The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 03, 1911, Image 1

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Oregon Trunk Tariff Shows Big Saving Over The
Old Shaniko Route Passenger Service Com
mences, With Low Fares From East.
Agreement Signed Whereby Drake
and Robertson are Eliminated.
(Send Company is Name of New Organization which
Will Control Townsltc Holdings, and
Power and Water Systems.
The Itttiid Townslle nml Its subsidiary lioliJIntcii has chanjccnl hands.
An njcrcoment him been entered Into, find a partial paymont'mado, whore
l" tho lownnUe, mill, owor (lain mid electric equipment, and the wuter
v-ium, uuw uj me control or the Menu Company. A. m. uraKC, nnu
Krnnk Itoburtjton, Vice IWdont nml I'rwildunt, rwiinictlvely, of the
prwimt Itond Town-lie. Co., nro entirely eliminated.
Helow In the text of n iiipjwiku JumI received from J. M. Ijtwronce:
Agreement forthe.snleoi'nll tlie interests at Hcnd of
A. M. Drnke and Frank Robertson lias been signed, and
partial payment has been mnde. It was found to be
impracticable to handle these interests separately, so
Robertson's contingent fifth interest of the Hcnd Town
site Company and half interest of the Water Company
arc taken and will be consolidated with the Drake
holdings iti a new consolidation to be known as the
Hcnd Company.
Neither Drake or Robertson will have any share in
the new company. The purchase of the entire holdings
required material modifications of the plan contem
plated when negotiations were entered upon two
months ago, but speedy completion of the detail is now
largely a matter of routine.
A. O. Hunter and Clyde McKay have gone cast to
close matters there, and I will push the work here at
this end. (Signed) J.M. LAWRENCE.
It U understood, though an yet not olllclally announced, thnt among
tho Htockholdem of tlio new company are, the D. E. Hunter
Realty Co. of Day ton, Ohio, which already hits extensive holdings in
Hcnd, tho Ilrooka-Scanlon Lumber Co, of St. Paul, Mlnntmota, tho Mueller
Lumber Co. of Davenport, Jown, J. M. tawrenco nnd n number of I'ort
Innd nnd other capttalltiU. Hoth the above named lumber companies
havo henvy tlmW holdtnirH near llend. Milling of their holdings
naturally mny bo expected to follow tholr newly acquired realty interest).
Drnke, who though nominally was not tho hcnd of tlio prefiont town-
Don't Wait,
Until You aro Pinched for Money and then
Como to tho Bank an Absolute Stranger and
Expect Us to. Accommodate You
WHY? Because we must know
our iiorrowers before they
become borrowers.
WHY? Hecause we are loaning
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with our own nnd we must
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The Deschutes
Banking & Trust Company
Of Bend, Oregon
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! II. 11A1RD, (I'resldcut) J. W. MASTIUlS, (Vice President)
1'. O, MINOR, (Secretary)
Kite company, it in undcratood controlled by fur the major part of the
Htock. For more than a month he him been in Portland from his winter
home in I'lumdcnn, California, conferring with the other parties in the
deal. Ijiwrence hrw leen working on Uie proposition for fccvoral months,
a luui A. 0. Hunter, and othera.
Snm H rooks of the Uroolut-Scnnlon Co., toother with Clyde McKay,
was In Iiend In Uie latter part of Jnnunry with A. U. Hunter, making n
cureful examination of the town and tho property in which his company
proposed to intercut iuwlf.
The present townsite compnny acquired its holdings early in the
spring of 1910, A, M. Drnko turning over the management of affairs to
Frank Robertson. It is understood the holdings affected by the present
transfer include all the unsold jwrtlons of Uie Iiend Townsite, Center,
Park, Lnvn Itoad and North Additions and. some 400 acres adjacent; in
the neighborhood of 5000 acre of Umber; Urn old Pilot Butte Develop
ment Co. lumber mill; and the proportion of the Iiend Water, Light &
Power Co., Including Mend's water nnd light system, the power dam on
Ufe Deschutes, water rights, etc.
A. M. Drnke enmc to Bond in 1900, Uie next year commencing Uie
irrigation work, which in 11MM was taken over by Uie D. I. &. l Co.
Much of the townsltc procrty was acquired Uirough Uie application of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Itolxsrtson nrrive in Bend tomorrow night,
is understood they will lenve, after about n week, for Europe.
