The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 14, 1912, Image 4

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tusbuarc palmer pOtnam
MantiRlng Editor.
An liidopemlont newspaper stand
Iiik for the square doni, clean IiiimI-
ncsjf clean politics and tho lest In
terests of Bond and Central Oregon.
One year $1.B0
Six months. . . . SO
Thrco months .. -50
All saMtTrlntCona are duo ana
of ospiratton will ln mailed suhsorl-
hora and ir renewal is not mauo wun
In reasonable tlmo tho paper will bo
Please notify us promptly of any
change of address, or of failure to ro-
cclvo tho paper rofcularly.
Make all checks and orders pay-
alilo to Bond iiuiioun.
I-mMtnt .... - William 11. Tart
Vkr-rrtaWcnl .. Jamtan h"n
tVcttUryorstalr ThlUiKlerCKBO
Btcmaryof TTcaaurr llaakl MacVtash
Stwtary of Interior ...... WalitrL.Kl.her
Scilary of War :;-- -h -, w,",""
Fwittar of Commerce ami Laboe-Cnarlea ijafel
Secretary ol Natj ... - . George Voa U. Meyer
hnlnttln Ceneral . ..Frmrt II. Illtchtock
Attorney Ge.etl C.eortt W. Wtckei.hani
Governor .!i.. ..w..
Secretary of fiute ....-
Trvnrr .-.. . .
...,., O. Wert
BeoW Olrotl
.Thorn n. Kar
Attorney Central .
...A. al.Crawlard
Sum. rubllc Infraction . .-L.R. AHJetnian
Stale rtlnltr . W. . Dunlway
CoomllontrorUborSUtUtlc--.0 1 HoB
Cant Watvlen.. .. -T' V? V?lf
but Knelnoer .. -.-John II. U
I fteorte K. Chamberlain
I Joailhau noutne, Jr.
I W. C llawtey
V. 8. benalora.
A.w. ln.
J ode.
W. L. nr1ht
Kred W. Wilton
. II. C. K1IU
V."tTro Drown
T. ff, Balfonr
..Ralph Jotdan
.J. D. LaFollette
school 9uperintevlenl.r.
Coroner .. .. -
CommUlonCf .....
.Dr. K. O. Ilydf
HreJ . Hire
.. A. roru
I K.H. lUjlry
I lame. tc
CiacciT Ctwar Flrat Monday la May; thin)
Monday In October. ,....
raooita CovnT-Flral Monday In each month.
CoMMiaaioimas CocT Fltat Wednesday
In January. March. May, July. September
and Noreraber.
Bhd Scaooi DlTtCT No. II.
(P.M. Kay
Mlu Marion Vtlnt
.0. C. Co
-ll.C. Wilt
IC. J. Orctturf
II. Wenandy
I S. Laltln
II. K, Allen
S. J. boencr
John Mridt
A L. French
ConncUmen .
nkki snwnrt system.
' llend U crowing rapidly, but in
order for It to become the city which
we all expect and bctlcro it will bo
corno it must hare a sewer systom.
New buildings are being erected
which are equipped with modern
plumbing fixtures which septic tanks
and cesspools will not take care "of so
that the health of the town Is safe.
In the pail there has been no danger,
but with a population Increasing by
leaps and bounds the necessity of a
sower disposal system Is self-evldont
Tho construction of a system here
will be no small undertaking, owing
primarily to tho fact that the river
cannot bo used as a means of dls
iiosal. Tho topography makes that
stream a natural dlsposat outlet, but
other means are possible and tho
sooner tho city gets started on this
project tho Itcttor, It would seem.
To wait until an epidemic has swept
tho town, probably, would be poor
With tho adoption of a charter,
jading of the' city was made possN
!ble and of course tils Is the way the
sewer system will hare to be taken
care of. A bond Issue of, say, $100
ufcO would bo ample and would uot
even now be burdensome. Each
year 1" wo.uld bo less so, the Increaso
' Jn'proprtr valuations gWlnfr a larxr
cas return" and a fuarer rate. The!
Vitonds COUl uo Issued to run for 20
yetI i,T more, at the end of which
period tho town would have grown
to bo u largo city and the bonds could
bo easily paid off.
