The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 10, 1912, Image 2

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The Bend Park Company
now has three well equipped offices
in different cities and is planning
to open more. They are widely
distributing information about
Bend. They are going to do all
they can to help build a fine city
here. They want your help and
'cooperation, their interests are
yours and yours are theirs. No
one can possibly make a mistake
investing; at Bend and the present
investors are going to make very
handsome profits in the near
future. Let them tell you why
they have sold 500 lots in less than
two months.
Large lots $100 to $300 on terms
of $10 down and $10 per month.
Bend Park Company
R. G. SHRADER, Local Agent.
800-801 Empire Building, Seattle, Washington, or
BEND PARK COA1PANY Portland Hotel, Portland, Ore.
JiiiIkc Itithlu Mold Ttmt Miimu'U'n
AiKUHU'Ht In Ia i initio Citio
UIvon lllpmlmi I'lltlltw t
llu' Appiiiptlntor Onl).
Mr. Ada It. .Mllllcyin Hit Corns Fur
Fifteen Days Without Fowl.
, Fasting as a means of restor
ing Impaired health Is becoming
rather common over at the county
seat these days. Recently J. II.
Wlndoni ended nn eighteen-day ab
stinence from food, coming out with
his health much improved, he said.
At present Mrs. Ada II. Mllllcau
is undergoing the no-food treatment
and today is the fifteenth that she
has gone without more nourishing
diet than lemonade and water. For
some time she has keen III and con
cerned to try the fast cure In hopes
of getting some relief from suffer
lug.. Mrs. Mlllican has many
friends in Ilond who will wateh the
outeome of this unusual kind of
physical treatment.
Mrs. Mllllcan's sister, Mrs. Kiln
M. liusey, came over from I'rlno
vlllo by stage Monday and will to
morrow offer final proof beforo Mr.
Bills on her homestead claim 35
mllos southeast of Uond.
Prlncvlllo Masons wilt coma hero and
help in the work of organization.
. MADRAS. Iocal Masons aro con
sidering the organization .of a lodge
here In the near future. Tho neces
sary number of memlers required to
obtain a chatter have signed a peti
lion and this will bu forwarded to tho
Grand Lodge at I'ortland for approv
al. With the arrival of the charter It
is probable that a delegation of
IIUTTB. Oro. Kstnbllshment of .1
postoftlce hore Is another murk In th'
progress of northern Lako county.
I and Is a weleomo Innovation to the
people of the Hye tirass Valley south
!of Waaontlre Mountain, who will be
table to net their mall much more
' promptly than heretofore. Joseph
L. Folk has been appointed ot-
1 master. C. T. Hartllng brought a
number of people to this territory In
the sprint of 19 lu and they settled
every available acre that could be
takon up under the ISO and 320-acre
homestead laws. The colony has
1 progressed remarkably well, having
claims now cleared, feneed. home
built and a school established.
OPAL PITY. The busy scenes
, which prevailed here last summer
I when this was the terminus of the
I Oregon Trunk are no more. Since
the line was ox ten tied south there
J has been but little business here, and
iSupt. Itogors of tho O. T. oIohoiI tho
'station January S, making this a turn
I'agency point.
Washington Supreme Court Itulcs
Agnliiot t'nlteil Mute.
OLYMIMA, Wash The State Su
preme Court tins decided that the act
of Congress granting to the statu of
Washington sections lti and 3d In
each township of Federal land for
school puritos became utterly In
I November. 1889, oh the day the state
I was admitted, and that th IJH.oeo
'acre of land In those sect'-un w-tl-h
the government after that lay allow
ed to be settled on and patented be
long" to the state.
The decision was in the ease of
the State vs. K. It. Whitney, a settler
In one of the sections 3,lit Skagit
enmity, permitted to Main title as a
homesteader who was a squat
ter when the land was surveyed by
the United State, In lvOd. If the
Fedora) Supreme Court sustains this
decision, the t'nlted St-itea will be
called on to make compensation to
the state for lands taken up after ud
mission to statuhoo '
Old Capers for Sale.'
Old papers tied up in bundles
mny be hod at The Bulletin office.
Justthe thing to go under your
carpet. tf
Our special price has brought us
so much business we will
continue it. We sell
R.ough lumber at Lhe mill $10 M
Rough lumber, delivered $1 1 M
You can telephone your orders.
