The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 21, 1911, Image 5

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Keep Cool
Pr6lty hard to do it these hot days.
shirt, a pair
a lot by getting
underwear, a mm, so
But you can help
of our "Porosknit"
of tan low shoes, and a straw hat will make a man a deal more
The ladies are always dressed cooler than the men. They know
how. Muslin underwear, thin skirts and white waists do the trick for them.
We can't live but once so why not be as comfortable as we can while we do live.
"Keep Cool"
"l'omsknil" Underwent, .shirts (ilul drawers Crt
ench JUt
... $1.00
Union Suits, each
Mi'ivcri.i'd Lisle Union Suits
$.'l.()0 to
Thin Soft Shirts W cunts
Tan Low Shoes, pur pair, from
$1.00 to
Straw Ilat.s, line line to choose from,
H5c to
"Keep Cool"
Muslin Underwear from '25c CLO fcO
Skirts, a large line, from tf A (f
SO.op to M HfJJ
Waists, all new and thu latest styles, (: C
fromSl.oOto PJsjSJ
White and CJruy Oxfords, special at 1 Cffc
per pair . .." P 3J
Tan and hlack Oxfords, high quality, tc fjA
per pair, from 8:1.00 to &D.JJ
WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED an entirely new line of COLLARS, BER
THAS, and LADIES' NECKWEAR from Portland. These goods are all
STRICTLY UP-TO-THE-MINUTE. Better come in and see the line at once.
Dr. U. C. IV returned Thursday
night from Portland.
J. Ryan loft this motnlng
InwiniMU trip t Seattle.
George Vundevcrt arrived tho
last of thu week from Salem.
' Mm. J. I-'. William and daughter
.loft yesterday morning for I'ortlund
on a visit.
L. F. Wakefield, a loading cltixun
of descent, was a llunil visitor the
(lilMl wnok.
Grovor II. CaldwoJI Inn gonu up
to La Pino to nHiii thu Miiininur on
IiIm homestead.
The Hand gavu a roncurt Hunduy
afternoon from the piazza of thu
Pilot liiilto Inn.
J. A. Hazuka has moved his
family out on his homestead in
Whitakor Valley.
Mm. Robert Tyler came in from
Mllllcan Sunday to sjicnd a few
weeks with her husband.
, C. It. Stearns and F. S. Stanley
arrived Sunday from Portland,
registering at Hotel Hend.
Mr. ami Mm. I. M. Tozler are
spending a few days in Hend, having
como In Saturday from their Mllll
can homestead.
Mm. Elsto Riley, who went to
'Portland a fuw weekH ago to receive
treuttnent for cancer of thu face, la
now at Amity, Orc-Kon.
H. I). Ford hiw traded his lota in
Park Addition for the Thomas Trip
lott residence on Ohio atreet and
will move Into It in a fow days.
Work Is now under waa on tho
mill building of tho Bond Milling &
Ware! ouso Company on tho rlvor tl o light and power houso.
Miss Margaret Wiest left Thurs
day for Hood River to Kend part
of the summer visiting at the homes
of E. F. Hutten and P. L. Tompkins.
"C.'H. and J. M. Hunter, of Mon
roe, Wnih., have come to Hend.
Roth are oxMrloncvd slun-palntors.
C. II. Hunter will play with the
The Odd Fellows Monday night
oxlundod a vote of thanks to all
who assisted them in thu hurial of
their follow mombor, J. Anthony
Joe McKay, brother of Clyde Mc
Kay, who has siont several summers
here, arrived Sunday, and Is em
ployed at thu Head Commny's
lumber mill.
Mm. Herbert K. Allen returned i
Saturday night from a months visit
In Portland. Miss Margurite Peer
ing came in with her for a visit of
a few weeks.
Tho Common Council was In ses
sion Inst nlnht going over tho city
charter. Tho work was not com
pleted and another meeting will bo
held tonight.
W. It. Wilkinson loft for Califor
nia Monday. This morning Sheriff
Balfour stated that no one had been
appointed to fill Wilkinson's place
as deputy sheriff.
Miss Dorothy Dickinson and
brother John came In Saturday
afternoon from tholr Whitaker
homostead, returning Monday. Thoy
attended the dance Saturday oven
ing. Ituv. W. L. Wilson will give a
lecture1 in thu church next Tuesduy
evening at 8 o'clock. Ho will soak
on fraternnllsm under tho nua decs
of tho Modern Woodmen of Amoiv
lea lodge.
Fur Sale.
Foil Sale lfiO acres of deeded
land on Tumalo Creek, with water
ris:ht. Level and free from stone.
Also Menu property lor sale or
trade. Inquire A-30, Bulletin. 15-lSp
Pics Fob Sale A few pure breed
Durocs and Ayrshlres, of both sexes.
