The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 10, 1912, Image 8

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Former President of Oregon Trunk
Will Hot in it to Turillc Const
Till Month, Ho Wrlles From
tlie Hast Where He It Now.
The Portland Journal printed tho
following story a few da)s ago about
tho builder of the Oregon Trunk lino
Into Central Oregon:
Will John V. Stevens he tho next
president of tho Great Northern
This question Is suggesting Itself
to n number of persons Intlmntety
' acquainted with the railroad situa
tion of the country.
Event of the past year point to It
as not nt alt unlikely that tho former
president of the Hill lines In Oregon
may l.ecomo head of tho Great North
ern to succeed Iouls W. Hilt, who It
is said has concludod to resign for
tho purpose of devoting his undivided
attention to tho direction of tho de
velopment of tho agricultural Inter
ests along tho Hill lines.
Mr. Stevens resigned from tho
presidency of tho Hill properties In
Oregon shortly after tho completion
of the Oregon Trunk lino Into Madras
last spring.
Itumor I Itcvivcd.
It was rumored at that time
that James J. Hill had suggested to
him the presidency of tho Great
Northern. Mr. Stevens, however, felt
In need of a rest, and decided upon a
trip to Europe for tho summer.
A few days ago the news reached
Portland that Mr. Stevens had or
ganized the John K. Stevens Con
struction Co., a $2,000,000 corpora
tion, with the object of handling
large railroad construction projects,
but Information received here today
is to the effect that while this wus
Mr. Stevens plan it Is possible that
an offer to head tho Great Northern
at this time would receive his con
sideration sinco ho has often ex
ptesscd his liking for the West and
the Pacific Coast.
That tho Great Northern Is plan
ning to pursue a more nggressivo
development policy than ever Is also
said to lie indicated by various re
cent moves 6f J a hie J. Hill, chair
man of the executive board, and It Is
said It would not be surprising to see
him secttre Mr. Stevens to carry out
such plans as he roa have tentatively
la .mind. It was upon Mr. Stevens'
leoommendation, that the Oregon
Trunk was built Into Central Ore ton
and which practically led to the Hlil
Invasion la Oicrou oa a large scale.
About to weeks ago It was re
ported thet reorganisation of the
Great Northern wis planned and that
President Gray was slated (or the
position of vl-e president with con
trol of all i.t the Great Northern
linos west i.i Havre. Mont.
I..nll !, Mad.
Gray den. el this report, stating
that he kaev ef no planned chanties
that would ilfect his position here.
At that tlw i'0 mention was nisde of
President I -out YV. Hill. It Is now
believed, b .never, thtt rumors of
Mr. Hill's inieatlo'i to resign ha1 lie
come ciiiM-tit an I tl'.it M'c wv
rise to Ike belief that a general ro
orsRMlzatli r was planned.
Mr. Stevens figuring on visit
ing the "iut and Portland mi rue
time this hi i nth according to letters
received bmw recently, und It Is con
slderod n .( at all improbable that
this visit will have more slgnlflcancj
than a frlenH cjII.
WASHHiTON. Keprosentatlvo
Ifferty ol (trogon has Introduced an
amendment In the federal constitu
tion to extend the voting privilege to
we m Mi
SonMoi Itourne has Introduce 1 n
b:M ti;itl.iil'.ug tho construction of u
vjhir pj 1 wl bridges through t'."
C-ater latin national park at a cost
not exceeding $012,000. $100,000 to
be Immedlilt'ly avallablo.
SALHM lu an opinion asked for
by attnruei. in llaltor regarding the
mathodj of amending city charters
h tho Initiative. Attorney Gonorul
Oawford lilds that such proiiosed
aiiienduiHiib, must first le submitted
to tho cit,' onunell. If the council
sees fit it may orduln tho law und
further niocecdiiigii under the Initi
ative voul I uot I io uecoBsary. if,
hi wover. Hie council refuses to or
dain the ttt the council must submit
it to a viilu of the people. Hut tho
cl tctiou a which It is voted upon
c aiiot eoioo until 90 days Iium elnp
Hid after tho measure wub Unit sub
mitted to (ho council. MI.SSKI) LOIKJi;.