Bend Brick & Lumber Co.
"A Little Better Lumber for a Little Less. Money.! , '
Hum Icy lllll Would Permit StuteH to
Make Lieu Select limit.
WASHINGTON, I). C Koallzlug
that Western states can derive no
practical Ixtneflt from school sections
scattered through forest reserves,
Representative Hnwley has intro
duced a bill which permits tho ex
change of theso lands for compact
bodies of equal area, so sltuulcd as to
be of value.
Ills bill provides that whore any
state owns lands wlthUi n national
forest or where Its right of Indemnity
seduction In rospect to school twit Ions
within Biich boiiudurles has not been
fully exercised, tha stute, subject to
the approval of the Secretary of Agri
culture, may exchange sueh lauds for,
or make luilumnlty selections of
other national forest lauds of like
quantity and value to be selected In
njHKOimli))' compact bodies, which
lands shall thereafter be excluded
from national forest for the benefit
of the state.
Notice of Aumiiil Muotln.
The annual meeting of the North
Irrigation Company will bu held at
7:30 p. in. Saturday, Jam 13, In tho
olllco of II. 0. Kills at ilond.
, TlioJarKfst-utiil'bcfct loaf of bread
in tovMi for 0c ut the Star Uukci-y. tf
XAI.KM In n specially eoucunln
opinion by Ohlef Justice Kakltt In (lit
case of Cavities ugultist the 1
Urande Irrigation Co.. thu Chief Jus
tic put another angle mi the opinion
of Judge llurnwtt. declaring In his
specially incur ring opinion that the
efteet of one statement lit the opinion
of Justice Humett la to do away with
rlmrlrtii rights as heretufure teeog
lilted In this state.
In bis oplnnol the Chief Justice
"I concur In the result of this de
cision, but I cannot Klve my conwir
to the follow Ins: statement: 'Prima
rib' uuy use of the water of a uaturrtl
stream for Iwnetlrlal purpose Is free
to him who Iihs an opportunity to
take It without Infringing upon the
property rights of another. "Con
cerning the mere diversion and use
of water there Is no difference be
tween a iiou-rlparlan impropriator
and a riparian user, provided the for
mer has n lawful right of access for
that purponu to stream form which
tho diversion Is made. The essen
tlnl condition of appropriation In the
first place on public lands was thu
consent of aetiuliwconre of the then
riparian owner, thu guneral govern
ment. The reason of tho rule Is not
changed by the fact that tho riparian
owner Is a private person., provided
the appropi lator has his consent, or
what Is equivalent, that the npproprl
otor and tho riparian owner ore thu
same person Thu deduction, then,
Is that If anyone can lawfully gnln ac
cess for that purpose to a non-navigable
stream and water Is there not
subject to use by another such n one
may appropriate It for his own use.'
Itlpnrlnii Mights (So.
"Thu effect of that statement Is to
abolish or do away with riparian
rights as hervtoforo rvcognlied In
this state."
Hy this opinion the Chief Justlco
says absolutely that his Interpreta
tion of tho oplnlnon as written by
Justlco llurnitt and concurred In by
the other three members of tho court
Is to abolish tlptrlan rights.
Should tho case go to a rehearing
and tho takon bo rolteratcd,
It promises to havo a vastly lmor
tunt bearing, especially on the ques
tion of adjudicating water rights.
Tho Itoard of control believes It
will be a decided fsctor In future wa
ter questions coming beforo tho
board Attorneys throughout the
state who hate iweu connected with
litigation and a.lludlcatlon of water
rights have almost universally used
the doctrine of riparian rights as a
t'nder this opinion, arrurdlng to
the Interpretation of Chief Justice
ISakln, only the approprlator has a
legal light to the use of water.
Itarller water cases Jwve brought
out tho fact that the common law
doftrlntN are applicable In this state
only where there Is an apiwrent ne
cessity foe them. The doctrine of
riparian ownership Is a common law
doctrine, and under the Interpreta
tion In the nd'ill)' concurring opin
ion It Is evidently abolished us far
us Oregon Is concerned hy tho major
ity of tho court.
I'urnici-N of Country Wanting Agri
cultural Information.
