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NO. 43
CompUlntK Against Pollution uf De
adline Klver llnve llcoii Itecclvetl
By Hints llcnllti Hoard- Saloon
llntraneca Only on Bond.
At the meeting of the Coinmon
Council held Filduy cvt'iiiug I). M.
Davis presided an Mayor pro tciu,
in the ubseucc of Mayor Caldwell.
A letter from C S White. Stale
Health OHiccr, Mating thai com
plaints hud been filed with the
Health Board In icgard to the
ollutlon of the Dcm-Iiiiici River,
wus rcail. Uccoidcr Hills wits in
structed to acknowledge receipt of
hc letter, mid Mute to Mr. White
that u n new Council would be lu
office within n short time, the
mutter would be left far it to take
up. It I piotmhlc that Muynrdtcl
Coe, who ! now lu Portland, will
her Mr. White and tuke up with
him the iietfou of 11 sewerage
system for Mend
Upon motion of Sellers the Re
corder was Instructed to UMie legul
notices for the construction of side
walks 011 the north Aide of Ohio
street 300 feet beyond the cud ol
the present walk, the south side of
Irouwood in block so, 350 feet 011
the north side of Iron wood m block
at, 300 fret on the north aide of
I ton wood lu block 'sound sou feet
on the south side ot Iron wood in
block 37.
These sidewalks when built will
Hive n continuous walk from the
eaitcrn part of the city to the busi
ness district. The owners will be
wllowcd 30 days in which to have
the walk built.
Upon inotHm of Tiiplctt, second
Vd by Seller, the Recorder wan in
structed to issue legal notices to le
served on jwrllcs ctltJoiilug for
saloon licenses that no licenses will
lc grunted to bar having entrance
on any street other than llond, ex
cept in the cusct of lotia fide hotels
Till notice applies jurticularly to
bar having entrance at a corner,
onto two streets.
Water Will be Available for H20 Acre
February I,
Work on the Adam Koizumi
lutcrul, which take writer out of
the Swalley ditch about a mile
north of the city limits, I progress
ing very rapidly. This lateral
which was started in July has been
built a distance of one and 11 fourth
tulles, niut is to be extended another
half mile.
It is eight feet wide at the bottom,
nnd will carry three feet of water.
The heaviest of the work lies been
completed. There is a stretch of it
which necessitated a cut of 16 feet
Banking Service
Banks are becoming more nnd more the custodi.
nns of the funds of the people, of both large nnd
small means. This is due to the wider appreci
ation of the value of banking service ns its use
fulness is extended and its methods become
, better known. In the case of
TMU MUST service Is assured. This Bank aims
lu every wny to protect the interests of its pat
rons, milking use of every mentis of precaution.
Its up-to-date system of accuracy, promptness
mid the suut cateful attention to large or smnll
depositors. Ills u safe bnnk. It is n bank for
all the people rich nnd poor, men, women nnd
children. If ' nve any banking business to
transuct, come to us.
The Deschutes
Banking & Trust Company
Of Bend, Oregon
"Consorvativo Banking for Conservative Peoplo."
1,. II. 11AIR1), Pre J- W. MA8TKU8, Vice Pre.
M. O. COB, Cashier.
through rock. If tin ground does
iHt freeze loo Intnl. the work w
11II he completed before tlie first
of next month.
There In now n force uf ten men
mid four Icuiiin on the work Mr
Kotmiiii estimates tliut the cost
of gelling the wuter on the Innd
will lc Ichi thnn $1 so per ncic
The luleral will supply wuter for
the following acreage:
C 14 llriiMii, , . ,
i'. n.M.r .. ..
Axlilr I'alllr
Nltlt Amlriwii . .
W'.lttr DantcU. ...
Adam Kbtiiuaii ...
, ..H.J "
tw "
Brt '
" !.... IJ "
Mis Id C. Young Appointed to Teach
Young School.
The School Hoard met at Chair
man Triple-it's store Wednesday
evening, and appointed Miss Ida C
Von ni us teacher (or the Young
school. C. H. Cutting was ap
iMiintcil far the ositiou on Decern
bem 34, but declined to accept be
cause the term ol four months was
longer than he cared to teach.