SALMM John Qulucy Wilson, a
AMllamette villey pioneer of 18.12.
dud lieie in his 8 I til year. He was
ouo-ot the Jew surviving charter
iinjuihoru of the local Order of Odd
Fellows, oiKJUlred lu 18G2. It is
claimed Hi it the lodge novor met
hut "Old 4, I,, was there." Ho was
born duduft. tlie'istttor part of John
died Ht pritCtlt'rtll the BMtlie Age
the noted ex-presldent
Deeds Recently Piled With the County
' Clerk at Prlncvlllc.
John Vesscn to Oregon Inland
Dow Co. sec. 3 K-14-23. $10.
V. II. Stunts et nl to Win. P. Mc
Naught Its 7 and S. blk U, Des
chutes mid., Iloud. SI.
Tho lleud Co. to Thos. Huttou Us
9 nnd 10, blk IS, Center add. Ilend.
V. 1). Nowlon to I,. I). Wlest It 12
blk 6 nnd It If. blk 11 and Its IS and
16 blk 19, Wlcstorla. (Quitclaim.)
Lovl D. Wlest to V. D. Nowlon Its
15 nnd 1G blk IS. Its 1 and 2 blk 32.
It 1 blk 13, It 1 blk 30, Wlestorln.
Lovl D. Wlest to John llecaas It
15 blk 11, Wlcstorla. $10.
8ttvtnton't Nsme.
No modern writer Is better known
by his Initial than Hubert l.ouls Ste
venson, but "II. I. 8." was arrived st
after considerable experiment. Ste
venson's baptismal names were Itobert
Lewis tlntfour. and tho third name
conned the dlilloulty. Until he wns
about fifteen be signed himself "It.
Stevenson" After that he occasional
ly used Stevenson. "It. I- H." In 1SCS
he nsked til mother to address til in as
"Hubert Lewis," but n year or two
Infer, a he expressed It In n letter to
Mr. Hiixter. "after several years of
feeble and Ineffectual endeavor with
regard to my third Initial to thing I
lontbei," he finally abandoned It alto
gether. Stevenson when about eight
een changed the spelling of tils seeoud
nitne from "Lewis" to "lajuls." but
Lewis lie remained at all times in the
mouth of bis family and friends.
Origin of the Most Rote.
The reputed origin of tbe moss rose,
according to the Persian legend. Is so
pretty n tale that It will have a ro
mantic Interest for all who lore that
old world and delightful member of
the grout roue family. It appears that
In the long ago the angel whose task
It was to lend the flowers, wearied
with his lalsirs. fell asleep beneath a
rosebush und on waking, refreshed
with Its perfume nnd the shade It bud
afforded him. bade It ask for any boon
It wished "Give us." sold tbe roses,
"mime further chnrm." Hnd the nngcl.
stooping, picked up some of tbe moss
on which be hnd been lying nnd en
veloped the flowers with it. telling
them that this green covering, being
tbe emblem of modesty and humility,
would make (be moss nc ihe fairest
of Its vlcs nnd Its queeu for all time.
-Pall Mull Gazette.
Quetn Clliabtth's Jttttr.
Pace. Jester lu Queen Klluibetb. was
so bitter lu his retorts on her that he
wns once forbidden her presence
After he hnd Is-en ab-ent for some
time a few of his friends entreated tier
majesty to receive him ls!i-k Into favor,
ciigsclnc for him that he would be
more guarded In future On hi return
however. Pare wns ns Isol as ever.
"Come ou. Pace." sl ihe queen In
a grs'loun liiitBor. "Now we shall hear
of our fuiiits '
"No. ihhiIihii." fuild i'm-f. "I Herer
talk of wiist Is dbH-ii'M-u by all tn
The Plsntt Mercury.
MereHrr Is so i-te ! the ettn that
It at times reeetres nine times ihe
a moo nl of bent reeelved hy itn- earth
It wohW Pe much too run Hi Mercury
to permit life Nt all siiuiiur to what
we have on our own piseet. nnd there
has never been nn.v Ul-s-u-ston regard
tag the holiliablllty of Menury.
The Cotter Glrt't r:om.
Ostrich plumes are as much of a ne
cessity to the liiidon coster gin on her
outings ns nre the iieuri tmttons to
ber musrullne coniKiuloii. and the big
trimmed huts with Mielr drooping
feathers nre familiar in nil gatherings
of Hits class Many of Hit- girl cannot
afford to keep their money (led up lu
useless plumes, and thete thrives n
lirlsk Industry In the hiring of these
feather Tbe loan of n single plume
for u day costs a quarter, or for u dol
lar a gorgeous trto muy be hnd for an
outlug, io lie returned promptly tbe
next morning. Wenlher renditions
cause the terms to fluctuate somewhat,
since u wet or foggy day will take tbe
curl out of the feathers und make re
curling uecessary, for wnieti Arrlei"
has io pay an extra quarter. Loudon
"8tlnt" and "Stunt."
