho pend
ency of an abdication for extension
ot time under tho act of March 28,
J 008, should allege facts tending to
ovorcome the1 prima facia showing of
right to such extension. Citing
Hoobler vs. Trcffry (39 U. I). 5C7).
The entryman'a rights to such ex
tension of time Is prima facia,' by
reason of the mere filing of the appli
cation, 'and the !)rden of. proof Is
Gowiiiini'iit Man Will do Agilcul-
tn in I U'mk In Orrgoii.
PORTLAND. Feb. JO Tim Uiiltwl
Status Department of AgrflturO qf-
fored to detail a thoroughly compe
tent man to devoto all hi time to ex
port assistance in agrleultiiglnat
ters In the various Oregpn cfflnlhiinl
ties If they would stand piie-nalf, the
neoeseary expense. Ileoanso of the
necessity of taking Immediate nation.
It. H. Miller, Trstllc Manager or the
O.-W. It. & K. Co- offaryl assufho
tho oxpunae; iiifd ehr&nzy Wllsan ban
stated that tho ulah detailed to Ore
gon would Jtogln his work about July
This will give Oregon tho services
of two mn doing this kind of work.
Tho O.-W. It. & N. Co. jibb nlroady
had Its own oxport In the field for
several weeks Instructing farmers,
fruit growers and gardeners In tho
subject of crop rotation, stock rais
ing and diversified farming. Tho
work of two suoh exports, supple
mented by the operation of demon
stration trains nnd the efforts of the
Oregon Agricultural College, it Is
asserted will result In great und per
manent development of the ngi (cul
tural lutorestM of tho statu.
.Act r&f 'Juno 23, 19J0, providing 'upon contestant to controvert the
Agent for Kplrellu (,'orM'tn.
Ladles or Dond and vicinity will bo
ploased to Ipnrn (fm. (ho, Splrella
Corset Company- has anlngent hejo
now. Anyone desiring to place an
ordor for this mado-to-moitsuro cprsut
should drop a card to Mrs. Hv.'A.
Wlllord, Ilcnd.
Thy Wr Dtttcr nunnrs Thsn
righttrs and DlipUytd Mors Caw
rdlc Thsn tlravry Mirth That
tht Nstlvt Couldn't Apprtelat.
"Tlmnlt you, Agulrrr. but I hnrdly
think I want to see one of your bull
IIkIiIs. I have beard rnuiigti nltout
them to mnkc mn slrk of tho thought."
I hntl Keen every oilier kind ef fight,
from niomiutigpr bojH up to bull immu
iiud bnrrulo. nnd Agnlrru felt that I
wmtltl furvuT regret It If I left Mexico
xvltbutit at lout unco wllniMlug tho
tmllunal npurt.
I reliirtantl.v rouFcnted In nwompnuy
him. nnd nftrr our dinner, lii'tead ef
taklnK llie imumI slestn. wo went to
the rlttK. I Imd often rend the stoiltM
of hiuIi flfthf. and after the erhi of
three Imd been llnl'linl I wondered If
nny wrliw bad ever tUen the trenhle
to demrlbe (be rldlouleui nnd runny
Dtutits Hint crop out during the course
of the IIeIKs.
Tho firm hull that was released went
throiiRh the ordinary cnurno ef Npnuils,
llit corliiK n broken down rneo lwro
which bsd seen mrvlre en umny of the
tracks in the Watt iiihI whi uxrd In
the (mil ring only brrHiie be wa it
tlmrouKhbrisI, llnally the hull was
put to doiith by a Hnli bcHuou the
shuulders, wblih iHirutyxrd bin uplne.
Tho eoud entrant was n Utile bbick
fellow full ef lire, which bad been
wpcclally nled on the big ninth of
Oovernor Tlritaxo lletweeu the turll
i pen i and I lie ring there was u short
alley, Jnt wide eueiigb to allow Urn
hull to get through without rubbing
the hair from their flank, lining
over the heard nlik-li formed the
side of the WMiigeMiy was a Mexl
ran negro, who. when the Utile bull
was shored out of the terll. Jabbed n
(Miheiik "barbo" Into his left sheul
der. which maddened the shImmI to
such an extent that he hardly knew
which way In I urn. so en a or was be to
locate bin enemy.
The crowd at ttiH lime was potng
mad nnd rrom nil pIiIcn ceil Id b heanl
frantic rrle ef "(elanhv lrldi.
puln'fiicrluii" (eiwanl, rotten, n'tleii
mvMi. und 'HI lero e iiiiiitio" tine hull
Is dead i tin the contrary, he was
very milch nllrv and showed It a few
moment biter After he was rbaxtl
Into the torll the torero, wbue name
m AlbertK npiHHtred tM'fure the
ireldoul s uux. n Is Ibe cmtiwi when
a fnlluro In made, to explain lilmelf
nnd ask for another cliinire before he
was rondnnnetl The oiiortunlly wa
glren, und the rmull was only a rcH
tllkiH nt tbe former Mlempl. except
that the hull wn prrietitrd from
tntchlug liltu by heiiier who were arm
! with mug pike nnd prevented the
bciut from simtlng the fence.