Lee Davenport, Powell Dutte, Ore
gon. ICtf
For Sale We have on hand
quite a lot of baled rye hay for sale,
also n small quantity of grain hay.
Can furnish good quality of Ice in
any quantity to suit. Call at the
Star Jtanch; G. W. Wimer & Sons,
Tumalo, Ore. 1-ltf.
Foil SaleOi: TnADE Firstclass
No. 3 Faultless Stump Puller, with
cable, for sale or trade for stock
Daniel Liddcll, Wilson Ranch,
Powoll Butt0, Ore. Address Prine-
ville, Ore. 14 tf
Saturday night the Hend Baseball Sunday will mark the twentieth Fo SAl.K-Busi.iess lot, good lo
Tenm will give a dance at Linster's anniversary of the entry of C. .V.1 ,.? ?n i.,pim !. i. a.ik
Hull i i .iv.uviinii ,l,..f ..,.,.. r'l!.... :..... . i... ...!:... .. i ,.. ..,.."" "" ...-......,
....... .v .-! i.ivnwi v.n.k aii.uij v iiiil- iii n. tin- iimiiauy mm in m linn m
I.. I I .1. . m . .-'-- ...--
tie prosuiu, na morning no win preacn Irom the
In It. They were too young to take
away then but later will be and an
effort made by several Hend people
to make domestic pets of them.
The library has received the fol
lowing pay shelf books: "The
Prodigal Judge," Kcster; The
Fluto of the Gods," Ilyan; "Corn
' pcnsatlon," Warwick; "The Iind
.Clalmem," Wilson; "The Vfslonlng,"
Goskcll; "The Married MIm Worth,"
Hale; "Keeping up With Lizzie,"
Hachcller; "Members of the Family,"
Wlster; "The Long Itoll," Johnson;
"The Story Girl," Montgomery.
KATI'.S: I'ive centt line (or tint In
Krtioti lit (hit column, four centt line
(or etch tulMequent intertlon. Count
tix Horilt tu n line.
Found Sizzling Ice
Patterson's fountain.
cold soda at
For Sale Furniture, etc., lib
rary table, dresser, chain, heating
stove, tnatrcsscs, blankets, crosscut
saw, kitchen cabinet, 7fi ft Inch
new rope, cooking utencils, etc,
Also good set double harness. In
quire at first house ndrth of school
house. 15tf
Fort Sale Team of good horses,
wagon and harness. Address A-24
care Hullctln or Inquire at this
office. 12tf
Fort Sale. Cheap, most com
plete 20,000 capacity sawmill In
Crook county. Machinery all new.
Reason for selling, timber all cut
out. Write or enquire at Bulletin
ofTlcc. 7-tf
TuoKOUGJinrtEO Scotch Collie
puppies for sale. Inquire of G. W.
Shrlner, second floor Chapman
building, Hend. 12tf
Rubber Stamp Dates and Ink
pads for sale at Bulletin office, tf
For Sale Relinquishment of 40
Found Good hot or cold baths acres, nctf of the bw'a, 27-10-12.
at Innes frDavidson's barber shop.
Found Bunch of nine keys.
Owner can have same by proving
property and paying for this ad. at
Bulletin office. - 14tf
For Kent.
Fort Rent New four room
house. Inquire Joe Innes, Barber
Shop. 15tf
For Rent Two rooms over R.
M. Smith Clothing Co.'s store. See
R. M. Smith. 12tf
For Rent Five room house with
barn, in Lytic. See F. H. May. 12tf
For Rent or Sale. Eighty acres
of Irrigated land 14 miles east of
Bend. Forty-five acres in cultiva
tion. Fifteen acres In clover.
Terms to suit purchaser. Phone
M. L. Pyutt. tf
! Wanted To buy 20 hons. R.
A. Puett.
j List your proporty with the Home
seeker's Land Co., Wall Street.
' Bond, Ore. tf
i Wanted 6 acres In cultivation
' under ditch close to Bend. Kay
McKay. 13tf
1 Wanted Tree to pull. Have
fimt class outfit. See Liddcll on
i the Wilson ranch, Powell Butte.
i Address, Prineville, Orp.
Final proof to be made Nov. 25.
1012. Price, $1,600 cash or Bend
city property. Address, C. H.
Shields, 4916 8th Ave., Seattle,
Wash. 12tf
For Sale Gasoline at $4.50 a
case at Crescent. E. G. Rourk. 13-15
For Sale Two-section GO-tooth
adjustable harrow, cheap. L. A.
W. Nixon. 13tf
For Sale Or Trade A Day
bicycle, In good condition, for good
saddle, rifle or cash. Inquire of H.
J. Egglcston. 15-lGp
For Sale Rhode Island Red
eggs for setting, $1 for 15 eggs.