The question of building a rear
exit to the school building was dis
cussed, uiid Messrs. Ruy and Mola
lity were appointed u committee to
look the mutter up. They were
uuthoriA'tl to submit plans and ob
tain bids for the work. The Hoard
exjiects to have this work done
Y. I. S. C. IL Ulecu Temporary Of
(leers at MoethiK at Union Church,
At a well attended meeting held
ut the close of the evening services
ut the Union Church Sunday, the
Young Peoples Society of Christian
Huttcuvor was temporarily organ
ized, with the following officers;
PresidentI!. J. Kgglcitou.
Vice President Mrs. H. M.
Secretary Miss l'lorcncc Young.
Cor. Secretary Julius Cortman.
Treasurer C. I. Howl".
Organist Miss Puuliuc Wicst.
Assistant Organist Miss Marion
Tomorrow evening there will be
an open meeting al the church, to
which everyone is invited, By
la wit will be discussed, nnd adopt
ed, anil the organization perfected.
Committees for the various phases
of work the organizers have in
view will be appointed, uiid the
plans of the Society will le out
lined. Married New Year' Day.
Miss Jessie Belle Douglas and
Cicorge Cornwcll were murricd be
fore Reverend J. Anthony Mitchell
Sunday afternoon at the home of
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. M. Douglas, in Lytic. The
couple will make their home iu
Mr. Cornwcll, who has been here
for some time, is a carpenter, work
ing with J. 11. Montague.
Just try The Bulletin Job Priutery
man nnin
III mill Lf I III II
All Hrldice and Trestle Between the
Culuiulil nnd Crooked Rive Are
In-Koad Bed Will All Be
Ready for Track Layer.
I'.. W. Monaliun, superintendent
of construction for Henry & Mc
Pee, the Oregon Trunk contractors,
was in Bend Tuesday, and an
nounced that all budge nnd trestle
work beyond Crooked River is
Work ut the Crooked River
bridge Is bciiu pushed, und it is
the desire ot the builders to have
all work in, and the concrete piers
well set lu order to receive the
steel as soon as the track is laid to
the river. The isoo-foot trestle
just south of the bridge will be
completed this week.
Tltat the truck-laying machine
will not be tied up, by unfinished
urudes now seejiis ccitaln. Prom
Mudrus to a point three miles south
.. . . ... . . -. .... 1
ol Redmond the road bed is com-
plelcd, with the exception of one
heavy :ut u mile south of ilillmau.
Between Bend und Redmond
stretches of the road bed urc being
completed every few days.
Joe Rock, who bus charge of the
work u mile south of (he railroad
crossing over the Pilot Butte canal,
bus ull of the right-of-wuy cleared,
und the gruding work is progress
ing very rapidly. This is where
the Y is to be located.
Bend Athletic Association to Begin
Tonight on Tournament.
The Bend Athletic Association
has iustullcd the larger part of its
gymnasium apparatus, and regular
class work will begin tonight under
the direction of A. R. Dorris. The
club will hold u meeting in its
rooms over Muster's Hall Friday
night, at which time the matter ol
arranging various athletic teams
will be taken up.
The handball tournament which
starts tonight is open to all mem-,
bers of the association, but names-
will havn to be turned iu by Satur
day. The schedule
of games to
date follows: '
Carl Hunter vs. Guy McRey
nolds, Wcducidny, Jan. 4, 7:30 p.m.
Claude Kclley vs. Prince Stauts,
Wednesday, Jan. 4, 8:30 p. m.
Willaid Huston vs. Vcru Hota
ling. Wednesday, Jan. 4, 9:3 P-n-
Warren Whcelock vs. Leroy
Hotaliug, Thursday, Jan. 5, 7:30
p. m.
John Bates vs George Woods,
Thursday, Jan. 5, 8:30 p. in.
Alf Liustcr vs. A. K. Dorris,
Thursday, Juu. 5, 9:30 p. in.