Tbo City Council has slready
taken preliminary steps In tho mat
ter, having ashed sewer system ex
perts to visit Bond and look over the
situation. Hanty action in a matter
like this, of course, would be unwise,
but fully as unwise a course would
be to retard tbo development of the
town by unnecessary delaying a mat
ter of such vital Importance.
Tho rural free delivery route from
Bend has now beon established for
iwn witeko. and from reliable re-
wjrts which havo reached The Bullo
'tin It would seem that some of the
people of the territory served aro not
taking advantage of tno goou worn
clo Sim is doing for them. The
govornmeut regulations require that
each H. F. 1). patron must provldo n
box In which tho carrier mar Place
his mall, and If such Is not dono mall
Is not loft for that porsou. A num
ber of pcoplo on tho route It Is Bald,
have failed vto put up boxes, this be
ing, ospcolnlly true of nm who llvo
on tho rood to Prlnevlllo. Thoy
havo been recolvlng their mall each
morning from tho star routo carrier,
and as tho It. F. 1). sorvlco Is only
trl-wcokly thoy prefer to ollng to tho
old way of gottlng their mall.
Doubtless they havo forgotten tho
fRCt that lln"Riiverlnonl will dlacon
tlnuo the sorvlco from hero to Powoll
Uutto ou March 1. serving that town
by another routo. Would thoy like
to have to etrtnc to the office at Hend
for their mall, after having received
It at tholr door? To bo suro not,
but that Is what may happen If tho
U. F. D. routo people do not tako ad
vantage of what tho Postoltlco De
partment offers them. Vnolo Sam
has a way6 of refusing to do things
some times ami this Includes tho dis
continuing of, rural free dellvory
routes which are not properly patron
lxed. It thoreforo behooves all thoso
who llvo on tho Bond routo to put
up their boxes and see that their
neighbors who have not dono so get
busy at onco.
Tho three-) ear homestead bill,
which also provides a six months'
leave of absence each year, has pass
ed tho Senate, but seems far from
bocoiulng a law this session. Secre
tary of tho Interior Fisher opposes It.
on the ground that Jt makes It too
oasy for personi to acquire public
land. Tho House public lands com
mittee has been holding hearings but
has not yet reported tho bill to the
Judging from the uumbor of in
quiries which Tho Bulletin Is re
ceiving every week, there nro many
people contemplating coming hero
this year. Every mall brings letters
reading to this effect: "Please seud
me copy of your paper and subscrip
tion rates, as I am coming to Central
Oregon and wish to And out about
tho country."
Den W. Olcott has announced him
self as a candidate for tho Republi
can nomination as Secretary of Stato.
Ho requests that tho following slogan
bo plsced on tho official ballot after
Ms name: "Results talk. My
record Is before you. Believe In tho
Oregon system."
I Heard Here aad There I
Tho following Is what a boy thinks
of an editor:
"I don't know how newspapers
camo to be In the world and I don't
think God knows, for ho ain't gut
nothing to say about them In tho
Bible. I think tho editor Is the
missing link wo read of and stayed
In tho bushes until the flood, and
then came out and wrote things up
and stayed here ever slnco. I don't
think ho ever died, I nover saw a
dead one and nover heard of ono get
ting licked. Our paper Is a mighty
good one; but tho editor goes with
out underclothes all winter, and
don't wear any socks and pa ain't
paid his subscription since tho paper
started. I asked pa if that was why
tho editor had to suck tbo Julco out
of snowballs In winter, and go to
bed when ho had his shirt washed In
"Then pa got mad and took roe
out in the woodshed and licked me
awful hard. If the- editor makes
mistakes, folks say he ought to be
hanged; but If the doctor makes any
mistakes he buries them aud peoplo
dassent say nothing becauso doctors
csn road and write Latin. When
tho editor makes mistakes there is
lawsuits and swearing and a big fuss,
but 1 the doctor makes one there is a
funeral, cut flowers and perfect
alienee. A doctor can use a word a
yard long without him or anyooay
knowing wnat u menun, uui. n ww
editor uses one ho hss to spell It.
"If the doctor goes to see another
man's wlfo ho charges tho man for
the visit; but if the editor should go,
be gets a charge of buckshot. Ajy
collego csn make a dgctr.r to order,
but an editor has lo be born."