Oregon Trunk Reaches
Bend June 1st.
Ilarriman Deschutes Railroad Has Announced
Temporary Terminus Here.
Fine Wagon Hoad From Hcnd to Burns Being
Location Point for Blggost und Boat Ilomostcad Country' in
ti-.o World.
Oregon's Largest IrrignUon Company, Having Headquarters
Here, Starts Big New Million Dollar Canal This Spring.
BEND stands whore the Railroads, River, Timber, Irrigated
Lands and Homestead Country Meet.
Today the freight rates on the
Oregon Trunk Railway, between
Portland and Mctollus go into effect.
A complete synopsis of Uie new rate,
and a comparison of Uie old Shaniko
rates, is given below.
In addition to Uie froight tariffs,
General Freight & I'juwengor Agent
Ooman made announcement of Uie
passenger service.
The passenger service will consist
jf two trains daily, passengers leav
ing Madras at 7:45 in Uie morning
and arriving in PorUand at 8:15 in
tho evening, and PorUand at 9
o'clock in Uie morning, arriving at
Madras at 8.'30 in tho evening. Be
tween PorUand and Fallbridge, on
the Columbia, passengers will travel
on Uie Inland Empire Express of Uie
North Bank. The river will be
crossed on the Rteamcr Norma and
at Moody on the Oregon shore pass
engers will step into Uie coaches of
tho Oregon Trunk. This transfer
will be eliminated wiUi the comple
tion of Uie steel bridge across the
Columbia this summer.
The equipment of the Oregon
Trunk trains will consist of a com
bination car, day coaches and a
smoker unUl completion of Uie
bridge across Uie Columbia, when
more equipment will be added. For
the first Umc upon any new branch
road in the West a parlor car will
be included in the initial equipment
of Uie Oregon Trunk Railway.
It is believed that die run between
Portland and Madras will be made
in eight hours as soon as the road
bed is properly ballasted.
Since February 22nd there has
been passenger accomodation on the
O. T. Ry., leaving Fallbridge at 5
a. m one coach being hitched on to
a construcUon or "swing" train.
Tlio trip to Madras on several oc
casions has consumed 18 hours.
Already Bend and aUier interior
points arc feeling Uie increase of
travel due to the opening of railroad
transportation. It is expected thr.t
March will establish a record Cer
tral Oregon immigraUon. On
March 10th 200 settlers leave Chi
cago direct for Uie Deschutes
All colonist rates from Uie East
will apply to Central Oregon points,
by special ruling of Uie Interstate
Commerce Commission. This means
Uie fare from St. Paul to Metoliun
will be $25, and from Chicago $33.
Passengers will be routed direct.
General Passenger Agent Coman
states that eventually a 12-hour
service will be operated between
PorUand and Burns.
The class rates between PorUand and Madras or Mctolius are as fol
lows, in cents per 100 lbs, also between PorUand and Shaniko.
Class 1 I 2 I 3 4 I 5 A I B I C D
Madras-Mctolius 9G 82 of 58 48 48 38 29 24
Shaniko 92 78 C4 55 40 4G 37 28 23
Potrland-Madras commodity rales are as follows, in carloads, in cents
per 100 lbs, also PorUand and Shaniko:
Class Item 12 3 4 5 G
Madras-Metolius ill 20 20 24" 20 17tf
Shaniko 16 18 18 23 18 15
per cord
The PorUand-Shaniko rates are given for purposes of comparison: all
PorUand froight for interior points hitherto has been subject to their
provisions. The Shaniko-Madras wagon freight has been about $1.25 a
hundred, on Uie average.
Explanation: Item No. 1 includes: Grain, (lax seed, flour and mill feed.
Item No. 2: Potatoes and onions.
Item No. 3: Lumber, shingles, poles. Umbers, fence posts, Ues, etc.
Item No. 4:-r-Salt. Item No. 5: Hay or straw. Item No. 6: Coal
Articles not specified take class rates. Minimum wcightes to which
these rates apply are: Grain, flour and mill feed, 30,000 lbs each; po
tatoes and onions, S0.O00 lbs; salt, 40,000 lbs; hoy and straw, from 17,000
to 22,000 lbs; coal, 40,000 lbs.
Live stock commodity rates, (In dollars per 36-ft 6-in car): Portland
j to Madras-Metolius, horses and mules, $09.00; catUe, calves, hogs, sheep,
! and goats, $60.00.
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