Winner iu Iiuutcr-McRcynolds
mutch will meet winner iu Kclley
Staats match Priday, Jun. 6, 7:30
p, in.; winner of this match will
meet the winner of the Huston
Untitling mutch Priday, Juu. 6.
8:30 p. in.; winner of this match
will nicer, the winner of the Whee-
i lock-Hutnliug mutch Priday, Juu. 6,
9:30 p.m.; winner of this mutch will
meet the winner ot the Hates-woous
match Saturday, Jan. 7, 7:30 p.m ;
winner of this mutch will meet the
winner of the Linster-Dorris match
Saturday, Jan. 7, 8:30 p.m.
Pioneer UJIior Passes Away.
The Bulletin received a card to
day nniioitiiciug the death of Wil
liam Holder, editor of the Silver
Luke Leader. He died lust Satur
day, und was buried at Paisley,
ueur his much. Mr. Holder was
56 years old, nnd hud been actively
engaged iu newspaper work for
many years.
(list Notes.
Gist, Or., Jan. i, igu-Oeotgc McCallltler it
It now very lmy bulling lilt rye hay.
Louis McCallltler Is mating a butlueta trip to
lilt former placer mine.
ltvrtt Cute lias returned home to apcud Hie
holUUyt, and lake a little test as he hat been
working steadily for the Dctchutca Irrigation
ft Power Co. and the Central Oregon Irrigation
Co, for the past eight months,
Walter Case Is Imty grubbing aagebruth for
I'. M, Phillips.
Mrs. I'uttlnm gave a arty laat l'rtday night
ami all had a good lime.
C C Cooper it inuklug efforts to trap coyotes,
The New Year hat been uthcrrd In with
very ptrutenl eve. "Bo let time tin und
folly tlee, but lei me rruialu with those that arc
kind and true tome."
iimmli nrrnnii mwirl
Team That Played lie (lame Here to
Settle Championship Honors
Bend Team Practicing Regularly-New
The Prlncvillc and Hcnd "All
Star" football teams, which played
n 0-0 game on the Bend field a
week ago Monday, will meet again
on the Prineville grounds next
Saturday afternoon ut 'two. The
Bend team will leave here Priday
morning, and drive to Prineville in
wagons, returning Sunday after
noon. Although the details of the game
have not all been arranged, Arthur
Seeley of Bend, ond J. M. Alex
ander of Redmond will probably
officiate us referee and umnire. As
I each of them played on the team of
the Multnomah Athletic Club ol
Portland two years ago, such un
satisfactory decisions as marred the
'recent game should not lie given.
The line-up of the Bend team
will be somewhat changed. Captain
Pringle, who strained a ligament in
his leg while playing in the last
game, will go with the team, nnd
will play, ut least until his leg gives
way. I.. Main will play right
.tackle in place of Clinton Vatidc-
vert, who has returned to Salem.
J. D. Rice will probably play a
guard. Ray Deyarmond is'practic
ing with the squad, and will play
iu the game. If Dr. Coe returns
(rota Portland iu time for the gome
he will go in at full-back-Signal
practice was held at Litis
ter's Hall Sunday night, and will
be held again tonight. Last night
the squad met at Ray Wilkinson's
office und discussed the rules of. the
game. Tomorrow afternoon the
squad will have a scrimmage prac
tice on the old baseball field. The
liueup of the Prineville team will
be practically the same as before
The probable line-up of the Bend
team follows: H. B. Kiunear, c ;
R. Wilkinson, 1 g; J. D. Rice, r g;
R. M. Connors, I t; L. Main, r t;
L. Metke, 1 c; N. Welder, r c; II
F, Kepple, quarter; A. M. Pringle,
1 h; W Houston, r h; and S. Sleidl,
f b. R. Deurmond, M. Richard
son, P. W. Brackett and A. R.
Dorris, will accompany the team as
C. I!. Myers and P. J. Wllkey to Con
struct Two-story Building
C. Ii. Myers und F. J. Wilkey
recently bought lot it, blook 11,
Bend, from the Bend Towusite Co
This property is on the west side ol
Bond street, opposite the We
nntidy barn. J, B. Montague now
has a force of men constructing n
two-story building 24x60 feet, the
lower floor of which wilt be used
for a saloon. The building will be
constructed as rapidly as possible
as the owners desire to Have tt
completed by February I.