(Redmond Spokesman.)
nnrtmnnd can boast of having as
good a collection of ball players liv
ing hero now as any iown in i"
state. There Is "Big" Kd Erlckson,
former crack pitcher of tho pennant
winning Vancouver, B. C, team;
Tamp Osborne, another mound artist
veil known all over this ftuto and
Washington; E. E. Foote, tho big
backstop of tho local team, and a
University player of reputation;
Hamilton, another Unlvorslty player
who Is always thcro with tho goods;
Walter Rodman, who Is a wUard In
tho box, another U man; I. P. Hewitt,
all around player and a U man of
many athletic attainments; and Mc
Cauloy and TtheroV, two good live
nnea who somo day may' break Into
tho league. Besides the abovo there
nro n number of minor playors horo
who go a fast paco on tho diamond.
(Silver UH Leader).
C. 13. BchnlTer, gun man of tlio tlos
ort, was shot nud fatally wounded
last Monday ulght by Deputies 1. D.
Ucodor nud K. 0. Uutck. Hu died at
C:30 a. m. Tuesday. Tho oftllcurs
tired through a window of SchalTor'ri
homestead shack fivo nillos vast of
Fort Rook, where thoy had gono to
sorvo a warrant sworn out by Charles
W. Smith, chiirBtng tho gun man
with assault. Thoy fired after
Schaffer refuted tho third demand
to hold up his hands. Ho had par
leyed with Deputy P. W. Jones for
halt au hour, refusing to surrvudor
peaceably. Mrs. Wilson, Sehaffer's
companion, was trying to hand n
rifle to her eollsaguo whou lteeder
nud Bulck fired.
(The Dalles Optimist.)
John Ooetchen, well known
rancher of the Klugsloy section, re
turned Saturday from a visit to Con
trol Oregon, lio states that there la
no snow In that part oi tho country
and tho roads aro In excellent con
dition. Mr. noetchou patd a visit to
Ucnd and reports everything to bo In
a flourishing condition at tho tormi
na! of the Deschutes and Oregon
Trunk railroads.
(Paloloy Press).
A real oatato deal was put through
this week whurcby tho local Odd
Fellows Hall Association acquired
tltlo to tho two lots ou tho north
cornor of tho Miller addition. Tho
price paid was f00. It is tho In
tention of tho purchasois to oven
tuftlly soil tholr property on Mill
street and oitct a building on their
now site. This will probably bo
dono this year.
(Prtuovtllo Journal.)
Judgo Ellis has mndo nrrnnco
monts to havo tho oftlclnl tlmo sent
tu every day so (nut tho courthoiuo
elock will agree with railroad tlmo.
Tho matter was broached to mana
ger Dooner of tho P. T. & T. Co., and
ho voluntoercd to furnish tho Infor
mation free of chargo to tho county.
(Eugono Iloglator).
A Bend man has applied to tho
forest sorvlco for a permit to graxo
turkeys on tho Deschutes National
Forest. Evon Anthony Comslock
could sco nothing to bo shocked at
In such a "turkoy trot" as this.
It Cauttd ths Wreck, Long 8hroudd
In Myittry, of a Schooner.
The queer accident that havo hap
pened to Malno vecU would Oil a
rotume. and some of them would not
bo believed. An old coaster rnptnln
recalled the mysterious wreck of the
tittle schooner Actlvo In Fox island
thoroughfares soma years ago. It vras
tn tho fall of the year, and tho Acllra
was going through the narrow pas.
tago between the Inland. Sbo carried
only two men. the master, Captain
Ray, and his sixteen-year-old son.
