The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 06, 1911, Image 8

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$2.00 to $18.00
E. M. Thompson
Whore Your Dollar Does Its Duty.
Wall street, Horul, Oregon.
Reports) from Portland mo
Hint the railroad companies
will make no legal light against
the frelKht into reduction
ordered by the Interstate Coin
inerco Commission effective
Jan. 2. 11)12. It is understood
here that new tarilVs are now
being prepared to conform
with the order.
The Cruso
Kero-Vapor Lamp
Burns any grade of Kero
sene oil. Burns only half
the oil of any other lamp.
The cheapest and best.
Be sure and see our line of
Skuse Hardware Company
Our prices are right.
Minneapolis Tlmberman Spends
Thanksgiving Day Looking Over Tim
ber Holdings of Company Says Mill
Will be Uullt as Soon as Possible
Although having property inter
ests in this part of Orogon for the
last thirteen years, A. S. Brooks of
Minneapolis, brother of Dr. D. F.
Brooks of The Bond Co., made his
first trip to Rend last weok. He
spent Thanksgiving day here view-
ing the country, and especially the
timber. R. F. Avorill showed him
The Bend Co.'s sawmill and the
timber adjacent to this town, and
he expressed hirnsolf as much pious
od to find such a fine body of
yellow pine here.
Regarding his trip and the cut
ting of timber, Mr. Brooks said in
an interview:
"This is the first time I have
been on the Pacific Coast, although
. "HaRS? ' I
J lit" mW ,AmI
La Pine, Crook County, Oregon.;
my brother and I have hnd inter
ests here for a number or years,
and personally I am financially sorry
that we did not become interested
"Our interests in the Bond
country are made possible of devel
opment by the entrance of rail com
munication, and we will erect a mill
of at least 100.000 feet daily capa
city within six months if possible.
This capacity will be increased as
the business warrants. The mill
will be located in Bond and all the
business conductod from this place.
The timber to bo cut will be that
of the Scanlon-Gijwon Co. and
Brooks, Roberta & Co."
Mr. Brooks left Friday morning
for Powell River, B. C, to visit the
pulp mill there, of which he is sec-
Scandinavians Believe It It Eatan Evan
In Haavan.
In the nacn-U Uxik of the Sonndl
norlHii" mrk In represented nn the '
principal fowl even In lieiiven. It was j
ilit cliier rioU or the rth In the
twelfth rentury and ulxo ot the Anglo
Saxons at an earlier pertud.
Id I'm nee It wan equuily common,
and Charlemagne kept In his forests
Imtnenxe droe of pis. Late In the
sixteenth century there wax a particu
lar dlxensp wild to tie canned by the
quantity of pork en ten In flungnry,
and even at present the tmrtuirou '
I.ette nro pasHlonntely fund of IL In
the middle or the sixteenth century
Phillip II. when In Ktiglatid generally
dined on bacon, of which he ate so
touch as frequently to make himself
very III.
Ily n singular contradiction the Afrt
run Mohammedans now "believe that
a great enmity exists between hogs
and Christians" (llungo Parki. Many
medical authors bare supposed that
mrk Is particularly unwholesome In
hot countries, hut this requires con fir
mntlon, and It Ih certain that It Is rec
vtnmended by Arabian physicians and
it more generally enten both In Asia
and Africa than Is usually believed.
The North American Indians are
laid to have "n disgust for pork." Do.
bell believes there Is more pork eaten
In China than all the rest of tbe world
put together. Uucklo's "History of
Pleasing Musical Program (liven at
Lara's Store Saturday Afternoon
and V. cnlng Supper to Hinptnvcs
Another evidence of the progres
sive spirit that has put Bend in the
front rank of Central Oregon com
munities was Liru'.M fourth birthday
party and Christmas opening, held
( last Saturday.
1 This year the store was tastefully
decorated with the native intuitu
, nita, the green of the branches be-,
ing set off here and there by red t
Christmas bells. A number of
artificial palms added greatly to the
generally pleasing effect. J
During the afternoon and even-
ing coffee ami sandwiches were
served. Mrs. Lara, assisted by .
several of Iond's matrons and '
mnidens, disonsed the good things
from a booth on the second floor.
By far the most pleasing feature
of the entertainment was the musi
cal program provided by local ,
talent. The orchestra was comiosod i
of Miss Iva West, violin: C. II.;
Hunter, trombone; O. M. (luptil,
mandolin, while Miss Truutner and
Mr. Sawbridge alternated at the
piano. The program was well ,
selected and thoroughly enjoyed, i
Miss Arrie Black won new laurels
by her splendid solo work, and was!
the recipient of much applause, her ,
. ... .... . i
songs being liberally interspersed
among the instrumental numbers.
After closing the store in the
evening, the firm was the host at a
little supper for its employes and
the other friends who assisted dur
ing the opening. Covers were laid
for eighteen atCorkett's Restaurant,
and the little gathering mnde a
happy ending for a most pleasant
A Snap
On Business Property. BEST
Because their location is ASSURED.