Stint Is a good word a a noun. A
s verb It means something not quite so
pleasing Do not confound It with
stunt, however. A stunt Is something
quite useless. It Is the horseplay of
ibe mountebank and has nothing In
common wltb honest, productive labor
A stint Is tbe warning to tne wise that
something demands io be ncrompllned,
a gond to the laggard thai time Is on
tho wine- Atlantic.
8ht Knew It
"I have decided to quit this company
tonight." snld tbe prims donna as she
Bounced into ihe mutineer's otllco.
"Hul my dear Miss lllvlngton." he
protested, "we have nobody to lake
your place."
"That's why I bnve decided to quit
tonight" Chicago Hucurd Herald.
Larger Coming.
Irish riontmon isurveyinc the solitary
rwult of the dnyi-lt's u folue fish tor
the size nv ut. Tbcmil mn about
three to tbe pound. Ancler-ilardly
that, I should say. Uoatuian-Well.
maybe Ibe other two'd be a bit bigger.
London Punch.
Qmm d.Uns a In nuM.ltliUi
named dr him ndiulicd turn
The publicity which tho recent
Western Governors.' Special, on Us
tour through the Kast, gnvu tho suites
of the Northwest wns the grimiest
ndvortlslng feature ur nttoinptml
In the Interest of this part of the
country, according to those whoso
chief business Is looking after thu
westward movement of people nnd ac
cording to those who made the long
trip. Not only did thu Uustoru news
papers gUo much space to the train.
aovuRNOK wusr and thu orloon
but tho big magntlncs aro featuring
It. For Instance. Leslie's Illustrated
Weekly of Decomber 14 cnrrlod ono
full pago of pictures of tho special,
tho exhibit cars and tho governors.
This pago will do much to help the
great colonlxatlon movement west
ward, nnd lleud nnd Central Oregon
with their vast resources In various
Hues will gain ninny thrifty settlers
as their quota of this emigration.
hat Governor West of Oregon
who made the Journey with the
special, thinks of tho trip Is ex
pressed by him ns follows:
The Western Governors' Special
has piood the greatest ndvortlslng
feature ever attempted In the Inter-,
est of the West. News of Us coming
niintttu in ion mini nun iiiuos-
amis awaited Ht the stopping points
1 Btife JTJ-rjBHeWBt. WRd, sBskW Wl Wli&h sTTfs BBhmA.s&J
ESsHiimHsIussBIBIsIsU JfflSlffi jL Qu H 8 t9 II n!(
to receive us with open arms and to r will see n westward movement
hear of the great resources and i- . such as never was seen iiefore '
Design 03, by Glenn L. Saxton.
taM . tim
Mr cSsfMjs
to ' ---MtJWsM tsMfTTBlT - . '"n"-
k m w a h
m ip . wii h
i'lkspix'iim: uuv phom a piiotoguapii.
If-tfAII-b' M lr-0JUI'b , I ll il
Bid U-Ta I -v-i i-m -- I
I UJT liM' j (3 -012-0' CHAMBCn
fl living noon I I j n'-uAii-b' J
lf-0AI5-0" ? n ! I
I I ! r i i Flo 1 1
I PIAZZA u'.'l'- i-X'
w J
This design combines nu attractive exterior with n practical mid econom
ical Interior arrangement. The reception mom mid living room nre Meiiiriited
Uy a slldlns door. In thn thing room there Is up ubuiidaiicu of good wall
(.pace. While planning to gut the other features many people often forget to
plan places for their finiiltiiie. In tho dining room Is a built lu Nhlcbonrd or
buffet, with four hiiiiiII windows nbovo It. In tho kitchen nru u sink, cup
t'oiirds, molding tabic, Hour bins and other iiccokhoi'Ich. Tho first story Is
finished lu blrcli, left natural lit tho kitchen nnd Mlulneil n soft touu of tobacco
brown In Ilia other rooms. Tho second story Is HiiImIiiiI In plno to paint.
Illrch Hours throtigheut. Width of house, twenty six feet; depth, twenty-eight
feet Cost to build, exclusive of heating und pliiublng, I'-VI.V).