BT. PAUL Tho demand for agri
cultural Information and addresses
sooms to bo almost unlimited Judg
ing from correspondence reaching
the office of the development com
missioner of the (iroat Northern Hall
way. Mr.. Chamberlain madu ad
dresses on January 'i and 3 at Cod
des, B. I)., two on January 6 at Crook
ston, Minn., anil Is hookod for thu fol
lowing places and dates: South Da
kota Conservation and Development
Congress, Sioux Falls, Jan. D-tl;
South Dakota State Corn Growers
Association, Mitchell, tho Hth; Trl
Statu Grain Growers' Association
meeting at Cargo, the lflth to llith;
Ontario, Gaiiudn, Com Growers' Asso
ciation, two addresses January 31
and February 1; Mld-wlntor Fair and
Agilcultiiral Meeting at Grand Forks,
.,. I)., early In February; Commer
cial Club, m. Cloud, Minn., February
Requests are still coming In nud
he expects to continue this Hue of
of woik' until May 1. Mr. Cliumiior
Isln attributes the Increased Interest
In bettor agriculture very largely to
thu fact that the oommurclnl interests
of the country havd-ut last uwitkeued
to Uh Importance to tlioiu, mid nro
therefore gutting strongly behind tho
Tho profitable marketing by tho
farmer of hlu crops ns well uh tho
growing of profitable, crops Is attract
ing special attention throughout tho
IKMMiilfiituflhrlntriliir. V H t.imt ()fflct
Tltt IMIIrt, okkun, Nnrtmlirf tjlli, itfil,
Nll l licirliy glvm tint (ills M llimy. f
llrnil.ilirsuii. wlio, mi April (Jul, tgni, unit
hoiiftrnWiiity Nil, uV4ifr iiwW.wllnil w,
liwiutiit a hiiilli, tmiK in ""I wllliuiieu
MrllillH,liM lill.l null, nil llilttlll.ill tnliiKlir
niinlnminmnlUm uiiir. tu rlnlillli cUlin In
IlieUiiit Mnv ilf.cillwil.litfni II ' Kill. II
H CoiMtiiluluiitr Hi hU ultlcr, nt Html, llirsuii,
mi llir illi ilv iif Jmmii)'. lull
Clulliisiit iiniiim mwHiimx Units1 Mini.
tMU, Idlil Koiiiicr, V. N lli.ll.nnii nml H. C
llriiklc, nil ul Ilcml, lliriioii.
ifiilMiiil(if llif liiKilor,
V h.'I.kiiiI IJIAte at Tlie lillr,()ifou,
Niitrmlirr IJIh. Ivl I.
Niilln- li lit tby slvf a Hint Wsllf r Itanltli
oflinul, niriein, wlm, en Niimiiiiwr 'ihiivw
liinilf liiimMinei inirr. "" '.'J'i ""S1 '
I n.i,-iM'
Umiir II llsil, WllUmrll MtlMl'iii fi fth.
iiuluoiil liitintliMi In liil. niml iliM.r, I
.UIitlll lUlm t lit IsM't slrttr .iMwtlUl
IhIiiih II l Itlll. P. CmiMlHr. ul In
oiln, nl lUiul Oivkuii. mi III- Mtli tiny f litem
Cltnrlcs lloyd, I'rop,
Vegetables, etc.
Ixr, ivi i
lilt. IVII.
UlllllllMllllll hIIiimwi Jtm
limit, f IKllnw. 0m. Ailmti
VIimImi lk)il mi.l UlulU It l.uir, (
'inn H Itm
llruil, (ilr
C V MUDHIt, Uflllitft.
Rooms for Runt
Confectionery, I'rtilt
Picnic Supplies, Cli'tirn
J. P. Taggarl & CcN
oend iVlac,i5ne Shp
All Kimls of Saw Mill ami I'attiilui:
Wc Carry n I.arnc Slock of
Auto Repairs and Supplies
Wall St., next to Opern House
Madras Flour
Natural Color
The right Color, Flavor and Quality.
Call for It at any store In Bend.
Madras Flour Mills
II. K. DIKTKKL. Proprietor
MnilrnN, Ori'trnn
We Carry a Good Stock of
the Following Lines:
General Hardware
Stoves and Household Sundries
Sporting doods
Automobile Supplies
Doors, Windows and Glass
Paints and Oils
Wagons and Implements
Iron and Metals
Pipe and Fittings
Plumbing Goods
If You CaiVt Find It at the Other
Stores, Try Us.
Bend Hardware Co.
Bend, Oregon.
ii mm i mm rwimngr i !