Thoso bargains consist of 1 9 lots across tho street from
tho depot and on Greenwood and Fir Stroots. Tho first
five will bo sold at a greatly reduced prico, for wo
want to soil them quickly. Wo also have a fow
Adjoining Bond which aro still unsold. Thoy havo a
perfect water right and water is delivered to each and
every fivc-acro tract SOLD ON EASY TERMS.
Do You Wish a Choice Rcsidonco Lot? If so, call on us,
for wo havo some of tho best buys in that class of
property in tho city. Let us show you a big bargain.
If you aro looking for on Irrigated Farm, you should
call and seo our list. It costs nothing to investigate and
wo aro suro you will agrco with us that wo havo somo
ot tho Best buys to be found in tho country.
Our nino years' experienco in this country gives us bet
ter advantago to securo for you tho best location of a
320-acrc homestead of any firm in tho county. Our
prices aro right and tho location is guaranteed.
Insurance Stenographic and Notary Work a specialty.
Call on or writo
Oregon Investment Co.
East sido of Wall St.,
Between Oregon and Greenwood Sts., Bend, Oro.
Phono 1. P. O. Box 49. All communications promptly answered.
Those desiring a loan for building
purposes through the Pacific Build
ing & Loan Association, call on
James Ryan.
spent r
The Tired
DRILLING FOR VVAIU.R. ment for rheunmtlstn. Mm. Hassel- to $'j:i.t: which will b
berg has been confined to her bed , fitting up a Christmas tree.
ror several months wltli but little, , , --
holies for her recovery, but as a last ' ""VIJont .ou get that long
resort she has been taken to that bair cut7 Innos & Davidson do the
place. ' best burlier work in town.
The pie social at the Pinchurnt
schoolhouse last night was u great) American Ilokery bread and pastry
success. The sale of pies amounted for sale at The Pnltn. 3(Hf '
MsVsshHBmu 2t-
L 1 1
Tutnalo Farmer Trylnz to
Artesian Flow.
TUMAIX), Nov. 30 George Camp
bell has returned to his homestead
near Tumalo. He reports things
dull in the way of labor at Grants
Pass and wages low.
George HigginBon Is busy with
the well drill on his place and luu
hopes of getting artesian water.
Kills Kdgington has gone to Hood
River on n visit.
Mrs. Lou Pulliam is also having a
well drilled on her place.
Mr. ami Mrs. John McKinnoy
were doing business at Bend cs
tertlay. Mr. Hanaolborg has taken Mrs.
Hnssolborg to the Hot Luke Sani
tarium at Granil Ronde for treui-
!MMitmrntirth iMlnkrf, t' H MriI Oilier al
The Ilatlta. irttfuM, NuwhiIt avth iv
NiMlcc liheiilir kivh thai IMU l Unary .f
llrliil Ofguu, wlu, oo April ijfd iiu inailr
lllf.lfTclllry Nil u4 tot tli Mrtllllll jo
lown.liii kMlh rauiir id .! Willmurllr
McidIUh. ti tllr.1 Mwdi-r u( IHltull-'ii ., tmWr
Anal ninimulatluli I), r4i,llll (Ullll !
ilhfUlMl aliuvc ilfll-rt W for r II 1 III, f
H Commluliincr ! Ii. ulficr, t Itrli't inrKUii
on llir iMti ilv r.f Jinutiy. ivii
eUlmHl wllHf-" (Scrnxr MIDI
'cmi. I'M KutifH-r, I' N IRIDIUM mol U I
llrnktc. all at I if ml. orrynn.
yft C W MOOHII HrKOltr
The Original
ThouKlitfulnes of otla-rs Is tho key
note of ClirlHtmaH. "As ye do It unto
tho IcnMt of these," said the Founder
ot ttio day.
Hnvo YOU tlioiifilit of the TIRED i
SHOPGIRLS? As you treat them you
nro treutliiK Him. Lot that sink homo.
Tho sreuteot kindness you can do these
girls Is to SHOP EARLY.
If tho majority of people would d
that tho girls could enjoy their Christ
mas. too, for they would not bo TIRED
TO DEATH by working nt n, KILL
ING PACE till midnight on Christmas
at tho
Seward &
Bend, Oregon
3 1 VmmmUiWiimjmiiwM
A iiimfe tni ajiuUa loonutioa
about Uaalinf, katcSIa( l,Ui
lil,'. I'sulur llook-i Cialavl,
TU Qua. H, Ittf C , Saaria
iiliaf aod houilag poultry u
hum 111 in uun KUion a
lissssssssM S JEgrff Jy-gX
With Patent
Will Heat
Your Home
On Two
thirds the
Wood Other
Heaters Use
They cost no more than others.
So why not buy a COLE'S?
Bend Hardware Co.
Sole Agents
. ..Jar .