Ity special arrangement with mo tho editor of this paper will furnish ono
set of plans and specifications of design No. 03 for iri,
... .. . .. GLK.NN' II. SAXTON.
slbllllles of (lie Western states,
"The tour of the Western Gover
nors will result In the bringing ithout
of it better umloi Minuting und close
fileudshlp between tho Hunt nnd the
West. The oos of tint Knst were not
only opened to the possibilities of
tho West, but Its people were brought
to ronllxo that our Interest Is their In
terest and Whatever Is dotto to de
velop the West Is bound to redound
to the botuillt of (ho Knst. They
hxtmur cak in iiamimokk, aid.
know that n movement of tho 'land -
less mini' of the Kast to the lIlatllesa
land of the West Is one not only lu
tho Interest of business, but ono
which will innko for government. ,
"When told of the great variety,
of resources of n state llku Oregon
of Its 29.000 siiinre miles of virgin
forest, of water power which mens-
u res twice that of New York. Mas-'
sachusutts and Maine eombliied.of '
Its great variety of grains, grasses
i and vegetables nnd fruits, of Us
mines und fishing, of lis orchards and
hop fields, of Its live stork lndiistr.
and Isst but not least of Its delightful
climate they could hardly bellew
the statements trim. As h result of
tho ,r,,, thousands are .l.eeoiiilng In
tcrosted. and 1 am sure the coo'i ,
Architect. Minneapolis, Minn.
! j
Epics ol th Grtat Cvantt In Our Ns- ,
tlonil History.
We hnvp iniiu.v volume of commeni i
nrntltui odes of iUlte lespeelHble liter
n ry ipiullty, but we look in tt its fur an
epic of the war or Hie llcuiliitlon,
which might till enrh one or in with
the heroic sphlt ti tit I bind us all In
that living union of great hearted hti
mlllty wlili'h Is the supreme national
pride. We look In tutu for tin epic
an the great civil war. with one of the
ureal!'! or nil life's soldiers ns Its
hero, nor do we (Hid litiuiortnllxed In
Arnold those wonderful expeditions
across this continent tho travels of
Lewis and Clark, the settlement of
the forty nlners, the opening up of
Alaska, the reclamation of thu deserts
and the founding of Toms. How other
wise I tin n through poetry are our chil
dren to possess ihe beauty nnd the
glory and the spiritual grandeur of Ihe
tngs figures who founded this marvel
ous union of state, of those heroes
who "highly resolved" and so highly
achieved! It I true Walt Whitman
chanted Ihe song of democrat', but
his chant Is a tmtgnlltrcut prophecy of
nu Ideal-It Is an exhortation, not a
poetic manifestation, The spirit Hist
stroe and Is striving toward n realisa
tion of this democracy I best caught
when exemplified In Ihe lives nnd
deed of the men who llwd nnd fought,
wtm comptered ami died lighting, mov
ed by this spirit. Thl I Hie creative
work of the toet we awiilt Temple
8oo It lu I'tirum.
Whet Dome. Paris. Constantinople and
London Have Qufftrsd.
It Is s dltrtciilt thing In kill s city.
and there nre some well known places
! " Uar mut'n My "I '
" survlie suy number of disasters.
Take Home us s first example. No
,wr than ten limes hai she been
swept by estlleme, Hhe has been
burned twbe nnd starved out on six
occasions, Seven times she has been
besieged or bombarded. Hut she still
flourishes. Perlins that Is wtiy she
Is called the Kternnl City,
Parts lias hnd eight sieges, ten fnm
I no, two plagues and one fire which
devastalist It We make no referencu
to the iiumher of rvvoliitlons, as they
aro too numerous to mention. Hut
Pari still nourishes.
Constantinople tin been burned nut
nine times and has suffered from four
plagues and (he sieges. There nre
' """'i' people who think (hat many of
the sultans bnve Im-vii ns td for thn
city as iiuy pvntUcme. And )et the
, goes ou.
I lastly there Is tbe HnglMh inriniH.
lis. I.oikIoii began ns ii kind of moutli.
In n swamp lu her curly history she
, was sni'krd. Iniruiil mid all her Intinb
! limits billcherisl She tins lieeli divp
mated by plflgne live llines, eiclllslvu
of typhus, rliolers nnd swli maladies.
