The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 19, 1911, Image 7

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-r j .
it A 1'uvtl Inn return! to Bnd
1 from San Joe, Calif irnin.
W T. Cowan of Smkum a ear-
S renter, has come to Hen. I to make
his residence. i
The Whatsoever will hold n food
rale at O'Dur.nell's Meat Market
this Saturday.
V I). Harris left Friday for his
homestead In I.nke county, taking a
I big load of supplies.
Mr. John Sllvortooth was the !
winner of the VmUm lot rallied
loir la it week by J. S. Parmlnter.
iiiu irunvoi uie navies nuiiiiing, oi tne use oiuo'-powuer ex.inguun
Yesterday Mrs. F. 0. Minor en-'on Wall Street has been much linger. A laree crowd orathored and'
itertalned the Iiridge Club in honor
lot Mrs. C.
A. Jones an.l Mrs.Ceorge
Henkle & Fori, the loca'ors. have
(moved their ollice into the build-
ling next to fie pnto!llw on Oregon
1 fy
the cold storage, and
hnuled to Bend and placed in our cold storago without being allowed
to vary one degreo In tcmporatuio. Any export chemist will tell you
thnt this is tho only way to keep beer RIGHT. And that's the way
you want it, of course. If our schooners aren't large enough, we'll
put a handle on a keg for you. Yours to pleoso,
The Sllvertooth
Family Liquor Store. Corner Bond and Oregon Sts.'
' i
n I I r........ ..t c,...i.. i.... i. . ...
i it. ,u iuVZl ... I "' ,, ,KT
to tutor up howid i thU
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Kggloston
spent Sunday at the home of Charles
Wiiuer, near I-iliIlaw. driving out
In a Iteo car.
Ijist weuk the April issue of the
First National Bank of Bend Bank
New;s apiteareil. it is a narticulurlv
interesting number.
Klward MctJulre. a homesteader
tailoring shop in the o'tllce formerlv
r,M il ntr nunr I nl.l u. I. o ........ ...I
occupied by Henkle & Ford.
,r, , . , .,
proved in appearance by Uie apnli-
cation of a coat of green paint.
F. M. Blaisdcll of Olney. Ore.,
arrived Saturday. Mr. BIiiI-mIoII is
putting a.crew of men at work
fencing his irrigated "0" two mil. i
cast of town, and clearing the land,
'FHE most refreshing
drink, the best of
all spring tonics and
the purest beer age
obtainublc, Is
The Sllvertooth Saloon
is the bent place in
Central Oregon to buy
beer. Our -private
cold storage plant, soon
to be erected in Bend,
will give us every facil
ity for properly hand
ling beer. At Port
land Uie boor will be
loaded Into refriger
ator cars direct from
I Joe Howard of Lower Bridge has
i been nppolntcd deputy county as
sessor to ussoss the towtiH of H'.Tld,
tl'rincvlllu, Mini run, llcdmond, etc.
A. H. Mendenhull of I'omuroy,
'Wash., who lioiifcht land hero suvernl
yearn nito, has coiiio to Hend to
niHitid tin) Huminer und prove up on
hi holding.
tfuv. J. Anthony Mitchell hns!
loilned some college song books
which he asks
tho horrowers to
kindly leave at
the First Nutlonal
Hank at once
, John Sllvertooth states that the
Sllvertooth Saloon will construct and
oerato at Hend a cold storage plant
with which probably will be con
nected bottling works.
Last Sunday evening tho Y. I'. S.
C. K. gave a Hpeclal musical pro
gram at the Baptist church- In
the morning the Sunday school sang
a number of special Kastor songs.
V. I. Smith, a homesteader who
ha Ir'oii working In Bond, was
joined by hit wife last woek. and
lhy expect to go out to their home
In Whltaker Valley In a short time.
11. C. Muhs and sister, Mis Ito
ImtIii Muhs, were in Hend Sunday
night from their homestead claims
In Whltaker Vulley. It was Miss
Muhs' first visit to town in six
A Winton Six auto has just been
purchased by Stewart, Itichards &
Steele, locator, with whom Is as
sociated J. A. Kites, making two
cars which they now have in thwir
There will Iw two services next
Sunday at the Baptist church, con
ducted by Itev. C. M. Cllne. In the
morning he will preach on "Hook
of Hooks," and in the evening on
The Sermon I Got From n Lay
Dr. Todd. Vi-...l'ril1l..nt of U'il.