L,. li. uuira tins least-a 10 j. k.
Williams the lot adjoining the J
R. Williams saloon on bond and
Oregon streets. The Bend Con
struction Co. is now erecting ior
Mr. Williams a buiuliug 50x60 feet
011 this lot. It will be one story
and arranged for a lodging house
of 38 rooms. The contractors ex
pect to finish their work within a
Pollution of Deschutes
llKNn, Ore., Jun. 3 To the Rdltor ol
The Item! UtiUetin: As It is probable
that within the year the city of Ilcnd
will hnve the sewage problem to solve,
would it not be well to consider the re
sults which would ensue slipuld the
sewers be permitted to discharge into
the Dcscculcs River, as some propose?
The Deschutes has been aptly called
the "River of Gold," for like mutt)
other streams of the west, It Is the very
life of the country through which it
flows, the fountain head upon which de
pends all agricultural wealth and pros
perity and 011 this agricultural founda
tion must be bulU the permanent and
final prosperity of tlie towns which will
sprlttK up along Its course, I'or tweuty
miles east and thirty miles north of
lleutl, oil account of the coloic for
mation o( the country, surface water
cutiuot be obtained ntul the settler must
depend absolutely upon the Deschutes
River for his supply for domestic and all
other uses.
Would it uot be the height of folly to
(Kjlluie llilt I eatttlfiil stream and thus
scatter dleae to llioumnils of people
who will dwell along it banks? The
purity of till stream hat always been
1 R'tvertiicd as one of the greatest assets
1 of this country and any act which would
J destroy tltat reputation could only react
to the tasting Injury of the entire
With the mining of the railroad will
also eome annually thousands of tourists
and fishermen to the hanks of the stream
to praise its beauties and fish in Its
waters. Destroy its purity anil you
drive the trout from its depths and the
tfslierinail from its shores, and with their
departure no small source of revenue
will end.
There is n better and more modern
way for Hcnd to liie of her sewage,
namely to run it out on to some of the
waste lauds of the desert, there treat it,
and dispose of It where it will harm 110
one. I am satisfied that when the people
of Ilcud give this subject their serious
consideration they will decide that they
cannot alTord to contaminate this beauti
ful river but lund it down to posterity
as pure as when they received it fresh
from the hand of creation.
Turn a to News.
TUMALO.Or, Jan. I, 1911 Chit. U. Winter
itudf Ui.Idcm ritit t UtdaMKiJ Uit wrck. He
trpurts rauth building sod Improvements (olog
C. U. HrsHton, the rest estate mn. Ultrd
with 13. W. yimtr k. fioos latt week. sir. Brsu
ln It to &Mtliutr In tbex tU. He it at
ttfewtit located at Redmond. He urs tbete It
net moth activity lu the real estate bbiet al
preteut u uBt f the bad eea4tm of the
read, I'reple are Ht aMe la get In from Sbanl
kw, bwt he tspeelt IMt thete wtM be a big tu.h
Jutl at mm at the loadt Impure. Mr. Brantea
hat been tpendlng wme time la bpekane htetjr.
There tt qole an aernge uf gtwund be4Bg
ctvartd betwea tblt pUee and UUUiW. I'eepte
are taking advantage uf the eym winter and
clearing prep4ratry to putt tug In eras neat
Cattle about here are iMng fine. A great
BitByarcoti the nnge and toeVtng at well at
.loelt that arc red.
John II. WImcr of this place It at pretental
Medfutd, Oregon. He reportt esld fuggy and
dittgreeable weather there with considerable
rain. Where .could we go to enjojf tuch a de
lightful climate at Centrat Oregon Itbteaued
wllhP Here we have tunthlnc, pure frcthair,
good water, wood In abundance and a toll which
cannot be turpaued. livervbody who trlea 1
dulng well, and a man who dors not try It a bur
den no matter where you 6nd blm. ho let ut alt
be boottca for Central Oregon. With the coming
uf the railroad, we will no longer be cut off from
the maketa of the world.