When last seen under sail tho Active
was shipshape, the boy at the wheel
snd his father below taking a nap, as
It was afterward found. Next day tho
Active was found on the rocks, wtlb
her stern stove In, the matter drown
ed in bis bunk and Ibe boy dead at
Ihe wheel with a bullet hole In his
This discovery caused n great -na-tlon.
and thero appcarciTto be no mo
tives for any ono to kill ihe Iwy, and
as It was known that tin shot muxt
)uvt been flrt-d by u third Mrmu. the
whole affair was a mystery and re
mained thus for yearx. when a innn in
a dlxtnnt state conferred on hi death
bed that it was lie who fired tbe chot
Hint killed tho helmsman of tho Ac
tive. The man salt! thst be bad fired at a
hawk, which was circling low. and did
not sco the schooner, which suddenly
rnmo Into range, owing to nn Interven
ing clump of btwhM, Then he was
horrified to set) Ibe boy at tne scnoon-
ers wheel throw up his bnndi nnd fall
to tho deck, -while tho rtiwcl broacbea
to and was, driven ashore by the wind
and tide. Tbe gunner, who was after
gulls and docks, fled without waiting
to Investigate the result ot his unfor
tunate shot, fearing that if be reporter)
the matter to tbe authorities he might,
although Innocent of any criminal In
tent, bo imprisoned. Washington Post.
A Burning Olsis That Adjuats ths
bight to Varying Distances.
One of the manifold wonders of the
human eye is tbo convex lens with
which the focal distances of sight art
made instantly and without mental ef
fort This lens in ths sys is a literal
-burning glass," as the small boy styles
ths glsss lens with which he focuses
iha tun's rav a and sets fire to a piece
of paper. Jut In this sense, too, is the
lens of Ins eye a uierai ourniug i.
as may bo shown by tbo simplest of
Lot tbe pcrnon at midday hold a
straw ngulunt the fnco of tbe sun and
focus hU eyes on tbo straw. Ho can
look at the straw, with its background
of a dazzling sun, mid without dlscom
fort. But tbo momeut bo looks ut the
fiery ball of tbe sun Itself, subcon
sciously the lens of tbo vfo comes to
Its proper focus, with the result that n
"burning" sun spot appears on tbo ro
Una of tbe eye, and It Is said that n
few secouds of such looking would
burn out tbo retina ns If by flro Itself.
lu tbe subconscious ndnptabJJUy of
of Good Cheer to the Economical Buyers.
Tho old world turns 'round on its axis ovory day. So do wo want to turn,
our goods ovcry day. It's tho volumo of business wo figuro on and not tho
profit on ono article. Evor stop to think about it that way? Fresh Goods
1 nnd Honost valuos is what you got at our store, and
W. C.
tbo eye lent lo adapt Knelt to ilirrvrrut
dlitauces Ilea Its value tu the human
sight. The man With a camera adjual
tho focus of hi lenses by sliding them
forward and back. Ttn leitacs of tbe
human eye, by changing their curva
tures, allow of one looking at fine
print six Inrhrs from bis nose and In
a fraction of a second to look up and
sway, probably fifty miles tar a moun
tain, peak Hint in an lustant H lo trur
camera foco. Pittsburgh Prvsav
Ths Hocking of Laks Erla.
Tho S2U nils trough of Uke Brfctles
approximately In tbe direction of Ihe
west to Houlbwrxt wind which prevail
In that part of ff country Tbu Hie
lake offers nn cseellenl opportunity fsf
studying the efr.tta of the wind upoa
a large body of locleHcil water, nnd
very Interesting Iftrne effVet nouie
lluics prove. Ubytsauk- gust product
a rocking motion iiras" grnil blows from
the went or southwrt sweep the liquid
body of Ihe lake eastward sud xouie
tlmes cnuav n rUe eight feet or
more at Buffalo In ttwcutirwe of n few
hours. Aa soon na tbruinxlmuin force
of tbo gale tins patrd the water
Hwlug back. CoiitluJUMl rueklngs nrc
obwred on days wbro tbo streugth of
tbe wind fluctuates.
Diplomat! .
Tommy. If you'll somo wood til
tII you what 111 do."
-WhaCs that, dad r
-I'll let yon bavs tbesiwdut to .
rtrcus with."-Wsstatertni OsrsbL.
Whereas, the. Supremo Uutnr has,
In His Inflnlto wisdom, removed from
our midst our bstoxed brolhar, J. M.