Hprliiclng (en or n doten yards
towanl the renter tit the ring, the
trended denture Mopped dlmrt. upread
liW front fret out a far as lie rould
and nuidly iwwed the ground. In his
ibouhler Ibe nltked twrh still ttlrk,
ami to It were tautened a Mg yellow
noette ami m half iIimmi red stream
rr imllliiR the ground.
PreseHlly a vwlunteer noriee terero
tHilltlgbier oo footi Jumted over the
fence on tbe iertli Nile or the ring ami
wlvance'l a few feet toward the (tenant
Imil One Daunt or tbe torero' ml
lHJerN ilwMheri ami I he bull nemtne
a itmmw. Willi bead (town be nutted
nl Ibe nerlre. wIhi menu white liml
tint hl wrie. for he Komi uiwklng
wild ti-ar Hbeu Ife sbiwid have bean
advum-lii.! In iwel ibe miruablng ani
mal When the latter was only twenty
VnnN away Ibe ndtlHtror drimHl the
liaiidrMi niMl iwiwdfl inurili and pill
lor Ibe fence n runt MH lie eollld go
The fenre was alietil four feel high,
sml the torero cleared II In a straight
way dive, '
The poor hull ffirn not o fortunate,
all bough he wn game enough to at
tempt the feme In his load effort to
Mich his tormentor He mmled on
lQ of the hoard ami stuck there,
with, hi hind leg In ilic nlr. until
Jt-.Wa riHiimiit by some Hlleudnula
who ventured (rem tbv oibur skle or
Ibe rlnj?
look n tiMip vt rue out or the antics
nrimr little hero, tbe bull, ami nrax
tm lug a good IhiikIi nil to iiiyotHf while
tliewnob wiih noliig wild Willi dlUKllNt
nl tho liiwnnllee of Albert. when
Agulrre mlrim-d me to Mipprwwi my
mirth or there would he trouble for
bolder it
When onler n-iis .rentnrml ilu, IIHI,.
jihielc Immh ( nluilole. bniwn nnd grit
WHX'firnughi into tlie lileionure ror the
third lime, but It took the efforts pt
two torendfir (liullllKhicr oh bur
hni'lli nnd ii proreioiloniil foot lighter to
bent til m. mid hi defeat wn then dim
only lo the fiict Unit be wiih exIiHUHtijI
Agutrre told me Hint It wus bud
firm In .Mexico in In null nt anything
f.i n ImlllJght but the dentil of Ibe hull,
lint I remarked lo tilm (hut In nil
America he would not Hud n gringo
who would not InHiunlly gnmp the
funny side ef Hut I particular bullllght
ami curry It home ho ilmi others might
lauitb too-ienver llcpuhlbiiii.
The Reluctant fttquctt.
Kdcnr-Ktbel. I've left my uuibrclhi
downtown I.lhi'l-Wein Kdimr-I'm
nfrnld joiill have to lend me the gold
handled fjmhrelln you giive mo on my
LlrilidHy-lMrolt-Iree re(w,
ft A A .
Tommonly wo my a Judgment fall
.'JlfPW ra,,n for "omcthlng In him no
cannot ablde.-Beldcn.
liultml lliethren Ciiilego t I'ltuo
ninth. Ore. under tlato of J mi. 7.
sent this word lo the btuenti nMonlt
-Miss UiMtrney was with its last ivo
iiltig nnd our people were limru tlinn
plensed with hr Iwnire on 'Old
Days In Dixie;' tho)' were delighted."
MPUKANK. Wash.. Feb. l.-Two
futiire greata of the haselHill dla
moml were lnppd tilt Ibe HiKiknito
imvnill yesterday, when Joo Colin
released I Intuition, it promising
outig llrHl ImsHtnaii of Itndmuitd,
Oro.. nnd I ten I nlnli.
I.lhoity Luke.
n M( ''. rr, ,;
Home Pluo Heed. '
II, J. ltitKlootou Iiiih Just recelvi.l
n lino lot (if fluid Hint garden ,. ,tj
In Ihu lot Is sumo of the iiest ,-. I
unts uvni' sttuii lil. us well ns elm,..''
nnd ImiKirlHd nlfalfH. (let y(irj
oiilOf Id uftrly before the supply
ITS I'l w, . .-' m -
llltM), 01(11.
N. W. Schiebcr
& Co.
l'lww I'lirnWiwI on Short
HUN U, 0 It IS U ON.
ash Grocery
Tt a
We Deliver the Goods
liny, 15r!ty, OhU. Whcnt ntul Urait nt lowtmt prlcw.
Tho IjirKowt Imrn In Central Oregon.
Uend, Oregon.
Our special price has brought, us
so much business we will
continue it. We sell
Rough lumber at the mill $ 1 0 M
Rough lumber, delivered $ 1 1 M
You can telephone your orders.
Bend Brick & Lumber Co.
"A LMIc Uctlcr Lumber for a I.IMc Less Aloncy."
end jyachine ,10P
All Kinds of Saw Mill nnd I'nnnluu
We Cnrry n I.nrRe Stock of
Auto Repairs and Supplies
Wall St., next to Opera House
mm , i -!- rjn.f0 ltt mi