We will toon eapect to hear of tomethlng
using with the O. W.J. Finance Co.whKhlook
over the Columbia bVMitbern segregation. They
ea pert ts begin work on the reservoir early In
in January and later build caualt, prepara
tory Utcempteting the contract with with the
ute as outHnad by the Columbia Southern
C. K. Shaffer owner of the Clo
ver Leaf ranch at Ft. Rock was in
Bend the last week purchasing sup
plies. He secured a number of
olooded chickens at Prineville, and
about 500 worth supplies here iu
betid, including a Schuttler wagon
bought from A. M. Lara & Co.
Library Club Meets.
The Ladies' Library Club met in
the library room yesterday alter
noon and made arrangements for
the programme dance to be giveu
at Lmster's Hall Saturday evening,
Junuury 14. The ladies of the
club will serve refreshments. It ts
the desire of the members to begin
the dance promptly at 8:30
The First National Bank
Dr. U. O. OOE, President E. A. 8ATHCH, Vic Preildent
O. S. HU08ON. Oathlar
Capital full paid ... S2S.000
SIKkholders' liability 25.000
Surplut .... . S5.000
Last year, perhaps, you turned over a nice,
clean sheet and headed it "More money saved
in 1910." How did you come out? If not as
well as you expected, try it again iu 191 1, If
you are satisfied with your profits, why not
head the new leaf for 191 1 "Keep up the
record for 1910"?
We do not have to tell you that we will assist
you iu every way possible in your banking busi
ness in the New Year our new leaf is headed,
"More aud better banking service for 191 1."
u. c. cow
jnrrw ifw r-rr sttvx jfrv rrrv. ttjy rmrr rKrr ttjvx
W'M &'M p.'M PM y ,'M i&'M PjM jfyjk PniM$Jl
0 L066N0
J. 0. Ryan of Dcifchutcf Lumber Co.
Appears Before County Court at
Prineville to Secure Privilege
of Driving Loz In Deschutes
Attorney V. A. Forbes lef: for
Prineville yesterday to appear be
fore the County Court today to
remonstrate against the granting
of n contract to The Deschutes
Lumber Co,, and other companies
owning timber south of Bend, for
driving logs in the Deschutes River
from the north line of Township 19
to the head of Big River.
At a meeting held September 13,
the County Court made an order
declaring the Deschutes River a
highway for the Moating of logs,
lumber and timber between the
points mentioned above. A con
tract giving The Deschutes Lumber
Co. ttie right of improving the
channel and charging a certain
specified toll (or handling traffic
upon it, is what John E. Ryan, of
The Deschutes Lumber Co., will
endeavor to secure from the County
Court today.
Soon after the matter was before
the County Court at the SeptemUr
term, Mr. Ryan appeared before
the Commercial Club of Bend, and
arttued for his proposition, desiring
the support of the organization t J
help him secure the contract.
At that time the question canted
a great deal of discussion, as many
expressed the opinion that if the
large lumber interests secured a
monopoly of the use of the river
for driving logs it would result ttt
some of the larger mills being built
above Benham Falls on Tue
Injunction Dissolved.
On a motion of V. A. Forbes, in
behalf of the plaintiff", the injunc
tion granted September 26, 1910,
in the case of C. C. Triplett v.
Oregon Trunk. Railway Co., was
dissolved on December 28. This
injunction caused the work on tht
railway spur from the main line to
the power house to be stopped. Mr.
Triplett1 has sold his cottage in
Lytic, near which the spur passed,
and therefore obtained a dissolu
tion of the. injunction. It is prob
able that work on the spur will
soou be resumed.
Water System for Redmond.
Members of the city council of
Redmoud are working on a plun 10
install a gravity water system lit
their city. Thetr idea is to buili
two concrete reservoirs 100 leet
square: on a hill about three miles
south of town, aud near the cuimI
from which it is proposed to take
the water. The cost of such a sj s
tern is estimated at $10,000.
R S:
c. s.
SEcSScS&c iNr S5r 5C3Cc j?fc?CTSSC Thr