Hho bus Ihshi iwin- or li Imrtii-it sev
en times. She Is Ihriiltig III spite of
Yet He Loved Ihe Ses.
It Is ssld Ihst UryiiH Wnller Proc
ter. kHowu m Itsrry Corn wall, wlw
wrvte Ike well Khowh sfHi-
lm ilw i s' I'm hi in mm I
I am M I Mould rmr Ur'
was the veiy wnrs f llocs. Wliefi
mm read thai be was mi seMsirk Hull
He ishiUI wsr'i-ly besr the Wflllld of a
lllimsii twice It ls times sptairent thai
tils wife's rtHKluct during his allklln
cihiNI m'sni'l) ttxSf lieeu resseurllig.
As be lay oe the iterk of a channel
Ihhiu rotereil with shawls and n mr
ismllii, she lisd ike pleMslng habit of
humming n strain of bis Jminl sim
song The sx-l who lonsl the sen, but
lou-d i m-. hi ii ill-IHine. had tery
little life Jnl then. Ihji what force bo
IihiI wns usisl In the entreaty:
"Don i, my diHir! Oh, ilou'l."'
Yet no doubt he lined the sea.
Origin of Panlo.
No word has mot til with the times
more Ihuti "panic. ' lxig ago In am
clout Greece It was a mild fcur In
spired by mysterious sights mid sounds
among the mountains nod valleys by
night, which were attributed to the
god I nil. Nowadnjs It tins a by no
means siipeniiiturul slgnltlninre on the
stock exiiinuge. "Panic fear" was tho
original exnrrsston. snd In shortening
It to "panic" we bnve nil really been
as slipshod ns the small b' who rolls
his "comic poM-r- a "comic, miotics,
bury 'Hi years ago would have used
the word for any contagious feeling
that solr.ed Uxm masses of men.
"There are ninny Psiiulcks In Mnn
kind besides merely Hint or lrnr. And
thus Is Itullctuu also Puunlck "Lou
don Mall.
Elsstlo Tims Table.
In early days railway traveling
was a much less formal affair than
now, One night bark In thu sixties,
the giiunl of the Inst train leaving
llnnff was reminded by an Irato pas
senger that It was some minutes past
ihe starting time. "Oh. nye." replied
the man. "but Meesier P. has n dinner
party the ntcht, and I'm Jlst geln him
two or three meenlts' preevllege."
Loudon Chronicle.
His Half.
A wlfo after tho dlvorco snld to ber
"I urn willing in let you hnvo the
baby hnlf of the time."
"flood!" said ho, rubbing his baud
"Yes." sho resumed, "you may have
him nights."
H Objtcttd.
Clergyman-P.lmer, wouldn't you like
in he a minister when you grow upT
Rmall Klmer-No, slrt I dnn't boiler
In working ou Hunday,-Chicago News.
rtsclnl Marks Left by Our Esrly Us-,
plorsrt anil Settlers,
While most of Ihe state of the Mis
sissippi valley, beside countless liv
ers mill hike In nil pints of I he conn
Ity, hour lintliiti mime, lint n small
immlier only of thu towns Hint urn
the work of (ho while until lumi adopt
ed names hummed from the original
owjior of Iho Intnl. Nut mill In ten, It
bus been olnled nut, of the lf0 largo
rllles has till Indian name, nnd nmoiig
those Hint liiivn It Is usually mi ndop
Hon from some neighboring Inko or
siren lit.
Tim early explorers nnd siilllcrs Imvo
left their racial marks, Up Iho Hud
sou ami Mohawk (tin (rail of Iho
Dutchman Is pretty clear. The Prem-li
Influntiro lu northern New York nnd
Vermont nnd along tho line of thu
great lakes Is familiar lu many tinmen.
Mississippi has no "saints" In Us
list, whereas, across tho river. I.ouls.
ana. by nine parishes nnd tunny towns,
rivers and lakes, mrpetllttte thn re
ligious tenuis of ll:i early collier.
Kentucky nnd Tennessee evidence, (ho
ocobulory of the hunter and trapper;
Moiitntm nnd Idaho that of the miner
All the region acquired from Mexico,
iHtrtleiilnrly southern California, main
tains In Us (dare nnms ihe memory of
Us Spanish exploiers mid settlers.
There nru relatively few Indian
unities on the Pacllle const North of
tho Spanish belt cnc and town fre
quently reflect the loyally of early set
tiers to the older state of the l.'tilon.