Cook, and;
WhitniM. hand lodro No. 218, Itv
depondent Order of Odd Fellows, haa
by the death of Brother Cook lost a
sincere and loyal member ana tno
city of Bend n honoot ana vatua
cltlion, and;
Whereas, this la Ihe first tlmo. the
Death Angel has entored our lodgo
ranks and robbod us o( a member,
therefore bo it
nesolvod, that, whllo we humbly
submit to Our Heavenly Father, wo
mourn tho loss of Brother Cook,
who has boen taken away from tbo
sorrows and carea of this world, to
..nlnv tfm rnwnrillt nf his labors in
VIIJW .... w - " - -
this world of preparation for hlghor
Ilcsolvod, Furthor, that in honor
For Rent
Folding Card Tables 15c each
Folding Chulr8 BOc per doz,
E. M. Thompson.
4a-.-- ------ --- -
t -r..-, t . - -
Cano Sugar, per 100 lbs. . . .
Eastern Sugar-Cured Hams, per lb.
Sugar-CurodJDacon . . . .
Cooking Apples, per box
Coffee, 3 lbs. the best you over tasted,-5-lb.
tin pure Lard, .
80 ounces K. C. Baking Powder,
Carnation Milk, per can . . .
Pioneer Milk, per can . . . .. t
Mt. Vernon Milk, per can
Yoloban Milk, 3 cans . .
String Beans, 3 cans . . . .
Two and cne-half lb. can Tomatoes
Lye, 3 cans
2 packages Violet Oats
6 Boxos White Tip Matches
1 gallon can Apples . . , .
1 gallon can Tomatoes . v
8 bars Laundry Soap
3 packages pure Pepper
1 gallon Ideal Syrup
Table Peaches, 2 cans
3 packages A. and H. Soda
3 12-ounco Mackerel
low prices on all other staplo and fancy articles.
Wall Street, Bend, Oregon.
of our dopsrted brother tbo charter
Of this lodgo be draped In mourning
for thirty days; that tho sincere sym
pathy of this lodge bo extended to
ths retntlrcn of our brother; thst
copy of tlicsa resolutions bo spread
upon tho minutes of our lodge, a
copy tent to tho family of the de-cosso-C
and a copy printed In The'
Bend Oaffotln.
Deeds Rccsarty Filed With Ihe County
CJsrk at Prlnevlllo.
Lawrcnrw C. Fleming to Ituth It.
bOvurttirf, aiwV.nnH Bee 30-17-13.
Lovi.D. Wliist to John (I. Hhuup It
3, blk 21, Wleatotla. 2Q0.
The Bon Co. to It. E. Warner Its
21 and 22, Dlk 19, Park Add., Bond.
Lytlu Totvuaito Co. to Iva B. West
Bye-Glass Specialist of Port
l.and, Oregon,
And Will Be There From February
13th to February 18th,
I will visit Bend quarterly nnd will guarantee
satisfaction. If ypur eyes trouble you In any way
come and consult me.
Ask to see the OUR OWN F1NOER PIECE
My Charges are Reasonable
Call Me Up and Make an Appointment by 'Phone?
hero's tho proof:
. 19c
17c up
. 25c
. 25c
, 35c
. 25c
. 25c
tract lu l.ytfcr ncrrami, Bend.
Jtldnoy H. Ktrarns to I .a Pint
Townslto Co. nwUnoVi Hcc. 18 and
sUr4 Her. IO-22-10.
Tho Bend Co. lo Mrs. U B. Bur
reft IC R, blk 70, Center Add.. Bend
Fred A. Ilunncll to Elmer Nla
woDgor, part ol sections i and 9 In
township It), rsngo 12.
is. E. Hnntsr Itenlty Co, to C. K
iTmfaorx, Us S. C, 7 and southesat
r& bat of It f, Mk 4, Bond.
Ttta- Band CO. to Thomas M Tom
pre. ft Is, blk It, rrk add., Bend
TBn Bend Cm to tawl 0. Orulw,'
IU IC and 16, Ulfc 31, Center Add.
J. II. Desn to K. It. Post. 0 2 J
font of lots 16 nnd 16. blk IB, Con
tor Add., BoniL (Quitclaim). .
J. I. West to W. II. Nowlon et at,
o It 3, blk 27. Bond.
tr. C. Coo, trustpo. to O. II CalJ
woh, oHnwU and It I. Bee. 19, and
It I, Bee. 30-21-11. ( Irua)
o !.. D. Ulleat to William P, (lloasoiy
ii , iiik is vsicaioria.