L. A. W. Nixon. 13-lGp
Rye hay for sale will sell cheap
for cash,. Ed. Halvorson. 4tf
Sold By Millard Triplctt, lin
oleums, carpets and rugs and all
kinds of good furniture.
Lost The pleasure of a good
shave by not going to Innes &
Davidson's barber shop.
Prinevillo twople vi)l
tin omnia inu luiiui iuy s inc same iu.i ne used a score or years
county seat nine here. ago. In the evening he will give a
Tho Juno number of tho Chamber sermon lecture on tho experiecus of
of Commerce Bulletin of Portland a preacher.
I For Sale SIngor sewing ma
chine, late model. Inquire of Mrs.
J. H. Wenundy. ' 14-19p'
M. J. Morrison can locaUu'ou.-on
320 acre homesteads. tf
Meet Me At Patterson's Foun
tain and have a refreshing drink of
soda or plate of Ice cream.
Get Your Lumber from the Pine
Forest Lumber Co. House lath and
irrigation lath a specialty. tf
Four to fifty miles per hour. "On
the High." can be made with an
"Oakland." F. F. Smith. Agt. Gtf
You Want The Best furniture
of course. Then buy of Millard
If you contemplate the purchase
of an automobile, investigate the
"Oakland" line. F. F. Smith, local
Agent. 6-tf
Eastman Kodaks sold in Bend by
Patterson's Drug State.
The Bulletin has just Installed
a full line of new type specially de
signed for high grade visiting and
business card work. ' tf
The Place To Get a dandy hair
cut is at Innes & Davidson's.
Tho "Oakland" Automobiles are
made In sev?n different styles of
bodies, 30 and 40 horse" power.
Quick, deliveries. F.. F. Smith,
Agent. 6-tf
IcdiUelivercU livery Dy.
Call phone 18 and theWenandy
Kvery Co. will deliver ygu Iccvery
morning at 9 o'clock. '' 15tf
is devoted entirely to Central Ore
gon nrticlos. Tho first of tlioM,
"Central Oregon, Past and Present,"
is writtun by G. P. Putnam of Bend.
W. It. Wilkinson. Elmer Merrill.
Creed Triplett and C. D. Brown
The "Little Workers" mot this
afternoon with Mm. Shrinor and
Mm. Mcintosh. On Saturday even
ing the little folks, with their par
ents, will bo entertained at the
home of Mm. Mcintosh and Mrs.
left Monday afternoon for California Shriner. Their next regular meet
by auto, Near I .a Pine an axle of ing will be held July fit It.
the machine waa broken and thoy
were delayed until repairs could bo
Frank Horslcy. Clyde Halladay,
O. A. Felhter and W. Robertson,
editor of pie Yakima Daily Repub
lic, composed a party of North
Yakima men who were here the past
week taking a look at the Central
Oregon country.
L. C. Young, who has 1U0 acres
of ditch and 160 acres of t)ry land,
5 miles east of town, reports his crop
In excellent condition. Mr. Young
says a great advantage this year has
over previous seasons is the ease of
securing labor.
This la a good tlmtf of year
to have your piano tuned and
tho tone regulated. All work
guaranteed, Sixteen years
Bend, Oregon.
Postmaster F. O. Minor, returned
Monday night from Portland where
he had been attending the sessions
of the Grand Lodge of Masons of
Oregon as delegate from the Bend
lodge. Crook county was honored
by the election of P. M. Baldwin of
Prineville as grand master.
Under the firm name of Staats &
Jones, Sylvestor Staats and Evert S.
Jones have opened law offices in the
front room of Hunter & Staats'
office on Wall Street. Mr. Staats
has juat graduated from Willamette
University. Mr. Jones la u gradu
ate of the Portland Law School.
Honkle & Ford have purchased
the garage business of Merrill &
Wilkinson and will continue it in
the some quartern, Thoy have also
leased property on Wall street next
to tho Rowlee building and may
erect a garage building there. Tho
firm now has a temporary ollice
where Merrill & Wilkinson formerly
Albert It. Torrls, forest rancer.
with headquarters at Cliff, Ore., I
was in Bend for a few days the pastJ
weok, leaving Tuesday. He re
ported finding near Sand Springs!
the den of a cougar with four cuba
Large Pies 15 cts each
Doughnuts and Cinnamon Rolls 15 cts Doz.
Cookies 10 cts Doz.
Cakes 10 cts to 35 cts each
Our Prices are tho Cheapest in town and Our Goods the Best.
Meals Served at Regular Hours. Furnished Rooms.
The Pioneer Wood Yard
Has on hand line dry 10-inch mill wood (al
ready split for the stove), at $3.50 per cord,
delivered. Also dry hloek wood at $4.50 per
cord delivered. Leave orders or telephone
O'Domiell Bros. Market.
W. P. DOWNING, Proftfietor.