I Inmate University, proached last
1 nlK'tt anil will preach tonight at the
'church at 7:H0. Dr. Todd Is an ex-
coptional fine speaker, and everyone
should lx? out to hear him. Stocial
music will Im furnished
lfyi want something good at
moderate prices in the furniture
line look over MIHnrd Triplett's
l stock. Something new in quartered
look Im.iI steHils, Indies dre-wing tablet,
jmahogauy rockers, blrds-oye maple
f driwors and Vienna metal chairs.
i J. N. Soper of KiNitenai, Idaho,
IIihs Ik-oii spending several days in
-"Hend and vicinity looking for a
locution. He says he is so well
lIwl wit'' Antral Oregon thnt lie'
J1' ,i'tu"V ' r,tvn?'-,n VVi
iiiiiui iih iiwiim nam II Ti iiriinr iiib
,. : i. i ""stocx oi turniture in nts store now
iniiiii) w ik-ihi.
Postmaster and Mrs. V. Schreder
of Boyalt and daughter, Miss Mary
Schroder, were In Bend bust week.
guests at the home of Kalph
SKjncer, where Emily Schreder has
been living during the winter. Mian .
I Qjtliritiiitr rfitiwk tti kitMwItiltt t nt.
tn.t -tV VUIIIV IAJin,ilUI V UW- '
tend the Teachers' Institute.
, " . I: Fre'' "Presenting the
iiiuuiii-ni nnuui r.iiiiKUi!tiil.T VAI.
f J'nrJIwMl. pve a demonstration I
inun-iay niglit on wall street In
iroiu 01 me u.mmercai liud rooms,
saw a roaring fire nut out in a few
Harry J. Douglas of Detroit,
Michigan, a friend of A. 0. Hunter,
came into Bend with the latter last
week, leaving yesterday. Mr. Doug-
las was so enthusiastic over Bend
that he purchased $ 1000 worth of
city proerty while here, ami in
, June wi'l return, probably to nuikv
jjond his home.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Shireman vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Knott Sun
day, at their home live miles south
east of Bend. On the tables at din
ner Mrs. Knott had several vege
tables which were grown this spring
on the Knott ranch. This is the
first report of home-grown delica
cies being served in or near Bend
this spring.
For Snle and Want Ads.
i . fc
For a sevejre cold 'take Patterson's
Cold Tablets.-
M. J. Morrison can locate you on
820 acre homesteads. tf
For a severe cough take Patter
son's White Pine and Tar.
Rye hay for sale will sell cheap
for cash. Ed. Halvorson. 4tf
Photo mailers, largo and small,
for sale at The Bullotin office.
Threo glass countor cases for sale
at Tho Patterson Drug Store, tf
Best Koullel & Esser blue print
paper for sale at Bulletin office.
H. E. Turpin is tho Bend agent
for tho Buckley Express Co. 2-3
Peanut Butter Kisses nt Tho Pat
terson Drug Store this week, 2tf
Send us your orders for heavy
timber and ship-lap. Bend Lumber
"Co. '.. - 43tf
Txy The Bulletin job piintcry. ..
Buy your fishing tackle at Pat
torson's Drug Store and got the
I-o wney's Candles, fresh and de
licious, ut The I'atterson Drug
Store. atf
List your property with the Home
seeker's Land Co., Wall Street,
Hend, Ore, tf
See the II. M. & W. Co. for
j threshers, engines, steam
plows, etc. tf
The Peerless Pressing Parlors are
now at The Toggery on Ore
gon Street. R2tf
Found Pair gold rimmed sj ec
tacles in black caw. Apply ut Bui
letln office.
FltKK Lots of dry planer shavings
to bed your horses with, at the Hend
Lumber Co.'s mill. 4'M
Foil Sai.k. Barred Hock eggs for
hatching. $; per setting. Mrs
E. W. lUehardmn. 61 -if
Foil ItKNT Furnished house,
barn, chicken coop and garden, all
enclosed. CJko. BATKH. fitf
(Jet out that old spring suit ami
we will make it look like new.