Pittsburg I'ress.
They Live en Two Qlmple Mtsls of
Dresd and Dattt a Day,
The dally routine of Hu Arab Is aim
plo and well ordered. He Is up with
the daybreak and As soon ns possible
loads his camels; then he ride for
some four or live hours before he ha
his first morning meal; then ha I off
agsln until late In the afternoon, when
n halt I made for thn night. Hupper
usually consist of warm bread, with
nu onion or dates a n relish, Itread
Is prepared In as simple a luannrr n
imsslble While the coarse flour and
water are Isdng kneaded Into dough nl
Inrgo fire Is made, which provide nl
good heap of hot ashes On mrt ofl
(hese Ihe flattened dough Is laid, then
coverrd with the leiuallider of the
In about fifteen minutes the dough
is sulthiently Inked It Is then well
ticnfcu to free It from nshes. bnikeii lu
piece am! dltldcd nlliong thine who
from their bag have contributed the
lllifll. After the evening fes coffee
I made by so mo memls-r of the (wirty
mid. titiriil out Into tiny rups, Ii sol
o liny rups, Ii rmiI
ii to each one "W
the jilnre of bread J
ire many vnrlMlo. 4 J
einnly handed nrounl
Hate oflrn lake II
In Srsbl.v There nre many
mid the comttloti of Hip date does
net differ so very ihiicIi fnun that of
hread. Pat Is lacUnx In Isith. bill
lbl I supplied by the bulier chimoil
Iti skin Iks iMH"iid from n trls
ami sJiaketi or rolled on the grund -Cbk-ago
An Ineenvtnltnt PUno,
laxplt iW llejtr of Dremlen. n brtl
llsut suit istpiilar pi 11. 11 of his day.
was imi aiiiuniuMl lo play lfre th
stitlsu of CoiisiautlmH'le Doing 1 tilth
it. be Immmiil n grand piano fru
oae of Ihe Aualttau sserelartes of tegs
Hon nnd had It set up In s Urge rwep
lluti tsMnn nt Ihe imlace There lie
swslled the i-mnltig of ibe sultan, Mil
when Dial Intelligent monarch lilersl
Ibe rwim lie sisried 1st- k In alarm ami
demanded of hi attendants what tlwl
monster ws slMlnllug there iw Ihree
lows. i:plunstlmis fidloneil, bill were
In nlii, The legs he'd lo be taken off
Hlld Hul Issly of the llislnilllelit Isld
Hat on ihe liner, mid Leopold de Meyer,
squalling eriHM logged 011 II unit, Willi
through hi program as best he could
In Itwt awkward attitude and ullhoiil
sdnls Hut the ceiniiiHIider of Ihe
faithful whs delighted, nnd when tint
hist pli-ee was plnyisl gave the artist
over $.i,0is ns barksheesh,
Too Early,
One raw l'olirunry morning nn In
strticlor lu the t'ulverslty of Michigan
wus culling the roll of 1111 8 o'iio k
tiasi In Kugllsb,
"Mr. Itobbltis." said ho.
Theru was 110 answer.
"Mr. Itutibtn," In 11 slightly louder
Htlll no reply.
"Ah," snld the Instructor, with a
qulvt smile, "come to think of II, it I
rather early for robin."
Tho Instructor was Hie lata Moses
Colt Tyler, who later hecaiiio profes
sor of history nt Cornell, and It shows
til in In Ilia pleasing light of 11 man who
could be lsi)Uhly gay nt n gray and
cheerless hour no small fent, If one
stops (o consider nn Instructor provo
cation lo morning dullness.
Hon Riding In Anoltnt Tlmtt.
Htlrrups were unknown to the nn
rlents. Along Ihe public roads (hero
Were placed stone to enable the horse
men to mount. Htlrrups wero used to
some extent lu tho llfth century, but
wero not common even so Into ns the
twelfth, Horseshoeing Is n very an
cient nrt. It I represented 011 11 coin
if Tnreiitiim of about !I50 11, 0. It I
aiild Hint William (ho Conqueror
brought thn first Iron horsushoo to
lCiiKland.-London Qrnphlc.
Putting It Mildly.
"Tlmt mini seems to bo proud of hts
stupidity," said the Impetuous porson.
"I wouldn't put It (hat way," replied
(ho conservative friend. "I'd merely
suggest that when It crime to n thirst
for wisdom bo's a prohlbltlonUt."-Et.