Peerless Pressing Parlors. Wit
Victor double face records, 1 est
talent in the world, two selections
"Gets at Patterson Drug Store.
WaSTKD. Hoy It to lti years old
on small ranch. Work light and
ploawtnt. Enquire at Hulletin office.
Tlie Bond Hulletin has for wile the
IkmI quality blue print paper; light
and heavy weight, and duplex
paper. tf
Foil Sai.K 12 horse-power up
right holler steam engine in first
class condition. Stevens & Hen
dricks, tf
If you contemplate the purchate
of an automobile, investigate the
"Oakland" line. F. F. Smith, local
Agent. G-tf
Wantbd Relinquishment in the
vicinity of Hend. State location
ami price. AddrwM Vf4, care Hend
Hulletin. 4-1)
rOlt SAI.K Chkai Forty acres of
irrigated land it miles from Hend.
on Hend-HurtM Howl. Address I'.
0. Box :i. 2tf
Iwt. Between Bond and Powell
Butte. n Friday afternoon, a straw
covered suit c. itoturn to Bul
letin ollice. 4-tf
The $100 chst of Community
Silver is to be given away soon at
The Patterson Drug Store save
your tlckeU.
Mlltanl Tr'pJttt hu a splendid
. a a -w
lin(1 k wi ny you t0 Wtf hm
fore buying. 0
, lv. fllP t,n,-hlnL' f mm m.r.. I.!
Siher Iaceil Wyandottes. 31.00
ler setting. Mrs. W. P. Downing,
llend, Oregon. tf
Did you know that the Bulletin
job shop can print your visiting
' nnpilj f link luui unitb attttlk 1 n r it
wmie acrfpt ty)o7
Foil Sale. Cabin in block 11,
Center addition. and household goods,
t uargam u uiKtm uciore iny i.
Enquire on premises. 6-7
1 Every $1.00 purchase entitles you
to a chance on Patterson's chest of
Community Silver. Your number
may be the lucky one. 2tf
If you want farm machinery,
wagons, buggies, etc., see the Bend
Milling & Warehouse Co. and save
money. Stock in soon. tf
Fishing Tackle for everybody at
Patterson's Drug Store.
I For portraits at home individual
or groups interior views, general
out door photography und kodak
finishing, call on C. (i. Seward, tem
porary quarters opposite the ost-ollice.-
I hereby announce that I have
severed all connection with the
Bend Construction Company and
hereafter am in no way responsible
for accounts Incurred in their name.
3-7 Amthur Proctor.
I Johnston's Milwaukee Chocolates,
best made, at Patterson's Drug
'Four to fifty miles per hour. "On
the High," can be made with an
"Oakland." F. F. Smith. Agt. 6tf
I C. J. Hoke, who was formerly
in tho United States land service as
special agent, has opened a real
estate and insuranco ofileo in Bend,
in connection wi h Henkle & Ford.
Tho "Oakland" Automobiles are
made in seven ditferent styles of
bodies, 30 and 40 horse power.
Quick deliveries. P. Smith,
Agent. 6-tf
1 Seo tho curiosities and work of
art in our window. Ebony carved
elephants from Ceylon, India, shields
from tho warrior chiefs of Africa,
Boer coins, etc, nt tho Secondhand
Store, i) corner, 5tf
Fishing Tackle for ovorybody at
Patterson's Drug Stro,
'Saturday niirht. Anril'22. at LTn.
A large shipment of new summer goods and novelties
has just arrived at our store, among which are
Men's, Ladles' and Children's Hoso
Men's and Ladies' Underwear
Summer Shirtwaists Latest 1911 Styles
Corset Covers, White Petticoats
Men's Negligee Shirts
Straw Bonnets for tho Little Tots Very Pretty
And many other item In dry goods novelties, glass
ware, china, etc. You are cordially invited to come
ami examine the NEW goods.
Rowe's Economy Store
The Same Goods
Since the Homeseckcrs Land Co.
located Miss Dora Campbell of Seat
tle, and Miss Pierce of Monroe,
Wash., it keejw them busy with the
many prospective land-seekers. Trips
to the l)est lands every day. C-7
To ExriiANOE The SEtf of the
SWtf . Sec. 1 1. T. 17 S R. 13 E.
35 Irrigable acre. Price 81600.
Will trade for projerty in Washing
ton or Oregon. E. L. Spencer, GOO
North Ainsworth Ave,, Tacoma,
Wash. 3-G
For Sale A 33-horsc power Erie
City engine and boiler, in firstclass
condition. Reason for selling, we
are doubling our capacity and have
ordered heavier and larger machin
ery. Mastin Lumber Co.. La Pine,
Oregon. 49tf
Our Portland representative has
bought a bankrupt stock of furn
iture at 00c on the dollar, which will
arrive In iiend in a few days. We
will disjMHe of it at great reduction.
Watch for it. Secondhand Store,
postoflico corner.
For Sale or Rent. NWV of
SF'4'.Soc. 13. Tp. 17. R. 12 E.. 7
milos from Bend on PrinevilleRood.
30 acres in crop last year; proof
made; 8-roorn house. Make prono
sition to W. H. Hayden, owner. 410
tidelity Building, Tacoma, Wash
ington. 4-7
Sisters, April 18. Mr. Courtney
has the timber already cut for the
frame of his mill, which is to be
locatod about two miles south of
Sisters i$ making plans to organ
ize a concert band.
The local telegraph company is
making plans to change the office
from the present location to Denni
son's Drug Store.
Frank McCafTerty of Redmond
brought homeseekers to Sisters re
cently. The livery and feed stable be
longing to Chos. Gist has been sold
to Mr. Coulter. He Intends to run
a freight business in connection with
Congressman A. W. Lafferty of
Orogon has introduced in the House
of Representatives bills to eliminate
all non-timbered lands in national
forests and to create a land court in
every land district, with a court of
land appeals in Portland.
EVERY Oregonian
Has a right to feel proud
of the
The Only Life Insurance Company
Home Office: Corbett Building, Portland
A. L. MILLS, Pres. L. SAMUELS, den. Manager
E. N. STRONG, Dist. Mgr.
Keep Your Money In Oftegoiir
For Less Money"
Any rencU'rof Kioto note wlio may b
Inrcntlgatlas the cheap farms In eatit
era states will be interettl In bulletin
No. 01 Uticl r lh bureau of plsnt
Itnliutry nt Wiulilncton and entitled
Agricultural Condition In Southern
New York." The circular was pro
pared by M C. Ilurrltt nflcr a year's
careful Investigation of tho subject.
The author dlncuniwi not only present
conditions and causes leading up to
them, but suggests methods by which
they may be Improved. In concluding
a dlscuxtton of the movement to the.
cheap western lauds and to the cities
the circular nay: i
"People are turning toward the coon. I
try and the cheap eaitern lands. Suc
cess In farming In tbs region will de
pend on the practice of such a system
of farming as will not enly Rtre a ro
tnuneratlre canti return at the present
time, bat will balld up the fertility of
the toll. Once cool conditions are re
stored the land Is well adapted to the
keeping of live stock, particularly
sheep raining: to gtneral farming, es
pecially bay and potatoes, and to tho
growing of certain klndt of fruit
The Kou'hern New York lands offer
vzrellent opportunities for Intelligent
young men with energy. They can be
purchased cheap, they respond readily
to the proper treatment, they are near
io our ere it nurketn. and tbey are cer
tain to lncrae In value."
The directors uf the North Platte
(Neb.) agricultural experiment station
have been carrylug on some experi
mental work along the line of cereal
production which should be of practi
cal value to dry farmers Jn other sec
tions. On tfce forry-elght plot" devoted
to growing wheat In a season follow
ing summer fallowing an average
)te!d was secured of 30.2 bushels per
acre. It was found that plots which
had been sown at the rate of two pecks
per acre yielded as welt as those on
which Ave pecks were sowed In fact,
ibe two smallest returns were from
plots on which Ave ecks tud been
uned. The lowest returns obtained
from growing small grain were on land
which bad been In alfalfa the preced
ing year. Fire to six bushels of oats'
were secured following brome grass,
on corn land from tea to twenty bush
els and on land Hummer fallowed thir
ty bushels. The evidence derived from
the above tests seems to show a de
cided advantage In favor of summer
fallowing over any other system of